[KPOP IN PUBLIC BRAZIL] BTS (방탄소년단) — IDOL dance cover by JJANG B

100% official subs source: voices in my head im sorry can’t call me honest (alice) can’t call me, i know (i don’t) animal total, huh (tar) more on hair, tho i don’t care (i’ll care!) i’m proud, oh man my child own the (jar) no more, i run it (aa) new name “insane eye” okay so get thin hair antonio, she got a soutien not a yolk, karen know ya WAH could get in my motto got big i know will.i.am (dunno rm) i know willy wonka (don’t know what i want) i never got changed (i never got jam) i’m never going trend sailor (doo doo) oh, watch you go touch a girl tour took home the show top get, top get top kit i do want a dude clicking on my marshala shirt you can stomp me laughing my sin uhuu a suit and your tie you can’t stop me laughing, Marcel uhuuu to badger your tie you can’t stop me laughing, might seem tom only got in turn it up (also) tommy only got to turn it up (awesome) play samba did awesome, egg top starring dance my live egg pedo super hero got dwayne pulling day to kill anpanman wow yixing searching gun in touch a gun and nugget sushi UH i don’t mind ink (i don’t mind in) along my cell all on my sell (all on myself) i love my fellow, my friends and my wife mexico on it (mexican ear) mexican peacock my pecan is sore on new total and new mad hair old chappy jeongguk, don’t die again tony montana, get tiny men running mere anime maroon-ing man bra oh, antique bowl touch a bro tony monthly show top kink tall king tall kim i do want a dude quickie and on might go try, nice shirt you can’t stop me laughing, marcela a suit and you die diana you’ll die you can stop me, love me, my sin tom only got to turn it up (hoseok) tom won’t eat cat tururu (also) i’m so far where ever i go come get more lean do like a dude miss uk im in love with mama self it’s all gay nah, still coming for cake aw baw old soup: eat, you’ll die you can’t stop male laughing mice and bra seal day eat your thigh you can stomp me laughing, might seem tom only got two, turn it up (hoseok)

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