35 thoughts on “Maleficent Actress Angelina Jolie Isn't Respected In Hollywood

  1. Who told she is not respected??? She was queen, she is queen, she will be queen and she will b always queen!!! She is the most beautiful and most popular actress of the world!!! DNT say anything to get suscriber or viewers!!!

  2. She has borderline personality disorder so she could have moments of manic that people did not try to be patient with. Either way she’s talented and hopefully awareness of BPD will help her relationships with others

  3. Hhhaahhah… You say she's disrespected? Well they are just jealous since Angelina Jolie doesn't have to be consistently headlining in any social media platforms just to make her movie blockbuster! Sh could be hiding the entire decade and suddenly came up with new movie and people still patronize… Tats how iconic she is.. that's why bunch of Hollywood actors are insecure..she is one of those few people that doesn't needs introduction to b known…an those directors cantjust accept that they can't control Angelina hahahahah.. so she's a. Total badass both in film and real life.. love ya Angelina!

  4. Why making us hate her?! . . She is a QUEEN!. . .and like, get over with the stealing thing. . Why blame her where in the 1st place, the one who has the balls to break up the relationship w/ her ex Jennifer was all his doing. . .And also, Brad was the happiest when he was with Angelina, we saw it all. She gave birth to his children , they were a happy family once. . .all about this vid is shit and bad publicity!

  5. Angelina…do your own directing make your own movies…I'm sure they will be splendid. Show them. True , perfectionist are not easy but the results pay off. Make it happen. Again.

  6. Angelina Jolie is the worst example manipulating self, who is practising parental alienation, I find it ridiculous that she is allowed to go near real refugees, people who really suffer. Hypocrisy at its.

  7. Published on May 15. Did you heard the news the maleficent 2 is out and trending? pretty so..seems dedicated to destroy her. The tabloids and certain media like you wants her to fail since the beginning and look at where is she now? Disney, Marvel, Warner Bro's gonna distribute all her movies, so thank you.

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