Lilly Reacts to Kanye West’s Opera and Frozen 2

Lilly Reacts to Kanye West’s Opera and Frozen 2

-So today was Thanksgiving, which means you probably
spent the day cooking, eating, and arguing
with your cousin about if pumpkins are technically
a fruit. [ Laughter ] But while you were doing that,
you were missing out on all the other news that’s
been happening lately. Don’t worry, I got you. Like Kanye West’s brand-new
opera, “Nebuchadnezzar,” which he performed last weekend
in L.A., mm-hmm. Some tickets sold
for over $500. [ Audience ohs ] If I wanted to spend too much
money on Kanye’s bad ideas, I’d buy some Yeezys. [ Laughter and applause ]The New York Times’critic
says, “‘Nebuchadnezzar’ wasn’t really
an opera, and wasn’t really good.”
[ Laughter ] Though to be fair, I’m not sure
what opera fans were expecting from a man who once wrote
the lyrics, Poopy-di scoop
Scoop-diddy-whoop Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop [ Laughter and applause ] Also, people had to wait two
hours for the opera to start, which is extra cruel because
going to the opera is mostly just waiting
two hours for it to end. Plus, the audience was
really confused why it was running so late
when Lauryn Hill wasn’t even scheduled
to perform. [ Audience ohs ] Yo, it’s crazy to me
that Kanye West is now writing operas. It’s not like he’s been into
something that’s almost exclusively loved by
white people before. [ Laughter ] -Hey!
[ Audience ohs ] [ Applause continues ] -But Kanye wasn’t the only
megastar acting like a child, because there was also news
about Baby Yoda. [ Squeals ]
[ Audience aws ] This week, all GIFs of Baby Yoda
disappeared from the Internet, and then were reinstated. Most people blamed Disney
for the scrub even though it wasn’t them. But you know
how the Internet works. If you block one
Baby Yoda meme, 20 more will rise in its place. It’s like Democratic nominees,
just pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Pop. I don’t get why
they were taken down though. Like, does someone
seriously think that people are just gonna watch
GIFs of Baby Yoda instead of watching
the actual show? Because that’s 100% correct.
That’s what’s gonna happen. That’s what’s gonna happen. But if Baby Yoda content
gets taken down again, don’t worry, you can still
get your fix by running a picture of Bernie Sanders through the Snapchat baby filter
and turning it green. Check it out.
[ Audience aws ] [ Applause ] Twins! But that wasn’t the only
Disney news. “Frozen 2” had a record-breaking
$350 million worldwide launch. That’s crazy!
[ Cheers and applause ] I haven’t seen the new one yet, but I hope we keep getting
“Frozen” sequels until it’s just the story
of two 30-something women debating the cost
of freezing their eggs. [ Laughter ] Hashtag relatable.
[ Laughter ] “Frozen 2” is out six years
after the original, which coincidentally
is the exact amount of time it took to get “Let it Go”
out of our heads the first time! [ Laughter ] I am kind of surprised
it did this well six years later,
because you’d think all the kids who loved
the first one would be too old now. Just like, “Ew, Mom!
‘Frozen’ is for babies! I’m a grown-up…
who likes ‘Toy Story 4’! [ Laughter ] The themes of finding
your purpose in life really spoke to me. Also I liked the fork.”
[ Laughter ] I did just rewatch the original
“Frozen,” though, like two days ago,
and here’s the thing — When Elsa turns into
the Ice Queen, y’all, it’s a serious glow-up.
[ Cheering ] Like, the hair, the makeup,
the dress, that’s one thing, but question — how does she
gain a magical cup size? [ Audience whoops ] Is she just looking at her chest
like… ♪ Let it grow
Let it grow ♪ Come on now! ‘Cause she’s like,
“I’m Elsa,” frozen, all of a sudden like,
[sultry voice] “I’m Elsa.” [ Laughter ]
Stop it! [ Cheering ]
Okay, this one — This one is one of my favorite
stories ever. Remember Mark McGrath,
the lead singer of Sugar Ray? Y’all remember? Apparently he’s on Cameo,
a website where fans can pay celebrities to make
short custom videos. And one woman paid him
a hundred dollars to make a video
dumping her boyfriend. [ Audience ohs ] I don’t know who this is
more depressing for, the guy who got dumped,
or Mark McGrath, y’all! [ Laughter ] If someone dumped me
this way, then ♪ I just want to die ♪ [ Cheering ] I got to say, using Mark McGrath
to dump your boyfriend is pretty ♪ Extra, extra ♪
[ Laughter ] Alright, finally, we need
to keep the show rolling, so we’ve got to talk about
Tesla’s new Cybertruck. Y’all see this?
[ Scattered boos ] Yep. The Cybertruck was
debuted last weekend by Elon Musk, and it’s the first
vehicle designed entirely in Minecraft.
[ Laughter ] I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It looks like an alien
drew a tape dispenser. [ Laughter ] Well, on the bright side,
it’s a Lego car you won’t accidentally step on
in the middle of the night. And to be fair, this is
a very inclusive vehicle. Finally, a car for people
who have eight DUIs. [ Audience ohs ] The truth is —
this is the truth. I’m making fun of it now, but I know once it’s released,
I’m gonna need to have it! Because it’s the only car
that looks exactly like my desk.
[ Laughter ]

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  1. On the same token as Kanye’s Opera, “A little Late “isn’t really a late night show” and “isn’t really good””. If I wanted to watch a bad late night show I would just watch Falon and go to bed an hour earlier 😴

  2. Oh Lilly, if Yeezys are a bad idea then why did you buy a pair in your Sneaker Shopping episode? See trying to be all funny and sarcastic on the internet isn't always a bright idea!

  3. So the ad that played before this was for Barbie… will the ftc look into this video as its a late night show and is obviously not for kids.

  4. Not only are you not funny but also racist, racism doesn’t only work one way, if a white person said the things you have said they would have their show taken down straight away, also preaching the women shit, sexism works both ways too. This is why your show is terrible and it will haunt you and end your career

  5. Been giving "Lilly Singh" a chance and watched a few videos. Might sound unpopular but didn't laughed at any of her jokes. No one. Sorry but her writers or her delivery of the jokes is not funny.

  6. Seems kind of racist to me that she is shitting on kanye so much for getting into opera and than saying that he does things only loved by white people… like this joke almost makes no sense and the sense that it does make is super damaging to the fight of treating all races, black or brown, as equal and free people and not as archetypes to be categorized based on stereotypical analysis.

  7. I bet the producers at NBC can't wait to get this show cancelled but if they do, Lily's gonna play the race/gender card

  8. Mom, I'm a grown up!!!
    I loved Frozen! Now I want to watch the new one…. But we have exams….
    But I still am a grown up!!!!

  9. I like Lilly and I hate when people speak bad about her ..
    She is doing her best .. but I wish if she runs the night and write the scripts on her own ..
    It would be much better ..

    Wish she stays away from roasting others .. this is unlikely .. doesn't suit her ❤

  10. Lilly, that was a low blow… hes winning souls for god and hes a ao disappointed of u..this isnt u… stay true to yourself and dont sell out

  11. Holy shit, this is horrible.
    Someone out there, who loves her… tell her to stop. There are actually funny women out there whom deserve this.

  12. You can tell her people invested in view and like bots because the vast majority of comments are very negative yet she has mostly positive ratings. All of her jokes are surface level and appear to be written for a 10 year old audience despite adult topics being thrown into the mix. Overall it was distributing.

  13. You total not funny idiot and hypocrite with descending views day after day, on a total downfall, are making fun of a genius making a SOLD show with 500 USD tickets ?????? And most of ur views are people here to roast u and cringe at u

  14. Please just stop. You make a fool of yourself! Or…fire all your writing team. Instead of only going for Diversity…..go for Talent!!!

  15. Sexualizing a kids cartoon character, isn’t she meant to be a feminist? Don’t feminists always complain about over sexualizing of women? If a male late night comedian made that joke the Twitter mob would be calling for him to be cancelled.

  16. racism and sexualization of elsa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Timing Lilly, Timing and Surprise is super important for comedy and very often I feel like you're "ruining" the joke because I can already see where it's going because you're already there with your energy, probably from being nervous, or wanting to have everything under control… It's taking away from your usual free spirited comedy. Also the laughtracks really do not help you. People know fake laughs, and if I keep hearing such loud fake laughs inbetween that seem very badly edited, then that's very easily off-putting.
    I wish the best of luck, this is a very difficult thing to do most people including me here in the comment wouldn't ve able to master any better, but it's easy to see from an outside perspective. So i hope you keep atit and can improve over time

  18. I’m an Indian-Canadian girl. um. I. Is she supposed to be the one representing me? Don’t get me wrong, being insanely popular, writing a book, getting a show, all that stuff, it’s good, but Lilly didn’t make me laugh once, not a snicker, not a smile. I feel like she’s someone who just met me at the mall and wants to talk, but won’t stop, and she’s trying to be “trendy” “quirky” or “relatable.”

  19. Lilly : "If you have a mean thought, don't say it"
    Also Lilly : Hates on Kanye, the opera, Lauryn Hill, white people, Tesla

  20. As a brown man watching from India – I'm sad after watching how unfunny this is : l oh well, back to John Oliver then.

  21. These… are prerecorded crowd noises, aren't they? To trigger laughs in us, to make us feel that it's funny? Oh, man. It's a bit much… Editor, I see what your doing. But… Man. I really wished for her to kill it. And… she kind of did. Literally. I guess. :/

  22. I'm Indian and..just wanna say that I have loved watching you Lilly but you need to get back your old self. I miss that superwoman .

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