100 thoughts on “Nursing Home – SNL

  1. They are so fucking annoying with the urge to stop their grandmother's happiness over their own selfish uncomfortability.

  2. I thought when you get old the vag seals up and there is no way to make love.
    I’m gonna show this video to my 40 year old wife and have a talk.

  3. Heidi Gardner’s voice always sounds like she’s just getting over some illness or like she’s going to cry or like she’s frightened, or all of the above. I know this isn’t nice, but it’s grating .only slightly less bothersome than nails scratching a chalkboard.

  4. Former LPN at an facility care home. This skit was not a joke. Like… nothing about it was a joke or an exaggeration. Y'alls grandmas are some nasty freaks. Their pussy game is on point and they keep it that way.

  5. While at my first job in TV, we ran a story about nursing home doctors and the crazy level of STDs they had to deal with. Super real. Super gross

  6. Love Kumail but I wish he'd memorized his lines. The sketch dragged and he botched a couple of the better jokes.

  7. If SNL added Kumail Nanjiani to the regular cast they would be 1000x better. Not to mention Kate is just insanely good

  8. I worked in a care home in Britain where I knew a patient with so massive dick that all female staff used to fantasize with it!

  9. You haven't lived until you've contracted ghonneria/chlachlamydia just once. Thank God it's curable, but a hard lesson to learn ?

  10. I’m picturing a load of old people rioting with walking frames an walking sticks and teeth flying about ????????

  11. This is lowkey a really good commentary on how people start to view elderly people once they’re in a home. They’re still people, they still want everything we want. They just need extra support in parts of their life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make decisions for themselves. I see this a lot, people act like their grandparents are babies and it’s really just disrespectful after a certain point.

  12. As far as snl Kate McKinnon is the next bill hader ,somehow making people laugh purely with their facial expression

  13. Yeah, people in nursing homes have sex a lot, usually without protection as they aren't able to become pregnant, so this sketch is actually true

  14. ?VOTE2020?VOTE2020?

  15. "Casual sex between residents in nursing homes is really common." Actually it's not. Orderlies sexually abusing residents and even taking money from strangers in exchange for access to them is really common. Hence the high amount of STIs in nursing homes.

  16. why is the actor who's playing the doctor not looking at them when he speaking… he speaking off to the side that's so weird.. or is it just me?

  17. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 13 years including a nursing home for over 2 of those years. You treat gonorrhea with an injection of ceftriaxone and either azithromycin or doxycycline orally. You treat an STD like syphilis with penicillin.

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