Jane & Grayson // Drop dead diva

You should go I’ve heard that you date Tony, he’s great And he is lucky We had dinner together last night We went sitting on a bench If she can live in my world, then I’ll live in hers Well, it means that I give good advices That evening I was about to tell you that with Vanessa We were getting married Well, now she knows Yeah.. Our wedding will be celebrated next month I can’t marry Grayson When you and Grayson were dancing Together, you looked so… Comfortable and natural And it has never been like this between Grayson and me But he loves you… you gonna break his heart If you were in my position, will you marry Grayson ? Without any hesitation And one day, you will find love, because you deserve it This guy is a fool if he doesnt see how lucky he is to have you Are you ready ? Yep absolutely! Great Let’s go Everytime I talk about her you look at me weirdly or you do remarks You won the game but we know who is the real winner We’re getting married Congratulations! Thanks! For both of you Thank you I was able to move on after Deb because I found you Since a really long time , you’re in my heart You with Grayson It’s obvious I love you What ? Nothing! I didn’t say anything And one last little thing Yeah which one ? I love you too

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