Man Eats Beans

Man Eats Beans

( city traffic )Um, my name
is Rhett McLaughlin, and, um, I just finished eating
some beans. Rhett:Next up, can Link
guess how many retweets
the dumbest celebrity tweets of
all time got?
Link:We got some big news!We’re selling limited edition
exclusively on Amazon.Yes, that Amazon.There, I said it.

100 thoughts on “Man Eats Beans

  1. This is my favorite video on YouTube. There is no competition other than this

  2. This is one of those days where you ask yourself a question. Today's question for me is, "Why did one million people click to watch Rhett eat a can of beans for 5 minutes.

  3. First time Mandela Effect. Watching in 08/19 to a video posted 02/18, but I could swear I saw Rhett eat beans over ten years ago. Dratz. I've gone wackadoodle. Was bound to happen.😜

  4. I can't watch a 15 minute video on how to properly solve a math equation but I can watch a 5 minute video of a man eating beans. What is my life.

  5. I have only one thing to say to this — Cool Beans Man!
    I heat my beans… but they get cold halfway through eating anyway.

  6. So I was prepared for this video to be exactly what it was. What I was not prepared for was the dainty way you were holding both the fork, if that was a fork… we'll just call it an eating utensil, and the can of beans. What was that?

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