41 thoughts on “MTV star 'felt pressured to have sex on screen' – BBC News


  2. And she took the $ anyway. How about stop trying to get men aroused, start dressing and acting modestly and stop taking money for being sexual and then acting like a victim.

  3. Its very easy 2 blame everyone else for our actions but ourselves. No responsibility taken wen looking for cheap fame. But as soon as u aint happy..its everyone elses'
    Some girls r actually ok wth everything

  4. MTV's most important job is to degrade men, that's what these shows are all about, women want it all their own way, idea, scrap all reality shows, the only way forward.

  5. Yeah, here's the world's smallest record player playing "My Heart Bleeds For Opportunistic, Sanctimonious Hypocrites".

  6. What did she expect. She’s going on a reality tv show notorious for SEX. If she wanted to each chicken nuggets she should have gone somewhere else

  7. Im srry but u rlly just need to have a strong personal moral compass. When u want out, get out. However there has to be measures for companies to be transparent with their t and c

  8. Yes: guilty people, especially women never stop blaming others for their bad behaviour.
    We’ve seen a lot of this lately with drunk women trying to escape responsibility for their actions, campaigns to have women’s testimony believed without question, and even demanding the right to be violent towards children and other vulnerable victims.

  9. Whew I'm glad our police officers, fireman etc., don't have this mentality. This is like a Prozac moment gone wrong.

  10. Aids can take up to 5 yrs,to incubate, or gestivcation, to show itself,in the human body,you wonder,if,it that matters?and if,alcahol cares?

  11. We are a despicable species. This will never stop.They did murder 6 million jews in Europe last century, so it is engrained into the minds of evil, mostly white people, to do harm to others

  12. Don't invite a television company into your life. Manufactured artificial schizophrenia inflicted in a human being against their will is a human rights crime,torture.Orgsnised theft of a human life by psychological means.The Bombardment with hypnotic suggestions without consent against against a persons will is a modern slavery crime.They run a campaign of civil harassment deliberately stealing by planning a human life.A grotesque human exploitation of years.Don't ever bring a television company into your life.A scientist and a television industry must face court action for this.Unwanted destruction you wouldn't wish on a animal.

  13. Didnt this woman also manage to shoot a couple nude calendars? So that’s okay but you hooking up with your boyfriend on tv is too far?

  14. Replace all women actors with sexbots… Only this will prevent sexual harassment. Women must be put in real jobs that earn real respect

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