Judge LIONEL RICHIE SURPRISES Contestant With A Duet On American Idol 2018 Audition!

Judge LIONEL RICHIE SURPRISES Contestant With A Duet On American Idol 2018 Audition!

How are you?
I’m so good how are y’all? Fantastic, I mean the hair alone, stop right there I’m loving it Where are you from? Who are you? Tell us the story So I am Lee Vosi. I’m from Fayetteville, North Carolina I’m 20 years old. I’m a huge fan of all of you I’ve got so many great stories about Fayetteville, MA Oh my god, the Commodores have played there forever. My dad saw the Commodores in Fayetteville.
Wow, Really? Yeah so my dad and I, one of our favorite things to do together is sing one of our favorite songs to sing and my favorite song literally ever is Zoom What’d you say?
Zoom is my favorite song I may be just a foolish dreamer But I don’t care
Listen to that Cos i know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere I’m looking for that silver lining Horizons that I’ve never seen She’s getting to sing Zoom with Lionel Richie (laughs) Oh, I’d like to take just a moment and dream my dream Oh, dream my dream I’ve got to take a picture of them Thank you very much
Oh my god
Thank you very much Oh thank you so much If your dad taught you that song
yeah you’re on fire! I felt like I was watching something really special The next Endless Love.
That was such a moment and you really, you went for it Lee Thanks
A big hug that one Shall we vote? That was so good
That was awesome Yeah!
So when you have that kind of foundation, you learn from the old school. You’ve been educated
Yes sir Yeah, what are you gonna do for us today?
Love Should Have Brought You Home by Toni Braxton Very good
Yeah Should I even listen? Should i even try? Will it just be hearing the same old lines? Baby, see it doesn’t matter what you say this time Because the whole relationship is built on one lie, ooh darling So please tell me, why? Why do men think that love’s just for the moment not over time. Please tell me why? Why should I think that you’re gonna be sincere? Are you deservin’ ? Don’t blame me if I just don’t believe, just don’t believe Ok stop, stop Thank you very much I’m gonna be quite honest with you. Your pitch went out a lot And right now you’ve.. you’ve got certain parts of it, but you’re just not all together It’s a tough one, very tough
Luke? So, this is the best way I can put it: when you started singing I went oh my god But then, I went oh my god?! What is she doing? Why is she doing that? Stop doing that! Ohh, at the end?
At the end.
Yeah Nerves.
Yeah nerves. I think you’re a really good performer. I think you know that you can bring it I think there’s still some things to learn
Right You are so close to being the complete package Not that you don’t sing great! It’s just you’re really young and you’re still figuring your voice out but if you will trust us and listen to us and focus on your wheelhouse at what you’re really really good at, I think there’s no doubt you’re not top 10 When you went awry for that little back in, I just said nerves. Yeah, that’s it. I promise! And sometimes you want to go for the curls that you didn’t have to go for
Exactly! You had it won And you just didn’t have to go there. You can polish this up.
Yeah Let’s vote guys
Yeah um Yeah, I’m a yes
Yay Katie, what are you thinking?
I’m gonna say yes. Thank you It’s a yes, and you’re going to Hollywood Yaaaay
Thank you guys so much And by the way, hugs and kisses to your dad That’s what I’m talking about Zooom! I mean come on, she started with Zoom guys! You

100 thoughts on “Judge LIONEL RICHIE SURPRISES Contestant With A Duet On American Idol 2018 Audition!

  1. American idol is so Bad now every singer they relate to one of the judges and has made it long and very Boring leave the shiitt about the judges and just work on just hearing and judging the contestants !!!! i don't think think American Idol will last too long with all the crap of the judges playing getting under tables making all kinds of weird sounds ?? Soooo Not cool . come Idol stick to the contestants !!!!

  2. Mostly black people in America they are. Becoming a good SINGER like Chris Brown… nelly …and …jordan spark

  3. Does anyone ever sing up tempo songs ? She has a good voice but she would've been better with a faster tempo song !

  4. Ok. Good. Let's get more "minorities". God, I hate that word. Also Lionel Richie is trying but next time show a Black mother with a Black father. A Hispanic couple or a Black and Hispanic couple. Time to end this Black and white bullshit.

  5. At the risk of somehow seeming “racist” , I will be brave & say that I have felt for many yrs. that the generous God blessed the Black races with an abundance of talent ( in everything).

  6. How did that go so wrong so fast lol, I was like damn she got it all then she went to try to hit those high notes 💀

  7. I don't really care for black women, but this one is kind of cute. But once that fake hair comes off…Lookout.


  9. I must give it to those judges. They saw a lot of potential there and gave her a chance. And she can sing . She just went a little Christina Aguilera at the end.

  10. She wasn't horrible. There were some good parts and some bad ones. She definitely has the look and nothing a few months with a vocal coach can't fix when it comes to the voice.

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