LIFT || Telugu Short Film With Subtitles || Comedy Entertainer || Friends Book

LIFT || Telugu Short Film With Subtitles || Comedy Entertainer || Friends Book

Hello brother… Nobody will see titles in movie.. are they required in short-film? Hey cameraman…. It’s time for hero introduction… come fast … Enough of showing my back… come front Hi.. my name is raja.. cameraman:- Are you blind??(raja the great ah) Hey how did you know that? cameraman:- Inspite of looking towards the camera .. you are looking otherside.. can’t we get that?? ooo… Come front I’m not related to this story.. but I’m the voice over for this story cameraman:- What the nonsense is this? cameraman:- Can we proceed to story 30 more seconds for start of our story… Before that watch this… This is our story…… cameraman:- What…??? Didn’t you understand… See this Remember this … We will talk about it later.. cameraman:- What the… I forgot to mention that..our hero name is ” mahesh ” Hello brother… cameraman:- I’m not the one who is calling? Someone from your back is calling.. Bro.. Where can I find mahesh? They are asking for our “hero only “… Bro.. do you know or not? Smile If my guess is correct.. He will be here by now… Wait.. wait…. I can’t hear any background means he’s not mahesh Yaaa… Now comes our hero.. Got him… Hi sir… Oh shit…. They came to college also.. What happened sir?? Is this new bike? Yes sir Let’s go for a ride Hey… he is escaping …start the bike Hey stop Go quick.. Dude.. go faster… sir.. what? who are they? They are asking money why are you escaping if they ask They are asking their money only dude.. You may escape now … But even tomorrow you must come to college only na.. sir Good point… Stop the bike Hey… Why did they stop?? How could I know bro..?? You could have done this before the chase only na..sir?? You also could have said that you are carrying money, sir!!! I don’t understand sir Sirrrr… You may escape now … But even tomorrow you must come to college only na.. sir Good point… Stop the bike Why I’m hearing background music… Did he betrayed someone?? I know he ll do that..He is very dangerous.. cameraman:- Shhh… Only elevation scenes?? cameraman:- What about story? Ok..ok… Hey.. editor delete elevation scene 2 The main matter is… Every person have some weaknesses… Even our hero has 3 weaknesses The third weakness he has is…. Ok..ok.. Hi bro… Is this new bike? Yes Every thing is fine but…. Give some acceleration.. I must take this bike today… How much?? 1,35,000 Waste of money There is problem with engine thumping sound … If you leave this problem like this .. You can sell your bike to scrap shop… What should I do? I know a mechanic.. I will take care of this… Bro… Be careful… cameraman:- Hello brother…. You said the third weakness is bike.. what about the second weakness?? Huh… Watch it… My bike gave me trouble.. I need to go towards harbour … Can you give me LIFT … Please…… Hello… I’m asking you .. Ha ..ok… Thank you cameraman:- Hey raja… Looks like this is a romantic scene… Can we play a song.. Play top telugu romantic song Your name…???? Namrata Hello… Please stop the bike… Thanks for the LIFT … Bye Hey… Namrata… stop.. Who the hell are you guys?? Who are you bro?? This is the sim number you threw last week … Right?? That mean…. Youuu??? See.. today Williamson will rock the show.. How much is the bet? 20,000 On sunrisers CSK won Damn… because of sunrisers I lost 20,000 This time I will go with KKR Hello bro … 30,000 On KKR Rashid Khan:- The game changer of that match SRH won $#@$%%%@% What..???? Now ok?? Shhh… He started calling… I will escape… I will escape… You made bet yesterday 50,000 Who are you sir…??? You made bet … You have mistaken .. I’m not the person you are looking for… Sorry sir.. wrong number.. Why are you sweating… You must have handkerchief right… Wipe with that… Namrata Oh sorry.. Ishwarya He is coming on bullet bike.. handle carefully.. ok..ok.. what? Is everything fine? yes.. Ishwarya.. Our hero is following you.. Don’t mind him… Ok.. Just 50000 right?… I will give.. I will give.. Bro.. I have a doubt.. In that scene.. He is coming on bullet bike.. Handle carefully.. ok…ok… How you guys know that I’m coming on bullet bike..?? He always smiles for everything like joker who are you sir…??? Hello bro… Mahesh switched off his phone right? Yes… If you trap him …. I will give discount on your debt Oh wow.. ok bro.. Bro … He is here .. . Bro he is coming on bullet bike… Towards beach road … Be ready… Betrayed… cameraman:- Hey… Stop ..stop….. cameraman:- Hello master… what? cameraman:- Stop there… What is the matter?? cameraman:- Wait a minute I must set the focus of camera cameraman:- Now tell me Story is Completed.. what I must say.. You have shown a dialogue of chirangeevi in the beginning..How it is related to this story?? Didn’t you understood? See now.. One vulture 100 buffaloes One cyclone Finish!!!! That’s the matter Life Is Full of Twists — L.I.F.T

100 thoughts on “LIFT || Telugu Short Film With Subtitles || Comedy Entertainer || Friends Book

  1. Very Nice, Good Selection, Good Locations, Good Story… Every thing Fine, All the Best……

  2. good job .watch my short film and comment.this is thelink

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  4. Cinematography and editing are the major one…and elanti editing cheyali antey director ki movie medha full vision vundali…u done great job phanindra bro…

  5. Good taking….great editing…all good but one correction at the end. Betting is injurious to wealth😉, not health

  6. Sodhila undi…evadra bavundi ani cheppindi ani tittedham anukunna kaani opinion marchukunna full ga chusaka….justufication for title is super…nice one.

  7. Bagane try chesaru brother..
    But konchem confusion ga vundi..
    Ending currect ga ledu..
    Lift ani title pettaru..but title ki taggattu movie ledu..
    Movie ki taggattu title ledu..
    Better luck next time.

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