23 thoughts on “Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World

  1. Maybe it's cause I just saw Tae Hyung's face minutes ago,but to none of them lit the bulb of "oh he's really attractive".As I said maybe it's cause I just saw V before watching this. Beauty is more subjective then my reviews of books so…I doesn't really matter what I or others say when for each human being beauty stands for a unique definition.☺️

  2. i thought the first one said “breaded” and i was like damn true i want them breaded and crispy like my chicken

  3. This video was a hot ass mess. As for the future being “mixed race” in what year? As if that’s going to stamp out every other person in all the cultures around the world. Girl bye. A mess.

  4. Just like women are beautiful in their own ways, men are also beautiful in their own ways. And I personally take this fact to heart.

  5. Why the hell is the beauty standard for south africa a white man bruh black people unite only 8 percent of the population in south africa is white or something like that.

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