mukbang diva 목방eating tokkbokkki and ramyeon)

mukbang diva 목방eating tokkbokkki and ramyeon)

hello every one ..whats p as i promised all of u i will be recording ep2 last week i alredy did one and told u i wil cahnge the view couse it was dark my voice hardly ca be heard,,and i changed the back view as well u can look to seems so cute..isnt it and as i told last week that i will trying new thing today we r gonna to try akorean dish called mark dich,,,, i love it so much its not and akorean regular dich its dich have been made by got7 mark tuain and what this dish is made of ,its tokkbokki or rice cake,,ramen in egypt we only got one kind of nodles called indomi aha.u can see it..the normal one…its chicken flavour i wanna to told ya that i have seen aweb brogram it was about tasting nodles from around the world they were korean and chinees mcs and they give that indomi from 1 to 10..they give it 1 just one…and they said its not that good as thiers at all so we have no choice but it

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  1. انا اجاسي و فرحانه انك جبتي سيرته 😍😍😍 و جربتها قبل كدا كانت فظيعه

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