Massive Summer & Birthday Book Haul! (80+ books)

Massive Summer & Birthday Book Haul! (80+ books)

If you’ve been living under a rock or
maybe this is the first time you’ve seen a video of mine, I just got back from
taking a like five month long break. I wish that I could say that while I was
gone all I did was read books from the
library and I did not spend money and I was saving up for all the exciting
things I’m looking forward to in my life. But no I was depression shopping. I
acquired an absurd amount of books over the summer months and I wish I did blame
it on the fact that it was my birthday so most of them were gifts. No. That being
said I did get a ton of presents so half of this video is just gonna be me saying
thank you over and over. I just wanted to go through some of the recent (cat meowing) as my cat
screams in the background I’m just gonna tell you all about the books that I got
in the last few months. Some of which I’ve read a lot of which I have not. I’ll
start off with all the books that I received as gifts. My birthday was on
June 4th and I had planned to unbox all of these on camera and a birthday
unboxing and then I deleted my channel. So I actually have a picture of I
had saved up all the boxes and this isn’t even all of them in the picture
and I wanted to unbox them all at one time, ended up not doing it on camera
because life. But this is my birthday book haul, apparently. Let’s just dive right in. I got If My Body Could Speak by Blythe
Baird. This book is from one of my Twitter followers, MissLethality. Thank
you so much for this book, I really enjoyed it, I’ve already read it. This is
a poetry book by one of my favorite poets and it’s all about body issues
that she’s had in feminism and different abusive relationships she’s been in. I
just have always loved her poetry, she has also really great videos where she
reads her poems so I just really wanted to support this. It has a beautiful
cover and the content is also beautiful. So thank you for getting this for me.
Then I received two books from my friend named Bee, not the Bee that you might be
thinking of, Bookis Pisces love her as well but these are from a Twitter
follower mutual I have. And I just think she’s so sweet and lovely for thinking
of me. The first book she got me was The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by
Marie Kondo. I read this on audiobook and wanted a physical copy, I’m sure I’m
going to revisit this one day. I’m sure we all have heard of this book, it’s just
like a cleaning method book. I enjoyed it I didn’t remember a ton of it which is
why I intend on rereading it but I’m very happy to have a copy, thank you. And then I got a book that you might have seen in my
last video displayed over here but I got a copy of Harry Potter and the
Philosopher’s Stone in the Ravenclaw edition which is what I am. It’s so
beautiful, I just have to display it. I don’t think I’m ever gonna read from
this edition but I am obsessed with these. It’s so pretty thank you so much
for two books, both of which I feel accomplished owning because I’ve read
them and they’re not just sitting on a TBR shelf. This next book I got is from
Andy and they got me Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau. This
is a graphic novel that is about this teenager named Ari who really wants to
move away with his band but his family needs him to help run their family
business that’s a bakery so he’s really grappling with his identity that summer
as they’re training a new person to fill his spot and this person they hire,
Hector, helps him come of age and mature and they have a relationship and it’s
just a very beautiful graphic novel. I’ve already read this and I enjoyed it so
thank you so much for getting me a copy. The next book I got is also a graphic
novel and it’s one of my favorites of the year. This book is from Sonya who’s my baby I love her so much and she got me The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen
Wang. This is a graphic novel about a prince named Sebastian who’s
gender-fluid so sometimes he likes to wear dresses rather than princely
clothes so he hires a dressmaker to help him live that identity out and it’s so
pure and wholesome. I love this book, I highly recommend it, it’s so fast it’s
middle grade, just read it. Got another graphic novel this one is
from my friend Carrie who I love so much and I’ll link her YouTube channel down
below. She got me a copy of Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu which is a story
about this hockey player who’s a freshman in college and it’s all about their
shenanigans on the hockey team and they like to bake in their free time they’re
also a youtube vlogger so a lot of things going on in this graphic novel,
I’ve already read it as well. I thought it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for
the second volume so I’m very happy to own this, it was hilarious. Even though I cannot remember the main character’s name right now and it’s not
in the synopsis? The next book I got is from another YouTube friend this is from
Lucy I’ll also link her channel, I really adore her videos. This is Born a Crime
but Trevor Noah which is Trevor Noah’s memoir. Trevor Noah is from South Africa,
he’s a news anchor and also comedian. highly recommend his Netflix comedy show, made me laugh. Everyone that I’ve seen review this gave it a glowing review and
especially the audiobook so even though I plan to listen to this on audiobook
I’m really happy to have a physical copy. I love Trevor Noah, love to support him so thank you so much Lucy! I hope to enjoy this one as much as you did. I got Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This was sent to me by Kayla, so Kayla thank you so much for thinking of me. So this is about a woman named Hannah who’s visiting her hometown of LA when
she meets her high school boyfriend that she hasn’t seen in a while. They rekindle
a connection all in one night and he offers to give her a ride home if she
wants to stay and hang out with him and so this book is a split narrative of
what would happen if she didn’t go with him versus what would happen if she did.
So it’s kind of like an alternate timeline of what would the ramification
be if she made one decision or another. I love books that delve into that topic. I
can already tell I’m gonna really, really enjoy this book, so thank you so much for
getting it for me. Next I got The Summer Palace and Other Stories by C.S. Pacat which is I bind up of if I think three novellas from The Captive Prince
trilogy. This gift is from Kristen, so thank you Kristen. The epilogue to the Cruel Prince– Cruel Prince and Captive Prince, it’s too much. There’s an epilogue in this that I adore and I wanted it in a physical copy. Yeah, I
really avoid talking about Captive Prince. You know what I’ll get into this later because I’m actually gonna haul the entire trilogy so (magical ambience) we’ll talk in a sec about the tea. But yeah, thank you so much Kristen for this one. The next book I got
is from Eric he got me Soft on Soft by Em Ali, Emily? (laughs) This is a romance book about a woman named June who has a famous Instagram for body positivity because
she’s plus-sized and she deals with anxiety, so like are we the same person Cue X-files theme song editing Whitney (X-Files theme plays). But yeah she is falling for another girl but
she has to overcome her anxiety to be able to like talk to her more and get
out of her shell so this just sounds like it’s me. It’s me (Mario voice) Mario! I’m so excited to read this thank you Eric for thinking of me and getting it in my
hands. The next two books I got were from my best friend in the world Bonnie. The Winner’s Curse trilogy by Marie Rutkoski. I read book one so long ago and didn’t
like it and got rid of it. But then stan Twitter was like “it’s so
good” and I do nothing if not bow to stan Twitter’s book recommendations so
I kind of like distrusted my own review and I want to go back and reread these
and see did I just not get it at the time, have my reading tastes changed where now I would enjoy it. So now I have the whole trilogy if I ever want to do that
endeavor. This is a series about this girl named Kestrel. She ends up buying a
slave and falling in love with him. I remember how this ends and nothing else. Let’s see if I like the angst the second time around though. She also got
me Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. This is one of her favorite, I don’t know favorite books, but she really enjoyed this book and I kind of mentioned it passingly as
something that I’ve been having an eye on. The back of this book is super confusing
with the synopsis so I’m just gonna read you the handy-dandy little, don’t you just
love those books where on the publishing page it gives you like a one-line synopsis? Ah (chef’s kiss). Publishers take note, us booktubers need this. Abandoned by her drug-addicted mother at age 11, high school student
Taylor struggles with her identity in family history at a boarding school in
Australia. That’s all I know but Bonnie and I, when I tell you we have identical tastes
in books, other than she likes thrillers and I literally couldn’t care
less, I know I’m gonna like this if she liked it. That’s also kind of a mini shout out if you like my reading tastes, you will love her. I’ll link her down
below. The next book I got is also from a Kristen. I don’t know if these are all
the same Kristens, different Kristens. Either way Kristens, y’all better squad up
because I love you so much. Kristen got me a copy of The Gilded Wolves by
Roshani Chokshi which is a book that everyone’s been comparing to Six of Crows
by Leigh Bardugo because it’s about a main character named Severin who has to
go search for this lost artifact and creates this group to go and do that and
the group is all these like misfit different role type characters. I have
heard nothing but mixed reviews about this book, but one of the people whose
reviews that I trust the most on booktube, Sammy from SammyReadss, loved this
book and I trust her with my life and my soul so I’m gonna give this one a shot.
Thank you so much Kristen this is a beautiful book. And then my friend Tzivi
sent me three books which is entirely too much. I’m going to punch her in the
face the next time I’m in New York because I love her so much. She also has
a channel, link’s down below. I love her to death. So first she got me We Hunt the
Flame by Hafsah Faizal. This is an Arab inspired fantasy about this woman
who has to go and find this artifact and at the same time the prince of the
kingdom is told to prevent that hunter from getting the artifact and kill them.
So it’s an enemies to lovers fantasy. I have so many friends
(Editing Whitney) Bitch no you don’t.
Who would chop an arm off for this book so I’m highly anticipating that I’m
going to love it. Tzivi also got me a copy of Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman.
This is a story about Kiki who is a biracial Japanese girl. She’s like pre-college age so it’s YA. She’s dying to get into art school but doesn’t get into
her first choice and so when she has the option to go tour on the opposite side
of the country and go look at art schools she does that. I’m just trusting this is
gonna make me think and be beautiful and I’m gonna love it so, ah! Finally Tzivi
got me a book that is so her brand (laughs). Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini
Taylor which this is her favorite series of all time if you didn’t know. This is
from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone,
I just didn’t love the plot of it and like how slow it got but I loved the
characters and this is a spin-off book about two of the side characters who I
loved. So like I know I’m gonna like this, it’s just been a hot second since I’ve
read the book so it might take me a sec to read jog my memories. Either
way this is still a beautiful book. I’m sure everyone has shown you what these
covers look like but there’s just so much art in this, these characters are so
vibrant. I can’t wait, and it’s pretty short, so
even if I remember nothing at least I’ll have a good quick time. The next book I
got is from one of my dearest friends named April. She has a channel, Aprilius Maximus, you have to go and check her out she is one of my favorite people on
the Earth. She got me a copy of The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare which is an adult book that follows Magnus and Alec. It’s a book about their
relationship and this takes place during the Mortal Instruments series. Magnus is
my favorite character in the entire Cassandra Clare franchise so I am just
down for this book two hundred thousand percent. I’ve read every book in this massive series, so this is really the only thing I’ve left to tackle. I
can’t wait to read it. Thank you April for thinking of me. Next
I got two books. These are both from Renee, so thank you Renee. The first one that I got is called The Flatshare by Beth
O’Leary. This is an adult romance book that is about these two people that
share an apartment but one of them works a day-shift and one of them works a
night shift so the only way they see each other is through communicating in
sticky tabs that they, and like notes that they leave around the house. So they’ve
never met but they live in the same place and this is all about what happens
when they meet. Cover wise, idea wise, I just can’t see it going wrong so I’m
very eager to give this one a read. And I also got a copy of Tan France’s memoir. I
love Queer Eye so much and I do intend on eventually buying like every single
person’s book. I know like Karamo has one, Anthoni has one coming out,
Jonathan has been coming out, like everyone basically has one. This is just
the first that I’ve gotten my hands on. ideally I would find this on audiobook, I
like listening to celebrity memoir on audiobook. It’s also a beautifully made
book so I’m just excited to own this. Thank you once again Renee. Next I got a
book from Keelie who also has a youtube. I’ve been in one of her vlogs before, we
hung out at North Texas Teen Book Fest, so I’ll link her down below. She got me a
copy of The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Finch, Lynch. This is an adult
fantasy book with a super vague synopsis that I don’t even feel like will be
interesting if I read it to you off the back of the book so we’re just gonna
leave it at that. The only thing I know of this off the
top of my head is that Sam from Thoughts on Tomes is obsessed with it, so if you would like to learn more I will link her channel and you can have a day searching
her review up for this. But I’m just upset because I think my cats got to
this copy and there’s already like scratches in it we love to see it. Thank
you Keelie, I love this edition, really excited to read this book because I’ve
heard nothing but good reviews. I appreciate you. Next, I have two books
that are from Kelsey so thank you so much Kelsey. The first book she got me
I’ve already read and loved this is Circe by Madeline Miller. Madeline
Miller writes books that are about Greek mythology, this one follows, obviously,
Circe. Circe is this witch goddess who knows how to work with elemental magic.
She gets banished from what’s it called? Not heaven, Olympia, the Olympics? Circe gets banned from the Olympics not clickbait. So she’s banished to an island
for thousands of years and this book chronicles the different people who
visit her and her shenanigans. It’s beautiful, I
loved it, so thank you so much for getting this for me. Another book I’m
highly anticipating reading I got Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts) by L.C. Rosen.
This book is about Jack who’s openly queer and openly promiscuous but not in
like a negative connotation. He hosts this blog or like Q&A site where people
can ask him questions about sex until he starts to get threats and so it’s all
about him having to re-evaluate. I don’t know, I’m just super down having a book
about a guy who’s super open about that around classmates who might not be. So
I’m really interested to see how this is and it sounds so different but so cool.
Alrighty, I promised we’d talk about it, let’s talk about it. The Captive Prince
trilogy. I already own these but I got a new set of these all the way from Poland.
One of my best friends on Twitter named Stas, I’m so sorry if I’m saying that
wrong literally block me. I saw these covers of the Polish edition and like
busted a whole nut on my timeline and he offered to send them to me. So I said
yeah! These covers (chef’s kiss) heavenly. But book one looks like this. Book two looks like this. And book three. I don’t talk about these books, even though I love them because
they’re not good, but they are. It’s about this prince of one kingdom.He’s
overthrown and sold to an opposing kingdom as a sex slave just to like get
back at him for political-ness and so he’s in enemy territory having to hide
his identity. And it’s all about how the prince of the kingdom that he’s given to
is like this ruthless, terrible person and how they have to end up working
together. The thing that everyone hates about this book is the world-building is
terrible and I agree. The world in this book is nasty and ugly and so vulgar and
unnecessary. The reason why I like them, and the reason why I hope to god one day
C.S. Pacat will write a book that redeems her, is because her writing style
and the way that she builds characters is so immaculate. And she does the type of
thing where she builds characters like really slowly and subtly. And it’s
everything to me and it’s so rare that I read books like this that
even though it was like really terrible a lot of the time, the way the characters
were developed was so good. And I think that book one is terrible and trashy and
like we don’t need it but the second two books really branch away from that
because it’s not set in the same kingdom, they like move on and go do something
else. So it’s difficult to recommend ’cause there are a lot of things that I
don’t like want to sit here and promote. Either way, I got these covers because I
just think they are gorgeous even though this one has him like in chains.
We don’t love. But like when they’re both together being heroes, we love! Thank you
so much Stas for sending me those, they make me so happy because they’re so
beautiful. And then I got a book from my dear friend on Twitter named Micah.He
got made this gorgeous Penguin books edition of The Secret History by Donna Tart which he knows is one of my favorite books ever. And I just love these like
simplistic but cute editions. It’s about this kid named Richard who goes to
school in Vermont and ends up joining this really elite society of scholars
who study Greek. It’s about how these students are not as gleaming as they seem and
they’re also multifaceted and pretentious. And this book is gorgeous. And
then I have a whole stack of books that were presents that people sent me that
didn’t have a note with them or that for some reason I misplaced the note and
maybe it was like a second book someone ordered me and I didn’t know they were
together. So if any of these are from you and actually this applies to anyone who
sent me a book if you would like a thank you letter and like a bookmark I would be
more than happy to give that to you or just like show you thank you. Especially
because this is so late. Let me know. So the next book I received is No Matter
the Wreckage by Sarah Kay. These are poems, I’ve already read this book, loved
it. This is one of the most beautiful poetry books I’ve read. Thank you to
whoever got this for me. Another favorite book that I got that I read this year is
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me. This is a graphic novel that has a
female/female romance and it’s all about this main character, Freddie, who has this
girlfriend, Laura Dean, but it’s a toxic relationship. Laura Dean constantly cheats on her then breaks up with her and then apologizes
and wants to get back together and Freddie keeps going back to that
relationship because she loves that Laura Dean is popular. It’s just
beautiful, it deals with really realistic concepts. The art style in this is my
new favorite art style of all time. l love this book, like full 5 stars.
Thank you so much for getting this for me. Another manga that I’m obsessed with,
The Girl from the Other Side but Nagabe. This is about a young girl who lives
in a society where there’s an inside and an outside. The inside is all the humans
who are hiding out trying to protect themselves from the outside where these
dark creatures from this mysterious illness have taken over. But this young
girl’s on the outside being protected by one of these monsters. It is the most
wholesome story in the entire world but at the same time there’s a really
complex political dynamic between why are the monsters there, how are they
gonna protect themselves, are monsters evil, it’s so interesting, I love it so
much. Whoever got this for me love you. That’s not even how you blow kisses but
thank you. The next book I got is Vicious by V.E. Schwab. I’ve actually
already read this and already own it but I love this cover of it and so I wanted
to grow my collection. I have not read this in years so I definitely want to
reread this and I’m gonna reread and annotate this copy ’cause I’m sure it’s
gonna be exactly my cup of tea the second time I read it. This is a story
about Eli and Victor who are college roommates and they decide to do a
experiment to see can you give yourself superhuman powers and it works and goes
terribly wrong. So it’s this antihero story that’s dark
and interesting. I just read this when I was on the cusp of reading adult fiction
and I think I didn’t glean as much from it as I think I could now, especially
because my reading tastes have grown so much that I think this exactly fits my
reading tastes. So thank you so much to whoever got this from me. I remember
there was a note with this ’cause you said you loved this book but I don’t
know where the note went, I feel so bad. The next book I got is Love from A to Z
by S.K. Ali. This is a YA contemporary book about Zayneb and Adam.
Zayneb was recently suspended from school because she stood up to a teacher
who was being Islamophobic. So she’s going on an early spring break overseas to
Doha and on the way there she meets Adam who was just recently diagnosed with
multiple sclerosis. They are both pretty private people who like to journal but
they end up like talking or exchanging journals or something along the lines with connecting with one another and finding
out they have things in common and just connecting via their current life problems. I am so lit for this book, I cannot wait.
I love the cover love the concept. If this doesn’t make me want to scream and fling myself into the sun what’s the point? Thank you so much to whoever put
this in my doorstep. Next book I got is Dress Codes for Small Towns by
Courtney Stevens. This is a YA contemporary about a young woman named
Billie who’s in this really tight knit friend group with her two other friends
and she starts falling for both of them. So she’s questioning her sexuality, if
she likes boys and girls, exploring sexualities and gender and love and it
just sounds so good. I know this is Lala’s favorite book or one of them so
I’m excited to give this a read. Thank you for whoever picked this up for
me. This next one I’m so mad that I lost the note for because I am gonna be
so thankful to them when this ends up being a five-star book for me which I’m
sure it will. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. This book has nothing but the
highest praise. It’s about a girl who’s obsessed with this podcast and ends up
getting to work with the person who does it, I don’t know much more than that. I’m
sold like everyone loves this book so I cannot wait to read it. Thank you so much
for buying this for me. Again I feel terrible that I have like no one to address
when I’m talking about these things. Amazon, first of all pay your employees,
second of all give me a shipping note. Okay we got another Taylor Jenkins Reid
book. This one is Forever Interrupted. This story is about this woman who
marries the guy in like a very short amount of time, they had this whirlwind
romance but then he’s killed instantly in a motorcycle accident and when she
gets to the hospital and meets his mother she realizes that he had never
even told his mom that they had gotten married. So it’s all about her piecing
together their relationship and creating this bond with his mother that didn’t
know that she existed and dealing with their grief. And that sounds so good. This
next one is The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker which is a new adult slash adult romance.
this is about Calla whose father lives in really rural Alaska and finds out
that he has a terminal illness. So she goes out to visit him and Alaska just to
spend time with him for the first time in their lives, or maybe not the first
time, spend time with him. And then while she’s there she meets Jonah who was
one of her father’s employees who was very bitter toward her. So it’s like
enemies to lovers, set in Alaska. I’ve heard nothing but great things and I’m
ready for this to be a favorite romance of the year depending on what year I
read it (laughs). So that concludes all the books that I was sent, let’s talk about the bad
financial decisions that I made the last couple months. First book I bought I
bought from Depop this is called My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame.
This is a manga series that is about this man, it’s complicated, but basically
this main character’s twin brother came out as gay and moved away because he
wasn’t super accepted in his family. And then when he’s killed in a car
accident, his late husband wants to come to Japan and find out more about his
roots and his family. So it’s all about this family having to confront their own
beliefs and their homophobia to be more accepting and to learn about this man
and come to terms with their grief about losing that family member. I had mixed
feelings about this but I do think it I had a good message. And then I got this
special edition copy of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I’ve been looking
for this one for awhile because it has the purples sprayed edges and I hadn’t
been able to find it at my local Barnes & Noble so I grabbed this when I was
hanging out with a friend. And yeah, I’ve already read this book, it’s a YA
contemporary about this Jamaican girl meeting a Korean guy. They have this one
24 hour romance and it’s all about how this girl’s about to be deported. So it’s
touching but cute but rough. Then I got in a pre-order which was for Satoko and
Nada volume two. This is a manga about these two characters, one from Saudi
Arabia and one from Japan, who are both living in New York going to college
together. So it’s all about their different cultures coming together,
discussing their backstories, discussing what it’s like being Muslim in America.
They’re so funny and so cute, there are like little vignette stories of events
that go on in their lives. I love these, I’m gonna continue to
pre-order them. They’re tons of fun. The next two books are graphic novels from
one of my favorite graphic novel artists ever, these are from Katie O’Neil and the
first one I have is Aqua Chord Cove. This is a story all about environmentalism. I
love the art style of this book, I can’t give you a better synopsis than what I
just said though because I read this a while ago. They’re quick reads, I don’t
doubt that I’m gonna revisit these in the future. Love this book. Then I also bought the Tea Dragon Society which is a world where
dragons can make tea and it’s about friendship and cuteness and inclusion. And I
just love this so had to have a copy. Next I bought a romance book, The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez, a very polarizing book on booktube but I loved it. This is
about a woman named Kristen, we love Kristens on this channel! She meets a
guy named Josh who is about to be in her best friend’s wedding with her and
they really strike it off and they are really into each other. But then she
finds out that Josh is a really big family man, he really wants a lot of kids.
And even though she had been once picturing a forever with him ’cause they
had pretty clicked so fast, she’s hiding from him that she’s planning on having a
hysterectomy because she has uterine fibroids that give her chronic pain and
she can’t be a mother. So that’s holding her back from like giving her all to him
and keeping him in the friend zone if you will. This is one of my favorite
books of the year, so touching, so sad, but so funny. Cannot recommend this enough.
Also one of my favorites of the year is a book that I pre-ordered and that came
in the mail. Miss Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey
McQuiston. This book is sort of set in an alternate universe to our real world,
even though it is contemporary, where a woman won the 2016 election and so this
follows the first son of the U.S. named Alex and he is rivals with one of the
princes in England. They have a scandal that they need to cover up. Rather than
having their bad blood between them exposed, their PR teams have them fake a
friendship and have them be all buddy-buddy just to show the press like
oh no they’re friends it’s fine but they hate each other. So it’s enemies to lovers, royal romance, presidential romance if you will.
But this book just means everything to me and it made me sob and it made me
laugh out loud. This book is a masterpiece and like I know everyone
loves this book but the hype here is so true. My windpipe is right here, please
Casey McQuiston, stomp on me. The next book I got is Moonstruck which is a
graphic novel. This is a world where there’s a bunch of mythical creatures
you can see there’s like a little yak, is that a yak? In the background
but the main character is Grace, who’s a werewolf, and she takes her girlfriend to
go see a magic show. They take their friend Chet who is a non-binary centaur
and Chet ends up getting a spell cast on them and the whole book is about solving
how to reverse this spell. This book is so cute and fun, again I’m gonna go into
a full review if I don’t stop myself but I loved it and I can’t wait to buy
volume two. The next book I got, this came in a book box that I ordered I have a
separate unboxing video for all of this that I think is gonna be up in a couple
weeks, maybe less? So this is a copy of Defy Me, but I got a special edition of it where it has its own unique cover. This is what
it looks like. The whole dust jacket wraps around the book so there’s Kenji under here. Juliette is on the front, she’s displayed
on my bookshelf, I love her so much, it’s so beautiful. By the way, I think this is
from the Bookish Box, so that’s where that’s from if you want unique covers.
Okay then you turn it over we got mister Warner, mister Adam, and Castle back here
into this flap. This is one of my too many copies of Defy Me. I love this cover
though so (kiss). The next book I got I’m salty (laughs). I got a copy of The Wicked King by Holly
Black from Depop, this is the Barnes & Noble special edition and I’m salty
because after I bought this for $35, because it’s no longer published. The
publisher decided they’re gonna print more of these. So I just paid double for
a book that I could have bought for half the price. I’m very upset. Either way it’s
still a first edition so at least there’s that and I just love this series so I
want to collect these covers but I don’t want to pay $400 for one book. The next book I bought for myself is The Miseducation of Cameron posted by Emily
M. Danforth. This is about a girl who gets sent to a conversion therapy camp in
Montana. She meets friends there, I don’t know if they try to escape or what the
deal is but I got this edition because it has the beautiful rainbow spine, I
have a good friend named Kav and this is one of their favorite books of all
time, I’ll like Kav down below, and they have really convinced me
that I should give this a try along with several other glowing reviews. Also I
think I said she’s sent to conversion therapy camp but I didn’t say for what,
she’s a lesbian. The next book I got is Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy.
This is a YA contemporary about a girl named Ramona. She’s very sure in her
sexuality as a lesbian until one of her childhood friends, Freddie, comes back
into her life and she starts to develop feelings for him. So it’s about her
coming to terms with her sexuality and realizing she might be bi instead of a
lesbian. In the midst of that there’s subplots about like family and school but
that’s the gist of it. And I’m really interested in that, also this main
character is tall like over six feet so (kiss) love that from me. Also I’m meeting
Julie Murphy in a couple months so I’m gonna bring this and get it signed. The
next book I got is called Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdric. This is a book about a futuristic America where pregnancy is highly
regulated by the state. So this follows a Native woman named Cedar and she’s
four months pregnant and knows this and knows the government will confiscate her
and her baby if the she’s discovered so she’s gonna go and hide out and evade
capture to save her baby’s life. So it’s described as a dystopian
thriller. I’ve just had my eye on this for so long and I love like feminist
futuristic reimaginings of the American government and the way that we’re headed. So I think this is gonna be really interesting but horrible and sad. Sounds
perfect. And my final Taylor Jenkins Reid book
that I’m gonna haul, I bought this one from Depop, this is called One True Loves.
This one’s about a woman who marries her high school sweetheart and they’re
having a great relationship, they love traveling but then one day Jesse, who is
the main character’s husband, his helicopter goes missing over the Pacific
Ocean, he never comes back, he’s presumed dead. A decade passes and he appears in
her life having survived that accident and wanting to resume the relationship
even though she’s moved on, she’s found someone new. She’s realizing, oh, my
husband was never dead all that time and once again Taylor Jenkins Reid just has
the most amazing plots that sound so interesting, so, really eager to try this
one. Like all her books sounds so good, you all need to let me know which one
I should go for first because I cannot decide. The next book I’ve got from Depop is called Once in Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy. This is a
Arthur, Merlin, what’s that legend called, King Arthur? It’s a
retelling of that but this is about how King Arthur has always been reincarnated
and for the first time Arthur is reincarnated
as a woman, Ari, and so it’s about Merlin who ages backwards which i think is just
a convenient way for Merlin to be age 17 for a YA fantasy book. Merlin has to
train Ari to be like the king or the queen or something along those lines of
the whole legend of King Arthur and for the first time as a woman. And I’m
assuming romance, don’t know quite what to expect, all I know is that this book
is super inclusive and very interesting. We’ll see. And then I got Trail of
Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. This is a post-apocalyptic book about this
Navajo woman. She’s a monster hunter because this apocalypse has released all
the mythical gods and spiritual beings and monsters on the world. So she’s a
monster hunter trying to protect her homeland and she employs the help of the
local medicine man named Kai and so they are going around together saving this
reservation and it sounds so cool. I’ve never read anything like this before, I’m
just so excited. Then I picked up Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim which is a
book about this kingdom where the king wants to have his own personal tailor. So
every year he hosts this competition between tailors to see like who is the
best, who shall reign supreme. It’s only for men though and so this main
character is a woman and she disguises herself as a man to enter that
competition. So it’s kind of described as Mulan meets Project Runway. It sounds
good, I’m all down for books that are about competitions. Then I picked up a
middle-grade book this one’s called Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley
Herring Blake. This is about a young girl named Ivy whose house gets destroyed in
a tornado and one of the things that she loses in the tornado is this notebook
where she had drawn pictures of girls holding hands because she’s having
feelings of attraction toward other girls that she’s hiding. And she’s really
nervous after that disappears because she doesn’t want anyone to know and one
day someone starts slipping her notes in her locker that they know her secret and
they found her journal. And even though that sounds creepy and blackmailing it’s
actually about her finding someone that she could confide in and like come out
to and be comfortable with that, so, we’ll figure it out when we get there. It just
sounds so cute and I’ve been reassured that it is not as weird as it sounds so
I’m down for that especially being normalized in a middle-grade book. Then I picked up day Birthday by Meredith Russo. This is about these two teens who are the same age and have the same birthday, Eric and Morgan. Morgan is trans and is really having to delve into her identity and come out to
people. I don’t really know what the plot of this is other than it takes place on
their birthday every year over the span of I think six years. It sounds like it’s
just a coming-of-age book about gender identity, I’ve heard it’s great, don’t
really know much else about the plot. Apparently I bought every queer book on
the bookshelf in Barnes and Noble because I also have I Wish You All the
Best by Mason Deaver. This is a book about a non-binary teen
who gets kicked out of his house when they come out to their family and so
they go and live in a new town, at a new school with their sister and at school
then the main character meets, I think his name’s Nathan? Who they can confide
in and they form a relationship with. I love Mason, I love the cover of this book,
I cannot see this going wrong so I’m so happy to own and finally read it. I’m
warning you right now I’m not gonna give you a good synopsis for this book but I
got Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand. It’s a thriller, it’s female/female, it follows
three different female characters that live on an island where girls go missing
all the time. In the same vein of like girls solving mysteries, I have Wilder Girls by Rory Power. This is about these girls that go to a
boarding school that’s secluded in this jungle. This mysterious disease wreaks
havoc over the school, kills all the teachers, leaves a very small portion of
the student body alive and those who are alive have these really creepy and
terrible deformities. And then it’s all about how these girls have to venture
out into this jungle that’s been infested around their school in order to
like save someone that they think might be alive. It sounds so creepy and
disgusting but I’m here for it and I’m so interested. I also got Reign of the Fallen
by Sarah Glenn Marsh. This is a book about a necromancer who’s tasked to raise a
bunch of important noble men and women from the dead so that they can sort of
archive their souls. But then there’s this whole scandal where a bunch of dead
people are beginning to be like released so that they can hurt the living world.
And it’s something that necromancer’s are trying to prevent and obviously that
is not a good thing for the necromancers or the people of this society
so the necromancers are having to solve who is setting these people free to
wreak havoc on the world. This main character has to work together with
another girl who’s like infuriating so I think this is like female/female, enemies
to lovers. I just know there’s a female/female relationship in this and it’s about
necromancer’s so I’m obsessed. And Becca Pistachio Paperbacks is the one
who convinced me to read this so I will link her down below. (Blows kiss) love you.
The next book I got is wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan with this beautiful, I
think the OwlCrate edition of this book that’s black rather than white. They
intentionally kept the synopsis for this book pretty vague but from what I can
tell it’s about a girl who can communicate with the gods and that’s how
she gets power. I read the author note that came with
this, I bought this from Depop, and this included the Owlcrate
description and it just says that it’s a love letter to villains and monsters and
a love letter to ridiculous boys who make bad choices. If this book’s vibe is as good as the author makes it sound and the cover
makes it look hopefully I’m gonna dig it a whole lot. But I’ve heard mixed reviews.
A book that I’ve already read and loved though is Her Royal Highness by Rachel
Hawkins which is a female/female, enemies to lovers romance about Millie who has
to go to boarding school in Scotland and her roommate is Flora, the really snotty
princess of Scotland. So it’s a royal romance, lots of shenanigans, lots of
angst. Loved this. A book I had pre-ordered and came in the mail is The Right Swipe
by Alisha Rai. I don’t know if I love or I’m uncomfortable at the fact that I
know what the font this cursive is. (laughing) It’s the font we all use in our video
thumbnails. Anyway, this is an adult romance book about Rhiannon who is an
app developer and one day she is scoping out this opposing app company’s
conference and ends up seeing a guy working for the that company who she’d
once had a one-night stand fling with and then he ghosted her. So she’s trying
to take him down and infiltrate him in order to learn more about her
competition and it’s just this very angsty like second-chance romance,
enemies to lovers, app developer, strong main character who’s a woman of color
with a cast of characters who are women of color and support each other. I love
this book. It’s a great steamy but also uplifting romance. Also if you want a book that’s just Jason Momoa in fictional character
format read that book. All right next I have a book that I ordered from a book
box cause I wanted this special cover edition so I think again this is from
the Bookish Box. So this book that I ordered from them is called The
Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson. I also have an arc that my friend Hannah gave me when we were hanging out. This one’s a lot prettier (laughs).
I mean this one comes on top of the original so I could just take this one
off but it’s the principle of having paid money for it that I’m upset. Yeah, I love this
book not just cause it’s beautiful. Look at her underneath there, amazing. So this is
a fantasy book about a world that the way that its magic exists is through
crows and so the main character is a princess and they just recently were
under attack, all their crows were killed, there’s no more magic and they’re sort
of being imperialized and taken over by people. So this main character’s
sister who’s now the queen after their mother died wants her to marry off to
another kingdom so that they can form alliances to rebel against this new
kingdom that’s tried to take over and kill them because the crows are now dead.
It sounds very complicated but it’s a world built by birds with magic and that’s all I needed to know. Here’s the cover that I got the back has a guy on it with
really gaunt cheekbones, hope you’re okay dude. But yeah I have two copies of
it so hopefully I enjoy it and once again shout out to Hannah for getting me
that arc copy, I will link her down below. Then I have three copies of the same
book. I read this book and instantly knew it was a favorite so I went and splurged
money on a bunch of copies and I do not regret nothing. So the first edition that I have is an arc I traded a fellow booktuber for.
Let’s just say it, Sorcery of Thorns, my favorite book of the year. I know I’ve
said that four times this video but still. This arc copy is a trade from Ally
whose channel I’ll link down below, love and appreciate her to the gods for doing
this trade. This book is about a girl named Elisabeth who works at a magical
library and she’s having to keep all these magical tomes safe. However, in
doing that, she ends up being part of a scandal slash tragedy that occurs at her
library and she’s being taken to the capitol to be questioned and for the
first time she’s leaving her rural town, meeting sorcerers for the first time that
she’s been trained are terrible and not to be trusted. But then she’s sort of
realizing that hey I can be my own person make my own decisions and
judgments. So it’s about her coming into herself. She has panic attack
and she’s tall and the love interest is bisexual and this is just a beautiful
book, one of my favorites of the year. Excellent writing, excellent world, I’m
losing my voice yelling about it but I also have these two copies. This
one’s just the regular edition, I lied, it’s from Fairy Loot. Back cover is fan
art of her and Nathaniel and then I also have the OwlCrate version which is
just like a purple color scheme rather than green. I stan so hard I died. I love
this book so much we’re moving on. These next two books are actually the most
recent books I purchased so just came the other day, they were both like seven
dollars on Amazon and I wanted to treat myself even though I’m moving soon and
shouldn’t be acquiring new books. But I read them both, so that’s my excuse. The
first one is Roseblood by A.G. Howard which is a Phantom of the Opera
retelling and I read this several years ago, I actually did a live stream with
this author so you can go back and like look at me talking about this book
awhile ago. But this is one of those books where it’s on the cusp of I don’t
know if it’s good enough for me to want to own it. It was interesting, it was
unique, it’s from a story that I love. I love Phantom of the Opera. But it could
have been better. But the cover is so beautiful, it’s still a story that means
so much to me that I justified buying it for the price that it was. Yeah, if you
like Phantom of the Opera I say give it a try, it’s not anything like
mind-bogglingly amazing but I thought it was loads of fun and it was really
inventive with the story. I mean there’s a lot of room in Phantom of the Opera to make that more of a feminist book so I think this book did that justice. And
then this next book is also another favorite of the year, this is called Sea
Prayer by Khaled Hosseini, which is a picture book, it’s tiny and literally
just words and pictures. This is a book that is in letter format from father to son inspired by Syrian refugees who have to
cross oceans and this father is just praying that his son will be safe on the
journey because so many kids don’t get across safely. It’s heart-wrenching even
though it’s tiny and so succinct it just touches you to the core and I adored
this book. I highly, highly, highly recommend it, you have to read this it
will give you chills I guarantee. The next book that I bought was The Book
Thief by Markus Zusak. This is a rare arc from 2006 and I know there’s a whole
conversation about buying arcs. Personally, I think there’s a distinction between selling a book on eBay that hasn’t been published
yet for $200 for people who want to read it early versus a rare copy of a book
that’s been out for a decade and a half that I already own two copies of and I
really want to add to a rare books collection. I think this is a really
valuable addition to my collection so I don’t have any regrets. I’m 99% sure
you’ve probably heard of this book, it’s historical fiction, it’s narrated by Death. It is about the Holocaust. It’s heart-wrenching but so important I
highly recommend it and I’m very excited to add this copy to my collection. And
then I picked up With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. I just read The
Poet X this year by this author and loved it so I’m really interested
in this book. This follows a young woman named Emoni who is a new mother.
She’s a teen mom and her passion in life is cooking and she wants to be a
chef. So it’s her having to figure out the role her family wants her to be in
with having a kid and all the struggles that she’s going through, how to achieve
that dream. I just love Elizabeth Acevedo’s writing style. This book’s been
getting a lot of hype because the cover was so beautiful, I’ve heard mixed things
but I still am really interested in giving this a try because I trust the
author to not do me wrong. I also picked up Emilia Westlake Was Never Here by
Erin Gough. This is a novel about these two girls who were on the same swim team, one
of them is a very much goody two-shoes, wants to impress people, doesn’t really
stand up to authority. While the other one is a troublemaker and she’s annoying and
loud and stands up to authority and is very headstrong and it’s about how both
of them have never really been good friends but they decide to team up to
take down their swim instructor who is really sexist and makes gross comments. I
think it’s a female/female romance as well but it really gives me a Moxie vibe.
I love a book about high schoolers taking down the patriarchy. Then I found
a copy of Ruin and Rising, the exclusive collector’s edition from my local
bookstore. I’m not a huge Grisha fan but I know this is a rare find so I picked
it up just to have it for my collection but then my friend Bonnie was like hey I’m looking for that and I was like (magical ambience). so I’m probably gonna mail this to her
one day for her birthday but I wanted to brag about finding it in my book haul
first. Next I have How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. Matt Haig is one of my
favorite authors, also favorite people I follow on Twitter. He wrote Reasons to Stay Alive which is a book that I read during my anxiety
relapse and it talks about mental health and having hope for the future so that
was a really impactful book. He’s also written a lot of fiction so this is the
first of his that I’ll read that’s fictional. This follows a man who has
this rare condition that basically makes him immortal. This guy has lived for like
300 years, it says he’s like met Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, a bunch
of famous figures. His one rule throughout all these centuries has been
he is not allowed to fall in love and then he meets a woman named Camille and
that begins to shift as he develops feelings for her. I don’t really know
what to expect but I love Matt Haig so much and this was on clearance so I
bought it. And then at Half-Price Books I found this copy of Alice in Wonderland
and I’ve read Alice in Wonderland twice and I’ve always wanted to have a copy of
Alice in Wonderland for my shelf, but I never had found one that was an edition
that I thought was beautiful enough. Which sounds very elitist but whatever.
And then I saw this one and this one is just beautiful, so it’s all this art
style. I don’t know how to even describe it, it’s like modern art, different
mediums and these abstract drawings. It’s got some cool text in it and like
different formatting of text. It’s just funky and strange which I
think matches like the whole book’s vibe. I love this so much. So this is published
by Rockport so if you wanted to look up this specific edition that’s illustrated
by Andrea D’Aquino. But yeah this is just by far the coolest addition of
this that I’ve seen so I wanted to get this one and unfortunately after I
bought it I dropped it in my cat’s water bowls of the first pages are really
water damaged. I’m debating buying a new copy of it just because I like a
flawless, beautiful one and the pages on this one are pretty crinkly because
they’re water damaged but I really enjoy Alice in Wonderland, I really enjoy
that addition, so I’m so happy that I found one that I can add to my
collection. And now we’re on our final category which is only four books so
we’re nearing the end. I was sent four books that publishers in the past couple
months. The first one’s an adult romance book
called Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. I’ve read a book by Talia
before that I loved called The Princess Trap. She’s a black author who writes
romance. This is about a main character named Chloe who has fibromyalgia and
she’s plus-sized so she’s been dealing with being chronically ill and sort of
homebound and after she has an event that nearly ends her life she decides to
make a bucket list of things that she wants to do to get a life. One of those
items on her list is to do something bad and so she employs the help of this guy
that she meets who’s like a handyman who rides a motorcycle. He’s very dark but he
has this like complex artistic side and she just wants him to help her learn how
to be a bad girl or however I can say that without making it sound sexual. I’ve
already heard really good reviews of this specifically Myonna from Myonna Reads really likes this. I don’t even know if that’s her channel name anymore, we all know Myonna though, I’ll link her down below. Again I love Talia
Hibbert’s writing style, I love how many different facets of this there are with
different types of representation so I’m very looking forward to reading this and
thank you to the publisher for sending me an early copy. And then the last three
books are all from Fierce Reads. So the one book that I was really interested in
reading from them is called Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters and this book
sounds crazy but so good. This is a reality TV show retelling of The
Minotaur. It’s like Greek gods and goddesses but like
on a reality TV show which sounds crazy and it’s either gonna be really good or
really bad, we shall see. I also got sent Girls Like Us by Randi Pink which
I’m thoroughly surprised by because I actually think this is gonna be up my alley. So this is about four teenage girls who
come from all different walks of life and have really different backstories
but they’re all pregnant and so they’re having to reconcile their stories and
come together with that thing in common even though they come from very
different lives. So this just sounds really interesting, we’ll see if I get to
it before pub date which is October. Probably not (laughs). And finally I got sent The Other Side: Stories of Central American Teen Refugees Who Dream of Crossing the
Border. This is by Juan Pablo Villalobos. This is a nonfiction book that’s a compilation of short essays detailing the lives and experiences of
different teenagers from Central America who have immigrated illegally to America,
the reasons for that and how their lives are in America either in the country,
trying to assimilate or if they’ve been captured and are in deportation camps.
I’ve already read this, I thought it was really informative. I had a couple
problems with like the length of it and wishing we had gotten more details out
of it but overall I just think if you’re looking to learn more about these teens
lives and what that’s like for someone in such a dire circumstance like that it
definitely was a really great resource to turn to. And that is everything. My
camera is about to die again, I don’t want to have to recharge it so I’m gonna
rush through this outro thank you so much for watching, hope you’re having a
wonderful life, I’ll see you next time (blow kiss).

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  26. 6:21 really had me DEAD I am not kidding I am literally typing this from the afterlife because I laughed too hard for way too long that I died of a heart attack

  27. Well, my wishlist just got longer…
    I think I'm to the point will I will die before I can ever finish all the books I want to read.

  28. this video really did wreck my tbr like i never wanted to read the princess and the dressmaker but when i heard you actually describe it I GASPED

  29. You: "I do nothing if not bow to stan twitter for recommendations"
    Me: "I do nothing if not bow to Whitney for recommendations"

  30. the artist that did the cool polish covers of the captive prince trilogy is katarzyna ulvar bekus. she has a really cool instragram profile.
    just in case you'd like to know :))

  31. I lost track of all my comments, haha, but I just checked out all of Katie O'Neill's books from the library and am excited to read! I've heard of that Louise Erdrich book but had no idea it was about that. It sounds amazing! I enjoyed Once and Future a lot. Not so much Reign of the Fallen.

  32. Since my name is Kristin as well I think you should listen to me and read trail of lightning very soon!! It’s so good

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