30 thoughts on “Josh Groban Sings With 5 Year old Mini Josh Groban

  1. I paid hundreds of dollars nine years to have two front tickets to see Josh and then because of a a car accident I couldn’t go because of brain injury. I missed the concert and the $800 bucks because Ticketmaster said it was a preexisting condition 🙄 I never got to see him again that. I would have loved to sing with Josh.

  2. and show business likke even whenn you's faced your stating where that are filled with alone ajone you've got to br standimg laughter just having fun qith a red rubber nose and qyaxk quaacck disco duck knows sqqquare is the hero of josh groban's cheerful with a twist of sprit3 addterv all

  3. Aaawwiee so adorable and skilled. Haha he's gonna beat a lot of other singer when he gets older including Josh ,p I didn't know he was so funny. Multi tasking between singing an comic

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