24 thoughts on “MA – Official Trailer

  1. I've scrolled for 6 minutes and not ONE comment about this black bitch slaughtering all these white children. But I'm sure if this was Pa, and he was WHITE and waa slaughtering 30 BLACK underage children, this comment section would be on FIRE with racist ass shit about WHITES. Fuck ALL you mother fuckers. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  2. I love the trailer, and even though it seems like the other horror trends lately "a Social Thriller", it looks like a different social thriller. This one doesn't appear to be using monsters or creatures to convey its' "deeper meaning" like "Us" and "A Quiet Place" etc. The message in this Social Thriller appears to be regarding drug use and the Opioids epidemic. But this movie is still using elements which differ from traditional horrors like slashers and ghosts killing or stalking teens at random and is relying on ordinary humans as the protagonist and antagonist and also relying on atmosphere, dread, suspense, mild violence and mood.

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