100 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson Talks Choosing ‘The Voice’ Over ‘American Idol’

  1. She looks uncomfortable, I hope she gets in a healthy space soon. This encourages me to keep fighting against my eating issues.

  2. Good God. That Idol contract…Well, I love Kelly in every way, so I'm glad she gets to do things her way now. FINALLY.

  3. The tweet that Ellen posted with Katy Perry was totally inappropriate considering what is going on in Hollywood right now. If a male celebrity had posted it he would never get another job.

  4. Kelly is that one person who you want to be friends with and just, you know hang out every weekend talking about everything

  5. Kelly so spiritual with such a heart and love Ellen so freaking much I like be on her show so much ELLEN your much love in Tennessee ??❤️?????

  6. I guess her contract is way longer than others because she's the first winner? Because Carrie Underwood got out of hers after her last album Storyteller, and that's like just 6 albums..

  7. why most of the ellen videos have comment section disabled..how would we express when you will not allow us to? 🙁
    some people have only youtube to feel connected to you:(

  8. She is a very humble singer and i love her so much. Kelly Clarkson is amazing pure talent. She is a real deal. Words cannot explain how amazing she is.

  9. the contract was to record 7 albums with RCA – Sony Music. The time was not in question. But since it took 15 years to release the 7 albums, that is the time it took to end the contract. Now she is with Atlantic Records

  10. If you look at this thumbnail vs the one from a year ago, she looks a little slimmer, and her double chin is like almost gone

  11. She just got out of her contract with American Idol? I know Philip Philips sued AI is get out of his contract, but that was like two years in. I don’t believe it took her 15 years to get out of her record contract with them. I think that is bs.

  12. after all, without american idol, kelly wont be on that The Voice chair coaching for the contestants.

  13. I'm not sorry I prefer Kelly (physically) this way than before(not that I didn't like her the way she was back than I have always loved her soul and heart).

  14. Kelly is the funniest coach on The Voice ever! I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. ??

  15. I am just watching this now and I was so surprise that Kelly's contract with Idol is 15 years and she just got off last year!! What?! Isn't that way too long?! X-Factor only have like 5 year contract maximum (this is for the popular acts) and sometimes even just 2-3 years (winners) and then they get to choose whether to renew or leave the label whichever they want. 15 years is crazy and just way too much. It ties you down and doesn't allow you to negotiate for a better deal within that 15 years. Idol should cut the contract length. 5 years should be enough.

  16. Would have been cute/meaningful though to "re-start" AI with the winner of the first season as the judge. And Katy just go to The Voice. But I completely get why Kelly didn't and rather get away.

  17. My sister also does the same thing! She comes to me and she is like ‘mommy look, I love my brother”. Mom is like awww and then when she goes, my sister punches me in the face! Lol

  18. You can sense that the revival of American Idol is already doomed from the start when its first ever winner even opposed to the idea of bringing back that show.

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