Lone Ranger Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Lone Ranger Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Lone Ranger means everything that represents good to me in this world integrity and honor and consideration for others and he has given me a goal about model to pattern my life after Lone Ranger a fiery horse my first recollection was a very first program ever watching some Lone Ranger the speed of light a cloud of dust um yes I watching I watch him every Saturday back in Texas and a hearty hiyo silver barely in the cartoons and there he is ladies and gentlemen Claymore the amazing Plainmoor there is looking fantastic very is Clayton Moore today being on with a 1000 1848 star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame ladies and gentlemen please greet the Lone Ranger thank you big kids y'all have your Cheerios today thank you for being here from the bottom of my heart I truly mean this and this star that I'm going to receive today belong to you fans all of you that have backed me all my life thank you he's got an old film in the Vice Bureau of meat wearing about ladies ladies gentlemen we welcome to the walk of fame Brightmore The Lone Ranger okay yeah that I remember but I'm your greatest fan thank you where you said a heart thank you see the way you Santa horse was the great can you tell us what Kemosabe means Kemosabe is Potawatomi Indian it's one of the finest compliments and greetings that an Indian and a white man can bestow upon each other and it means faithful friend y-you-you Kemosabe kemo sabe that sounds familiar that's right Kemosabe you trusty Scout trusty scoffs did I ever shoot anybody absolutely not oh I'll shoot if I have to but I'll shoot the wound not to kill late at the end of all your episodes you always the people always say we never had a chance to thank him I guess today we have a chance to thank you well yes it's appreciated and all of you folks out there thanks from the bottom of my heart you all alone now last man you are Lone Ranger yes color I am a lone ranger I'm television you kids are gonna be watching this remember one thing please for me honor thy father and thy mother and thanks Lone Ranger and Tonto uh-oh yeah ah

25 thoughts on “Lone Ranger Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

  1. !:47 brought a tear to my eye. He was THE Lone Ranger. The description says "forgotten TV star…….I never forgot him

  2. Best ever…love the show loved the man behind the mask… the show wouldn't have been the same without Tonto Jay Silverheels the best duo ever! Hi yo Silver away God bless these two men..

  3. I loved Clayton Moore.
    Watched him as a kid in the 70's.
    But as I grew up. So did my Lone Ranger.
    Armie Hammer is my Lone Ranger.
    Kemosabe means wrong brother

  4. I met Clayton Moore in the early 80s, at the time he was in court battles for his right to wear his' mask. He was a kind and gentle soul, who took time to shake hands with kids of ALL ages and to take photos of him.

  5. Gratos recuerdos por este inolvidable personaje de mi infancia y juventud. Recuerdos para Toro, también. Vamos Plata.

  6. Clayton Moore is the only person on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to have his name AND character on his star. I doubt anyone else will ever be honored so greatly. There's only one Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore.

  7. Disney was the villain
    how stupid and mercenary of them to not give him such a well deserved hour wearing his mask
    disney bombed horribly making the recent Lone Ranger movie flop

  8. Some may see him as a lame hero of yesterday, but that hero paved the way for other heros to be created. Much respect to all heroes including Clay and Jay. I bought the entire series box set 5 yrs ago b4 the Disney film was even thought of. Gorgeous set I might ad. Im currently watching it which led me to come check out some u tube vids. Like many, this was one of the earliest Saturday morning shows I recall jumping outta bed for in the early 80s; yes, I said the 80s. That's how long they both went from the 50s inspiring generations of kids. I hope he's inspiring somewhere at this very moment. Hi Ho Silver!!!

  9. john hart played the lone ranger for 2 years and in an episode of happy days but moore will always be the lone ranger

  10. A true role model! Clayton Moore WAS The Lone Ranger. He didn't just follow The Lone Ranger creed on set, he lived it!

  11. he appeared at the grand opening of Wicke's Emporium in West Sacramento in the 1980s. There were thousands of kids and adults who waited for hours to see him, the adults were even more excited than the kids. They had to call out more police as he was absolutely mobbed and stayed 3 hours and was only supposed to stay for 1. He's not forgotten in our hearts nor is the great Jay Silverheels.

  12. Read some more comments and someone said the disney info was incorrect. My apologies. I still don't think they will produce a piece true to Lone Ranger values.

  13. I hope disney knows Clayton Moore didn't need the mask. He was and is The Lone Ranger! '' No mask needed ''
    I my self will never watch a disney lone ranger wanabe movie. Let all true Lone Ranger / Clayton Moore fans pledge NOT TO starting here.

  14. That was just plain ROTTEN of the Disney studios preventing Clayton Moore from appearing in public with his trademark mask.

  15. an adoption agency would not let Clayton Moore adopt a boy because they said no boy could live up to the expectations of the Lone Ranger. I mark that time as the begining of the end for this country.

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