Jordan Peterson – You Need a Routine!

Jordan Peterson – You Need a Routine!

and the psychoanalysts i think it air too much on the side of the subject they tend to think the too much of you is inside of you and too little of you is outside of you and part of the reason I believe that is because of my clinical experience I love the psychoanalyst man they’re brilliant they’re brilliant they’re deep they grapple with real problems like with the problems when people have real problems and I mean profound problems they’re really profound moral problems or problems of good and evil really you know there are things going on in their family that are so terrible that well that there there are sometimes fatal you know lie upon lie upon lie upon lie for decades and decades and decades awful and that’s not exactly inside them it’s out there in the world and lots of the people that I see very famous critic of psychology I can’t remember his name but I probably will criticize the practice of psychology quite effectively in the leave in the early 60s the myth of mental illness by Thomas says s dead AF dead to classic you should read it if you’re interested in psychology read it like it’s a classic and he basically said most people have problems in living they don’t have psychological problems and so I’ve experienced despite my love for the psychoanalyst very frequently what I’m doing as a therapist is helping people have a life that would work you know and you can parameterize that like what do you need how about some friends that people kind of like that how about an intimate relationship with someone that you can trust that maybe has a future that would be good how about a career that puts you in a dominant are key somewhere so at least you’ve got some possibility of rising some possibility of stabilizing yourself and their schedule in a routine because no one can live without a routine you just forget that if you guys don’t have a routine I would recommend like you get one going because you cannot be mentally healthy without a routine you need to pick a time to get up whatever time you want but pick one and stick to it because otherwise you dis regulate your circadian rhythms and they regulate your mood and eat something in the morning I had lots of clients who had anxiety disorders I had one client who was literally starving very smart girl cheaters very little that she liked she kind of tried to subsist on like half a cup of rice a day she came to me and said I have no energy I come home all I want to do is watch the same movie over and over what like is that weird and I thought well it depends how hard you work you know it’s little weird but whatever familiar you’re looking for comfort so I did an analysis of her diet it’s like three quarters of a cup of rice it’s like you’re starving eat something you know you’ll feel better so she modified her diet and you’re all her anxiety went away and she had some energy like yeah you go out to eat so schedule now that’s a good thing man your brain will thank you for it it will stabilize your nervous system with a bit of a plan that’s a good thing you need a career you need something productive to do with your time you need to regulate your use of drugs and alcohol most particularly alcohol because that does even a lot of people you need a family like the family you have your parents and all that be nice if you all go along you could work on that that’s a good thing to work on it then you know you probably need children at some point that’s life that’s what life is and if you’re missing you know you may have a good reason to not be operating on one of those dimensions it’s not mandatory but I can tell you that if you’re not operating reasonably well on for I think I mentioned six if you’re not operating reasonably well on at least three of there’s no way you’re going to be psychologically thriving and that’s more pragmatic in some sense than psychological right human beings have a nature there’s things we need and if we have them well that’s good and if we don’t have them well then we feel the lack and so behaviorist behavioral psychologist concentrates a lot more on that sort of thing you know it’s practical it’s like strategizing make a career plan figure out how to negotiate because that’s bloody important figure out how to say what you need figure out how to tell the truth to people figure out how to listen to your partner in particular because if you listen to them they will actually tell you what they want and sometimes you can give it to them and maybe they’ll return the favor and if you practice that for like 15 years well then maybe you’re constantly giving each other what you want well hooray that would be good and then there’s two of you under wolf circumstances and it’s better to have two brains than one because people think differently because of their temperament mostly and so the negotiation is where the wisdom arises and it’s part of the transformation the psychological transformation that’s attendant on an intimate relationship and one of the fundamental purposes of a long-term intimate relationship

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  1. I'm just starting to adopt an actual routine. It's ridiculously therapeutic. Also as a night owl I get up at 9-9:30am and it's taken me a while to stop feeling guilty about it but damn it I haven't changed in 30 years I'm not likely to change now!

  2. So true. Routine IS important , it shows the continuity and motivation needed for life to be fully enjoyed.

  3. Taking responsibility and improving your life are “alt-right” ideas, according to the socialists

  4. I almost always like everything he says. Oddly, my takeaway from this was "you need to learn to negotiate"

  5. To be healthy and happy, we do not need an external schedule or hierarchy, and we do NOT need children. What we do need is internal structure, goals and discipline. The keystones to physical health are water, sleep, nutrition, movement and relaxation. Physical and mental health are closely related. Dis-ease of the mind creates disease in the body and vice versa.

  6. I have a real love hate relationship with Jordan Peterson lectures … when he’s not being a complete drama queen provocateur, he has some excellent nuggets of wisdom to share! He’s someone you have to listen to with filter. Savour the good, and roll your eyes at the know-it-all soundbite nonsense

  7. Thank you SJWs! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be watching Jordan Peterson today. Atleast you did accomplish something 🙂

  8. I've just come to the conclusion my dad didn't really teach me any life lessons. He was a good hearted man, absolutely loved him but he literally didn't teach me any of this. He was a ball of stress stuck in his own head.

  9. If you need a schedule for your routine try the Android App "Habit to Event". It automatically creates flexible schedules from all your good and bad habits.

  10. He is so right! My issue is focusing on one thing my whole life: grades .. if I had to go back and live my youth, I would def spend more time on ppl than on books. Routine is one word but I think balance is a better suited word here. To all the young ppl, don’t only look for success, look for a good life where you have one friend to express yourself or one partner to accept you. You need the 6 things Jordan laid out in this lecture. Trust me , I regret not talking to girls. Not because of sex, but because it helps you get an understanding of women

  11. He's given me more lessons than any man in my life ever has… With teary eyes I say thank you Dr. JBP. Thank you for trying to be a guide we didn't deserve but we urgently needed.

    You've changed me, and I don't even know you. Boy, your grandchildren sure will be lucky.

  12. Eat your breakfast, spend your time productively, try to listen, be honest, learn how to negotiate, learn how to express what you want and need, think strategically with your career, and…. get a boyfriend.

  13. I should build a routine, eh? I'm currently trying to by waking up everyday at a specific time. A question arises though.. Will my feeling of feeling disoriented and lost be cured? I'm 24 years old so it took me 24 years to stop being a total fucking idiot and discover this man. Now I'm about roughly 20% less idiot and perhaps that is me being modest. I'm finishing up my associates degree program but to my dismay I still am not sure what the fuck to do. I currently live with my father too who's honestly just a terrible fucking dad. He supports me with resources and I'm truly spoiled materialistically but in regards to spirit and teaching me shit I can use for the world he's failed. My father gives me anxiety. Career planning gives me anxiety. Feels like time is running out, and despite my great academic grades I yearn for more. Feels like the school systems have failed many people. Not many good advisers in my school. Not many good parents either. Of course, I'm a millennial but please understand. I do not feel entitled to anything nor am I a SJW. I just think my parent has failed me, and that may be due to my culture and the fact that he is an immigrant. Legal, of course, but immigrant nonetheless. A man who knows nothing about academics pushing his son to finish school. Ironic. But anyways, I hope this routine I plan to stick with helps me resolve many of my issues. I'm crying for help inside. Praying for a rainbows and something better than watching Peterson videos. TBH, this man is amazing. I want to be on his level one day, but how do I expect to do that if I put no work in. Is that fathomable? Not really, but my goal is to be like this man. Books have to become my best friend. I aim to be a colored Jordan Peterson.. A Jordan Peterson caramel macchiato of sorts… but at the moment I need some help and self-deconstruction. May years from now may I be one step closer to being as intellectually intelligent as this man.

  14. Routines form themselves around purpose for the most part and then you consciously polish the few blemishes that don't fall into place naturally to have a pristine life style, however my purpose was stolen from me. That's why I don't have a routine.

  15. I love how Jordan lets himself think, and doesn''t try to rush it. He wouldn't have been able to recall the name of the book if he had of tried to sound too clever.

  16. The normal routine bit really hit me. I work rotating shifts between nights and days at my job and my circadian rhythm is all off

  17. Lol clean your room because hitler was good LOBSTER AAAH THE CULTURAL MARXISTS there Jordan Peterson summarized

  18. I have a hard time grasping his last notion of communicating with your partner.
    What does he mean exactly when he say's "Tell your partner what you want" and visa versa, like specifically?
    I want Peanut M&Ms? Or like, I want some vague emotional solution to this problem in our relationship.
    How can you communicate feelings like that, or emotions, and to be clear doing so? What if I have no idea what I want????

    My Brain…… 🙁

  19. dont get children. after the birth of your child your wife/girlfriend will show her second personality which is always more negative towards you than before

  20. I love this guy it doesn't mater what state I am in I understand him drunk, high, or sober and waste is that I have been with a partner for a long time now and these things work I come from an opposite background to my partners I was loved she wasn't she was abused and neglected I was loved and lived a carefree childhood. I recommend this type of thinking anytime to make anything work

  21. Can't imagine that our stupid generation needs to get taught the basic again, be nice with your family don't do drugs and have children

  22. szerintem elég satnyán megy a matek nektek:)))) kiszámoltátok már a jogdijam )))))))) szerintem azért nem fizeték ki mert nem birtátok kiszámolni :)))))))))

  23. Remember kids, you only have one life, staying on YouTube for hours and hours will lead to nothing, if you get anything from this video, its to realize your time is valuable. Think of time as money, the more time you waste, the more money you lose.

  24. A really smart girl yet she had problems? Hmmmmm… seems to me intelligence and existential discomfort go hand in hand

  25. As a member of a very unpopular profession, you don't get to have a normal sleep pattern and you also don't get to eat regularly. Nothing is really set. Does that mean that members of my profession are more prone to instability?

  26. Good guy, but the thing that works here is his presence. Extract his words and that would become mediocre bullshit recommendations about good life. The power he is putting into his words is what makes it so attractive, so real and that was, is and will remain the same. Logic does not solve life problems. Belief in the way and commitment is what does. His belief makes me wanna follow what he says, his words (extracted) makes me wanna argue with him, because words without determination and belief is just dried old crap.

  27. This just made me clean my room, eat some healthy food, and design a routine for the last 30 days I have until my med school entrance exam.

    C'mon, I can do this

  28. "Figure out how to say what you need". Yes, we often fail and struggle, because we don't express ourselves and our requests right.

  29. He is so logical and very brave to stand up to this PC nonsense. he freely admits he is not always right. The man is a breath of fresh air there's a wonderful song by Lynyrd Skynyrd be a simple kind of man that . Gifts such a common sense and practical guide similar but earlier than his philosophy. God bless and live long and prosper

  30. EAT SOMETHING…….that's exactly what all Americans need to hear, especially when the average sweathog female in the USA weighs over 160 pounds

  31. I completely disagree. You need a routine because of the way society is structured, not because it what we NEED to do.

  32. ‘Terrible things happen in families, lies upon lies upon lies’ (I can’t remember the exact quote.)

    I think Walter, Skylar and Flynn need to pay a Psychoanalyst a visit.

  33. Everything he’s telling you everyone knows, but you need someone who’s presenting it as if it’s some new philosophy, so it feels cool,
    YOUR PARENTS told you: keep your room tidy, that was so annoying,
    Now JORDAN PETERSON is basically saying the same and it feels so amazing, so classy so new 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Its scary what my world would be without the teachings of Jordan Peterson, and to think leftists want to shut him down!!

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