Living With A Mental Disorder

Living With A Mental Disorder

(sad music) – When I’m depressed,
trying to do anything feels like trying to start
a car when there is no gas in the car. You can really want to go somewhere, you can really wanna do the thing, but you literally don’t have the means. It can feel as heavy as a
boulder, or as light to carry around as my fingernail, but
it’s as much a part of me as that fingernail is. – Depression to me feels
like a giant weight, kind of like one of those big dumb bells. It starts right in your
gut, and you just feel it slowly intensifying. So it starts out small, and
then all of the sudden it gets a little bit bigger, a little bit bigger, it goes down to your stomach,
it goes up to your heart, it kind of spreads
throughout your entire body. And it just gets slowly
heavier and heavier and just a little bit harder
to deal with and a little bit harder to carry. And then it gets really overwhelming. – Having anxiety feels like
a million bubbles filled with things that could go wrong
that are just pushing on me. And each bubble is filled with something that could go wrong. And all of the things that could go wrong, are irrational to a normal
person, but to someone with anxiety, the thing
that could go wrong feels like the worst thing in the world. – It kind of feels like
rolling in a ball down a hill. You do start to feel a
little bit like a roly poly, and you just kind of
collapse in on yourself. Like one little kind of
thing that you get fixated on and then it just kind of starts
to spin and spin and spin around you until you kind of
feel like you can’t control all the things that are
worrying you anymore. – I have obsessive compulsive disorder, to me that’s always felt
like having a separate cloud of a mind outside of my own mind. Sort of a buzzing gray
hive of thoughts that come in and out of my own
brain, and can be busy or less busy depending on
how I’m feeling on the day. – OCD is like a faucet
dripping over and over and over again, and you keep
having all these irrational thoughts, and you know they’re irrational, but you just keep having them. And they are so important
to you in that moment, and it’s all led by fear. – ADD feels kind of like being
this high functioning robot, but if you went into the mind
of the robot and actually learned what the robot is
thinking, it’s just like a bunch of Katy Perry songs
and old childhood memories. – It has this huge importance to you. – This is the thing that
actually impacts many, many, many people, but people
don’t actually do anything about it because we are
trained to think that it’s not a problem, or it’s
something that we can control when sometimes it actually isn’t. – There is a lot of beauty
that can come out of it. There are strengths to it for
sure, and I think a lot of creative people especially,
have figured out ways to connect ideas and use it
in a creative sort of way.

100 thoughts on “Living With A Mental Disorder

  1. I may not live to see our glory, but I will gladly join the fight, Respect 🙌, il stop I'm just extra that she had a Hamilton shirt on

  2. I think we can all come to a conclusion of having a mental illness: it feels like you are allergic to people literally. Everyone's symptoms and reactions are different around others.

  3. I think a good note to take out of this video is that everyone experiences things in different ways & not to disregard someone’s feelings or issues because what they are going through is not the same as what you have felt or heard .

  4. Does anyone have multiple diagnosis? I've been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and have some bipolar characteristics. I was diagnosed since I was 13 and am now 25. How can I be sure I have all of this? Don't many of the symptoms overlap?

  5. 'people don't actually do anything about it'?? What? What about psychology and professionals trying to figure out more and more things about it constantly? What about bunch of self help books, support groups and therapy options? Instead of whining you should fight for yourself

  6. I might be suffering from schizophrenia voices start telling me I should die,I’m useless, she won’t like you back, sucks don’t it// I hope it won’t develop

  7. They are fake diseases dumbass💀😂. It's all in your head given to you buy doctors so they don't hurt your feelings.

  8. Bipolar disorder sux. When ur in a depressive episode u want to be manic but once ur manic people really start to think ur crazy. I’ve lost the trust of so many friends just from being around them while I was manic

  9. Can relate to all this.
    Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, generalised anxiety & panic disorder, OCD and depression. It sucks

  10. I have depression, and nothing helps me. Even the meds that doctors gave me made me sick, so when people feel that nothing helps them now I understand. Sometimes life just sucks. Especially when we are attacked behind our heads, and when natural disasters force us into acting insane.

  11. My mental health has been especially bad lately. I don’t know how I’m going to keep going. I’m only 15 and I feel like it’ll never end

  12. I have had a lifetime of struggle with depression. It's finally caught up to me where I don't feel like I can get a handle on it. I accept people's help now. A good day now is just to get by and not pretend that things are good. Sometimes I can laugh, but it doesn't mean I feel great. I'll take small pieces of happiness where I can. Even a Dunkin' Donuts Chocolate Coconutty donut is a good start.

  13. I have mental desorder i fill like a ball growing in me i want to cry and when i'm in the shower i cry really Bad and i dont know what to do when i eat i feel good ….

  14. I can't speak for others but I literally cannot seek help because of my family situation and a lot of other factors. I don't even have the will to get up in the morning. It feels like my whole body is filled with lead and I'm being constantly pulled down. Sometimes, I just sit on a chair in my room for hours without a phone or anything really. So many thoughts just consume me and it gets difficult to even breathe. The only thing that helps is music. I get lost in music and forget about everything else because thinking about anything else is too suffocating. The worst part for me is that I go to classes and everyone there thinks that I'm the happiest person alive. I can't count the number of times people have said to me that they wish they could be as happy and carefree as I am. I'm really tired of pretending but I feel like I'm not allowed to stop projecting that anymore. Sometimes, I feel like I'm lying to myself or acting with myself about how I really feel and I feel like what I feel isn't really what I feel. That I'm actually a happy person but I'm pretending to myself that I'm not okay. I wish I could end it all easily. I just wanna be normal and okay.

  15. She explained anxiety so well to me. I am 12 and I have not told anyone and I just don’t have the confidence to. It’s a hard struggle but if you have a mental disorder to we can get through this together❤️

  16. I just feel like anything no matter how big or small that happens to me can set me off. I don't want to tell anyone that I feel like this because it feels like they would just not believe me. I hate myself every day because of it and it feels like everyone hates me as well. When I get hurt I tell myself that I deserve it. My only coping mechanism is blocking out everything by listening to music but that still doesn't make the horrible thoughts go away. I put on a happiness mask because I don't want people to think there's something wrong with me and not want to be my friend. I don't want anyone to be in this helpless situation like I am😔

  17. Someday.. in near or far future.. there will be time when tackling mental illness will be a trend. Everyone will suddenly be open to each other, speaks negative subjects more freely. I am waiting for that day. Because at present, everyone is pretentious

  18. I grew up with undiagnosed working memory learning disability and severe depression in a scientologist house hold, all the while being bullied at school and being outcasted. My family thought mental illness was caused by evil things you had done and they were so terrified of psychologists they would take me out of school if a teacher mentioned getting me tested and I would be behind in school when they found another school.. I can't believe I made it out alive, mental illness doesn't make you weaker, it makes you stronger to hold yourself together everyday when you are being torn apart inside.. imagine anyone else in your body for week, we are warriors to carry on with these types of disabilities.

  19. modern women, you need some help, a professional help , depression is not probably the most common , but bpd is a very common disorder in modern women.
    it's ruining your relationships and making men lose respect for you.

  20. For anyone who ever wants to talk, message me. If you ever need a friend or somebody to rant to, just tell me. I always want to help. You’re strong and you are loved. Have a good day ❤️

    (You can add me on snap if you want @juliaboolia14)

  21. i have anxiety and add and i was shopping and had a panic attack while holding my credit card and i accidentally snapped it half

  22. i have OCD and anxiety some day's it's okay ever day's its like seeing gray and gloomy world out of my eyes and it feel's like being in fear all the time i was 5 when i was diagnosed with ocd i'm 17 now

  23. I have general anxiety with OCD traits and even for me it feels extremely hard I used to have huge routine of compulsions but with a therapist I seemed to work my way through them. But then after that I started to have horrible intrusive thoughts. Obviously I knew other people went through the same things as me in fact a lot worse aswell but even then I felt extremely lonely like I was the only one thinking like a psychopath so seeing all these comments and this video really helped.☺️

  24. I was diagnosed with anxiety,trichotillomania and dermotrillomania and im bullied for it, im called baldi and physcho

  25. A classmate was faking mental illness towards my friend who is on antidepressants. Obviously, this pissed me off. This classmate always complains about her 'problems'. I don't want to call her out because it would be invalidating her feelings. The classmate complained about how anxious she felt. I'd had a severe panic attack the same day. So everyone, don't fake mental illness. You never know what others go through.

  26. Everyone in this comment section are 12 year olds and think they have depression because their mum shouted at them omegalul

  27. People always talk about only these disorders that have become like "popular" these years and that's okay, I mean it's amazing how many people have opened up and spoke about their depression/anxiety/OCD/ADHD, but where's the schizophrenia awareness? the eating disorders awareness? personality disorders awareness? dissociative disorders awareness? PTSD awareness? where's all that? if we're going to initiate an acceptance and awareness movement we might just do it properly

  28. I have a mix of trichotillomania (in combination with other bfrbs) and some other problems I should probably get checked out.

  29. I wonder sometimes how my depression has at times consumed my ability to be autonomous.
    As a victim of infantile abuse (even though I don't remember, there are physical manifestations of the event(s)).
    So My view is that like a form of imprinting trauma leaves an almost imperceptible scar in youth, but it's there just the same.
    As a toddler I suffered a head trauma and was never the same after that.
    I was picked on for being different, ridiculed, ostracized, and plainly treated terribly.
    I was homeless for many years, but somehow I got through that.
    I know what being discriminated, stigmatized, and hated feels like on many very deep levels.
    I believe that many mental illnesses are the result of unresolved traumas.
    And no medication can cure that; only statistically shorten one's life by 20 years.
    It transcends all genders, creeds, races, and often economic classes.
    But I find true peace inside when I pray.
    I hope we can together find a deep peace and love for one another.
    God Bless.

  30. Depression, OCD, eating disorders. But I love my life, even if things can get really complicated. Don‘t give up, because it‘s worth the fight.❤️

  31. Yall people need to quit thinking that you have mental disorder. By thinking about it you can actually create one or if you already have one, instensify it. Instead think that you are healthy person without any problems inside your head. Throw the garbage out of your head.
    One Love

  32. A lot of symptoms that described here are something that many people experience occasionally. "Feeling depressed" (almost everyone at times) and being "clinically depressed" are quite different things. So it's important to make that distinction – and I feel this is not being addressed here.

  33. Depression feels so costar phobic it’s frustrating sometimes it feels like a big eating at your brain I wish nobody had to experience it

  34. Great video. I'm interested in getting permission to download and use this video. I've reached out to several parties, without success, including completing the licensing form more than once. Could you direct me to the best person who can help? Thanks so much.

  35. this shits perjury it's onlu because of the lies told overtime I never heard anyone with a mental illness etc file a lawsuit worth 75+ million

  36. WOW! Love this… Ive found it really hard to explain in the past and unsure if the doc actually understands…. sooo GGGGRRRRRRR!! Youtube is my new favorite tool

  37. Depression and anxiety arent the only mental disorders you dipshits. Hell, i bet most people here don't even have anything wrong with them

  38. It’s like being trapped in a nightmare you can’t escape. At times very crippling, exhausting the life force from you. It does sometimes give a rare glimpse at what life could potentially be, until your mind slams that door shut and locks it.

  39. Living with a mental illness is challenging, but it isn't impossible. There is assistance. Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  40. For my anxiety it’s not caused really by anything, I just start to feel the anxiety take over. I feel my body tense up, and I don’t know how to handle it accept for screaming. My moms friend that is a therapist feels like I also have OCD which comes from my germaphobia. My mind moves so fast from both of these things that it makes me constantly think about different things to get my mind off of it. Which is giving me major ADHD symptoms. My life is complicated, hard to handle. I just can’t handle the stress from what is going on in my life, especially now that a health problem has taken over. It’s like I’m in my own hell and I don’t know how to get out.

  41. My OCD feels like having a bully in my head 24/7 who knows my worst fears and darkest thoughts and the things that cause me anxiety and then just taunts me relentlessly about it. Over and over at the most inconvenient times, like when I'm trying to sleep. Getting that hypothetical bully to shut up takes a lot of hard work

  42. I have ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and minor OCD. I'll go from being this cheerful, hyper child to feeling like I need to fix everything to be perfect, then I'll end up being anxious and depressed.

  43. depression to me feels like nothing, i feel nothing, my parents could murder each other in front of me and I wouldn't care

  44. If you have it then hope you get better but if you fake it so you can be a special snowflake then just stop

  45. i learned many times in usa many so called normal people are one hundred times more sick in the head and more dangerous and victimize people 900 times more and more severly then any people on ssi or ssd there are many mentall illnesess that are not on the books i talked to a few therapist on line and some of them told me there are no normal people there are just people

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