Living Like CELEBRITIES in Manila! Foreigners Attend Filipino Movie PREMIERE!

good morning guys what what we didn't coordinate these strikes oh yeah all right sorry baddest you don't change givanni guys welcome to another daily juice now this morning we wanted to answer a question that has been asked by you guys a ton of times on YouTube comments Instagram DMS and it's a compliment that's why we have good taste in choosing music for our vlogs track did you use at this point in the vlog b-roll slow-mo section so today's vlog is sponsored by epidemic sound epidemic sound is the website we use for all of our music in the vlogs there are thousands and thousands of tracks on epidemic sound super easy T's are shown out playlists and things you can look through from YouTube's and stuff have their own playlists and it looks yeah that's got one on there in katie's well half as loads of different albums different kind of genres or you can just pick and choose exactly what you want so sometimes we go on to genre pick a genre maybe go like yeah that's kind of what we use deep house or beats is a popular one that we use then you could choose the tempo the moves happy dramatic angry and then a load of list of tracks come up we've actually got an affiliate link in the description of this video so if you want to go and sign up you've got a 30 day free trial if you're interested and then from there when it's only $15 a month they click the link in the description of this video if you want to go yes and if you're worried about copyright claims that sort of thing on YouTube don't worry up with the Creator subscription everything is copyright free there's no royalty fees or anything like that and you can also cancel at any time so if you do sign up to great do to 30 days and then after another 30 days you think I don't want to do this anymore you can't you won't want to cancel we've been using this for months and months we use different music in every vlog we daily vlog we use four or five pieces of music in each block maybe more sometimes and we very rarely repeat music that we use we need another one we've got a busy day planned today we hope you're excited for today's vlog let's go great gym workout complete and we woke up this morning to this lovely view not see because it's Tovar exposed or from another just here really nice view to wake up to and we've got a special day today but a very exciting event happening later on and first off we've got some jobs to do we need to drop the car back to VW because if we no longer need it in Manila and we're flying somewhere new tomorrow and we're not gonna take the car on an airplane with us we also need to get our trainers clean because our white trainers are currently looking like black trainers and there's a place here in BBC that does that so hopefully they'll be good to do it and one day turn it around nice and quickly for us and we've just got a few more errands to run before tonight's a very special event good morning guys Saturday morning in Manila we drove here last night arrived around midnight I think got some sleep hit the gym early this morning as you saw we've got a very very fun day plan today we got busy day we're heading to a very exciting event this afternoon which Lucy's already told you about there's some surprises in this vlog thank you very much I love weekend's so much because to us they're like any other day whatever you notice bother no I mean when I know it's Saturday morning and I've got up gone to the gym it's true we're saying goodbye to Tiggy this morning which is very sad let's go Tiggy has gone TV has gone lame we're just walking up BGC High Street now trying to find a place for breakfast my Crennel if you're wondering Mike's gone to change his gimbal because his gimbal broke Nelly is getting some work done in the room and then getting ready for the day this is a big old errand running day today pretty much been to the gym been to the gym dropped the car now I need some breakfast we had some difficulties today as well an hour to leave the building yeah there was this thing where we were supposed to get ticket but it was morning maybe here but there was no guard there and we didn't have a ticket then they were trying to charge us for losing our ticket even then we never got given a ticket yeah anyway thank you great lunch really nice I say lunch because it's now what time is it midday I had the nice steak and eggs and a little side salad as well because I always like to get some veggies then when I can delicious really good but now we're heading to meet Mike and maybe Nellie she hasn't replied yet but maybe Nellie at the mall we need to get Georgia haircut forget about a haircut Mike is picking up something very very very very exciting today which hopefully we can show you later in the vlog but he's excited to get there but he's not excited to spend the most P if you watch his channel which you should by the way both channels upload every single day there's always a link to my canal his channel in our descriptions and all the social media so tonight is a very special night we've got an event to go to actually a premiere and for a new Isaac's movie mystified and we're so excited going with there Diana and Andy are friends and that's Diana's one of the main roles in it as well with three bricks I think and we think we are okay clothes-wise I need to buy some shoes and in quite find a dress I prefer I might buy something sorry this stone that we're leaning the camera on is so hot I wanted to wear my white trainers that's gonna be it and cleaned up yeah but there's a there's a all uh shoes as filthy so I might I don't know do I buy a new shoes noises tiny been hiking up too many volcanoes you say you clean them or is it gonna be me they clean like that the thing with traveling and what we do is that we don't really care around smart clothes but I do have like a cool shirt that I got from guess yeah we're very excited Volkswagen also are taking us in style to the premiere later thank you we'll see more that right we got going me Mike Scott Wow I won't touch it I'll just look at it today we are getting spruced up we taught the gal she's clean didn't work but that was part of the plan the girls are looking for some new clothes here in Uptown mall and Mike and I we need to get this mess sorted out on top of our head together it's slick for tonight because we don't embarrass ourselves can you do that camouflage my group they can get rid of our gray hairs yeah discerning gentlemen that's me feeling incredibly refreshed now leave oh I've got some slick out I need to do mine later properly a product to get it was sword for tonight but we got organized something done to our face it was very pleasant shoulder massage I got slapped around for a massage no no the technical terms but so good right I need to find the girls yeah yeah black and yellow thing thank you very much what's this source ah yes hot tar would be great oh please thank you I don't member the last time I had fish and chips that is a this is a favor in England looking forward to this two hours until pickup so these are the shoes I've come for they're like black lady material it's like a wedge hair I swear hills everyday I'm on them in a while so I've gone for quite a small hair first night and then I put some black earrings or bits of gold on just here from H&M and then this is the dress just here yellow one nice and flowy it's super light as well so if it's hot in the venue then it doesn't matter and it's nice and breathable so I'm gonna get ready now we try to get our hair done in a salon and they had no space for like a little warm we're getting picked up in like an hour and a half's we need to get ready now George had his hair done he's got his outfit ready everyone's getting ready we're gonna get some tunes on and we're gonna start making ourselves look a bit more presentable George looks very concerned I'm boiling hot and we've lost the air conditioning were contemplating life today's getting ready is fueled by Arabica coffee which Mike just went to kind of go and get for us this place is a mess guys within a one night we're all fairly organized clean tidy people but then when we come together in one room then I just like like all this stuffing everywhere yeah what are we gonna do with all this stuff I don't know so guys these are the smartest shoes I own and our filthy because I hiked a volcano in them like two days ago so I'm doing getting some shampoo towel and I'm gonna try and clean them up a little bit because look these used to be so clean but vans just over the years get so filthy and dirty but let's see what we can do but this is years of Filth oh okay they were all ready to go or dress up having a quick drink in the room and I'm wearing my new dress heels and earrings and I was saying I'm weights from story it was really weird to have like a full face of makeup on again I swear this makeup every single day and now I only do it what actually haven't done it for months so just for special occasions and Mike's what is this an Aussie new guest shirt on new haircut this is great and miss Nellie hello it's very beautiful right it's right great and George oh my god it's such a mess in here it's actually embarrassing it was like we enjoy getting ready we're getting we're getting close to the shangri-la Plaza for the premiere of the new iflix movie starring Dianna mystified we got some we got some swag they're fluffy sea bears we got a new gear on fresh haircuts fresh hay ready together tonight look at that other men and I'll go first yeah the couples are different on the blog's just together Tibet is marketing technical abrading yeah and wait till you guys see how we're arriving in Volkswagen have hooked us up tonight need another word for the ultimate vlog swaggin yeah it's waiting for us outside anyway he'll be happy welcome to the ultimate vlog swagger thank you happy birthday my so our friends at Volkswagen Bob the team everyone has hooked us up this evening and we are traveling our look at it's like a tour bus we're traveling to the premiere in style in comfort in luxury and there's a little surprises cake for Mike and if you guys open the fridge [Applause] yeah this is like I'm surfing again this is insane suitable booty in here oh yeah I've been nine he can have a night off chillin hotel room we're singing along to our own songs see one of the main issues with Manila is the traffic but of course when you have this kind of accommodation of glass of wine great friends great music if I do say so myself it's our own blog singing then the traffic is no longer an issue the more traffic the better this evening is guys drunk again already okay we're leaving the ultimate looks wagon for now we have arrived at the venue shangri-la mall thank you very much we'll see you soon we're going to eat that cake later good look at it look how private it is as well blacked-out windows heading inside now to me Andy we're very very excited to watch this movie it was a series from years ago and they've remade it as a movie that's an old swagman this is a very nice car Mike and I sat in this the other day I know somehow I can lying about the Andi I thought you were dressing down this evening good to see you guys meet these other guys from Japan thank you for keeping a senior's great to meet so many of you guys know great we didn't expect this yeah I grew we just spotted the people on the red carpet from the Jollibee advert we reacted to my canal egrets – on their tap as well as money hello guys sorry and he looks exactly the same as he did in the advert [Applause] wow this is crazy like the main cost just came through just starts coming through Diana's with them and everyone just went so what are you most looking forward to about the movie this evening alright guys without the movie it was so good so called see Diana and the whole cast like and see them afterwards and talking through the films available on ice mix on the 29th don't watch it you can watch it for free there was some emotional bits in there Diana was amazing where she so thanks for having us the fight scene Mike and I were like well we won't mess with you watch out I think we're gonna have some food now has done about you fish chips have worn off it's so good to come to a premiere it's the first one Lucy and I've actually been to there are some emotional parts in it as well which I did not expect right near the beginning as well I won't spoil any more [Laughter] that's crazy of jollibee and I tried like Trey's mechanism haha [Laughter] probably won't stop watching [Laughter] let's get some beer instead I was born birthday to my mic I am happy with my key [Applause]

26 thoughts on “Living Like CELEBRITIES in Manila! Foreigners Attend Filipino Movie PREMIERE!

  1. We are very impressed how stunning Nelly and Lucy, Mike and George as well. Very amazing experience for being treated as celebrities, because you guys are one. I think your contribution in promoting the Philippine adventures throughout the world greatly helped tourism on the island. God bless and keep us viewers longing for more from your amazing journey.

  2. You guys are celebrities.. and are much more grounded than the self centered narcissist local "celebrities"

  3. You should look for encantadia clips from 2005, diana zubiri's character "Danaya" was a top favorite…she returned to the reboot of encantadia as a different character in 2016

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