22 thoughts on “Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code: Arc Drive & Last Arc Exhibition

  1. ご静聴ありがとうございます民主主義になってしまいましたごめんなさいあと私子のゲームやってました👤

  2. Man, I remember being in the same cafeteria as the guys who were part of the community developing this game back before my final year in highschool 2011. I was so surprised to see this game pop up when searching for cute games on steam, as I never thought about those people(whom I never had a good time with) and this game ever since they graduated in…. 2009 or something.

    Wow. The first time I was ever introduced to emulation was with the kids behind this game having the N64 Smash Bros. on their laptop. It was during the same year I talked with my workshop teacher about Crisis having good(natural) character dialogue moments. And the digital art teacher made it his mission to yell at the class at how they'll never be able to do historical museum level artwork.

    Man I hate people.

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