Latest Nollywood Movies || Trending Nigeria Films || Cucumber Love

Latest Nollywood Movies || Trending Nigeria Films || Cucumber Love

[Applause] [Applause] after nearly one Thomas good afternoon system father Thomas I am so happy to be here I will show you to a room now so that you can unpack and freshen up okay okay okay [Applause] I'm sorry I'm so sorry I didn't really need to do that just a second to be here I've always wanted to be boosted in this [Applause] part I want to welcome you people sisters to the parish we've been expecting both of you since last week I'm very happy that finally here I will introduce you people to those you need to be introduced to by tomorrow do you understand what I'm saying definitely yes okay like I was saying the cut case we give you before the documents for you to go to meet you okay do you have anything to add yes I want to say that I'm very happy to be here and I'll do everything possible to serve the church and to serve you too as a parish priest well as for me this is a dream come true I'm going to do everything possible to serve the Lord and save you too may the lord give us the strength and the wisdom to save it even colorful choices good morning sisters you know the function isn't quite welcoming yeah seriously I'm overwhelmed by the open arms but I owe so busines all I service Oh some of them are but we turn your sisters will get to know the professionals at I says why don't use is a good shower then you come back for lunch we should charge sister Lucy we didn't take apart again and yes the water stops running oh so what are you drinking I guess you tell for the Oh so I can tell if there's any work I'll get whatever perhaps if you have any more I'm sorry about this of course I have what I'm about to install instead of moving water in and out can I just read that your doctrine as once birds no problem suit yourself excuse me I hope you know what I'm thinking I'm sorry it's alright oh dear yeah I'm sorry too I forgot something okay [Applause] Jesus Christ that is temptation huh Hey Satan I rebuke you and rebuke you Jesus father I thought you were still studying yes I just finished it okay actually I've told the seminarians to prepare lunch okay when is ready please bring my hair okay sister Mary I came to tell you food is ready okay yep bring Mikey Lord forgive me forgive me Lord for sinned against you forgive me for yielding to the temptations of the flesh hmm I hope Farah Thomas is getting my green lights I hope he's not the whole Holi kind of priest I hope he's not the only holy kind of priest well I don't think so else he wouldn't have allowed me bit in his room and he would have been very upset with me when he came in and see me naked I just have to take it easy till I make my final move on him which he can't resist I just have to take it slowly see and make my final move why did she say there was no vote on our bathroom easy – just wanted to go into further Tom's room I'm it just being the rewind a super get into my eyes after do something I have to make my own moves before she pushes me aside and wins Father's heart I have to make my own moves before she pushes me aside and wins Father's heart are you sisters ready with your reports yes Father and what are you not going out oh no I want to rest what are you doing tonight what is it Oh Oh joyful yes yet again perform a shot of my spirit know that thank you a lot of times just this one more time [Applause] how could you call yourself read my sister's poodles are pregnant oh my god you before bad influences what is this let me tell you your plans have failed now tell me right now you

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  1. tell me im not the only 1 who saw him touch her booty at (22:04) and tries to refuse whatever she was about to do next like no dude we saw u.

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