13 thoughts on “Meanwhile… Juul Has Teens Hooked

  1. Mr Colbert: you might want to do some research on the relationship between Phillip Morris, Juul, and your "Champion" Bloomberg before you go disparaging his decoy product meant to damage a lifesaving industry and keep people smoking combustible cigarettes. Clearly you dont have great insight on the fact that your party leaders are yet just another group of crony capitalists dressed in sheep's clothing, preying on the minority, poor, and oppressed people which both parties in this obvious scheme view as second class citizens. You sir are a world class imbecile.

  2. All this time, and the audience STILL laughs every time he begins the segment with "Meanwhile…". As if they've never heard it before. 🥴🤪🤣🙃

  3. My parents smoked; in '63 they went cold turkey. None of the 3 of us ever smoked.
    Parents are not role- modeling , nor parenting. If you don't know what's in your kid's backpack, you aren't parenting. Minors have no right to privacy .

  4. If your kid snores AND on parents insurance, parents pay triple. If parents smoke, same. THEY are one froyo running up health care costs unnecessarily

  5. I'm sure Juul didn't "disregard" evidence of teens getting addicted to their product considering how such data would immediately change their prospective sales. Their response was probably one of "Fuck, yes, let's ride this gravy train."

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