Like, DM, or Unfollow: Turkish Actors

Like, DM, or Unfollow: Turkish Actors

I would totally tap that yes you would if I like did that pride Java too but I don't Burke attend like he's definitely not in entertainment so I can add yeah look see an athlete I even gonna guess he's like a YouTube star that's a good guess I'm going to assume a he plays football he's a model and an actor he won the best model of Turkey back in 2012 Wow okay Burke a tan okay there is a modeling and Submission video class a house photo yeah I mean I would yeah DM this in a heartbeat fYI he's like I got a watermelon totally gonna put back in it hi hope he does like his head's a little too small no look at those arms though okay you're hogging the the photos damn they are like massive as he doesn't write anything underneath though yeah I'm gonna be got a bike I'm gonna be two personalities yeah yeah when he was holding the watermelon you could tell like how big they were compared to the melon maybe that's why his arm was in the way that selfie oh there is the dumb you ladies oh yeah alright it's over yeah yeah it's done deal unfollow and follow unfollow yeah absolutely yeah I would like him you seems like it'd be fun he'd be a good wingman engin akyurek he's probably a tech guy he's probably a tech guy probably is like the Mark Zuckerberg of of Turkey he's a comedian could be like a director an actor who was active in television yes yes so the Turkish guys don't put what they do they just like put little blue links it's the same thing on dating apps check this out I don't like the filter it is uh he needs to give us haircut judging by that one yeah no it's not the 80s anymore it seems like he's at the hair salon a lot well it changes a lot sir I see girls put it like a watermark on each of his photos like does anyone want to steal this photo from him turtleneck no that's a bad night yes cuz he looks because he's really bad at filtering so you could easily put that on a dating site and catfished someone Hey what is it with guys not writing stuff underneath it like this is good or not so what do you guys think would you like DM or follow unfollow I might deem him for you I would like a unfollow honestly I think it unfollow I know I suck it's a little much it's almost you Lanza oh yeah what would you say in your DM I like your beard oh hello there q much and then I look – tat tat ly – you know though the guy that plays store yeah the Hemsworth yeah he could be a hunter a he looks like Matt Damon did that's a Matt Damon shot if I've ever seen one or Leonardo DiCaprio so he's 32 years old he's a know being in turkish actor and model i got it this is his official account that's all it says partial account is official okay alright yeah he's he's definitely a Hemsworth oh that's like it's like a male version of a duck face huh that's a fun situation yeah it's gone hot-air ballooning I need to do that he's so cultured and look at this would be a great tinder photo like look I'm adventurous nothing state you lift him this is that's cool of him just like it like I look like a man's man yeah the car he's a sports car I feel like kind of raised I gonna boat this is a good Instagram yeah this one everything is interesting I would swipe is it left or right that's wrong man when he's hot would you guys like DM or unfollow I'm damn him Lou I like oh like I took message Twitter to top it or like your wife have to unfollow follow I know okay fine from a moral standpoint just just be besties besties I thought we were best is Brad girl a la civis reminds me of a character from Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones he's a nude artist yeah I like a nude nude model no he'd know he'd paint in the nude nude artist oh he's an actor Sephora or what about a fighter look he'll stop scan is another fighter and I've never been in a fight his life he's a turkish actor and he's got 4.2 million followers okay he's only one person that's awkward hey mom it's a girl that's his girlfriend huh we're more interested in the girl already yeah like beautiful like you like see those leaning tower pisa looks really pretty in that Nokia don't like it okay there I feel like he looks better from the side versus head-on is that bird yeah nice one Oh cry on cue okay there you know very emotional I like this family mmm oh look at that mustache is that mad enough about yeah joke you need a sombrero with that mustache there eating that mustache is real yeah okay if that mustache is really definitely does stuff with his eye again yeah so what are you going to say right the M word father I'm torn about this one I would like pretty but so I think I don't follow I respect his candor and his you know genuineness but D on file yeah I'm gonna haul Zoop yeah I'd probably like unfollow him like it's like a French baguette a there's so many accent marks it's all that you're going to but that's so many the soy Loulou soy what a nice guy I let him date my sister he looks like um like Jon Snow he looks nice I don't know what he does with his life but I feel like like if I sat down next to him at the bar get out of here he looks like you'd hold the door for you if you were like coming in after him so he's 25 so he's also a turkish actor and model Oh easy yeah he looks older 1 million oh it's a nice flat 1 million flat 1 million oh that's cute yes per man jr. okay bro captain thank goodness someone knows how to write oh that is cute and he's have a good time who's taking pictures of him like running though so he's like a he's beachy like he likes going yeah that's cool I like that what is this must be like artistic he's like super fit was that long hair there that a lil rat to hold a will right to move it this is him an artistic yeah I take the photos of myself jogging Liam mmm I like him I like it I'd like one photo 1 or 2 what is I I think I think I'd like to I think I like him I probably just done a whole bunch of heart emojis I would submit with one eggplant right now if you enjoyed that episode of like do young and unfollow then head on over to the comments section and tell us what celebrities you want to see next she's pretty she is pretty and she's soulless I'm shopping I was a puppy dog filter yeah I got a binder on snapchat

33 thoughts on “Like, DM, or Unfollow: Turkish Actors

  1. bide kendini bok sanıp beğenmiyor dangalaklar , götüm sizden daha tipli be, size fikir sordukları için yazık olmuş asıl

  2. Turkish men are incredible. Gallant, calm, classy and extremely mannerable and Eupean fashionable. My ex husband is Turkish bodybuilder and we have a gorgeous daughter. You guys only have a couple of their actors mentioned, but there are so much more… Halit Ergenc is one of the sexiest and most well respected actors in Turkey. He portraits Sultan Suleiman The magnificent in Magnificent Century and here are some others –

  3. I agree with u,they are so ugly. And youre such a beauty queen.

    Türkçe çeviri:

    Lan bu salaklar Kıvanç'ı beğenmiyor soyları kurur bunlarun ben diyim.

  4. That guy with blue shirt fat ass junkie pig face ? Have you seen yourself in the mirror! Also blonde hair Asian girl you fucking ugly, who are those people anyway who gives a shit what they think ? they couldn’t find other people for making comments about actors and models other than those ugly ass junkies

  5. Kardeşimle çıkmasına izin verirdim diyo gerizekalı ahahhhdjah senin kardeşine kaldı ülkenin yürüyen karizması phphph

  6. lan bunlar hepsi götümdeki kila benzio bunlara niye soruyolar ki ? güzeligi güzel insana sormak lazim


  8. 4:15 "وايد طويل ما شاء الله"
    5:05 وجهه عذاب
    التعليقات ذبحتني ??

  9. Yorumlardaki türkleri gördükçe utanıyorum ya. Sırf siz yakışıklı buluyorsunuz diye önünüze geleni takip mi edersiniz? Bu nasıl bir mantıktır arkadaş ?‍♀️

  10. OMG These people are simply Morons. All of those Turkish Actors are Heartthrobs in India. Much love from ????
    P.S There was no Can from Erkensi Kus. He's Gorgeous ?

  11. şu amk keline ve sarışına sesleniyorum orospu cocukları kendi tipinize bakın bi aşırı triggerlandım

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