Mirror Exclusive: In conversation with actor Vicky Kaushal

Mirror Exclusive: In conversation with actor Vicky Kaushal

hi Vicki hi so we have Vicki kosher today live with us on mu my marrow page Hideki now we'll have some quick questions for you okay and the first question goes one thing you can be quickly convinced to do and one thing will never be ready to do one thing that'll be quickly convinced to do is to have party booty with somebody and one thing that I will never be ready to do is to go to Japanese restaurant and have that nice food so one thing without which you don't leave the house for house keys okay places you want to do want to visit once-in-a-lifetime places I want to visit once in my lifetime one is Bhutan I really want to go to Bhutan and this one place which is I want to go to not be and okay so tell us something without which your tea is incomplete okay if you wake up with superpower one day what power would like to have and why superpower I would love to have the superpower of teleporting to some other place to some other time and you know being that time would be at that place I was just want to stretch my fingers and I just want to be at some other place because so many times that happens that you know you you come back from a vacation and you want to go back you know like recently can beating my college friends over there who are working there and once I came back I was in such depression because I think I wanted to go back there so I just want to teleport and sometimes you just want to teleport back in time or in future or whatever so it's just just snapping in your head in some other place that's what I want okay so basically being Harry Potter really actually managed cherished moment from childhood when you were away from the lights mmm childhood most cherished moments I think you know anyway children building what used to happen was at 11 o clock in the morning automatically you just everyone just stepped down they came out of the houses and we used to call out to each other you know we just shout and call them downstairs to play cricket with us you know and it was like a ritual every everybody just knew lemnoc law there were no mobile phones with us them to know you know we had to communicate it was just you have to step out of your house and if you call each other out to play cricket and be it the harshest of the weather we used to play cricket you know Sonny and Sun sort of you but that that memory of you know just getting down getting out of your houses and you know 20 30 people just playing cricket fighting laughing this is not data reading miss you know that I would really want to relive something so talking about that you're now Hollywood star with you know three films already there and the other films are coming up so have you ever felt like you want to go back leaving an anonymous life no I don't because I feel nice till I'm living that life I feel I mean if I feel like going and watching a movie I just go and I still make impromptu plantside I mean there's nothing much that has changed in terms of living my life I still step out I go for walks I go for you know at the movies shopping whatever I go to malls everything so I don't really I don't know it's it's not like I miss anonymity or I just if I feel like doing something I do it you know I don't really know I don't miss anonymity and it's not something that there is anything that I would want to change my life right now okay so if you could trade lives with someone for a day who would it be I want to keep my life with someone for what is it like an exchange or is it like just me stepping into these or four shoes yeah maybe 30 you could be somebody who'd that be I would want to be without by Jensen I just I just admire him to another level you know for me is something else with his you know I just want to be even for the day just to know how he thinks you know how he is this perfectionist this this ultimate professional person such a great actor such a humble person and connected to so many lives you know and I just I just yeah I just would want to know how he thinks okay so if you're stuck in a lift who would you want to have with you if I start going to live that would interrupt you here I think okay your fancy sing hi from Italy oh hi hi and they're saying that they believe in you and they love you thank you thank you so so much thank you thank you so we come back with Jan so if I'm stuck in an elevator I would like to be stuck with an electrician you know so if not an actor than what if not an actor than what Oh see all I know is though I would have still been a part of things I just want to be on a film set that's all I know I don't know how in what capacity but if not an actor but then definitely definitely people it'll be somebody who's going to be contributing to filmmaking okay so if you had power to make change in a country what would you have done and why the power I think what really I feel means two changes we need to take our diversity in all aspects social diversity cultural diversity as a positive you know as as a boon as a superpower that we have and we are actually using it in a negative way you know we are causing it's it's it's a reason for friction between us but on the other hand if taken in the right way it can be one of our strongest aspects you know strongest powers for this country and for the people in the country so I don't know by what means but if at all that change could come where we welcome the diversity that we have and we make it into the power make it a do our own strength you know I'm not the bigness I think that degree for the country okay so what is the most important object that you own most or an object that I own is I just got a new car three months back so yeah right now it's and what event in your life would make a good movie I think the four years of engineering in my life those are quite interesting I made some fantastic friends lifelong friends during those four years and got to learn a lot apart from the academics it kind of welded me the person that I am today okay so what job would you be absolutely horrible at a chef you have to ask my mom how I am in the kitchen I'm not allowed in the kitchen even if I feel like if I if I want to contribute because it will always lead to a disaster the two things that I know how to make is my G and T that's it I have zero knowledge about cooking and yeah I can really do some disaster if I'm in the kitchen so a chef would be something which I really really really be bad at so uh so pay parity you know about it it is time it comes to Bollywood what do you think see I feel paying a professional person should be solely dependent on his or her contribution to the work and not one of the basis of any other aspect be it gender or anything else you know so I feel any individual should be paid according to his own one minute and his own contribution to the project that he supported or she is one so it's I mean it's a simple thought which I okay so now we'll play a quick rapid-fire with you okay the first word that comes to my mind when we say this okay stereotype going okay harder okay pollution needs to change and we are responsible for it and we need to do something about it GST 18 percent D monetization okay be monetization new notes okay happy please Oh adventure skydiving Mumbai life Adam II aren't it needed sometimes hated sometimes but yeah it's good to have an agony aunt in your life Karan Johar okay KarenT you're the most entertaining person I was most entity thank you so much Vicki and you want to say something to your fans I just want to say thank you so much for all your love thank you so much for all your support that you've been giving me for all my films and everything else that I do so thank you so so much and I love to connect with you or you know different platforms and like this being live in front of you so thank you for my mirror for giving me this opportunity and series thank you

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  1. This actor would go places. Just finished watching Masaan , Ragav 2.0 and Love per square foot all in Neflex. The depth of his character just blown us away.
    He is very intelligent and honest with his interviews especially his awesome answer to the elevator, teleporting and chef.

  2. No interview in which he is, and I haven't seen. My love increases for him every second. God. That smile, and that passion. So so humble, and down-to-earth. Love him to bits. 💖🔥

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