Michael Jackson channeling w/Bonnie Vent – Call to action for entertainers! Session 03

Michael Jackson channeling w/Bonnie Vent – Call to action for entertainers! Session 03

Hi everyone this is medium and channel
Bonnie Vent Nice to see you Cathy. I saw you pop
in with the hello. Thank you for coming. Tonight might be very different. I’m
really not sure what’s going to happen And maybe to give you a little backstory
and what happens when you’re a medium and channel, just about anything and you
can get surprised by requests from the other side. So “The Connection” informed me
earlier on in the week that they wanted to go a little bit farther with these
sessions and that they were trying to get me comfortable with doing the angel
card readings and we’ll probably still get to those. Hi Juanita. But they wanted
also to take the opportunity to do some of the channeling as much as we can in
this particular light format. Also at the same time I was receiving information
from Michael Jackson, and if you know anything about my past history you’ll
know that he came to me literally hours after his death and asked for assistance
in what was going on and trying to calm him down. He was very excited to say the
least, taken by surprise. And so earlier today, a couple hours ago, he came
through. This is why I’m wearing a sweater because the energy in here is is making
me very very cold. And so what he wanted to do was to make an attempt to come
through and deliver a message also this evening. Now last week he popped in very
briefly and said oh hi, you know it’s really cool what you’re doing, and and
then earlier this week he said you know would it be okay if I paid a visit.
Hi Terrell nice to see you. And so, I try and honor these requests as
much as I can and they don’t give me a whole lot of information ahead. It is
supposed to be spontaneous. Hi Heather, nice to see you again.
Hi Elijah. And so I really don’t know exactly. Now he did tell me, this is
Michael, did tell me that he wanted me to retrieve something that I received
back in 2003, and it’s considered to be a warrior goddess necklace. And at least
when it was presented to me that’s what it symbolized. And I just want to show it
to you. See if you can see it and there’s a a red stone right there and then a
white diamond right there, but as you can see it’s in the shape of a dagger. So I
think it has something to do with the message that he wants to attempt to
deliver, and I emphasize the word attempt because it’s in coordination with “The
Connection”, which is my higher level guidance. And so to make this happen it
takes a lot of process on the other side. For me, they just want me to get the heck
out of my own way, because this is a little nerve-wracking to go live and say
oh surprise, to say at least. Hi Champagne, welcome back! Hi TC, nice
to see you. Hi Belinda! A Mega Forever Pahrump. Oh, Pahrump is a very interesting area, Nice to see you.
Lots of interesting energy going on in Pahrump. Anyway, if I sound like I don’t
know what I’m talking about it’s because I don’t.
I did not preplan this and Michael did say, he’s very playful, and he did
say you know I would love to have a card pulled for me and so I think I will
start with that, and then the energy will start to present itself and what they
want me to do next. So I’m just gonna start with with something simple that
that I know what I’m doing. So we’re gonna pull this card. He’s also asking
that it’s not just for him it’s also because tomorrow is Memorial Day, so he
wanted to say: “It’s for past, present, and future warriors. And that we should spend
more time honoring these people, as they truly put it all on the line on an
ongoing basis every single day. So it’s humbling to me because here I sit
fearful because I don’t know what’s about to come, but I’m safe. So I have a
great amount of respect for anyone who’s served in the military and also first
responders as well, they put their lives on the line. Ah, your husband’s a veteran. Well please
give him our regards, and yeah hug your vets, you guys. There’s so many that are
struggling with what they’ve experienced in their lives,
and they really just need your your support, and to know that you’re there
for them. And I’m getting chills all over my body right now, and I’m also heating
up which is interesting. I put the sweater on because I was freezing and
now I’m heating up. Okay, so this is the card. Oh this is a great card: Unity Traditional viewpoints or methods,
spiritual organizations, seek out mentors and like-minded friends. And here we all
are my friends, my friends here in the chat with me. And this is a very
beautiful card and it is about unity, and the only the information I got a little
bit ahead of time was that there was going to be a call to action. And I also
think that is not going to be so serious as this is the first time that we’re
doing this in this format. So they said they were going to try and keep it keep
it light and easy. So when I’m tuning in I won’t be able to see
what’s going on in the chat, so much. Oh, we have other father’s a veteran as well,
Tia Rose. Good Elijah, you talked to them every time you see them. Yeah, it’s a
wonderful card, the unity card. I think that’s predominantly what this
message is about, but I’m going to need to step away for a little bit. I don’t
have anyone here helping me, so please forgive me I won’t be able to look at
the chat, but I will try and come back out and look at the chat, and then maybe
we’ll go back to our other format depending upon what’s going on. So
basically I’m just asked to please step aside and that there’s a message that’s
going to be coming through. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. Hello everyone this is Michael. I wanted
to take the opportunity to say to those in this group, in particular because you
have been very very special to me. You are predominantly a group of artists and
people that are in and around the entertainment industry and the creative
types. And I hear your thoughts and prayers, and even more so most recently,
and I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that you are in fact
receiving bits and pieces of information to incorporate into your creations. And
we hope that you will be brave. The reason we asked her to bring her
necklace, and the sign of the warrior as this is not the sit back and wait for
things to happen time in history. This is a take action time, and I’m so happy for
you, that you are alive during this time, and that I am at least able to
communicate in this fashion for you, and it is not often that I get to come
directly through and my voice is a little different, and I have evolved to a
great extent. I have a much higher level perspective now than I had before, but
those of you who know me and know my work know that I was always
incorporating: messages, tones, sounds, into the beat of the music these sounds and
tones were also resonant with the planet Earth and Gaia. Please be aware, if you are not already, that Gaia does have her own beat and you can get
in resonance with that beat. It will improve the quality of the work that you
do. For those that are dancers, you know about being on point, in a different way.
Being on your toes, and we ask you please get on your feet, get out there, and dance
and sing and bring joy back into this planet. There is so much heaviness and
negativity going on currently, but this is good news, as these things need to
come to the surface to be cleared away. And for another time, you my friends, and
the unity card being so important to this message, you are the next wave of
energy to be created. Please do not wait for any public officials or people that
you feel are in management or in control, as you truly, in your own hands, in your
own creativity, have the ability to put out on the planet, at any time, 24/7,
anything you find meaningful, anything you find important. You do not need
anyone else you can do this all on your own. And we show this channel as an
example, a glowing example, of being able to do exactly with one person, and one
camera, and one internet connection and to broadcast all over the world,
Now in my time, when I was young, that was not even possible. Please, please take
advantage of the technology. Don’t let the technology rule you. Spend
so much time looking, looking, looking. Spend time doing, doing, doing. This is the
key, and we even asked her to bring her keys to show you,which she will after we
release out of this channel. Do not be sad for me my friends and my loved ones,
for I am part of this great unity. I was when I was down where you are, and I am
even more so now as I can influence people who are interested in tapping
into that same energy that I was able to tap into. That did not come from me as
you have probably heard me say on many times. The information that I received
that went into the music came from a higher level source, and it came in day
and night, and I would have to dutifully write everything down so that I didn’t
forget, because everything that was given to me had its own weight and importance.
Please take this seriously my friends. You are the Great Creator beings. You
have the power in your hands, regardless of where you are, if you’re able to hear
this message, then you are able to do your part and to get together on this
new wave of positive energy. It’s going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.
Please make sure you take care of each other along the way. It’s very very
important. I always said this and please, please, please make sure you take care of
the children. Please keep an eye on the children. Some are getting so lost.
They’re coming in with, what you like call, it if a kind of wiring and a
different kind of sensitivity, and they are 100% equipped for the next phase, but
they tend to be at a loss for this particular timeframe. As to the people
that are channelers and mediums and people doing healing, you are very easily
damaged and hurt. I was – it’s okay, just remember that that’s part of who you are,
and to release that, just release it. Tomorrow is always another day, you can
always start again and choose differently. So we would like to close up
this message, we hope that you found it uplifting and please know that I am fine.
Please let my family know that I am fine and I appreciate their efforts on
keeping my name and my legacy intact, and I will be doing my part in this as well,
as I am very able to get information out. I’m sure there are many that are
listening to this right now live as we broadcast this who have had that type of
contact with me or feel that they have. Please just go ahead and take it as the
gift that it is designed to be and take action.
Take action and what you’re receiving, and you will then have fulfilled all of
my purpose, plus your own, plus many others. As we gather together we can
build things that are amazing, my friends. So, I would like to release the channel
back now and thank you very much for your time and your attention in
listening, and I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity and I love you all! Okay, I’m back, I’m back. Oh, that’s such
wonderful energy. And Michael mentioned the keys, and the keys are right here,
and I keep these in the same place as I keep the warrior sword. Michael was very
into these too, I think. Let me show you that they’re just, they’re just little,
but those are the keys that he was referring to. Message received okay. I can read the
chat now. I’m so sorry just went by like crazy. Yeah, I see Marta’s saying she
feels Michael Jackson’s energy so close. I genuinely think that there are
people in the in this chat room, and this one in particular, not just any random
chat room, that have had contact with him. Oh you’re welcome TC, and Heather, I think? I think I can scroll back here and
look at your any of your messages, I think? Let me see.
Oh Hi Teresa, you’re late, that’s okay. Hi Dale. Yes, thank you to all
veterans. I’m glad you liked the message Champagne. Elijah says thank you
Michael, I found it extremely uplifting and I will let them know. Yeah, please do
get the word out guys, it’s not as dark as the media would have you believe, and
Heather says, thank you Michael, you’ve always been uplifting and inspiring even
on this earth, and Juanita says thank you MJ. I just lost it there.
Andrea says happy Memorial Day weekend. Nice to see you Andrea. Okay, so I think I have fulfilled my, my
purpose on getting that message out. Wow, it’s amazing energy, but we can go
back to the the other format, so if you like, please put your questions in, and
you can ask me anything that you would like to ask, and you can also asked for a
card. Oh you’re welcome Andrea. Okay Juanita, I will pull a card for you. Justice: fair and just decisions. Do what
you know is right, stand up for your beliefs. And there’s your card right
there. So that’s interesting because this card is the first card after that
wonderful message we just received, and I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s
a sword right there. I mean there’s a sword right there
in the card, and of course we’re talking about taking our individual power back,
and so that’s, that’s the answer for you Juanita, is taking individual power back
and getting back into your creative side and let it guide you, let it
guide you where you need to go next. Okay Heather would like a card. And if I miss
you I apologize in advance, sometimes it’s a little hard for me to keep track. Okay so this one is for Heather. Hi Dan, nice to see you. The 10 of air: the
end of a difficult situation, embrace the change, and expect things to get better
now. So that’s what I’m getting is and all of these…you notice that we
always seem to run in themes. We we’re talking about self-empowerment, I think
in that channel message, as much of it as I can remember, because I’m out for most of
it, but it’s really time to embrace what it is you want to do next, and not let
anything get in your way. And so that’s the message of this card
also, is that whatever difficulties you are going through, they’re coming to an
end. So release them completely because there tends to be a little bit of
hangover from any kind of difficult situation. So remember to go through and
release whatever is hanging on and then move forward in a positive direction
that you want to go next. Okay a card for Andrea. Knight of Water: emotional,
romantic, enthusiastic, contemplative, falling in love or wedding proposal. The
need to balance emotions, an invitation to a social event. These cards are just
so pretty. So for you what I’m getting is more about the balancing of emotions, and
the work that you are doing is also going to help others balance their
emotions, if that makes sense to you. So it’s not just you. It starts with you and
then it blossoms out into other people as well. I hope that makes sense. Okay Terrell. Joe I think you’re next. Okay Page of Earth: scholarly,
dependable, patient, and successful good news about financial matters. Wanting to
do something more challenging a new area of study. There again, we’re getting into
the theme of new beginnings, ending of old situations, starting of new ones,
getting your finances in order which is going to be really important going
forward. That you’re able to make a living from your creative gifts as much
as you possibly can. Okay Charrisse is next. Ego: a false sense of entrapment, being
overly focused on material things, negative or fear-based thoughts. There’s
your card and we talked about this, we talked about it last week, about
releasing the fear and you just watched me do that at the beginning of this
session. Just trust and let go and get out of your own way, and release your
fears. Also to the negative self-talk because we talked about that last week
but I’ll mention it again. Make sure that you’re nurturing yourself and you’re not
telling yourself bad things that you may be picked up from some well-meaning
person in your childhood or whatever. It’s time to drop out of that and go
with what your strengths are and focus on those, and be the best you can be and
that’s all any any anyone could expect. Okay Elijah think
your next. King of Water: trustworthy, compassionate, respected, cultured. Open
your heart and mind to those around you, trustworthy and heartfelt advice, charity
work. There you go, and I already know these things about you that you’re very
trustworthy and you’re very supportive and helpful of me and the work that I do.
I really appreciate that and the charity work which is something that Michael put
a lot of energy on that didn’t get as much attention as some of the other
things that he did. Very very important to help out when you can. Okay,
I think Belinda is next. Strength: great inner strength, release
harsh judgments, forgiveness and compassion. There again, very similar
thing releasing the negativity and harsh judgments that others have and that you
have of yourself, and forgiving yourself for the mistakes that have been made in the
past and starting fresh and new. And you can choose differently any day you want
to. I think Michael said something about being on point. Very famous him being on
his toes, but I think that also means be very nimble and quick to to change
direction if you need to. I think it’s important. Okay, I think TC was next. I
hope. I need to dig for this one TC. Ace of Earth: the inflow of abundance, a
promising business venture, important documents or contracts. So if your starting
something new and it requires a contract and it should, pay very close attention
to everything that’s in that contract. Make sure that you understand everything
that’s incorporated into that and that can be any kind of a of a contract even
just a verbal agreement to partner with someone or work on something. Make sure
that you’re very clear in the arrangements and what the
responsibilities are. Okay, Lisa is next. I think. Six of Earth: gift a money, time or
effort, new career opportunities, receiving a loan or paying off debts. So
there again, you get the clearing of any financial issues that might be holding
you back from doing what you want to do. And good advice for everybody. Make sure
that you…because it weighs you down when you have debt. It’s like an anchor around
your neck. So good for everybody, but you’re also says you’re gonna get
some time or effort. Gift of money, time or effort. So someone’s going to spend
some time with you I think mentoring you. That’s what I’m getting, so make sure you
get someone that you respect who might be a little farther along in the path
then you are, and good idea for everyone. Surround yourself with people that are
really working on themselves and moving ahead and moving forward. Helps to keep
you from getting stuck. You’re welcome Heather. I’m just getting
caught up here. Okay Candi said she would like a card: Six of Air: things are
looking up the end of a difficult situation and take a trip. Thanks flying
out of my hand, so I think you’re gonna be taking a plane. I’m gonna take a trip.
It’s funny how the themes are all that seem to be the same. Things are getting
better which is what Michael told us. Things are getting better, there’s a new
wave coming that he wants us to jump on to with great enthusiasm and unity, and
difficult situations are behind us. So it’s just a matter of clearing out
any residual energy from those difficult situations. Yoo-hoo!
I think that’s great! Okay Andrea says: very pretty card and yes makes sense.
Wonderful! Wonderful! Yes, the themes. Terrell, Joe says thank you so much.
You’re welcome and that was wonderful. Yahalla, you’d like a career read. The Hermit: spend time in quiet
meditation, spiritual teaching, and self-discovery. So as that relates to
career, that’s all about what do you want to do next and the opportunities are
wide open to you, but you do need to take some time first. Good for everyone to
have this information, to sit down and take some time first to try and work on
your manifestations of what you would like to experience, and see and feel in
your life. Feeling is very important. Visualize it in your mind’s eye. Get it
to where you can taste it, feel it, sense it, in every way, shape or form, and just
be clear on what it is you would like to experience. So it’s time for all of us,
including me, to work on manna-fest on manifestation and what we want to have
happen. The energies are very high right now, very conducive into creating what
you would like. Teresa says” great thank you Bonnie. So I hope that made sense to you.
Elijah says I’ll be sure to continue to do so. I think that’s the volunteer work
you were talking about which is just wonderful, and Belinda said I missed her. Okay, Four of Water: we have this card last
week. I’m not sure it was for you or not. Missing an opportunity, discontentment or
boredom. Open your eyes to the possibilities. So there’s that latent
negative energy that needs to be cleared out, and then just open your eyes and set
your sights on what you would like to do next. And the path is really wide open on
what anybody wants to do now. It’s not as rigid as it was in the past, where you
had set with the boxes to check off and that kind of thing. We’ve already done
all of that. It’s now time to to drive on our own, our lives, and where we want to
go, what we want to do and who we want to do it with. Surrounding yourself with
good people is very very important. Yahollis says: may I get on the list. As
far as a notifications of these, it’s either on Facebook, so you can friend me
on Facebook and get a notification there, or you can also subscribe to my youtube
channel which is where you are right now and you’ll get a notification when these
go live. Just remember to click on the little bell and it will send you a
notification, and you can also go to my website and just get on my list there as
well. TC says you can call me Terry. Okay Terry. I like real names better
anyway. Belinda says beautiful card thank you. Lisa says thanks so much. Galen would like a card. Well you got the
same card it is the Four of Water which I just held up a minute ago, I’m pretty
sure. Missing an opportunity, discontentment or boredom. Open your eyes
to the possibilities and this is a water card so I strongly recommend if
you’re trying to clear your thoughts if you can get near a body of water even
better: ocean, lake, pond, even if it’s man-made lake, a cement pond, as they used
to say on The Beverly Hillbillies, get yourself next to some some water and
salt also, and so if you get the the salt lamps very good to have around you and
in your home. They clear out negativity and let your create a process flow a
little bit better. Andrea says she was curious how Michael first came to me. Boy,
that’s a long story, but it literally was hours after his death. They made the
announcement on the news that he had passed away and he popped in to my home
and the energy was just overwhelming and the introduction that he gave actually
was a portion of the song and Billie Jean. Gonna to dance on the floor in the
round. And I was not a Michael Jackson fan and I didn’t know anything about the
O2 concerts at all, and so he asked me what happened, and I
said you you passed away and he made mention that he had been able to leave
his body in the past and get back and he wanted to know how come this time he
couldn’t get back. And of course, the answer is his body wasn’t liable for his
spirit to hold, so he was not able to get back. So that led me to believe that he
had done a lot of out-of-body experience kind of work, and it proved out later
that actually he had. And I I do celebrity booking and specialize in
classic TV people and I found that, you know, most of my
celebrity clients also knew Michael and Michael was a big fan of classic
television and so it made some sense as to how he managed to connect those dots.
The Connection also explains too that when you are a channel and I am a 100 percent pure channel. When you are a channel it… actually I want to say a bright light
actually appears on the other side to them and so they were very, it’s like
spotting a phone booth in a sense. They’re able to find you and the
brighter the light the the stronger the channel and because he channeled when he
was alive and it was a very spiritual person to begin with, it was a pretty
easy task for him. So there’s… if you go to SD paranormal
which is my Paranormal Research website www.SDParanormal.com there’s a whole
little, and we charted it as we went through, there’s a very interesting
experience about the following day when I was actually at my mother’s house and
there was an experience with Michael there. It had to do with poker games and
and a person getting a full house which is referred to as “Jack’s and fives” and that
happened twice back to back, and so anyway the the story is up there if you
want to read it, but if you can imagine you know, someone such as him how do you
convey that it’s you, and after that I can just tell by the energy. I mean he
has the sweetest, calmest, nicest energy that you could ever imagine. Okay, let me see. Tia Rose says
so she graduated from college and would like a card too. She wants to know what to
look forward to. Okay. “The Lovers: intimate relationships
carefully weigh your decisions, and good health. So my sense is is that you would
be very good at the healing arts. Whatever spectrum you want to take that
on and that that is a good direction for you. You have an active interest in the
Wellness of others as well as the Wellness of yourself. I hope that makes
sense, and then you just got out of college so
be careful about the the relationship situation and keep your wits about you.
It can be very very heady stuff falling in love, just be careful, just make sure
that you choose wisely their. Mama Bear says she would like a card. Eight of Earth: skilled work is rewarded,
learn all there is to know about a topic, and going back to school. We can see yeah. So yet again, it’s learning new things,
and it may not be a normal kind of classroom situation. Depending on your
age when, you know, someone says go back to school, they think of, you know, signing
up at the local college and sitting in the chair. So much education is available
online these days that it really might be just you can learn a lot on just
YouTube videos of any topic you are interested in, but it’s it’s really about
exploring for all of us, because we’ve been so limited by our experiences thus
far, because it’s kind of been nose to the grindstone, that now’s the time to spread
our wings and look for other things and just have fun with it. Marta says a few days ago I had a
very unpleasant situation with an extremely aggressive man. I don’t know
how to deal with it, why that happened. Thank You Bonnie. The best way to deal
with it, like in the immediate, is to make sure that you’ve got white light of
protection around you. The visual I use for that is just putting up a a bubble
of light around me which is like a force field and mirror on the outside of the
bubble so that whatever is coming at you say in an aggressive person, they will
see that reflected back to them and there’s no karmic debt for that because
you’re just giving them back their energy.
Whatever they put out, you’re just getting it back and saying no thank you.
So it’s about boundaries, and the more sensitive you are the more trouble you
have with your boundaries. I know I have a horrible trouble with establishing
boundaries, and so it is something that we need to work on for our own, you know,
protecting our own peace and tranquility and there’s no need to deal with
aggressive people. So you can neutralize it pretty fast by just doing that
because they don’t like what they feel and what they see, and they
tend to run out of aggression pretty quickly now. Dale says he needs a
vacation, yeah, me too. Tia Rose says Thank You Bonnie. Wow I’m in the right career
path. I got my degree in psychology and I feel relieved and good card it makes
sense. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Belinda is saying Michael led me to Bonnie and
she and Michael helped me be less afraid of my abilities. That’s great Belinda,
very happy that that’s that that worked out for you, and Heather says I believe
my mother is an empath. Last night she called me very uncomfortable she has
prayed for help with adversity and had a terrible and vivid dream that she
couldn’t get past. Yeah being an empath is really a challenge and most of us are,
you know, most of us that are interested in the channeling and the healing and
we’re we’re wired to be very sensitive and we need those tools for our gifts.
We we need to have those tools so yet again it’s about
making sure that we set the proper boundaries so that we don’t have harm
come in to us, and also if you’re doing any kind of hands-on healing release
that after you’re done, because you don’t hold any responsibility. You’re resetting
that person’s energy when they come to you for a healing treatment of any kind.
You’re giving them an energy reset, it’s up to them how they move forward after
that. So you need to release any results or consequences or anything as it
relates to any of the healing arts. It’s up to them, they have to they have to
take responsibility. Oh Tyrell wanted to know what these
cards are. And this is Doreen Virtue angel deck. I don’t know if you can still
get them, because she’s not doing this kind of work anymore, but you can see the
cards so people have scanned them and put them out as images and so you can
get a look at the cards that way if you want to see them up close, and I’m sure
there’s probably some decks floating around for sale somewhere. and they’re saying I believe it involves
something happening to my dad. Sometimes her dreams come true. How can I help
her with if the situation happens again. What I’m getting too is there something
in her nightly routine that needs to change. I don’t know she sleeps with the
television on or there’s something else that’s getting into her subconscious
while she’s trying to sleep or getting to sleep, and so if that’s the
case then that, that can be easily changed. So or put something positive in
there or, you know, like a meditation tape while she’s going to sleep, you know,
something like that so you don’t have to worry about what’s getting into your
subconscious. Yes, we all want vacations Dale, that would be nice. Terrell Joe said Michael also led me to
Bonnie again Bonnie thank you for being, that resonated, and thank you for the deck
information. Oh you’re welcome. Well she’s an insomniac, yeah that can be
really really tough. Do you have any advice on reaching out to spirit guides?
someone said you have to be careful. Not if you’re if your intent is right and
true, you don’t need to be careful. Your spirit guides are there to assist you
with this life, and you do need to request assistance in order to receive
any. They’re not allowed to interfere, but if you sincerely express a desire to be
in contact with them, and there again the
information that you receive should be positive and loving, If it’s not positive
and loving then it’s not your spirit guide. So you also have to use
discernment too, but don’t be afraid to reach out. it’s very simple to say you
know that’s not for me and on to the next thing,
There’s, there should be no fear in reaching out. I’m sorry someone told you
that. Well looks like we’re getting to the end
of our session here, so I hope everybody got all the information they needed. I’m
going to pull our final card for the group. I also want to let you know that
on May 30th I will be on Stirring the Cauldron with Marla Brooks which is on
the Para-X radio network that’s Para-x.com next Thursday at 6
p.m. and we’re going to be doing something very similar to this with her
audience members at her chat and it’s radio, but I will be recording the
session with my camera and so the the video will be up later on. Okay, so here’s
our final card: Queen of Earth: thoughtful, creative, warm, sensible, make time for
those around you take a sensible approach, deal with challenges in a kind
and understanding manner. Which there again, we go back to that original card
at the beginning which was the unity card, Being kind to each other having
compassion, because the outside world is a little crazy right now, and we need to
learn how to balance and keep our footing even when the ground is shaking.
So that’s that’s part of our our challenge going forward. Anyone who’s on
the spiritual path knows that that’s what we need to do, we need to keep our
wits about us and from what Michael was saying we also need to kick into our
creativity too – like full blast. Which I’m looking forward to that, that’s great,
that is absolutely wonderful. So I think we are all done for this
evening and thank you all very much for coming. And I enjoyed, I enjoyed a little
bit of channeling at the beginning that was a happy surprise, and if you need to
get a hold of me you can find me on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all that
but I also have a website which is www.BonnieVent.com, and I do readings off
of that site. I also have the the mandalas,
a bunch of different varieties there as well,
so feel free to take a look, also too just subscribe, it’s free,
and you can get my my blog postings and that sort of thing over at my website. So
until we meet again, my friends, thank you very much for coming. I appreciate you
all so much. Good night.

10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson channeling w/Bonnie Vent – Call to action for entertainers! Session 03

  1. This link talks about the notes that resonate with the planet. I love being able to verify info from channeling. Feel free to add more. https://eden-saga.com/en/initiation-music-of-the-spheres-interval-planets-space-radio-control.html

  2. “It’s about people looking at their lives and taking any seconds of their well-being and making something of yourself — creating a legacy so you can look back and look at what you have done. I always wanted that” – Michael Jackson on the HIStory album.

  3. How the heck did I miss this again? Ughhhhh c’mon! Going to my naughty corner now. Am on self punishment

  4. See if you can talk to Blackbeard..He was the caption of the Spanish gallion..ask him where the treasurer ship sunk at then get back with me if the location..will give you 40 percent of the treasurer…

  5. Oddly enough I have the same tarot cards . To keep the balance it is not good for you to put the card back in the deck when your done with the one question. The whole tarot reading for the group wasn't done.

  6. (6-2-2019 )
    I appreciate you bonnie vent but l am sorry l am not convinced as a christian l don't believed this kind of activity for it is an evil thing ! However if you will reckon that thru mental telepathy you've been connected to MJ l do believed on it because l am a believer that MJ IS STILL ALIVE ,& mental telepathy is much applicable to connect a living person !

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