Kandireega Full Movie ||  W/Subtitles || Ram, Hansika Motwani, Aksha Pardasany

Kandireega Full Movie || W/Subtitles || Ram, Hansika Motwani, Aksha Pardasany

Give me some base! Give me some more! Give me some base! Give me some more! You wanna who the man Srinu is. He comes like a storm, he is Srinu. He is everywhere, he is present here too. You better dare to see,
he is there right now. Srinu! Srinu is right here! He is the man who makes you crazy. Mr. Rao, it is your good
luck that you have found.. ..a family like our Chaudhary’s. Your Chaudhary too is equally
to find a family like our Rao’s. The reason behind your good
luck is the auspicious time.. ..set for this marriage, Even Lord Brahma too cannot
stop the marriage fixed.. ..on this auspicious time. Is it a secret to be said in the ears? Hey! Srinu has kidnapped the bride. Hey, Srinu.
Leave me. What’s wrong with you? Why are you taking me away? I am getting married
with lot of difficulty. Hey, Srinu. Leave me. Leave me! Hey, Srinu. What are you doing? Hey, leave me! Leave me! Leave me! Vinay? I have kidnapped the
bride from the marriage.. ..as per your wish. Look, I didn’t do anything in it. I did everything as you wanted. Why do you hide your
mistakes under my name? Anyways I know you like
everything I do because.. ..you are born on
the same day I was born. ‘That’s my bad luck.’ One minute. I will be back. ‘No god should have
a rogue devotee like you.’ Mother! Dear.. Why are you sweating like this? Mother, I am very tired. Hey! Father? Who is this girl? Father, she is the daughter
of my maths teacher. I brought her when
she was getting married. Brought her when
she was getting married? And you are saying
this in such a cool manner? Brother-in-law,
it wouldn’t look good if he brings her.. ..after she gets married. Leave it. Lawyer Vishwanatham,
your son’s torture is.. ..increasing day by day. Any person will give birth
to a son who would conduct.. ..his father’s funeral
rites after his death. Why did you give birth
to a son harassing the village. Had there been a law
by name village harassment.. ..similar to domestic violence
then your entire family.. ..would have landed in jail. In fact your son’s antics are.. Stop it! I am going through this
ordeal every day since 23 years. To whom should I tell my problem? First of all take away
the girl and get her married.. ..before the auspicious time passes by. Come, dear. Don’t know how I should
convince the bridegroom now. Ill-omen of the villagers.. He is the biggest ill-omen
for the entire village. Why do you venerate.. – What? Will you not let any function
take place in this village? Father, I gave you six
months time to get me married. It has been three months since then.. ..but there is no
response from your side. That’s why I felt that
nobody from this village.. ..should celebrate any
function that evades me. You didn’t complete your degree. Who will give get their
daughter married to you? Any person will get married
only after settling down in life. Father, everybody gets married
after settling down in life. That’s common. Leave it. But Srinu will settle down
only after getting married. How different are you. Don’t leave it. What is that you won’t leave? Hey, even if you wish to get married,
there is nobody.. ..in this village who will
get their daughter married to you. Brother-in-law, there will
be someone or the other. Leave it. What is it I should leave? You want to get married, isn’t it? Leave this matter to me. If not in this village then I will find
a girl from the neighbouring village. But I will find an
excellent girl for you. Have you seen it, uncle? You too are saying that
you will find a girl from.. ..the neighbouring village
but you are not saying that.. ..you will get your daughter
Bujji’s married to me. Do you like Bujji so much? What, uncle? Why did you talk like that? Whether it is your 100
hundred acres mangroves.. Or the 700 grams of
gold jewellery of aunt.. Or your beautiful Bujji..
I like them all very much. Leave it, son-in-law. Tomorrow itself we will
perform Bujji and your.. Engagement. Yes. Engagement! Uncle! – Son-in-law! Superb, uncle. You take
care of the marriage arrangements. Hey, friends! Bujji and Srinu’s marriage is fixed. Hey.. Oh! – Srinu.. “Watching my Bujji walk..” “My heart is going crazy..” “It has started dancing.” “It has started dancing.” “It has started dancing.” “Hey, this is not your character.” “Show your true character.” “They call you gentleman
if you do good to others.” “They call you gentleman
if you do good to others.” “If you give everything
to others for free..” “Will they not pile all
over you if you show sympathy?” “Your life will get
ruined if you get tempted.” “Why is it like that?
Why is it like that?” “If you bend yourself
a bit then you are finished.” “Why is it like that?
Why is it like that?” “Hey, live like me.” “Why is it like that?
Why is it like that?” “I am the answer to everyone.” “They call you gentleman
if you do good to others.” “He is the cool dude.
You never know him.” “It is only him.
That’s Srinu! That’s Srinu!” “He is just too good. ” “He is someone like a hero.” “He is someone whom you like.
That’s Srinu. That’s Srinu!” “Only girls show attitude.” “That’s why they ignore you.” “They will never come and
fall for you if you say I love you.” “If you chase them saying you
love them then they will ignore you.” “Will you not become patient
if I say sorry suddenly?” “If you want to get closer,
they will keep you at a distance.” “But if you neglect them,
they will come running behind you.” “All these girls are reverse.” “Vinayak! Vinayak!” “Don’t listen to anybody.
Do whatever you wish to do” “Everyone will give
you a different lecture.” “Use your brains instead
of hiding it in your knees. “Will you listen to everyone?
Are you so helpless?” “I am shouting from rooftops
saying don’t listen to others.” “If you listen to me
then it is not my mistake. ” “Hey, you are going
to live your dreams.” “Why is it like that?
Why is it like that?” “You don’t start again.” “Why is it like that?
Why is it like that?” “Find some work that really helps you.” “Okay. Okay.” “I will thrash you if you ask me again.” Bujji. Sir, exchange the gifts. Hey, fool! Have you gone mad? You are saying that you will
get your daughter married to him. It seems your days are numbered. Not mine. Your days are numbered. Leave it. Brother-in-law, you continue. Old woman.. Father.. Father.. I want to
talk to brother-in-law personally. Discussion and everything
after the engagement. Leave it. Brother-in-law, you continue. Hey, why did you get up now? Uncle, I will talk. Leave it, son-in-law. I will talk, uncle. Leave it, son-in-law. Bujji, come. Let us go and talk. Hey! Hey! Hey!
Brother-in-law, you give them. Give it. Brother-in-law, your dress is nice. This is nothing.
You got to see my wedding suit. I told tailor Kumar
to stitch the best one. Do you want something to get stitched? No need. By the way,
do you know the reason.. ..why I studied well
since childhood and.. ..topped the district in degree exams. Well, what is there in it?
You are a clever student. You study well. You are good at studies. And you have a great figure too. Not that, brother-in-law.
That is not the reason. I studied hard thinking
that if I don’t study well then.. ..my family will get me
married to some useless guy. It is natural. Anyways I didn’t think that
you will be that useless guy. You didn’t even pass degree. It is difficult to find
a girl who studied 10th standard. What are you? Pooja? Look, this marriage lies in your hands. I will tell you a truth. If I get married
against my wishes then.. ..I will elope with
Shankar who is working.. ..at Hi-tech city in Hyderabad. If the villagers come
to know that Srinu’s wife.. ..has eloped then they
will celebrate the occasion. This is true. It is your wish later. Bye, brother-in-law. ‘It is difficult to find
a girl who studied 10th standard.’ ‘What are you?’ ‘I will elope with
Shankar who is working.. ..at Hi-tech city in Hyderabad.’ What happened, my dear? This Srinu fellow is fixed. What is it, son-in-law? I am thinking of going to
the city and complete my degree. Degree? Degree? Will you study degree? By the time you finish it,
you will turn 70. Leave it, brother-in-law. Son-in-law wants to be on
par with my daughter in education. Send him. What about Bujji if you go, dear? Dear sister,
my daughter will wait for any.. ..number of births for son-in-law. Crap! She will elope with Shankar. Brother-in-law,
say that you will send him. Tell him! – Tell him! Stop! Leave it! Okay. Since all of you are forcing me.. ..therefore I say that this
will be my last investment on him. Uncle, the entire town
should get the news that.. ..Srinu is going to Hyderabad
for studying degree. Is there a carnival
in the village today? Not carnival.
The ill-fate suffered by this village.. ..for 23 years is leaving
this village today. Father, did you see
how the entire village.. ..is coming to bid adieu to me? If they bid adieu with
one hand then it is called bye. Look there. Since they are waving both hands.. ..it means that you
shouldn’t come again. “Come! Come! Come!” it is y. Y. “Once you come. Come. Come.” It seems they are calling me. “Come! Come! Come!” Oh! Song? Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Jhumjhumaya. I condemn this matter. I feel like killing him in encounter. Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya? What is that?
Who are you amongst so many girls? What is wrong if it is boys or girls? Since you couldn’t sing,
therefore I sang. It is logic. What logic, mister? Hey! What is it? Hey, why do so many
girls take on one boy? What if you are a boy? You.. You.. You touch me? – Yes. I will show you the manliness of the
matter of mafiasm AP tourism! Come on! Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Now let all of us play antakshari. Before that you should
drink a small sip. Drink it. It is a cold drink.
Drink. Drink, baby. Drink. They suit you well. Drink! Drink! Drink, baby. Drink. Drink! Drink! Is IPS a daily newspaper to study? What work are you doing
for being a citizen.. ..when some goons are teasing girls? Hey! What are you doing? I am waiting for this dialogue. Hey, tell him about Bobby. Hey! Do you know who Bobby is? Do you know who his father is? Do you know who his brother is? Do you know? Hey! Do you know who I am? I am like a Gavaskar
and Tendulkar and a man.. ..of the match of this girl’s game. Hey! Thrash the rascal! Wow. Now tell me who your father is. One can have fun with girls like me. One shouldn’t make fun of them.
Like you. Superb! Who are you? Go away! Children, how many times
didn’t I tell you to chant.. ..prayer before eating breakfast? Indiscipline. He will not let children
eat breakfast too. He and his useless discipline. Say! Bless us to tread the
path of non-violence like you. If not like you, we should
at least become like my father. Bless us. Very good. Next prayer. Son-in-law, I was living a good life. You made me to start a poultry business. I incurred losses in it. I am living a peaceful
live by staying away from you.. ..because of the shock given by you. Continue your prayers, children. Uncle, we shouldn’t
imbibe your qualities. We do not wish to imbibe your traits .. ..and we expect to live
a happy and peaceful life. True. The bell rang. Hey, uncle. Brother. Sister, I have come. Oh! Uncle has come. My house was silent like a library. It has turned into
a carnival of our village.. ..upon of your arrival. So you will be staying here for two,
three days. Isn’t it, son-in-law? No. Not two, three days.
I have come to study. I will stay here for six months. Hey, girl. Why are you going out when
there are so many boys here? Hey, will you entertain one
person at a time or groups too. Hey, send that fresher. You wore classical outfit.
I will give you a western touch. Light it. Do you know who I am? SP’s daughter. Do you know who she is?
Commissioner’s daughter. We don’t need fathers here.
It is with daughters. Light it. Don’t.. Please! Have it. Please no. If her dress is so good then.. Are you a fresher? Yes. If this is the condition
of a SP’s daughter then.. ..what about middle class girls? Go. Go. Why is everyone afraid of that girl? Is her father a politician? No. He is a bank employee. Is her brother a rowdy? She is the lone daughter. Then why is everyone afraid of her. What is it like school boys?
No power at all. Do you know how it should look like? It should be like this. It.. It.. It should be like this only. His name is Bhavani. Hey, order tea. ‘He is the person who can create.. ..or solve any problem in this city.’ ‘He is quite strong.
He has got two weak points.’ ‘Whenever he is happy or sad,
he stammers.’ ‘Second one. We are going there now.’ Shruti, do you know who he is? He says he loved you upon seeing you. He informed his parents to come and.. ..ask you for marriage. What to do with him. I don’t keep quiet even
when breeze enters between us. How will I keep quiet
if a person interferes? Arjun!
– Sir! His hands are eager to tie
the sacred thread. Cut them off. No! No! Hey, Arjun. Stop.
– No! Look, Shruti.
I cannot send SMS, email or chat.. ..with you like educated guys. I can express my love only like this. Hey! This property belongs to Bha..
Bha.. Bhavani. Greetings, brother.
– Greetings, brother. Hey, let anything
happen in this college.. ..I should come to
know of it immediately. Brother, nothing will come to you. Everything should come to me. What is he? Explain him. Hey, mad guy.
Why do you argue with brother? Leave! What is all this? You look soft. With that rowdy.. Happy birthday to you! On the day of my uncle
Agarwal’s daughter’s birthday. Yes, tell me. Brother, give warning to Yadav and.. ..help me get back my 12
acres of land occupied by him. Agarwal fellow thought that
we will be afraid upon seeing Bhavani. Wow! You are the first
girl whom I touched. And you are the first
girl who touched me. You should touch me for the entire life. I will thrash you with footwear. We live a respectful
life in the society. You live by killing people. Will you say that you
will marry my daughter? Hey! What is it, uncle? Why did you kill like that? Your family is living
a respectful life, isn’t it? You have killed four
people in front of everyone. Oh! Did you turn into a rowdy
for making a rowdy as son-in-law? Lovely man. Will you make me your son-in-law
or land up in jail for your act? It is your wish. Since he was not strong
enough to face him.. ..he has to agree with this marriage. I said I will finish my studies.
He gave me six months time. So you cannot avoid this marriage. Cannot avoid.
But there is a slight hope. Before Bhavani marries me,
I want to see some.. ..person beating him before that. “Srinu! He has got a walking style.” “He cares a damn for enemies.” Srinu! Put you leg! Keep it! Srinu, with your entering the college.. ..the life of the person
who built this college.. ..has earned virtue. “Srinu! Somebody it is..” It is my college. Hi. Hi. Hi. Well, he has seen me. Vinayak, how come you are here? Oh! Did you follow Srinu thinking that.. ..he will become alone in the city? ‘Why will I follow you? It is my fate.’ ‘I am god. I will stay everywhere.’ Vinayak,
I have made a strong resolution. I should study well and
teach a lesson to Bujji madam. Make sure that I don’t interfere
with the fights of this college. And also I shouldn’t fall for any girl. And no girl should fall for me. I should study well
and score 90 percent. I mean I should pass
with at least minimum marks. So introduce me the number
one student as my friend. Look, Vinay. I am opening my eyes. Show me the student number one. ‘Lord, see that nobody
from this college.. ..gets thrashed because of me.’ Vi.. Vi.. Vinay. You didn’t send me
to this college to study. Hey, Srinu.
The girl whom you will get married to.. ..is studying in this college. So make friendship with her. After that love her and then marry her. Hey, I appreciate you for that. Hey, you are giving your consent.. ..by throwing the flower. Hey, it fell down because of the wind. Leave Hi, I am Srinu. I have seen a good talent
in you upon my entry. I want to make friendship with you. Why? Will you not make with us? No. Vinay has shown only her. Vinay? Who is he? Not he. He is god.
My friend Vinayak. Say sorry. It seems he is mad. Friendship. Hey, do you know Bhavani? How come I don’t know him? I beat him with belt in my village. It is not that Bhavani whom
you beat with a belt in your village. He is the one who chops off heads. Big rowdy! Why? Don’t know? Will I become cheap
if I say I don’t know him? Let me say that I know him. Him? Why don’t I know him? He was doing nothing in my village. So I have sent him to
the city for doing hooliganism. He has become very popular. We both are very close to each other. Why don’t I know him? That’s our relationship. Hey, sir says he is
very close to Bhavani. Will you do me a favour? Yes. Help. Let me do. One person is torturing
her saying that he will marry her. Who is he? Who is he? Who is he? I will break his bones. What will you break? Nothing. Bhavani is the only right
person in the city to beat him. We have only heard of him. We don’t know where
he lives and how he looks. He is your close friend, isn’t it? Introduce us to him.
We will tell him our problem. One minute. So will you make friendship with me.. ..if I introduce Bhavani to you? She will do. Then I will bring
Bhavani to you tomorrow.. ..and introduce him to you. Let him.. Your name.. Katrina Kaif. What is it? Isn’t it heroine’s name? She is a reel heroine.
She is the real heroine. Why? Isn’t it good? Your name is better than hers. Hey, take care. Yuck. Hey! Srinu is feeling shy. Oh! Hey, you don’t have sense. Bhavani is torturing me. Will you get Bhavani
thrashed by Bhavani? Poor guy. If he does
something and gets trapped.. ..he will get thrashed for no reason. Does he look like a
person who gets thrashed? It looks as if he thrashes others.
Watch him. Don’t know why I feel that
he is the turning point in your life. Thief! If we open it at an exotic
place like Anakapalli.. Hey, why do you say
about that Sirnu again? Let me say anything about him,
it is still less. When I was a ten year old boy.. ..Srinu tortured my father,
who was working as a cobbler.. ..on the bank of a river in my village. It was then we migrated
to Hyderabad and.. ..thereafter we did
well in footwear business. After that we have set
up a Bata showroom and.. ..now we are living like Tata family. That credit also goes to..
– Srinu! That’s why whenever I close my eyes,
I think of Srinu. Naughty. What is this?
He seems to be the grown up Srinu. Not like Srinu. I am Srinu. On the happy occasion
of Srinu’s arrival.. ..beers should flow like water. Come!
– Come! Katrina Kaif? There is no
girl by that name in our college. She is there.
– There? When I saw her,
I felt that she is born for me and.. ..I fell in love. But there is a small problem. Hey, listen to me.
– Stop it! Some guy is torturing Katrina
Kaif saying he will marry her. My goodness. They asked me to get him thrashed.. ..by the biggest goon of the city. Oh! But I have lied to them
saying that the biggest goon.. ..of this city is my friend. I even promised saying that
I will get him thrashed by him. Very good. You have done a good thing. Yes. So we should meet the
biggest goon of this city. Okay. Let us meet. By the way,
what is the name of that biggest goon? He too has a name. Jawani.. Gavani.. Yes.. Bhavani. Hey!
Who is he? Who? Do you know Bhavani? Should we meet him? Whoever gets to see him is finished. And he is your best friend?
This is fine? Forget that Katrina Kaif
and look for Mumait Khan. Let us go. Go. Friends are like this only. They say that they will
sacrifice their lives.. ..when they are drunk. And when the matter becomes serious,
they escape like this. Like you. Srinu, will you suspect my friendship? Okay. Does that girl
know who Bhavani is? She doesn’t know. So we will introduce dummy Bhavani.. ..instead of original Bhavani. Dummy Bhavani?
– Yes. Who is he? Why are they drinking
coffee in such a cool manner.. ..even after Bhavani’s arrival? I want disturbance. Bhavani is there..
Bhavani sir, I am.. Srinu. Am I right? Why is this get up like a joker? Joker? Don’t disturb my character.
I know audience is the boss. Yes. Yes. Come, Bhavani. She is Katrina Kaif. My.. Katrina Kaif? Who is she? Is she Bipasha Basu? I will relax. He is quiet headstrong. You know, darlings.
Do you know who I am? Don’t know, uncle. Hey, they don’t know. Come. Let us go. What happened, Mr. Bhavani? Are you asking what happened? What more is a big insult than this? They say they don’t know me. By the way, what are you doing? Didn’t you tell them about me? She looks like a donkey.
Am I uncle to them? Hey, who do you think he is?
Mr. Bhavani. Sit down. Sir, please. Sit down.
– Yes. I am Bhavani. I told that matter. Sit down. Katrina, tell me your problem. Order, sir. You didn’t even serve water. Will you take order before that? Is it necessary to act over smart? Character will behave like this only. Oh! Bhavani. Come. Let us go. Hey! Katrina! Srinu, what is this?
Why are our ladies so sensitive? Our ladies? You have spoiled everything
with your useless acting. Mine is useless acting? No! The hooliganism inside me is unleashed.
I want to show it. “So many reasons..” “So many reasons..” Hey! Hey! Hey! You came.
You ran into me. You are leaving. Who will say sorry?
Is it your mother’s husband? Hey!
– Hey! Brother. He is caught. Hey! Hey! Hey! Why are you going without saying sorry? Brother, I will finis him.
– What will you finish? What will you do to him?
He and his get up? Comedian. Come. Comedian? I said I want to construct a building. Why are you running away when I am.. ..asking your permission? It is not possible, sir. Isn’t he saying it is not possible? It is not possible.
Not possible. Not possible. Not him. I will say.
What will you do if I say not possible? What the heck are you going to do? What will you do? I will finish you. Will you not give permission to Bhavani? Is he Bhavani? You are a true comedian. Brother-in-law,
however you might convince me.. ..I will not talk to you. Hey, have you seen Katrina? No. Who is he? Lover? Srinu! Okay. Carry on. Carry on. Hey, Katty. Katrina! Where is she? Katty. Hey, you saw my Katrina? Name is very good. Did Katrina Kaif come here? Why will Katrina Kaif come here? She is studying in our college. When did she join without our knowledge? Just now she left with Salman Khan. Did you crack joke?
Very silly naughty boy! Hey, who is he? Brother,
it seems he has joined recently. Go and bring him. Where is my Katrina Kaif? Where.. Holding Srinu’s collar
is similar to holding.. ..an eclectic pole carrying
high voltage power. You will get shock. Where did Katrina Kaif go? I should tell Srinu. Why is he running here? Hey! Hey, are you here?
I am searching for you. Did you beat anyone from Swami’s batch? I don’t know the batch
but I beat one guy. He is now coming with 20 guys.
You escape! Friend! Hey, do you think
that we will keep quiet.. ..if you beat one guy and leave. Are you escaping due to
the fear of getting thrashed.. ..by so many guys? I am not afraid of you. I am afraid of thrashing you. Oh! Is that? Very much!
Well, I am not in a good mood. We will see to it later. Hey! That is not fine.
We didn’t have bats. We borrowed them from others. Will they give us again if we ask? We got to decide now. Correct. You are making me helpless. Fine. I am giving you three options. One. I will beat you. Two. I will beat you badly. Third one.
I will thrash you like anything. Any three guys from
you who really want to.. ..beat me badly may come forward. If I feel like thrashing
them badly then I will go ahead. Swami. Vicky. Giri. Now first I will beat. Come, dear. Second one.
I will beat you badly. Come, dear. Third one.
I will thrash you like anything. I like this one very much. If I beat in this angle,
bones will be broken. Nerves might get cut. You may forget your past. Don’t say anything to me after that. Who is next? Come. Go! Go! Go! Where should I go? Where? He says that he likes
the third option very much. You go. Go. Hey! What is the discussion? You wait. I am talking. Leave it. You brought me saying that
you are taking us for a movie. Look at him.
Will someone beat people like that? Brother,
I too have three options with me. One. I will run. Second one. I will run fast. Third one. This is my favourite. I will run without getting caught. Mine is the third one. Hey.. Hey..
Run, guys. Hey! Do you know a b c d’s?
Srinu is a tough guy. Let him be tough, I will catch him. I want the list of passengers
who travelled in the.. ..23 compartment Janmadin
Express on 18th of last month. Rules don’t allow that. Will they allow now? Yes. I beg you. Don’t do anything to me! Don’t do anything to me! Sir! I don’t feel bad if a person murders me. By if they cheat.. Sir, I got the list. Yadi. Sir. Take out the names
and addresses of people.. ..between the age group of 20 and 25. Yadi. Sir. I want the boy. Nobody can escape Srinu. Katty. Katrina. Why did you bring us here? My Katrina is here.
– How do you know? Our friend Bhaskar
told me that she is here.. ..with her friend. – Oh! Wherever Katrina goes,
her friend accompanies her. How can you think like that? Are you not with me everywhere?
Come. – Okay. Come. Look. This is nice. Hey, Srinu has called up. Don’t attend the call.
– Stop. Let us give him a shock. Hello. I didn’t call you to listen
to your nuisance. Where are you? Srinu, we are at Charminar. Oh! When did Charminar
shift to Ameerpet? Hey, he is somewhere around. Hey! Look. Katrina is there. Is it her?
– You wait here. I will be back soon. Katrina! Srinu! Srinu! Brother, we should break his bones. Why did you come like that?
Look, I have decided something. There is no Bhavani or anybody. Tell me who is torturing you.
I will teach him a lesson. The figure is superb! Rascals! Will you comment
on the girl whom.. ..our brother Bhavani will marry? Stop it! Madam, you come. Hey, you said you loved a girl.
I thought it is some girl. Did you love the girl whom
Bhavani loved? Your time is good today. Someone else got
thrashed instead of you. But why did Katrina say like that. Her name is not Katrina Kaif.
It is Shruti. Shruti. Nice name. Now I have understood
something clearly. – What? The problem which Shruti
told me about all these days.. ..is about Bhavani. So Shruti doesn’t like him. – So what? So I will enter Shruti’s
heart with a RAC ticket and.. ..get my berth confirmed. And then sleep in it happily. You will get the seat
and we will get death. Srinu, you are great. Shruti, you are superb. “Oh my lovely baby.” “My one and only baby.” “I am missing you like crazy.” “Oh, damn Girl.
You will always be my love.” “Oh!” “Oh damn lovely baby.” “My one and only baby.” “I am missing you like crazy.” “Oh, damn Girl.
You will always be my love.” “I am flowing like a river.” “Just be with me forever.” “I won’t let you go.” “Oh, come to me, girl.
You are my lover.” “Oh, my sweetheart. Don’t kill me.” “Come to me. Make me yours.” “Oh, my sweetheart. Don’t kill me.” “Get caught by me. Share me with you.” “Mister, I want to tell
you something for your good.” “There is no benefit
in running behind me.” “I can give you nothing.” “I have got my problems.” “Understand my feelings.” “Oh damn lovely baby.” “My one and only baby.” “I am missing you like crazy.” “Oh, damn Girl.
You will always be my love.” “I am flowing like a river.” “Just be with me forever.” “I won’t let you go.” “Oh, come to me, girl.
You are my lover.” “I wake up when you come in my dreams.” “I don’t get sleep and
ask you to sing lullaby.” “I tell you to listen
to this boy’s nuisance.” “Hey, I tell you not to
chase me in the name of love.” “I tell you not to take risk.” “Hey, I have got only you.” “I request you to hear me.” “I die for you.
It is up to you to control me.” “If you say that you don’t
love me then I will fall in risk.” “I will suffer with high fever.” “I will suffer!
I will suffer! I will suffer!” “Tiny heart.” “Understand my feelings.” “Oh, my sweetheart.” “Your wealth is sufficient.
I liked all the calculations.” “I cannot resist myself.
It has become very urgent.” “I will become a rose flower.” “I say no to your piercing.” “You have got what I want.” “I feel something different without it.” “My age is worried about you.” “It is asking the thing
that you hid from me. “Immerse it in perfume.
Keep it inside your pocket.” “Keep it in flowers
and give it in my hand.” “Give it in my hand.
Give it in my hand Give it in my hand.” “This tiny heart..” “Want to tell you some thing..” “Oh my lovely baby.” “My one and only baby.” “I am missing you like crazy.” “Oh, damn Girl.
You will always be my love.” “I am flowing like a river.” “I won’t let you go.” “Oh, come to me, girl.
You are my lover.” “Our destiny can never become one.” “Oh, my sweetheart. Come to me.” What is it with you? We are scared of Bhavani
and you are saying that.. ..you will elope with Shruti. Brother, it is him. Hey, go and scare him. What if Bhavani gets
to know this matter? This matter is already known. Hey, who is Srinu amongst you? That’s him! Hey, are you acting smart.
Come to Bhavani. Sir! Sir! Sir!
I am getting late for the college. You can go to college later.
Come. – Please, brother. Please! Please, sir.. Sir.. Sir.. I
am an orphan.. my parents will kill me. If you are so scared then why
did you interfere in brother’s matter? If anybody interferes in
brother’s affairs.. Tell him. Okay, sir. Oh! What is the need to give him warning? He peed upon hearing brother’s name. My god! Bhavani is aware of this matter. He will definitely kill you. You immediately escape to your village. So this Srinu should
get scared of Bhavani? “Super!” Why did you come here? Leave. Hey, brother is in tension. Come later. Sir, I will talk once. Please. Brother, he fought with
our boys in the college. I told him to come here
to see you and fear you. I am told to come.. “Super!” You came to meet me in
spite of knowing about me. “Super!” Hey, what is your name? My name is Srinu, brother. I came to Hyderabad for studies. Why are you doing these
unnecessary activities.. ..instead of studying? What did I do? Hey, do you know with whom
you are talking? – Stop, brother! Brother,
everyone is saying something or.. ..the other according to their wish. That’s why I have
come to say it directly. I entered the college. I prayed to god. After that my eyes fell on a girl.
And I fell for her. It is love. – What love? Hey.. Tell me. Brother, after that
I chased her for four.. ..five days to say I love you to her. With a flower.. but one fine day.. It was sunday.
I was sure of telling her. In the mean time.. These people.. They thrashed few guys
who passed comments on her.. ..at Ameerpet shopping mall. And then I came to know
that the girl whom I love.. ..is the same girl whom
Bhavani is going to marry. Hey! – Hey! Hey! Leave him! Brother. Leave me! Tell me. Move little back. Okay. Where did I stop? I asked who Bhavani is. They told you.. It is a great story. Brother, I chased her thinking
her to be a middleclass girl. No! No! No! You and your story.
Srinu is dropping out. Why did he get up? Will he beat me or what? Chintu. – Brother. Our men beat some guys. He says he saw that
girl and then love happened. And he chased her for four,
five days to say I love you. Until and unless some
guy comes to my house.. ..in spite of knowing me
and tells me that he loves Shruti.. ..I wouldn’t come to know this matter. What the hell are you doing? So he didn’t call
me regarding this matter. Did I talk more? Srinu, you escape. Brother, I am leaving.. – At the top.. Brother, there is no top or bottom.
Everything is closed. Srinu is very clear now. Bye. Hey, you should keep
an eye on Shruti every day.. Every minute.. Every second.. If anybody does.. Hey, why are you laughing?
– Nothing, brother. Hey, why are you laughing? Nothing, brother. The matter is that.. Brother, if anybody flirts with Shruti,
you will thrash him. If anybody says I love you
to her you get his hands and legs cut. This is the angle that you know. But there is one more angle, brother. What if a right guys
enters Shruti’s life and.. ..if he is liked by
her and falls for her? You can guard a person using men but.. ..you cannot guard the mind. So you be careful.
You carry on with your work. Bye. Hey! Will Shruti fall
if a right guy comes? Brother, if a guy truly
falls in love with a girl then.. ..he will not get frightened
even if she is the daughter.. ..of a policemen,
politician or headstrong person. He will elope with her. And if a girl trusts
a boy and loves him then.. ..she will not leave him even if goons,
rowdies or.. ..powerful men like you stop her. With him.. Are you not watching
TV and reading newspapers? Trend is like that. Youth are like that. That is the matter. Bye. As you said if the trend
and youth are like that then.. ..make Shruti fall in love. Brother, I am not saying
about myself and Shruti. It is about today’s youth.. Since you told me about
a doubt that I am unaware of.. ..so you are that right person
who can make her fall in love. Shouldn’t I know whether
Shruti will fall or not? Make her fall in love. Let me see. Brother, I just came
to this city for studies. Look find some other.. Not some other guy. I want you. If she falls in your love,
I will spare you. If she doesn’t.. I will chop off your head. Since head is required to live,
so I will love. She will fall 99.99 percent.. In the meantime our men
might get hurt and feel bad.. Hey! Don’t interfere
with him from tomorrow. I have given you full freedom. Thanks, brother. Thanks. Bye. I will make her fall and come to you. “Superb!” Foolish guy. Will she not fall for me? Don’t challenge Srinu. – “Superb!” What, brother?
Why are you telling him to love? There is truth in his words. If.. If Shruti loves him
then it will be good. If I kill the person whom
she loves in front of her then.. ..she will be afraid to
either think or see another man.. ..before and after marriage. One person is needed for that. He came to my house on his own. Hey, where is your turning point Srinu. I think he must have escaped
to his village from the.. ..shopping mall after
knowing about you over there. Srinu! Srinu! Some like him are born crazy! Srinu! He has got a crazy goal! Yes! Yes! Hi. Where is it?
Where? Did I forget or what? I love you. Shruti, what I said and
what you heard are correct. I love you. I love you! I am very clear. You need to be clear. Shruti, take as much
time as you want for saying.. ..I love you to me. There is no hurry. Half day. One day.
Two days. But maximum three days. Once you say I love you to
Srinu then let anybody interfere.. ..let anybody interfere.. I will kidnap you. Shruti, till date you
have seen only one life. What Srinu is going to show
you from now is the real life. Get ready.
– Srinu! Some like him are born crazy! Srinu! He has got a crazy goal!
Yes! Yes! Brother is playing chess.
– It is a serious matter. Brother, Srinu gave a flower
to Shruti and said I love you to her. Brother, game is over.
Check for the king. Who is he? Are his parents sending
him to college for studying? Or to tell me about
others’ love matters. Show this interest in studies. Otherwise you will become like me. Go! Rascal! Is it check, Chintu?
– It was a wrong move, brother. Intelligent boy. Game has begun now. Play. Is she so beautiful? She is very hot, sister. Damn hot. Is it? – She will be so. She will be. If Bhavani comes to
know this matter then.. ..he will hang our dead bodies. Hey, brother.
Don’t fear him and drop out. If there is any problem
then your uncle.. ..will take care of Bhavani, After that we will not
have uncle for taking care. By the way,
how will Shruti fall in love with you.. ..when he is there? Love doesn’t exist where fear exists. Where there is fear, there is no love. I will remove the fear inside Shruti. Hi, boss. How is the business?
– It is very nice, sir. Shruti! Layalu. Do you have Shruti Layalu CD? Yes, sir. Shruti! Hassan. Kamal Hassan’s daughter. Do you have her movies’ cd’s?
– Okay, sir. Bill please. Bhaktiranjani.
What is your age? What are these cd’s? If you watch such
cd’s at this age then.. ..what will happen to people like me. What is your problem?
I have already told you. Why are you chasing me?
Leave this place. Madam, talk with respect.
He is my best customer. He will not leave. – Then I will leave. How was that, sir? Why did you talk like
that with my darling? Sir, I have supported you. You have hurt her and
saying you supported.. Sir, these cd’s.. When there is no Shruti then
what is the need for rhythm and theme. Keep them. – Sir, then these.. Break them into small pieces..
Pack them tight.. And then.. Stop, Shruti. Stop! Last night I couldn’t sleep.
My heart was heavy. Why? Consult a heart specialist. Whoever I see,
I feel like seeing you. Why? Consult an eye specialist. I feel like dancing on
the road on seeing you. Why? It is confirmed that you are mad.
Visit a mental hospital. So you like me. Hey, come. Come. Why? What happened? Bhavani’ men are there.
If they watch us then.. Come. Are you pretending like
this even though you like me.. ..very much from inside? Well, Shruti. I don’t like
seeing you getting frightened of them. Hey, what is the
disturbance with you here? Did you come for shopping? Brother, take this money. Oh! Is that collection?
I thought shopping. Anyways there is breaking
news for your boss. Shruti will fall for
me within three days. In the meantime tell your
boss to find another girl. He will become useless
if he delays the matter further. Hey! What? Will you beat? Come. Come. Come. Beat me. Beat! Beat me. Leave. Leave. What, brother? Why did you spare him? If we do something
to him then the girl.. ..will show sympathy
on him and will fall for him. If we don’t do anything
then he will succeed and.. ..the girl will leave with him. What did you tell them?
– I said the truth. I said we are made for each other and.. ..therefore told him
to find another girl. Did you say? Do you think he will keep quiet
when these people go and tell him? He will break your hands
and legs and then kill you. I shouldn’t say anything to you. I should tell your parents. Go away! Go. Your fate is sealed. If anything happens to
you then don’t let me know it. Srinu, guys fall in love by laughing. Bu why do girls fall in love by crying. Well, if she is showing
so much of concern for you then.. Srinu, you are very lucky. Sir, his name is Srinu.
He is in Hyderabad. Don’t say that he is here and there. If you were to come here
then you should come with him. Did you understand? Uncle! Uncle. – Hello. Uncle, call. Hello. What happened to her? Hello! Hello! Hello. Over here. Hey, how come you
are here in the bedroom? Leave from here. I will leave but why are
you disconnecting the phone.. ..after saying hello. It is.. It is.. To check whether
your phone is working or not. Is it? Nokia and Docomo
companies are there.. ..to check that. What is the matter? Oh! You might have thought
that Bhavani got me.. ..thrashed and put me in hospital. Isn’t that your doubt? Why are you sleeping?
Father might see you. Get up! What if he sees? Why do you act like that when
you love me so much from inside? Okay. Come to the college bus
stop tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock. We will go out. Out? I will not come. This is where I get angry.
I get irritated. You don’t say I love you.
You don’t come out. Bhavani is better. There is clarity. Will you come or not? – I will not come. Look, if you don’t come
tomorrow at 9 o’clock.. ..then Bhavani will be there at 09. 05. Will you still not come?
– I will not come. I will not come. Why did you come before
9 o’clock after saying that.. ..you will not come at 9 o’clock? I came to say that I
will not come at 9 o’clock. I know that. Come and sit on the bike. Sit on the bike?
What are you talking? I will not come. Sit! – Srinu. Hey, Chintu. If Bhavani is
there then give the phone to him. I have sat. Will you stop now? Will these girls not
listen if we tell them nicely? Okay. Fool! You will shake anything
that you see. What do you say? Hey, Gundu.
Are the garlands and everything ready? Yes. Ready. Where is the registrar?
– Yes, sir. I am ready. Sir, we should finish the
marriage within ten minutes. We have lot of work after that.
– Hi, Shruti. Puppy? How come you are here? How will this marriage
take place without me? What? Did you join hands with him? Stop your rubbish and change your dress. Is everything according to your wish?
I will not change. Hello! We are not talking about you. It is Puppy’s marriage. Anyways we still have some time. Puppy, what is this suddenly? Didn’t I tell you that my marriage
is fixed with my brother-in-law? Our families incurred
losses in business.. His family and my family
are searching for.. ..marriage proposals from others. We didn’t know what to do and
were going through lot of tension. Srinu supported us and
arranged for this marriage. Though we have many friends in life.. ..it is sufficient to
have one friend like Srinu Shruti, don’t miss Srinu. Witnesses’ should sign here. Do you think I brought here for nothing? You shave to sign as witness. Hey, go and drop them at the airport. Okay. It will be difficult
to drop them in the city but not.. Put your right leg forward
and get inside, dear. Get inside. Shruti, I will bring the bike. Srinu! Shruti! Shruti! Hey, Bhavani. Narsing. Yadav’s brother. Your life is with me. Hey, Narsing. – Hey!
Hey! Hey! Enough of your shouting. If you want her to stay alive
then come to the hotel at Medchal. Hello. – Tell me, brother.
I am in a work. Brother, I will come in the evening. I will come in the evening. Go fast. Hey! Hey! Hey! Drive fast. Srinu, he is coming. Let us go. Srinu, let us go. They are coming. Srinu, come. Let us go. Where will you go? Beat.. You fear Bhavani over there.
You fear these people. If some other person comes
then you will fear him too. How many people will you fear?
For how long will you fear them? If you fear them then
they will scare you. If you scare them then will fear you. Remove the fear inside you. Hey! Send the girl. Hey, nobody might care
if some kidnaps a girl.. ..in the middle of the road. If a guy stands in front
of her to save her then.. ..he will definitely be her lover. I am her lover. If anyone crosses
me and touches the girl.. ..I will send the girl. If you touch. Hey, he says he will send
her if we touch her. Touch her. Go. Come, guys. Hey! What do you want? What else you want? How many men should I beat
to remove the fear inside you? What else should I do to
make a girl like you to love me? What else should I do to
make a girl like you to love me? What else should I do to
make a girl like you to love me? What else should I do to
make a girl like you to love me? I thought a guy who can beat will come. A guy who is capable
of thrashing badly has come. I love you, Srinu. I love you, Srinu. I love you, Srinu. I love you, Srinu. “Hey, beat them if they block your way.” “Beat them black and blue.” “Beat them again and again.” “Here.. There..
Everywhere.. Beat whoever you can.” “Beat them by flying.” “Beat them like anything.
Break their bones.” “I am bit eccentric.” “If I beat then the result will be bad.
One month rest is assured.” “Come. Come. Come.” “I am bit arrogant.” “I will get rid of the nuisance. “If I come then it
will be chaos all around.” “Come. Come. Come.” “Hey, beat.
Beat them such that people cheer you.” “Beat them such that
people give you respect.” “Beat them upside down.” “Pull them.. Drag them..” “Chase them and beat them in streets.” “Our Srinu is terrific.” “He is bit mad.” “You will feel the shock if he comes.” “Everything around will shake.” “I am bit eccentric.” “If I beat then the result will be bad.
One month rest is assured.” “Come. Come. Come.” “Hey, beat them if they block your way.” “Beat them black and blue.” “Beat them again and again.” “Here.. There..
Everywhere.. Beat whoever you can.” “It is this.
It is this. This is my style.” “He will thrash you
and sell you by kilograms.” “If I start chasing a person..” “My god. My god.
He will settle the score.” “Any boy can look at you.” “After knowing the matter,
he should consider you his sister.” “He should flirt with you saying love.” “And then he should run away from me.” “Beat! Beat! Beat them black and blue.” “Thrash them badly.
Jump in the air and beat.” “My goodness. My goodness.
My goodness. – Because of your beating.. “..my heart too is beating fast.
– Oh, my dear. My dear.” “Our Srinu is terrific.” “He is bit mad.” “You will feel the shock if he comes.” “Everything around will shake.” “Do it.” “Do it.” “If you boast saying
that 60’s are sweet…” “He will carry you on
his shoulders and throw you.” “If you kid with me
and ask for the number..” “He will strangle you to death.” “Do you want a gift?” “I am the king of good times.” “I should always praise your beauty.” “If you show me attitude
then you got to pack your bags.” “Beat. Beat.
Beat. Beat him black and blue.” “Beat. Beat.
Beat. Beat again and make them mad.” “Hey, show me the good and bad.” “Hold the waist of this
damsel and turn her mad.” “Our Srinu is terrific.” “He is bit mad.” “You will feel the shock if he comes.” “Everything around will shake.” Hey, where is Shruti? Why do you laugh? Where is she? Where is Shruti? One guy came and thrashed
us badly and took her away. Do you know who he is? He loves your girl. Not only that.
Your girl said I love you to him. They exchanged kisses and hugs. Do you know who he is? He is called Srinu. A right man has entered your life. He will give the right treatment to you.
You are out. I want to see it with my eyes. Sorry, Narsing.
I will not give you that chance. Anji. – Brother. That.. That.. That.. Wherever
Srinu might be, bring him to me. Start! Let him be anywhere,
he shouldn’t leave the city. Search railway station,
bus stand, and airport. Don’t leave any place.
Search him everywhere. Hit.. Hit..
Hit.. Hit.. Dhoni should hit. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Hit. Hit. Hit! ‘Superb shot!’ ‘And he goes after that. Huge six!’ Six! Six! Six! ‘Using the pace of the bowler..’ ‘He lofted it..’ Brother! Have you come? Hey! What a shot Dhoni has hit? India rocks. Australia sucks. But TV is not working properly. What, Chintu? Are you not
paying the cable bill on time? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. She fell in love with me. Brother, it is Shruti.
She fell in love with me. Deep love. She has fallen so deep
that she will not be able.. ..to live without Srinu. She has fallen. Hey, you do not believe me. Right? One minute. Shruti’s number. Hi, Shruti. – Hi, Srinu. Say I love you. Please. What, Srinu? Please say it. I love you, Srinu. Not like that. Earlier you
said with a feeling after hugging me. Like that. I love you, Srinu. You said it with a dialogue. Say it with that dialogue. I thought a person
who will beat will come. In stead a person who
thrashes badly has come. I love you, Srinu. Superb! Then you.. That is the matter, brother. You thought she will not fall. I said she will fall. Have you seen how she fell? Now the deal between us is over.
We are all friends. Okay. Hey, Chintu. Take care of brother. Keep it. Brother, if you too find
a good and get married then I will.. Bye. Some plan with Shruti.. Hey! Did you think that
I will get you married.. ..if you make her fall in love? She lost her fear because of your love. I will bring it back with your death. Beat the rascal! No, brother. No. You touched me once
and your love story.. ..has turned upside down. If you touch me once again then.. ..your life story will change. He.. He.. He.. He is telling us to kill him! Come! Hey! Scoundrel! Come! Come! Come! Come! Sit down, brother. Didn’t I say sit down? I told you that day
to find some other guy. But you wanted me. Brother, you don’t know about me. I am from Anakapalli. You may go by flight, train or by walk. Ask what kind of person Srinu is. They will say that
he is a big idiot than you. Come and touch me then. When you are not feeling anything
then what is wrong with him. Look, all these days you
thought that Shruti belongs.. ..to a person who
is powerful and strong. I am saying that Shruti
belongs to whoever loves her. Shruti loves me. Shruti is mine. If there is something
wrong in it then.. Hey! Break.. Break..
Break.. It will break down. Stop! Bhavani, what is this? What happened? Half a minute is sufficient
to savour your beauty. But I gave you six months time.. ..when you said you want to study. You had fallen for him within six days. Hey, Bhavani.
Where are you taking her away? Hey, Andhra Bank.
She is my fixed deposit. It has matured. I am taking her away. We are getting married tomorrow. Take leave and come for lunch. Come. – Bhavani! Bhavani! – Shruti! I thought of making
you enter this house.. ..only after getting married. But you acted in haste. Tell me if you have any friends. I will invite them for marriage.
– Hey, one second. Call just one person. A right person has entered your life,
isn’t it? Invite him.
I will obey you and marry you. What will he do? Will he take you away?
I will invite him. I will invite him and make him play..
Play.. Play.. I will make him play music. Brother, dress is superb.
Marriage too will rock. What will rock? Srinu is there. What, Chintu? What did you say? Nothing, brother. I know what you said.
Others should know. Nothing, brother. Srinu is there. Did you hear? This is public talk. Brother, there is
no such chance for Srinu. There will be hundred
people inside and outside. If he enters inside
then he cannot escape. Then too we should be careful. Because it is Srinu on the other side. “Srinu, you have got an amazing style.” “You are an amazing guy.” Srinu! Invitation, guys.
Brother told me to come. Tell me if your brother fears me.
I will leave. Why would brother fear you? Oh! Brother, I have come. Wow! Superb get up and set up.
It is rocking. What, brother? I thought you will
touch me and my family. But you directly touched my heart. Okay. Let it be anything. You have invited me for your marriage. I am happy. Hey, Chintu.
Are all the arrangements going well? Why is the music dull? Play them loud. Brother, I will sit
here in the front row and.. ..watch the marriage. What is it with you? What is that look? What plan did you make, Srinu? How many people? – Hundred people. You are hundred and Srinu is solo. What plan will I make?
Now go and do your work. Lord Keshava.. Lord Narayana.. Look here. Sorry, brother. I don’t have guts
to watch this marriage. Brother, all my friends
shouted saying that.. ..one can never watch
his girlfriend getting married. I came to see this marriage
because I was stubborn. I am unable to see this. You go to hell. Srinu, why are you leaving
the girl whom you loved? How many people? Hundred people. I am solo. It doesn’t match. Leave it. Srinu! Srinu! I don’t know how you must
be feeling but I cannot see this. Why is he feeling more sad than me? What, friend? – Where are you? Just now Shruti has
entered the marriage venue. I will take her away. Take her away? How? Watch now. Didn’t I say it is
Srinu on the other side? What, Srinu?
Why isn’t anybody following us? It will take a minimum of
one month for him to come out.. ..of the shock given by me. No! Hey, Shruti! Srinu! Hey, take her into the vehicle. Srinu! Srinu! Srinu! Srinu! Where is Shruti? You took her away from
the marriage using your brain. So many Scorpios.. So many men.. They are not my men.
I don’t have so much power. Do you know who sent them? He is a person who is ten
times more powerful than me. He can instill fear
in rowdies like me too. Warangal’s Rajanna. Hey! – Hey!
Will you act smart with Rajanna? I will peel your skin, rascal. Who is Rajanna?
Why did he take away Shruti? This is your doubt. Isn’t it? You are never good at any place. Do you remember that you
beat few guys in the train.. ..when you were travelling
to Hyderabad from your village? ‘Come, guys.’ Do you think he is from
the guys whom you beat? No. The real twist lies here. Should I tell you? One girl fell for you
without your knowledge.. ..after watching your style,
language and fight. She is the daughter of Rajanna. Rajanna had a daughter after many years. If she says, father, I want a head.. ..he will chop off ten heads. If she says,
father, I want your head then.. ..he will not think of anything
and he will cut his own head. Such a person’s daughter
said she wants you. So will he now spare you? His men were searching for you. They came and met me
a day before my marriage. I told Rajanna that it
is not easy to take Srinu. I said if you take Shruti
then he will come to your house. Now you have only two options. One is to marry Rajanna’s daughter. Second one. Get your head cut by him. Superb, dear. Any person will hit on the
weak point that he is aware of. But why did you hit me on
a weak point that I am unaware of. I appreciate you. Now I should tell you something here. Till now only Bhavani
has seen Srinu’s range. Now I will show Srinu’s
range to Rajanna. Not just him but everyone
will be left surprised as.. ..how I am going to
bring Shruti from there. “Srinu is amazing!” Srinu will become the
son-in-law of this family. If you listen to me then
I will treat you as a daughter.. ..of this family after
the marriage gets over. If you say no and act smart
then I will peel your skin. Hey, who is Rajanna here? Hey! Wow! Father, he has come. Venkat. Brother. – How well
son-in-law is thrashing. Yes, brother.
– Beat. Super! Stop! Why did so many people come? I am saved. – Srinu! Why did you stop?
Come! Come! Come! Come! Superb! – Come! Son-in-law has come to my house and.. ..he is challenging my men. Venkat. – Brother. Son-in-law is like a lion, isn’t it? Move away. Hey, Rajanna.
You thought that I cannot take away.. ..Shruti from here
if you bring her here. You have seen it. Let anybody stop me,
I can take her away in no time.. ..after beating them. But I will not take her
with me because I am too waiting.. ..for a father-in-law who
has got a background like you. By the way, why is the
need of so many Scorpios and men? Will I not come if you call me once? This Srinu agrees to become
the son-in-law of this.. ..palace like house and husband to.. ..your princess like daughter. But you loved that girl. I loved her, father-in-law. I loved her. But she belongs to middle class. Middle class girls should
be left in the mid way. Look, Shruti. I have come
across a good turning point.. ..to settle down in life. Well! Well! Well! How smart you are. One should know what
to take and what to give up.. ..for making progress in life. You are very clever in that matter. Venkat. – Brother. You said how I will
convince my son-in-law. You have seen it, isn’t it? Son-in-law, you and my daughter.. ..will get married tomorrow. Tomorrow?
Why is it so sudden, father-in-law? Don’t I need at least ten days time? Ten days? Why? I should know your daughter
well and she should know me. In these ten days if
we develop good chemistry.. ..between us develops
and know each other well then.. ..we both will live happily. Venkat. Son-in-law has studied a lot. Not studies.
He is creating some problem. Son-in-law, you may say anything but.. ..marriage will not be stopped.
– Father. We waited for so many days for him. Couldn’t we wait for another ten days? ‘Is she the babe who loved me?’ Not that, dear. Do whatever he says. Otherwise I will become angry. Okay, dear. We will do as you say. Venkat. – Brother. Marriage will take place after ten days. The entire Warangal should celebrate. Go. Brother, what to do with that girl? It will be better if she
stays here till the marriage. Son-in-law,
I don’t feel bad if one cheats me. But if one cheats me then.. Brother, Rajanna’s marriage
will take place within ten days. Grandfather! Father! I will kill him within
ten days and I will seek revenge. Father, you couldn’t
do anything for 25 years. What will you do in ten days? Chinna, will you make fun
of the humiliation suffered by.. ..numerous generations? What revenge?
Is it regarding one square foot land? Rajanna has 500 acres
of land on one side and.. ..we too had the same on the other side. Will you make us homeless like this.. ..since Rajanna occupied one
square foot land lying between it. Chinna. – I had a salary
of 50,000 rupees in Infosys. You said.. Father, revenge.. You brought me here and made me a cook. I am hungry, Chinna, Eat and die. – Lentils everyday? I am not getting credit
for these lentils. If you book flight ticket
for me then I will go to Delhi.. ..and cancel the case
of one square foot land. Do you need flight
in such bad conditions? Don’t say anything to my lawyer. Lawyer, it is okay
if money is spent but.. ..we should win the case. “You! You want to have me.
I will not fall in your hands..” “Let this world doesn’t agree with me..” You have given him a good jerk.
Call him once. Well.. How come I receive a call here? Hello. Hey, Srinu.
You told me that you will bring her. But did you agree for
the marriage within ten days. Well, brother.
Since Rajanna doesn’t know me.. ..so he agreed when I said ten days. So how come you are
so relaxed over there.. ..in spite of knowing me. Useless fool! Hey, I asked ten days
of time before getting married. I will take away Shruti from here. Whether it is ten days,
seven days, five days or three days. I can take her away from
here right now if I feel like doing. Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Shruti, leave me. Naughty girl! Hey! – Sr.. Sr.. Sr.. “No. No. No. Sheila. Sheila’s beauty.” Srinu! Hey, leave. Leave. What is your name? Shruti. – My name is Sandhya. My father brings everything
in two pairs for me. You take one.
But don’t ask for my husband. He is mine. Where is Shruti? I have seen and loved him before you I didn’t cheat you. Leave it. Well, do you watch movies? Who is your favourite? Oh! He is calling. Oh! Did you call me? Oh! How shy is she? It is better to find out her character. Hi, Sandhya.
– I am feeling shy. I will go. Hey, Sandhya.
It will be difficult if it is like this. You should behave freely with me. Free means? Free means friendly. If that is the matter
then we are friends. We should keep like this and
rotate with the thumb. That’s it. Sandhya. “Oh, my dream boy.” Tell me about yourself. I look very smart.
We have got huge money. I like my father very much. I like watching my father
thrashing the person.. ..whom I don’t like. How come you are born
with so much of violence? Yes! I love movies very much. I am mad for movies based on love. My life’s ambition
is to have love marriage. Then why are you marrying me. My goodness!
Why are you asking like that? I loved you. Why did you love me? – Why? That day you thrashed ten people.. ..like anything inside the train. Did you fell in love
after watching the fight? Not just fight. Your style, dialogue..
I still remember it. It is not a mistake
to have fun with girls. It is a mistake to make fun of girls. You said it very well. Why are you laughing like that? Sandhya, you don’t love me. You like me. What is like and love?
Both are same, isn’t it? How should I tell you? Do you like Jackie Chan’s fights? Yes. I like. Prabhudeva’s dance? – I like it. Brahmanandam’s comedy? I like it very much. Did you love anybody from them?
– No, I didn’t. Similarly you like my
fights and dialogues and.. ..you are thinking it as love. Then what is love. Love is a feel. A spark. An accident. When I saw Shruti for the first time,
a bell ran inside me. After that I made a
bell ring inside her too. Like that we both became lovers. Shruti. Srinu. Sandhya, love story
doesn’t mean one sided. If two people love
each other then only.. ..it will become a perfect love story. Is it? Did a bell ring inside
your heart after seeing me.. ..in the train. No. Then yours is not love. So ours is not a love marriage? No. Arranged marriage. You liked me. I liked your background. When there is no love
in it then how come.. ..it is a love marriage. Then what about my ambition of
love marriage? Srinu! What if I had to feel love? If you want to feel love
then a bell should ring inside.. ..your heart. What did I tell her? What is bell and it’s ringing. ‘If they are good looking
then we fall in love.’ ‘Why do we need love?’ ‘Every day hundreds of girls..’ What Srinu said is correct. Love is a feel. An accident. Bell should ring inside the heart. Come, Bhavani. Come. You have come like a lightening
without giving any intimation. I have given Srinu to you.
I came to take Sandhya. You have said a good thing, But you can take her
after the marriage gets over. What if Srinu takes away
Shruti if she stays here? Do you know whom you are suspecting? My son-in-law. My son-in-law is a diamond. By the way, why do I need this mess? Hey, Venkat. Call that girl. Okay, brother. The girl looks good.
Take good care of her. Brother, the girl is missing. First see whether Srinu is there or not. Brother, son-in-law missing. Didn’t I tell you?
You said my son-in-law is a diamond.. Hey, why is your voice increasing? Srinu.. Where is the girl? Girl? Which girl, father-in-law? Where is the girl? Which girl, father-in-law? – Srinu! Srinu! Playing hide and seek? – Srinu! You are found. Father, why did you point the gun? It is nothing, dear.
It is for searching son-in-law. You go inside, dear. – No. No! Sandhya, you go. Venkat! Brother, we cannot
search inside the bathroom. Tell me, father-in-law. What is
the matter? – It is nothing, son-in-law. Why did you take the gun out?
Why is Bhavani here? What is happening? Tell me, father-in-law.
I should know what is happening here. What should I tell you, son-in-law? He has come to take away Shruti.
She was missing. And then you too were
missing at the same time. This rascal said you took her away.
I pointed the gun at you. So will you believe anything
said by a crook, father-in-law? I said I am impressed
with your power and.. ..therefore I will marry your daughter. And for this I rejected
the girl whom I loved. So will you suspect me? Oh, God.. No, father-in-law. Srinu is waste when
you have suspected me. Shoot me! Shoot me! – Son-in-law! Come on. Shoot me.
Shoot me. I don’t want to live. Shoot me! Leave the gun, son-in-law.
Enough! Have you gone mad? You could have lost
your life had it misfired. All this happened because
of this mad person. Father-in-law, I came to know the truth. You don’t trust me.
Therefore send Shruti with him. Hey, it is not that I don’t trust you. No, father-in-law. You don’t
trust me so send Shruti with him. Son-in-law, I trust you a lot. No, father-in-law. You don’t
trust me so send Shruti with him. I love you as much
as I love my daughter. Therefore Shruti will stay
here till the marriage takes place. If anybody interferes
in this matter then.. ..I will remove their skin.
– Father-in-law, it is.. Son-in-law, you don’t say anything.
Hey, Venkat. Brother. – Come. Rajanna, I too will stay
here till the marriage takes place. I said this matter before. Do that. What did you say? You said you will take her
away whenever you feel like doing it. I will stay here and see
how you will take her away. Hey, what is my greatness
if I take away Shruti from here.. ..when you stay there? My smartness will be
proved if I take away Shruti.. ..from Rajanna’s
house in your presence.. ..when everybody is watching. Did I speak more
by getting carried away? You! Hey! Am I a middle class girl? Will you leave me mid way? Tell me. Srinu.. – Why will I leave you? My entire time was spent
in chasing and fighting.. ..since I fell in love with you. There is no kiss or romance.
I want romance. I want romance. Hey! No! – Right now
I want romance. Please. Shruti, please co-operate with me. – No! Please co-operate with me.
I want romance. I want romance. Srinu, this is not romance.
It looks like rape. By the way, all this will
happen only after marriage. Are these things happening
after marriage these days? Srinu. – Okay. What is this marriage?
What are ten days for? Now that Bhavani too has come. You beat everyone.
So why don’t you take me away. Look, Shruti.
Taking you from Rajanna’s house.. ..is not as easy as
beating Bhavani’s men. That’s why I beat those
guys and entered this house.. ..after gaining Rajanna’s trust. In fact even I don’t know
how I will take you away.. ..from this house. But you be ready. Promise me. I swear on my father
whom I love very much. When Srinu changed his
mind I thought of something else. By the way, he has found a good party. Come. Our fortunes too will change. Oh! Oh! How beautiful the bungalow is. If the bungalow is so beautiful then.. ..how beautiful my
brother-in-law would be. Where is my brother-in-law? What is this sound? Not sound. It is death sound. Brother, our in-laws have come. Who is Srinu’s father from you? Give me that knife. I am your favourite, brother-in-law. Wonderful!
What a son you have given birth to. He is very smart.
I had given everything to your son. By the way, where is daughter-in-law? Father. – Come, dear. Come. Brother-in-law, your daughter-in-law. Father, there is problem
with the cable TV. Call him and thrash him. – Oh! Your daughter-in-law
is a violent person. She is the correct girl for him.
– I will do that. Well, your father-in-law as come. Go and touch his feet, dear. No. He is a short guy.
Why will I touch his feet? He is your father-in-law. It doesn’t look good.
Go and touch his feet. Okay. Who is he? He looks like my father. You look very beautiful. Father? How is that you
came here without telling me? Come inside for a moment.
– Why should I tell you? You got ready for the marriage
without telling us anything. Brother-in-law is an elder person. Therefore he brought us in AC coach. Oh! Did you call them, father-in-law? Yes, son-in-law.
Marriage date is nearing. Father, you please come inside
for a moment. – I will not come. Son-in-law is asking us to
come inside by showing lot of respect. I guess it will be better if we go. What is this house? – What is that girl? And that father-in-law.
– Everything is confusing. Shruti! My father. Get up, dear.
Get up. You look like goddess Lakshmi. Who is this girl?
– The girl whom I will marry. Then who is that girl. The girl who will marry me. It is confusing! If you want a clarity
for you conclusion.. ‘Marriage will take place in ten days.’ ‘Entire Warangal should celebrate.’ This is the matter, father. I don’t know when I will
take Shruti away from here. You came here without my knowledge. So you escape from here in the
same manner without anybody knowing it. Otherwise you know about Rajanna. Brother-in-law,
I don’t understand anything. I have understood everything. We have come in search of our death. We should escape before Srinu escapes. Brother-in-law, do you think
that Srinu will do as he said? He doesn’t believe in
sentiments since childhood. Oh! – Oh! Not only Shruti.. ..he will take Rajanna’s
daughter too with him if needed. “Hey, come on. Come on. Come to me.” “I want to be your lady.” “So you will never get a better
one than me. I am your fantasy.” “You want just me. Tell me.” “Yes, I am crazy. Crazy. Crazy.” “Hey, Angelina. Angelina.” “How do you do, Hollywood dear? “Anytime. Anywhere. I belong to you.” “Katherina! Katherina!” “How are you my beauty treasure?” “I am ready anywhere.” “One more time. Just happy for you.” “Oh! Dream wood. Love massage.” “Everything is great.” “Oh! I am becoming insane.” “Thanks to your silly
romance and chilly love.” “It is flowing like water.” “Oh ya yo!” Hey, come on. Bite me. “Oh ya yo!” “Hey, come on. Bite me.” “Oh ya yo!” “Oh ya yo!” “Should I kiss the moonlight?” “Should I promise the strawberry?” “Should I kiss you
and turn your mind blank.” “Should I write down
everything for you?” “My body is asking
for a lip lock kiss after.. ..seeing your curvaceous body.” “Hey, it is five star
and the front door is open.” “Take French kiss quickly.” “Oh! Everything is cool.” “Everything is rocking
upon our coming together.” “Oh, it is all fun and romance.” “We are the couple
competing with each other.” “It is mad and crazy.” “Hey! Bite me, oh, honeybee.” “Hey! Bite me, oh, honeybee.” “You are ultra model, Anarkali.” “You are my lovely, honeybee.” “I am your jelly.
Enjoy me again and again.” “I saw your hip hop
hip and the gap between.” “My lips have turned red.” “I saw the juice
inside your biceps and.. ..the current in your eyes.” “Microwave is burning with
fire upon seeing all this.” “There is pizza and pasta.
Should I eat both?” “Oh, should I drive with
the speed of formula one? “Should I make my moves
with lightening speed?” “Oh, bite me, honeybee.” “Oh, bite me, honeybee.”. Yeah. Come. Come. – Coming. Coming. Are you quicker than me? Jeep is ready. Come. Come. Have you seen how I freed you? Srinu, what about your father? Mad girl, they are faster than us. Srinu, your entire family is sharp. All your grace. Rajanna? – Bhavani? If they watch both of us then knife..
Knife.. Knife.. Take the vehicles out. Drive! Stop it, Shruti! Stop it!
– Bhavani. I am telling you again.
I am telling you inside the temple.. In front of my Vinay’s father Shiva. I may take any number of births… ..Sandhya will be my wife. He can say this matter in the house. What is the need to come so far and say? You might get that
stupid doubt saying that.. ..I could have said this
matter in the house and.. ..what was the need to come so far. Shruti, Sandhya cannot
tolerate watching us.. ..discuss anything. My Sandhya cannot tolerate. Bhavani is already planning
to separate me and my father-in-law. Even if they watch us coming like this.. ..they will still not follow us. He trusts me so much. He madly trusts me. How should I.. Son-in-law is coming.
It doesn’t look good if he watches. Come. Come. Move. Move. Move. Father-in-law? How come you are here? Son-in-law, it is monday. Lord Shiva. Today is tuesday. Venkat, don’t you know the days.
You said it is monday. Is it like that or
did you listen to Bhavani.. Leave him.
Why will I listen to this fool again.. ..and again, son-in-law.
– Okay, father-in-law. Hope you didn’t listen
to what I said to Shruti. It is okay if you heard it. But don’t let Sandhya
come to know this matter. Because my Sandhya cannot tolerate it.
– Son-in-law! Brother, today she
has changed the vehicle. Tomorrow she will change the person.
Start the vehicle, rascal. ‘Don’t watch me like that. I am afraid.’ Are you my friend? If you remain calm like
then I will break our friendship. Do that, dear.
– Since there was no support from you.. ..so I worked hard on my own. Will you reverse the
plan at the last minute? It was my good luck that
your father Shiva was there. I escaped using his name. ‘Father, did you too become his victim?’ Do you not understand
how serious this matter is? Give me! Give me! Give me some idea. Srinu! Srinu! Srinu! – What, Sandhya? What you said is correct. What did I say? What is correct? I.. I.. Bell rang inside me. Did the bell ring? – Yes. When? Where? Who? Look, it is him. Him? How? How is it means.. Hey, Anjai. We should get the land deal. Hey! So.. So.. So.. Sorry. Srinu, he too stammers like me. Do you stammer? Yes, Srinu.
Somehow I managed it in front of you. Whether I get angry or excited,
I stammer. One minute. Vinay! What I thought.. ..and what you are doing is different. So I will not take
Shruti away from here? Bhavani will get Sandhya. ‘Your time is good.’ I appreciate you. Sandhya, what is there? There is a love story in your life. Do you think it is love? I stand guarantee by it.
Did you feel the bell ringing? Yes. But.. What now? It is 100 percent love. It will take some time
to realize it is love.. ..after the bell rings. Then what should I do now. You don’t do anything.
Now the bell will ring automatically. Srinu, this matter
should remain between us.. ..until I realise this is love. My goodness. Hey, Bhavani. A love story that can change
your life story has begun. I am dying because
of doing service to him. Brother is busy so I drank. Anyway, your brother shouldn’t flex
his muscles. It should be his brain. Because these days girls
are falling for people.. ..with brains and not body. For example.. That’s me. Hey, Chintu.
If he doesn’t leave from here then.. ..I will break your
head with this dumbbell. Hey, leave. Leave from here. Where will I go by leaving you, Chintu? So what is the matter, Chintu?
– What is the matter.. If you leave from here
then there will be no tension. She started flirting immediately. I should take advantage
of this situation. How? Okay, Chintu. I have got some work. Bye. Go. Go away.
You squeeze it nicely. Juice. We will do that.
Go. – You will stay here, isn’t it? Yes. – Oh! Oh! Brother, he has planned something.
He is running. What is that water sound? – Oh! Sir, Nagarjuna and
Tabu fell inside the tub! So.. So.. So.. Sorry. Hey, Sandhya. All this is love. Leave, Srinu. – I will leave. Why do you need me now?
Now you will go to your father and say.. ..that I don’t want Srinu,
I want Bhavani. No, Srinu.
There is no love story in my life. What is that?
Why did you suddenly say like that? Look, did you forget. What did you say? Didn’t you say that perfect
love story is two-sided and.. ..not one sided. Did I say? My foolishness. Bhavani has come to
take Shruti from here. How will he love me? He will. Because he doesn’t
love Shruti with true heart. It is his challenge against me. Both of you fell in the water
tub today.. Both came closer.. I am sure a bell must
have ringed inside him.. ..for touching your wet body. Really? – Yes. Today or tomorrow he will
come to you and say I love you. Oh! Don’t know, Srinu. By hearing your words,
I feel it is true. Promise me. I swear on your father
whom you love very much. You stay happy. – Srinu! This matter should remain between us.. ..until he says I love you to me. Oh! So Bhavani should
come to you and say I love you. How will he say? How will he say? How will he say? Brother, look there. Yes! Chintu, what happened? Brother, didn’t I say that
she changed vehicle that day. Today the person has changed. She has thrown a flower.
It means you must follow her. Stop it, Puppy.
Don’t ever talk to me about Srinu. He is a villain in the guise of a hero. He pretended to love
me but after seeing.. ..Rajanna’s wealth he
stepped back saying that.. ..he will marry only Sandhya. Poor guy. I never noticed
the love side of Bhavani.. ..and thought he is the villain. The truth is that Bhavani
is the hero in the guise of villain. Hero. What? Should I tell
Bhavani that I love him? How will he believe me if
I say I love you to him suddenly.. ..after hating him till now. I wish to hear Bhavani
saying I love you to me.. ..at a romantic place. Shruti! There! What is she doing when
she is marrying our boy? This is called turning. What is this shame? – Yes. Shame. Look at this and.. Send our men. If Rajanna watches this
then he will remove our skin. Correct. So.. So.. So.. Sorry. Naughty boy! Are you saying
sorry because they watched us? Otherwise you would have said I..
I.. I love you. Hey, Sandhya. Is it okay? Okay, Srinu. Srinu. – Have you seen
son-in-law’s chemistry? It is not good for
us to stay here. Come. Srinu, your plan is superb. There is no person who can beat you. He is there. This Avatar is there. My god. Why did he come? – Who is he? Rajanna’s brother-in-law.
Intelligence officer. Intelligent and smart. – With whom? He will make anything out of you.
– Sir, my name is.. Your name is Bulli. Srinu’s friend. Problem with second family. – For me? Not you. It is for him. Listen to me!
Listen to me I say.. – Didn’t I say? Don’t spare anyone. Search all the men
and women of this house. Yes, sir!
– Go. What, brother-in-law?
Should we live or die? – Sorry, sir. Why do you search every place? Silence! Fast. Search every place. Sari open, madam. How are you, uncle?
– God bless you, dear. Second floor and third floor? No third floor? Only fourth floor. This is intelligence
officer Avatar. Over. Sir! Everything okay, sir.
– No problem, sir. Catch it! Pen. Catch it! Stamp. Bend. – It is my duty, sir. Catch him. – Gum. Inside your mouth, sir. – Thank you. Take it!
– Why do you give me this paper.. ..when I told you to
attend the marriage? Avataram. Tar. Avatar. This brother-in-law
has searched your house.. ..so that the marriage
takes place smoothly. My duty is over.
Come on, boys! – Yes, sir. Why do you run like that? Let me introduce you
to son-in-law’s family. He is son-in-law’s father. – Yes, sir! He is son-in-law’s uncle. – Yes, sir! He is son-in-law’s friend. – Yes, sir! He is son-in-law’s enemy. – Yes, sir! He wants the girl.
Girl wants son-in-law. You want son-in-law. – Perfect, sir. How did you say that?
– Tar. Intelligence Avatar. I will scan the character
by seeing them with eyes. Flight time over, sir. We are wasting our time.
Move. Turn back. Hell with your mood.
Meet son-in-law and go. Son-in-law! Did you call me, father-in-law? My brother-in-law Avataram. Brother-in-law, he is my son-in-law. Greetings, sir. I will scan him. ‘Problem is not with the house.
It is with him.’ ‘There is something wrong with you.’ ‘Correct.’ ‘I will reveal your character.’ ‘Hell with you.’ Sir, we should catch the flight. You go and catch the flight.
I have to catch a person here. Go! – Yes, sir! Move! – ‘Oh! Will you do that?’ Brother-in-law,
son-in-law looks like a diamond. Right? Does he look like that for you? – Yes. I will decide his fate in 24 hours. Avatar’s operation start. Start! Hello, Srinu. Urgently come to the
corridor behind balcony. Okay? – Okay. I too will come. Srinu, something fell in my eyes. What happened? – See. Wait. Wait. Wait. Srinu, you are caught. Caught you red handed with your lover. Okay? – Superb, Srinu. Our girl? I thought
something is wrong with him. Am I wrong? What is it with him? Shruti. – What, Srinu? Why did you tell me to come urgently?
– What happened is.. It is.. It is.. I don’t know how I should tell you. It is not possible with me, Shruti. What happened? – What happened is.. What happened? – What happened is.. What happened? – What happened is.. My goodness.
Didn’t you kiss just now? Again? Will our girl tolerate his speed? No! Srinu, leave her.
I beg you. Girl will die. Hey, stop it. Hell with you. Srinu? I am not wrong. It is you. Leave me, Srinu.
– Night.. Father, why did we come here. To kidnap Rajanna’s son-in-law Srinu. Oh! Kidnap? I should see that this plan succeeds. Who is Srinu? It is me. Wait. Why? Because you are Rajanna’s son-in-law. I am not Rajanna’s son-in-law.
It is Bhavani. Where? Kidnap. – Kidnap? How will you do? Like this. – I will tell you. Like this. – Hey, leave. What is that sound? – You.. Father! Father! Father! I am asking you because I
am unable to understand something. Srinu is kissing his
lover as well as our girl. My scan is unable to find him. Now.. Yuck. Not me. Not me. She kissed that guy
and gave flower to this guy. I thought something
is wrong with Srinu alone. Something is wrong with her too. Confusion starts. Hey, who is that? Shruti! Shruti! Shruti! Shruti. Lovely. My lovely. Baby! Open the door, dear. Baby, open the door. It is me.. Me. Don’t take tension. I will manage. Not that. – Hide inside. Hide. Go. Baby! I thought something
is wrong with those two. Something is wrong with our girl too.
– Totally something wrong. What, dear? What is that sound? Nothing, father. – Nothing? I felt someone entered inside. No. Nobody entered inside.
– What, father-in-law? What happened? Nothing, son-in-law.
I felt someone entered the room. Some entered? Who? Who? Who? Who entered my fiancee’s room? If I find him then.. Father-in-law,
there is nobody inside the bathroom. I am sure he must
be inside the cupboard. Father-in-law,
there is nobody inside the cupboard too. If you have any doubt then come and see. It is okay if you see. – Okay. Where is he? Srinu, did you check under the bed? Chintu! – Correct. Be careful, dear. Marriage is nearing.
– I did get this doubt. Thieves might enter. You are caught.
I will teach you a lesson. Uncle! – What, son-in-law? There is nobody under the bed too. So is it necessary to
shout like that for no reason. Didn’t you shout? By the way, why will anyone
enter the house when I am there? I am relaxed because of you, son-in-law. You come.
Go and sleep. I will see to it. Midnight meetings..
Hiding under the bed.. Srinu, so will he
say I love you to me now? He will say thanks now.
Later on he will say I love you. You are in a hurry. I am unable to manage her. Everyone has left. Come. Come. Come, fast. Do.. Do.. Do..
Do you want to say something to me? Th.. Th.. Th.. Thanks. Srinu is always right. My goodness.
This intelligent Avataram got confused. This will not work.
First I should come to know.. ..what is happening in this house. Keep it properly. They started marriage arrangements too. Wow! It is my Sandhya’s marriage. Come fast. Come. Are the marriage
arrangements going well? Why do you look dull, priest?
What is the matter? Brother! – Yes. I have come. Where is your son-in-law? Why are you asking
me when he is beside you? Wow! Boy is superb! His cheeks are so sweet. – Enough! Go inside and take care
of the marriage arrangements. We have come for the same. Come, sister. Go. Come, madam. What, Srinu? Why are you taking tension? Is it because Bhavani
didn’t say I love you to me. He will say. I have got full confidence in you. You have got. I don’t have. Do you know what it is? – Cell phone.. Not cell phone. Your life. ‘That is hundred percent love.’ ‘It will take some time to realize.. ..it is love after the bell rings.’ ‘He will directly come
to you and say I love you.’ ‘Your plan is superb, Srinu.’ What is your problem? “This mad world has performed the..” “..marriage of dove and cage.” What is the relationship
between this song and situation? It is there. It is there. One day when madam was
climbing the stairs down.. ‘Girl is really good.’ ‘Hey!’ ‘Sir! Sir!’ ‘Will you look at my daughter?’ ‘I spare you because
you grew up in my house.. ..since childhood.’ Rowdy rascal. Don’t rowdies have hearts?
We too have feelings, brother. It was then..
It was then I decided that.. ..Rajanna should get a bigger
rowdy than me as son-in-law. In the meantime you entered.
I felt very bad. But I felt happy seeing
you setting up Bhavani. If you don’t get Sandhya
married to Bhavani.. ..I will directly go and
keep this cell in front of Rajanna. You will do.
You will perform their marriage. You will do. “This is the sin you committed.
This is the curse.” T-shirt is really superb, Chintu. Srinu, for the first
time I am seeing confusion.. ..in your eyes instead of confidence. I like this face. You and Sandhya will
definitely get married. Even if you wish to take Shruti away,
she will not come with you. Do you know why?
Because Shruti loves me. We are in love. Hey, by the way,
did you say I love you to Shruti. No. Okay. Did Shruti say I love you to you. No. Then why do you need
this shirt and scarf. Go and say I love you to Shruti. Come and tell me her reaction. No! I.. I.. I.. I will say I love you. It is lonely time. Shruti.. Shruti. Shruti, ours is the true love story. He came in between. It is my mistake for
not being romantic with you. Now I will.. Is it Shruti or Sandhya? Yuck.. – Shruti.. Hey.. Hey.. – Leave me! Yes! Yes! Actually I cannot express
my love easily like others. Because I speak less like Mahesh Babu.. ..from the movie ‘Athadu.’ I will express the love hidden
inside my heart in one word. I.. I love you. Yes. I said what I wanted to say. If you want to say something,
I will wait downstairs. What else should I say? I too love you. What, dear?
Why are you running like this? What is the matter? Father. – Yes. I will remember this day all my life. What is the matter, dear? “The boy is wonderful.” “He taught me love.” “There is intoxication in love.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” “The bell of love rang inside my heart.” “The bell of love rang inside my heart.” “The music of wedding is being played.” “The music of wedding is being played.” “You have created love and everything.” “Oh, girl. I liked your craziness.” “You both have become
one and the marriage is fixed.” “It has brought
happiness for the house.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” “Rama. Rama. It is you.” “Will you come? Let us go.” “Should I talk to you for
watching you from distance?” “Will you delay the matter
when you are seeing him.. ..in front?” “Oh, dear.” “I will marry you.” “I will fulfil your desire.” “I will show what Srinu is.” “He will elope with you saying that.. ..he will show you something.” “His behaviour is suspicious.” “Hey, his attitude is different.
Don’t interfere with him.” “The more distance you keep from him,
it is good for you.” “If you stay here for some
more time then everything.. ..will be finished.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” “Let anybody say anything,
I will say you are born for me.” “You may go anywhere,
I will follow you.” “I will say it is not your mistake.” “You have got all the rights.” “I am all for you.
That’s why I will come with you.” “The girl is ready. The boy is excited.” “I will fulfil the desire
of Rajanna’s beloved daughter.” “If you stay by my side then
my love will increase rapidly.” “If the son-in-law is ready
then I will give away Orugallu.” “Brother-in-law was good.
He has made him mad.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” “Love is lost. That love is lost.” “Love is born. This love is born.” Srinu, you are caught. My dear.. Enough, father. Eat, dear. I don’t want, father. Brother, your daughter
is getting married tomorrow. She is not a kid anymore
so that you feed her. She will always remain my little girl. Father-in-law,
you asked what was the need.. ..for ten days time for marriage. Did you now see how happy the house is? Look how happy Sandhya is. Why wouldn’t they be? They don’t know the truth.
That’s why they are happy. Speak out, Srinu. Tell what is happening in the house. Or do you want me to tell. What, brother-in-law? You don’t say anything.
Speak out, Srinu. Will you tell them?
Or do you want me to tell. What is the need for you or me to tell? Let us ask Sandhya to tell. Sandhya, tell what is in your heart. Yes, father. What Srinu said is true. Had I got married
during that time then.. ..I would have missed another life. In the last ten days, Srinu taught me.. ..what is love and like. Father, had Srinu not
entered my life then.. ..I wouldn’t have come
to know what true love is. It is not about that day, father. Today I am expressing
the feelings of my heart. Let me take any number of births.. ..I want Srinu as husband. Yes, father. I want Srinu. Son-in-law, Sandhya doesn’t have mother. I brought her up with lot of pampering. Sandhya knows to live
life in her own way. She doesn’t know to live
with fear and obey others. But listening to Sandhya’s words.. ..I feel she has matured a lot. I was worried thinking
that will ever a guy come.. ..who would love my
daughter more than me. Will such a thing happen before I die? You have come, son-in-law. Henceforth you are not
the son-in-law of this house. You are my son, dear. You are my son. You are caught, Srinu. Sandhya,
I came to this house for Shruti. When I fell in the water tub with you,
I fell in love with you. I love you a lot.
I cannot live without you. But at the same time
I cannot live after.. ..getting defeated in Srinu’s hands. It is because your ambition
is to have love marriage. My ambition is to take revenge on him. If you want me to win
then tell your father.. ..that you want Srinu. Why is it like that? Yes, Sandhya.
Srinu will never marry you. He will reveal his motive
at the time of marriage. And my wish is to see your
father thrashing him that time. If this doesn’t happen.. Along with me our love too will die. No. It cannot happen like that.
I will do as you say. What? Will my life story
come to an end if I touch you? Have you seen how I
turned your life story.. ..before you touched me? Tomorrow is the marriage. Go and get..
Get.. Get.. Get.. Get ready. What is all this. If you marry Sandhya
then what about Shruti. Let anything happen,
I will tell everything to Rajanna. Father, if Rajanna comes
to know this matter then.. ..he will not spare anyone amongst us. Then what to do now. Father, this marriage
should take place at any cost. Brother, you have planned
everything very well. Greetings, brother. Why do you look so dull, brother-in-law? We both are in-laws. Be happy. Hey, you don’t worry. We will rock the marriage.
– Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir, madam Sandhya is missing. Hey! Sandhya is missing. Search! Hey, find where Shruti is. Brother, she is not seen anywhere. Brother.
– Yes. Maisamma. What? Rajanna, will you get
your daughter married? How will you do?
Come. Let us do it here. Hey! Take the vehicles out! Hey, did you wish to get me married? I instigated Rajanna’s enemy Maisamma. Along with Sandhya,
I made sure that Shruti too.. ..gets kidnapped. Let us decide whether
Shruti belongs to you or me. Ba.. Ba.. Ba.. He is telling you
to take the vehicles out. Hey, Maisamma! Father! Madam, there is no mistake
from my side in this. I am very sorry. You.. You.. You..
– Lift her! Go! Go! Go! Hey, we should let
her go if we want to live. Go, madam. Go! Go! Go! Please. Please. Don’t tell anything
to your father, madam. Will you alone live? I too should live. Will you cheat me? All these days I thought you loved him. But you are born for him. Come! Come! Come! Will you beat me? Srinu! Srinu! Stop! I did everything as you said.
What is this? You love me madly. Your father loves you madly. Should I become the
son-in-law of your mad family? Father! Hey! Catch him! Son-in-law! Move! I will kill the rascal. Kill him! Son-in-law, kill him! Srinu! What, dear? Srinu, though he doesn’t love me,
I still love him. Bhavani is not a good person, dear. He is a hooligan in the city. What is that we do? Let him be anybody, I want only him. Now how should I convince son-in-law. Son-in-law, come aside. Why, father-in-law? Come, son-in-law. Come. Son-in-law, I have cheated Shruti. God has cheated me. What, father-in-law? Sandhya..
Sandhya says she will marry Bhavani. Father-in-law!
What are you talking, father-in-law? You said Sandhya and I will get married. The entire city thinks
that Srinu is Rajanna’s sin. All of a sudden you come and say.. Why don’t you speak, father? No, father-in-law.
Sandhya is my wife. That’s it. No, son-in-law.
If I don’t agree with Sandhya then.. ..I will lose my daughter. Her life is in your hands. Okay, father-in-law. That day I left Shruti
whom I loved very much. Today it is Sandhya.. Thanks a lot, son-in-law. But what about me, father-in-law? I have separated both of you. Son-in-law, I will unite both of you. Son-in-law. Son-in-law. Say yes to this marriage. Son-in-law. Son-in-law. Son-in-law. Say yes to this marriage, son-in-law. Yes, father-in-law. Son-in-law! Hey, Avataram! What, brother-in-law? Son-in-law has agreed for the marriage. With whom? Who else? With Shruti? He wanted to marry Shruti. Is his consent necessary for this? Brother-in-law,
are you not aware of an entire track? Son-in-law. What, father-in-law? You are a good person. That’s
why my daughter is getting married. Tell me, father-in-law.
Tell me what you want. Will you give anything I ask for? I will give anything you ask form. Maisamma! Son-in-law! Father-in-law,
give him his one square foot of land. Hey, Maisamma.
– You promised me. Not that, son-in-law. Father-in-law.. I have promised son-in-law. Therefore I am returning
your one square foot land. Go! Grandfather! Father! I have won! I have won! I have won!
– One square foot land? Father-in-law,
if you too give me ten days of time.. First you tie the sacred thread. I will give you hundred years of time. Yes! Get up. Live a happy life. Hey! What is this? I am not villain. It is you. Hey, say thanks to Srinu. Th.. Th.. Th.. Thanks. Father-in-law, Shruti is very stubborn.
She will not agree. Son-in-law, they say that
one should perform a marriage.. ..even by telling thousand lies. I will tell a single lie.
I will unite both of you. Wait. Dear, Shruti. Once.. I don’t want Srinu.
Today he left me for your property. If he comes across another
rich family in future then.. ..he will leave me too. No, dear. Srinu is like a diamond. I don’t believe it. Do you know something? Whatever son-in-law did
in the house was a drama. He asked ten days time for bringing.. ..Sandhya and Bhavani together. This is all for your love. What do you say, son-in-law? Yes.. Yes, father-in-law. What do you say now? If it is like that then okay. Henceforth I have two daughters and.. ..two son-in-laws. He is making the person,
who separated them, to unite them. He is not an ordinary person. Then what do you think of our Srinu. ABCDEF.. Our Srinu is very tough! Yes!
– Yes! “I am bit eccentric.” “If I beat then the result will be bad.” “One month rest is assured.” “I am bit arrogant.” “I will get rid of the nuisance. “If I come then it
will be chaos all around.” “Come. Come. Come.” “Hey, beat.
Beat them such that people cheer you.” “Beat them such that
people give you respect.” “Beat them upside down.” “Pull them.. Drag them..” “Chase them and beat them in streets.” “Our Srinu is terrific.” “He is bit mad.” “You will feel the shock if he comes.” “Everything around will shake.” “I am bit eccentric.” “If I beat then the result will be bad.” “One month rest is assured.” “Come. Come. Come.” “Hey, beat them if they block your way.” “Beat them black and blue.” “Beat them again and again.” “Here.. There..
Everywhere.. Beat whoever you can.” “Beat them like anything.
Break their bones.” “It is this.
It is this. This is my style.” “He will thrash you
and sell you by kilograms.” “If I start chasing a person..”

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