Marvel Stars React To Avengers: Endgame Being Over

Marvel Stars React To Avengers: Endgame Being Over

yes it's the end of an era for us Marvel fans as we get ready to wrap up the third phase of MCU films there's no denying that Avengers endgame was a momentous movie moment we had been spending over a decade waiting for we all have our own opinions on the movie and the long road which led to it but now we're going to hear from the people who we have to thank for making our favorite Marvel movie so great the stars before he was cast as Tony Stark in the 2008 movie Iron Man Robert Downey jr. was trying desperately to regain control of his career because of his struggles with addiction the majority of Hollywood considered him unemployable and it was only a favor from friend and Ironman director Jon Favreau that landed him the part but now we couldn't imagine anyone else as Iron Man and it's a role which was immensely important to Downey as well let's face it this is not the worst thing you've got me doing according to him the final 8 minutes of avengers endgame were his favorite of not just the movie but the entire MCU library he revealed that they were maybe the best 8 minutes in the entire history of the whole run of them in a way because everyone is involved and when it came to his sweet social media sign-off he posted a photo on Instagram with some hashtags that will be a spoiler to those who haven't seen the movie and a heartbreaker for those of us who have of course we have hash tag team Stark hash tag thank you hash tag MCU hash tag love you and hash tag 3000 that last number is the amount Tony's daughter tells him she loves him during endgame and it's apparently how much the role has meant to Robert Downey jr. we're not crying you're crying it takes a bold men to admire his own rear end over and over again and one of the most highly anticipated movies in all of cinematic history but Chris Evans is that bold of a man but don't think that means he is incapable of being extremely sensitive if you shed a few tears while watching Avengers endgame we won't judge you mostly because we were crying too and because some of the stars of the film also shed a tear or two including Captain America himself according to actor Chris Evans he choked up three times during the first hour of the movie and that's clearly just a warm-up since the movies just over three hours long in total later on he admitted that being choked up three times was a total understatement Evans says that over the course of endgame he cried approximately six times he also claims that up until endgame his favorite Marvel movie moment was the infamous elevator scene from Captain America the Winter Soldier he must have been thrilled to see a serious throwback to this scene during endgame on social media evans described the conclusion of endgame as an end of an era we can't tell if Chris Hemsworth is a truly deeply sensitive person or just an incorrigible one-upper upon hearing that co-star Chris Evans cried a minimum of 6 times while watching Avengers end game Hemsworth asserted that he cried at least that many times during his viewing weird flex but okay but there's no denying that end game was a major movie for both the fictional character of Thor Odin's son and Chris Hemsworth himself like pretty much everyone else on the planet he wasn't a big fan of the movie Thor the dark world he says he wasn't happy with the way the character was portrayed and felt his actions in the MCU had become stagnant and predictable but instead of just harboring resentment he talked over his concerns with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige he listened to Hemsworth's concerns and helped put together a plan to make thor ragnarok the best Thor movie yet and the vast majority of people believe they accomplish that goal for Hemsworth all of his work in the MCU both as a member of the Avengers and on his own character was leading up to endgame so it's no wonder he shed a couple of Tears when seeing the final result of the years of dedication there's no doubt that Mark Ruffalo is a talented actor but when do I ever get what I want that's right but one of his flaws seems to be in direct competition with his ability to be a member of the MCU that's right we're talking about the many many many times he's leaked Marvel movie spoilers who could forget the time he decided to have some fun by live-streaming at the premiere of Thor Ragnarok and when he didn't know how to stop the livestream and accidentally provided his viewers with the first 15 minutes of the movie or at least the audio from it apparently Ruffalo thought Disney might actually fire him for that one although we don't think that was as bad as when he blurted out the ending of Avengers infinity war during an interview alongside Don Cheadle so how does Ruffalo feel about being done with Avengers endgame according to him the dominant emotion he feels is relief yes Ruffalo is just glad he doesn't have to worry about spoiling endgame and we have a feeling Marvel Studios is – he admits they gave him a fake script just to reduce the odds he would reveal some information he wasn't supposed to in order to understand Scarlett Johansson's reaction to Avengers endgame we're gonna have to talk about an important plot point and the fate of Black Widow it's no secret that Marvel Studios has struggled with the character of Natasha Romanov between her fleeting and unconvincing romances – whatever was going on with her in Avengers age of Ultron she hasn't had it easy but Johansson claims one great thing about endgame is that it focuses on Natasha's a relationship with herself instead of someone else Natasha has had to do some unsavory things in her life before becoming an Avenger and they weigh heavily on her conscious Johansson claims she's felt like a passive observer of her own life and she's tried to take charge and make choices to balance out all the bad things she's done in the name of duty ultimately Natasha is able to let go of her past and put the future in the hands of those she trusts and cares about Johansson calls her journey through the MCU transformative despite Natasha sacrificing herself Johansson believes the MCU is in good hands lots of people weren't happy that Jeremy Renner didn't reprise the role of Clint Barton for the movie Avengers infinity war but how did he feel about it now that he's free to speak on the subject Renner says it was the choice of the Russo brothers so we assumed it was for storytelling reasons but that doesn't mean he hasn't enjoyed his time in the MCU just because he spent some time on the sidelines he claims the role of Clint made him a household name and that took some getting used to but now not only is Renner a big star he's also a huge MCU fan he admits to being as surprised by the ending is the rest of us and had an emotional reaction during the premiere although he's usually one of the more reserved social media stars he shared a sweet picture of himself looking incredibly emotional while embracing someone that person is Renner's mother Valerie Cyril II who has accompanied him to many red-carpet events we don't blame him for wanting a hug from his mom after witnessing such a traumatic movie event but since he's in talks to put out a show based on Hawkeye we hope he's not ready to give up on Clint Barton just yet being a superhero means being able to make split-second decisions but actor Don Cheadle had to do this before he even entered the MCU everyone knows he replaced the original roadie actor Terrence Howard Marvel Studios needed to fill the role and fast so they needed an answer from Cheadle almost immediately and by that we mean he had about an hour to decide and to make the pressure even worse he received the fateful phone call during his daughter's birthday party when he relayed this fact to Kevin Feige and Robert Downey jr. they graciously offered to extend the deadline to two hours yes sir I understand but before they hung up the phone they told Cheadle that sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and he did that by joining the MCU and becoming the superhero known as war machine like the rest of the cast Cheadle admits he didn't know how Avengers endgame was going to end right up until the last moment of filming according to Cheadle endgame was the first time Rhodey really felt like part of the Avengers despite fighting alongside them on previous occasions we love watching superheroes save the world but actress brie Larson wants to change the world one movie at a time although she's only recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel she has some big ideas about what she wants to see Larsen is someone who has always been a staunch supporter of diversity and this caused quite the backlash in the lead up to Captain Marvel there were calls for boycotts trolls flooding review sites with fake reviews but the movie made over a billion dollars so we'll let you decide who won that what's next for brie Larson after avengers endgame while many fans were upset she didn't get more screen time in the movie Larson says she's proud to portray a female superhero she's in favor of the normalization of this type of content and to prove once again that representation matters she also claims diverse storytelling matters the female experience matters and we absolutely agree the MCU has been embracing diversity lately and Larson wants to see this trend continue in the future it took some audience members a little bit of time to warm up to the character of nebula who started out as a villain in the guardians of the galaxy but according to actress Karen Gillan she fell in love with nebula right away and was excited for audiences to see her journey during Avengers endgame even something as simple as Tony Stark asking her if she had fun was a major moment for nebula if you think about it she grew up with a nose constantly making her fight and replacing her body parts with cybernetics so we have a feeling fun wasn't a major factor in her life for the most part now that Karen Gillan has caused us to feel for nebula and established her as a hero during avengers endgame what's next like brie Larson Gillan is on board with creating more movies featuring strong female characters everyone knows that Avengers endgame was a movie that spent years in the making the stage was set during Iron Man all the way back in 2008 and Paul Rudd joined the MCU years later with the movie admin after all of the hard work and build-up to the movie Paul Rudd should have been able to kick back and worry about what he was gonna wear to the premiere instead he was besieged by gleeful fans clamoring to find out if Scott Lang was gonna wind up in well let's just say close quarters with the mad Titan Thanos Rudd called the theory far-fetched which shattered the very specific hopes and dreams of some fans he also claims his young daughter was constantly trying to get him to reveal endgame spoilers before the premiere and that she promised not to tell anyone Rudd is a relative newcomer to the MCU and he admits he was totally overwhelmed when he first joined the cast he compares it to his time on the popular sitcom Friends where he showed up during an established show and felt in awe of what was going on around him there is no denying that Thanos is one of the biggest baddest villains in all of fiction destroying half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers makes Voldemort look even more pathetic for not being able to take over a single school but although he portrays the most powerful villain in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Josh Brolin has been kind of a superhero to those excited about seeing Avengers endgame not everyone could make it to the movie opening night which is enough of a bummer without having to constantly dodge spoilers Brolin posted a video on social media thanking everyone who helped to make the MCU what it is today but he also took the time to condemn those who knowingly spoil the movie for people and stated that people should be able to peruse the internet without fearing that spoilers could pop up in any random comment section and speaking of spoilers for Avengers endgame of course we can't discuss the fate of Gamora without spoiling anything since she lost her life at the hands of Thanos during Avengers infinity war so turn back now if you're not ready to know what happens to Zoe Saldana's character during the movie according to Saldana she was kept in the dark about what would happen to Gamora and even now she still doesn't have all the answers between all the fake and incomplete scripts going around and the sporadic and confusing shooting schedule she struggled to keep up with what was going on during endgame we do get Gamora back well kind of it's a past version of Gamora who doesn't remember anything from guardians of the galaxy 1 or 2 or infinity war because they never happened to her yeah we know it's confusing but Saldana is happy to be back in the MCU and is looking forward to guardians of the galaxy vol 3 now the director James Gunn is back on the project after being fired by Disney she was part of the cast who protests that his termination and she's overjoyed to have him at the helm of the movie once again sure we didn't see Bradley Cooper's face on the big screen but that doesn't mean he didn't put in an effort to bring the character of Rocket Raccoon to life for the simple things like how much this he claims working on the movie Avengers endgame was a great experience but he's reluctant to take much of the credit for its massive success instead Cooper credits fellow actor Josh Brolin who plays the role of the mad Titan Thanos he claims that without such an incredible villain the movie would have fallen flat and even the combined effort of so many superheroes wouldn't have been able to save it not only does Cooper admire Brolin's talent but slightly more questionable is that he enjoys Stannis's motives he believes Stannis does have a fair point about bringing balance to the universe and let's just remind everyone that he chooses to do so by wiping out half of all life in the universe didn't nobody consider the fact that he could have just wished for additional resources although Cooper doesn't advocate for decimating half the population he does think that of succeeding was impressive and made endgame all the more compelling much like Gamora we can't talk about Scarlet Witch without revealing some of the plot points for avengers endgame so if you haven't seen it what are you waiting for during Avengers infinity war poor Wanda Maximoff had to watch her partner vision perish not once but twice ouch then to make matters worse she was one of the heroes who perished during the decimation and her fate for endgame was uncertain Elizabeth did end up returning for endgame but says the secrecy surrounding the movie was a bit much to deal with she struggled with not knowing what was going to happen next but now that endgame is over her future looks bright Olsen is set to star in a television show about Scarlet Witch and vision which we're going to assume takes place at some point before endgame although she's staying quiet about the project she revealed it has a 50s aesthetic and that she's extremely excited about sharing it with her fans as for the future of the Scarlet Witch in the MCU we will have to wait and see but after seeing her going up against Thanos we definitely want to see more everyone knows that the Russo brothers Joe and Anthony Russo are the directors behind some of our favorite Marvel movies Joe even made an appearance during Avengers endgame as one of the members of Captain America's support group he plays the first openly gay MCU character and Joe claims he was proud to be a part of representing a more diverse cast of characters but unfortunately for those who love their movies they claim to be done with the MCU at least for now they claim this is truly their endgame as they don't have any plans to film anymore Marvel movies although they were vague on the details adding that they have a good relationship with Marvel Studios and could come back some believe it will never happen according to Josh Brolin he gets the feeling the Russo brothers are done with the MCU for good and they're going to concentrate on other projects there have been rumors about this for years but we have to admit we just didn't want to believe it was true now that we know how the actual MCU stars feel about Avengers endgame we want to hear from our fellow fans stop by the comment section to tell us what your final thoughts are regarding endgame and the long winding road that led to it when you're done make sure to click subscribe for more great videos from us here at Screen Rant thanks for watching and we'll see you again next time

32 thoughts on “Marvel Stars React To Avengers: Endgame Being Over

  1. Hollywood needs to be diverse, but they need to stop announcing it like the rest of us need to be. We have been since the 80’s when people started being taught right from wrong.

  2. Can we not stigmatize men crying as if something is wrong or must be justified by something as big as Endgame? Cultural suppression of men’s emotions for all but the most emotional situations is the root of many of our world’s and relationships problems.

  3. End Game – the Super Bowl of the MCU and wow did they score!!! I will devour every second of film when I get the bluray – after seeing it just once, I realize I missed so many details, there was just so much to see. This film has smarts, beauty, courage and heart along with comedic and dramatic elements. I looked around the theater the last 10 mins of the film and yep – not a dry eye in the place.
    Every character had their time in the limelight – an amazing feat for just 3 hrs and an enormous cast.
    I wonder if someone will rediscover the supersoldier formula and give it to Sam Wilson – aka the Falcon, now aka the new Capt America? I bet Fury has something cloistered away!
    The new leader for the Avengers? NOT Capt Marvel, no. Dr. Strange all the way! With Spidey as his understudy.

  4. Every actor talks about the part, the movies, the experience & opportunity.
    Brie Larson talks about 'Diversity'……😒

    As if there was none in the MCU.
    Nick Fury
    Black Panther
    War Machine
    Funny talking guy from Antman 😄
    Howling Commando/Homecoming Principal
    Ancient One's students
    Security guard in Endgame
    Asian chick at end of Antman😉(a You tuber)
    Agent Carter
    Black Widow
    Maria Hill
    Hot Aunts:
    Aunt May
    Old man vs Loki
    Old Agent Carter
    Ancient One
    Secretary Ross
    Secretary Pierce
    Howard & Maria Stark
    The one who made STORMBREAKER(forgot the name)
    The Rat
    [I'm missing people….there is more to this list]

    Last but not least…..
    Whites are not allowed according to Brie ………except for Captain Marvel…😒

  5. Any studio head who plans to release a potential Oscar worthy movie this year should think twice.

    Avengers Endgame is surpassing both Titanic and Avatar, 2 Oscar winners for best movie. There is just no way Avengers Engame is not taking the Oscar home next year. The Academy should just retire the category for 2020 altogether.

  6. WHYYY WHY DID TONY HAVE TO DIE😭😭😢😢😭😢😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😿😢😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😭😭

  7. Bradley has a point the Thanos is a good villain, but I love Rocket too much to not say he had a big part of the success of IW and Endgame. It was a fantastic team effort.

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