Meryl Streep on Women in the Film Industry (Using Rotten Tomatoes as Example)

Meryl Streep on Women in the Film Industry (Using Rotten Tomatoes as Example)

all of you buzz so I'm so always thinking what what makes buzz you know what what controls that in the United States when people go to find a movie to watch at night to go out to the movies they go to something called Rotten Tomatoes maybe you don't have it here you haven't you it exists all right so I went deep deep deep deep into Rotten Tomatoes and I counted how many contributors to Rotten Tomatoes that people who critics and bloggers and writers and who and there's a very strict a set of criteria that allow you to be a blogger critic or something and of those people that are allowed to rate on the tomato meter there are 168 women and I thought that's absolutely fantastic and there are if there were 168 men it would be balanced if there were 268 men it would be unfair but I would be used to it if there were 368 if there were 460 if there were five six actually there are seven hundred and sixty men who weigh in on the tomato meter now I submit to you that men and women are not the same they like different things sometimes they like the same things but sometimes their tastes diverge if the tomato meter is slighted so completely to one set of tastes that drives box office in the United States absolutely so who are these critics bloggers and thing I went on the side of the New York Film Critics the New York Film Critics 4:37 men and two women and then I started to go on all the sights of the critics thing and it is the word isn't disheartening it's infuriating because people accept this as received wisdom this is just the way it is and you can take every single issue of feminine rights female rights in the world and examine it under this same rubric because it isn't fair so we need inclusion we need inclusion love tomatoes this year should say it has to be equal have enough about watching hey you guys hey you guys how you guys up from the Goonies

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  1. This just touches the surface – sites like RT and IMDb aren't accurate not least as they use a Gaussian curve which skews results – usually against the film. So they may discount 100 '10' scores on IMDb as they assume these are friends, yet they could still choose to accept 100 '1' scores. In addition, there is a 'bombing' unit which has a history and therefore qualifies within the top 1000 raters, yet can reduce the ratings score by 2 points within the space of an hour. The star rating you see is therefore not the 'mean' score and therefore not accurate.

  2. Why should we trust female critics more than male–especially when many are prone to be less objective, especially when it comes to viewing films through the prism of gender politics? I recall sending Seattle Times critic Moira McDonald an email after she slobbered over a "revisionist" version of the King Arthur myth, and I told her that I thought that John Boorman's Excalibur was the definitive film version of the tale, and she answered back that she had heard that it was "good," but had never actually seen it. This is like today's music critics who have never been exposed to traditional song structure or musicianship, declaring today's computerized, auto-tuned so-called music "great."

  3. I know ppl in the business and they've always said Rotten Tomatoes was rigged, and in more ways than one. Not just male & female. Whoever brought up bridesmaids "compared to how many all male fims" , and that's just 1 example. Besides, studios throw in $$$ for their films.

  4. She is right. We need more: More female garbage collectors! More female car mechanics. More women in mines! More women digging ditches and paving roads. More female drywallers to hoist 12-foot sheets to the ceiling of homes. More female loggers. And the list goes on …

  5. i would be interested to know how many women are reviewing films and are not used in rottentomatoes. Same thing for men. the problem might be that there are less women reviewing movies overall, meaning less are included in specific groups of reviews.

  6. So true. I've liked so many movies that got a super low rating at rotten tomatoes. IMDB is at least better because it's easy to give a rating there. And the fact that audience is both male and female. I've seen lots of women TRY to like movies but they can't because they have different tastes. There should be more movies for women which are judged by equal sexes. For a male as I am , it is hard to look at difficult realities of women. Most of the time we just ignore it and say maybe what they're showing is exaggerated and misguided. That's why men should only stick to judging male movies and leave criticizing movies about female characters to females.

  7. Look, I like Meryl Streep. I am a female and I believe Rotten Tomatoes is pretty accurate about movie reviews. Ms. Streep's movies lately have not been that great (though her performances have been good.) All I got out of this is that she doesn't think she appeals to men.

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