100 thoughts on “#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: PregnancyRealness

  1. This woman probably went home and cried so much just because of the celebrities and then all the baby advice and the visuals she got this day 😂😂 I know I would. But she got to meet two of the funniest women and they couldn’t have chosen any other women that were perfect for this. They brought facts & comedy. It doesn’t get better than that.

  2. I’m watching this at 35 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child & lord this video made waiting these last few weeks so much better😂😂😂

  3. I love her! I’m not pregnant, I don’t even have a boyfriend but I’m just here watching my favorite actress being the best

  4. I just saw the opening where she’s eating with Anna at a Frozen birthday party hahaha this is gonna be gooooooood

  5. How could you not warn her about the q tip swab up your bum on delivery?

    I tell every expectant mother… somethings shouldn’t be a surprise….

  6. I knew it. My husband said the same thing. Oh God melissa they had all ur insides sitting on the table. What a drama queen!

  7. Love the comparison between the rubber band and watermelon! I’m currently pregnant and ready to be ripped in half.

  8. Ok. I've always been terrified by the idea of being pregnant and giving birth. This sealed the deal: never happening!

  9. I find it so amusing that I can just close my eyes and listen the Anna from Frozen🤣 (literally my FAVOURITE movie EVER😍)

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