34 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey Sings – "Beyond the Sea"

  1. In real life, the Bobby Darin / Sandra Dee marriage did not work out. In real life, Kevin Spacey isn’t interested in girls. However, this isn’t real life.

  2. I'm still a fan of Kevin Spacey, he is a great actor and performer. Also I love him as a person as well. ❤❤❤my sisters and I miss you so much 😭you are loved by maaaaany in Saudi Arabia. Stay strong Kevin 🙏

  3. Yes, Kevin, I have watched Beyond the Sea about 4 times this week. I have always been a big fan of Bobby Darin, and what you did writing and staring in this movie was fabulous. You made it so real for being Bobby, you should have gotten an Oscar. A beautiful movie for me to remind me of my younger days. Much Kindness, Patty

  4. The funny thing is how in the public he see himself as the absolute Gentleman but than in his private live he makes his pass on young, naive men and them drunk who are still wet behind they ears. And he didnt saw it coming and thought it was normal. No it wasnt. It was ridiculous and dumb. And a little abuse of his stardom. Thats not a crime but if he wouldnt have send his whole credibility down the toilet i would've laughed about it. It is like the lewinsky-clinton affair. Just ridiculous and childish. Welcome in the world of the adults. But his accuser is also not innocent but was totally naive in my opinion. I thought it was just innocent flirting but now spacey admitted the gropping.

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