Main Actor Banna Chahti Hoon feat. Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Shrivastava & Jitendra Kumar

Main Actor Banna Chahti Hoon feat. Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Shrivastava & Jitendra Kumar

Mansi, have you lost it? How could you think of something like this?
– Mom, what’s wrong with that? There’s nothing but wrong. Your generation just wants to do whatever. Kid, it’s just a phase. It’ll go. There is some fault in your stars… Mom,’s not a phase.
I always knew that I… Have some shame, will you!
What will people say?! People can go to hell!! Look, It has taken me courage to accept this
fact, and even more courage to tell this to you. I have made a decision and I
want you to support me in it. I want to become an actor. Yuck! What a dirty word! What?! Sir, I want to resign. Have you even learnt acting? Yes sir, I’ve learnt it all from you only! What are you saying? Shopping online in the name of working. Flirting with female employees in
the name of official discussions. When the employees ask for appraisals… This acting. You’re a damn good actor. Thank you, Sir. Okay, cool. Live your life. But, don’t forget to give credits. First film, first award,
first name will be yours. Done. Here, take this. Thank you, Sir. Congratulations! How brave are you, man? You left the job? Yeah dude, I couldn’t do it anymore. So I am thinking I should
also leave the job. It will make me think more, do something
different… something new, innovative, your own! Something that I can be proud of.
This company doesn’t let you do shit! Enough is enough. What’s done is done!
Thanks yaar! You idiots! Donkeys!
Donkey workers and their father! AKA Boss! What is this? Paper… Nope, this is my job and this is… Donkey. You played a donkey in your school
and you’re still on that character. I should’ve known this when instead of Hritik
Roshan, you put Naseerudin Shah’s posters… In the bathroom… Don’t look at me like that. You must have
some posters in your cupboard I’m sure! Who’s was it? Om Puri. That’s why. Helloooo! Yeah? Stop this rendezvous with the world.
Have one with your daughter first. If you want to learn drama,
no need for a drama school. Exactly! – You should learn it
from your mother..Nirupama Roy! Her name was Nirupa Roy! And I am not going to cook any
food today, mind you all! You should follow your passion, man. Chetan Bhagat wanted to be a writer,
today he is judging Nach Baliye. You’ll also reach your destination. Thank you! Oh, don’t say!
You’ll be the best background artist. I’ll pause it and show people your face. People would ask me….where, where where
is she? I’ll point you, and tell them! I’ll act so that the world stops! Okay, but what will you work as? If you want to act, just get married.
Role plays every single night. The one who can cry, is a very good actor. It’s
damn simple…open your eyes and don’t blink! See, Roadie’s the fad now. So you should go to
Roadies, then Splitsvilla and then Big Boss. And you’ll cry automatically. And then go get involved
in some controversy! Yes! This industry is very bad. Unless you’re Bhai’s
girlfriend or the girlfriend’s doppelganger, You can’t do shit. Understood? Some are doctors, some are
engineers, some are teachers. Acting is the only profession where
you can be all of it in one. But Sir, people judge a lot. What’s your name? Mansi. Mansi…look. They are people,
they ought to judge. One tip? Left profile always works!

31 thoughts on “Main Actor Banna Chahti Hoon feat. Ahsaas Channa, Srishti Shrivastava & Jitendra Kumar

  1. 😂😂 bola toh ni tha, but papa ko shak hogya tha ki main actor bna chahta hoon… Bss kya jbhi daatne ka moka milta h h. Toh mere papa yeh bolte h… BC yeh filmo m jaayega Tu shahrukh khan nahi SHAHRUKHGAAND banega 🤣🤣

  2. When you think you are taking a right decision, and it's actually right. But then Mom comes up with her theories and says it such a sad way, that you eventually start doubting yourself and succumb to your mom's words.

  3. Me apna passion hi follow kr rahi hu and mere parents mujhe aj b support kr rahe h … They told me ki jo mujhe krna hai kru bcoz yeh meri life h … I love my parents .. and me parents jese parents sab bacho ko mike …

  4. Mujhe bhi ban na hai par same conditions hai …..jisme interest hai koi karne nahi de rha hai isliye bina bole school dramas kar leta hu aur sab appreciate bhi karte bas gharwale permission nahi dete…

  5. I also want to be a fashion designer. But my parents think this profession is not good and people will judge you. But I really wanna follow my passion. I wish I could explain it to them. 😧😥

  6. Ab ata hy ""KON HOO TUM JO GIRLIYAPA KO SUBSCRIBE NEHI KIYA"". 😂😂😂😂😂koi ijjot e nhi hy ab hamari🤣🤣

  7. It's a awesome drama comedy…but I aslo want that there should be an end aslo so that d video will be more fun…ty😊😊

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