38 thoughts on “Most Expensive and Luxury Cars Owned By Famous Filipino Celebrities ★ Pinoy Celebrities Cars

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  2. It's not a luxury car,here in America it's just an ordinary car, everyone can have those kind of car,my gosh,

  3. Mitsubishi pajero cost only $27,900 not $64,240 i have 6 mitsubishi pajero and 3 ferrari 488 pista drop a comment of your car

  4. Luxury cars?? Bobo k b? Common car lng iba dyan at muscle cars gosh common n yn dto s abroad gingAwa nga lng uber dto

  5. Di kaya sila habulin ng BIR sa mga revelations sa video mo? Parang ayoko maniwala. Siguro kung mga artista sila sa Hollywood maniniwala pa ako. Remember, THEY'RE NOT EARNING DOLLARS!

  6. Is the owner of the video live philippines😑😑 the other car is just a common car
    (I'm not being rude but this is just a mistake) but the other car is expensive.
    I live Philippines😊😊 I have a question to the owner of this video
    Do you even live at Philippines? Not being a hater or rude you don't know about Philippines
    And pls don't get mad at me🙇🙇

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