NEE – New Fantasy Tamil Short Film | Sriram | Team Entertainers

NEE – New Fantasy Tamil Short Film | Sriram | Team Entertainers

Nee(YOU) Phone rings Hello? Buddy! This guy? What are you doing? Nothing Buddy,Enjoying the scenery Who are you looking at? The granny who lives next door or
your neighbour aunt? Cool Buddy, We are having a plan this evening are you coming? I have work , I can’t come. *Thinks to himself*
He’s only an engineering graduate. What work will he have? I can read your thoughts , you dumbass. Okay okay. I heard she’s coming. You’re not coming? Okay okay bye. She’s coming? Tell me buddy. Ok Bye Bye Buddy Buddy! Who is ‘she’? You sound very low. Chuck it. You PRICK! I’ll come. Where are we going? Geetha is coming buddy. Geeeeethaaaa?? I won’t give the counter which you expect. She has a lot of fan following and she gets 100 likes and
10,000 comments for posting a single picture How did you impress her, You wild animal with a beard? God has no eyes. Its very simple. Every monkey with a DSLR claims
that he is a photographer and has a page. So I’m stealing all the photos from other pages
and created a new page for me. That’s alright. How is this related to her? You FOOL! I asked her if she could be a model for my page,
I sent her the link and the deal is done. How come they trust you and give you likes? Dumb faced people use autolike and get 1000-2000 likes.
My page has just one lakh likes! As soon as a girl sees a guy with a DSLR,
They turn into a natural poser and give cute expressions. *beep* Then why do you go like her picture? Yes I’m desperate for women, Why do you care? Why do you do like this? *funny tune* Will meet around 5 in the evening, Be ready. Bye. Yeah, Bye. *BG SOUND* My soul is screaming around somewhere The sand bears my pain of love. *Light Flickers* *Pen rolling* *Both screaming* I believed in you, Didn’t i? Tell me. How much i believed you? I’m a ghost. Then why? why? What did i do to you? Then why did you do it? Who is this guy, Freaking me out. I liked you more than my Father,Mother and Brother Only a few people get what they want in life. Money is nothing but a paper. Friendship is something which we can’t buy with money in our life. I’m a GHOST! A GHOST! *Screams to scare him* Fearless guy. Sorry buddy, I know you don’t like me talking to you. It’s okay talk to me. I’ll go out of your life, i want you to be good in life. You’ll be happy and I’ll keep you happy. Because your my friend. Are you talking to me? *Both crying* I Didn’t do anything. It’s your girl friend who proposed me. I told you the truth, is it wrong? Tell me buddy, Is it wrong? She only proposed me. *shocks* You love her buddy. She’s your girl friend, But she’s not a good girl. Please i beg you, Leave her. *slaps himself* Why did you slap me? You’ve ruined a 4 years friendship,
just because of a 4 month relationship with that girl. *SCREAMS* Priyaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hello? Priya, I’ll talk with you for one last time. Please priya. She hung up the call. I pity him. He’s talking to himself. There’s no one to talk with me. I have to cry for sometime atleast. I’m there for you, Talk with me. I have to cry. Bigger buddy kumar! Where are you? Come to me. Hello Brother. What’s this? Alcohol? Alcohol!? Where’s the side dish? Can i first tell you something? Buddy, Can i tell you? Stop. I shall hear nothing. *Mixes the alcohol in water* You should’ve got oscar in mixing. First drink then say, I’ll listen. *Cheers* Buddy, I’ll tell you something. Only if you fall in love, You can discover true feelings. Even this guy belongs to love failure phase? Now i know why you’re acting like a psycho. Moron You moron Quit it Buddy, just quit it. I’ll quit this? You don’t want? Should we go for another round? Buddy, I’ll tell you another thing? No!!!!!!!!! I’ll go for the drink. When we were together she would call me all the time,
but now she’s not even talking to me. Chuck it buddy, It’s a girl’s nature to dump. I never thought this would happen to you Why did she love me? Why did she dump me? I can clearly sense something. I’m a dumb F***. Atleast now you’ve accepted. Just kidding. My love failure had a reason. But this poor soul’s love failure is unreasonable. Buddy, I have to tell you this one. I’ll drink later buddy. Who are you talking with? Okay, I’ll Drink and say. Drinking is injurious to health. Don’t cry my boy. Men shouldn’t drop tears. So much sorrow piled up in my heart,
Which has come to the point where i started murmuring to myself Costly phone, Iphone. People owning Iphones think they’re D*** heads. I Don’t have to say it, They’ll know it themselves. But People who think they have everything in life,
If they have money. They’re fools buddy, Fools. Happiness is something which you cannot get with money,
It is earned by good heart. *both cries* You’ve preached us such a big philosophy. My life is done, My lord. Big buddy, I’m advicing the world to much.
My mom will be searching for me. I’m leaving buddy, I’m afraid of mom.
Do you have guava candy? No? Okay, I’ll leave. Mother Mother, Where are you? I’ve no one else except you. Mom, Bring the food. Enough, Mom. Dear, Mom, Put the curry. Dear, I Think you should go for the call centre job itself,
In present days its hard to find any other jobs. For getting into this call centre job why do i need to study?
My good english will do. I will take care, Just forget this. Instead of sitting idle, You’ll atleast gain some experience.
All of your friends have a job. Don’t think that dad isn’t asking you about this,
You never know when he might burst out. So please go. Rs.10,000 of salary and
10 hours of work will go off for petrol and food itself, Mom. Did you have to spend 8-10 lakhs for my education,
Just for this Mom? I’ll take care, Just calm down. It’s alright. You go. You didn’t get a job in IT company also, Right? I TOLD YOU I’LL TAKE CARE! *RAGES* Yapping like a retard. MOTHER? *Cries* Mom, I’m going for a job. I’m earning good. Where are you, Mom? I’m Hungry. Come to me. Mom, Talk to me. I’ve no one. Atleast you talk to me. *Cries* I’VE NO ONE IN THIS WORLD FOR ME! I’M THE KING HERE, I’M GOD! *Laughs wickedly* *Stops Laughing* LOVE IS GOD. Money, Is PAPER! Girl, Is MAGIC! Love, Is WISH OF AGE! Heart, Is a PART THAT CANNOT BARE PAIN! Man, Is a FOOL! FOOOOOOL!!!! *Door bell rings* *Door bell rings* *Door bell rings* *Door bell rings* Oh my BUDDY! You still didn’t get ready? Wait for 5 minutes, Buddy. I’ll get ready. *MIND VOICE* This guy looks dark and smart.
Nowadays girls started to like dhanush more than simbu.Be cautious Siddarth. What are you thinking? You look perfectly good, Come with me now. 5 Minutes? Just come, Buddy. Wondering how a psycho became normal and acts alright? The Scenarios which you watched till now is nothing but
his FU****G HIDDEN EMOTIONS! All the Sorrows,Pains,Frustations have dumped in his heart for a long time

44 thoughts on “NEE – New Fantasy Tamil Short Film | Sriram | Team Entertainers

  1. "I dont wana mind my language first f all "
    Evrytym u never frget get some new & updates now fully upgraded naa , now i want to mention dop nd music nd edit freakin awesome na "waaatha semaa" *sriram na"


  2. such an amazing work….. EXPRESS UR EMOTIONS…..very apt one….. a different genre…. a good camerawork and amazing casting…. kudos to each and very person worked…. lighting and DI was clean and descent for the script.. provided the right one…… keep going

  3. Machan Sriram ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    Great effort by ur team,Loved it thoroughly ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    way to go machan,Therikka Vidu ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Machi sri ram sama acting da nice message for the youths . But kadaisi varaikum andha Getha Munja katavey illaye . ava unga buildup ku eha alagha nu pakalam nu nenachen but its k

  5. Annna…….. Semmmaaaaa flimm……. Screen play….. Romba super….. And….. Hero acting…. Semmma…… Apparam…. Unmeyave….. Niraya perukku irukkura prob anna…. Thanimai……. Romba touch ah irunthuchi…. Photo paathu pesunathu….

  6. anna ellam k than ana manam oru valithanga pakuthinu eppudi solrenga vali thangurathunalathan vazhnthutu irukom…aparam manithan muttal nu solirukenga…arputhamana nadikannu sollunga

  7. Superbbbb actinG๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  8. Awesome da sriram… Sema acting da machi … I didn't expect this from u .. Keep going … I like the concept don't hide your fucking emotions … It's u

  9. HI… This is Prasanna here…. Ur work is great and short film is so nice… i'm working in a leading Satellite channel & we like to Screen Your Short film in our channel….. If Interested please contact us through our contact no. ….. .
    Prasanna-8056101785 ; Email us on – [email protected] …. Please send us Ur film through google drive to our email…
    Please contact us as soon as possible…
    With Regards,

  10. sema concept awesome bro ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ and that pei sema cmdy dai peyave bayamuruthurane na pei da na pei da sema

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