Meddling Mother

Meddling Mother

(energetic music) (cheering) Okay, so look. It’s February still and it’s Black History Month. Today, we’re honoring Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. Back in 1968, Shirley became the first black woman elected in the U.S. Congress. In 2015, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We honor you, Ms. Chisholm. By the way, Ms. Chisholm, do you remember when my Mom and Dad had you for dinner while you were running, and I sat on the dishwasher door and broke it? (laughing) My parents took me upstairs and spanked me but they kept it from you. You’re very civilized. Anyway. (cheering) True story. Ditto. All right, look it’s time for ask Wendy. Come on now, uh oh. Come on, what’s gonna happen? How you doing? Hi Wendy, how you doing? Okay, mom, daughter? Yes. Mom, daughter. Okay, how can I help girls? Oh, Wendy I have a beautiful daughter. She’s smart, she’s a degreed nurse, she’s a beauty queen, she’s 25 and she’s kind of, sort of looking for a nice guy. Oh boy. I know, what she’s bringing home is driving me, the Italian mother, crazy. (laughing) The Italian mother. The Italian mother crazy. I wait. I have this rule now where I wait. I don’t want to meet these guys. I don’t want them coming in, and breaking bread with me and then walking out. Right. So, I’m not meeting anyone. The last guy she dated made her buy her own bottle of water at the Lala. Honest to God. Well now, hold on now. First date, he stopped at the store, and he said, “I want to buy a bottle of water, do you want anything?” I said, “Oh, yeah.” So I grabbed a quick bottle of water, and he said, “So it’s your treat, right?” and I said, “No.” and he said, “Well, you got to pay sometimes.” (gasping) True story. Okay mom, go ahead. Now, should I get involved sooner? I have that rule. I don’t want to meet them. Here’s how I feel. A 25 year old beauty queen who’s a nurse needs to move out of your house, that way it’s none of your business. Student loans, Wendy. Student loans. Oh, yeah. Financially, I’m– The one thing nobody talked about in New Hampshire. You see what I’m saying? They talk about everything else, except for these student loans. Yeah. Okay. You know what? Mom, leave her alone. She’s only 25, she’s not ready to get married or have a baby. She’s having a good time as a nurse, she’s a beauty queen. None of these guys really matter, although you are dating for the purpose of grooming. Just saying. Right. If you got to buy your own bottled water on the first date, that’s not your guy. Yeah, I know. I don’t know what to say to you guys except, stay out of each others business. So, I can’t ask her, “How was your date, honey?” Nope, no. Leave her alone. Leave her alone. I know it’s going to kill me. I know, it’s killing me too. (laughing) Sorry, mom. (energetic music)

60 thoughts on “Meddling Mother

  1. ..I'm no political expert but I'm pretty sure the Sanders campaign talked about student loans in NH and in general and forgiving student loan debt?? Is that what Wendy is referring to? Lol

  2. I'm sorry but was see shading her guest in the very first few seconds feeling his jacket and then in the saying UH-UH like no way?

  3. Maybe if she got another job part time instead of going on so many dates, she will have her loan paid off sooner and get her own place.

  4. Ummmmmm! She had me trippin thinking That woman was alive. When serveral semesters of African American History told me she died.

  5. Why don’t people understand that student loan debt is a serious fucking issue? It IS preventing young adults from being able to be on their own. Wendy needs to STFU. No wonder her ex-husband cheated on her

  6. I would feel uncomfortable if my Mom referred to me as a "Beauty Queen"…it isn't an accomplishment or some sort credential to be throwing out there. So shallow. You have good genes and can prance on stage. Congrats! Mom should magnify her intelligence as a woman.

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