IT CHAPTER 2 Trailer Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

IT CHAPTER 2 Trailer Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

hi I'm Eric Boston it chapter 2 released a haunting trailer following up the first chapter of the 2017 reboot with perfectly cast adult versions of the losers Club and evoking everyone's greatest fear roommates forgetting to bring a towel when they shower both Stephen King's original novel and Andy machetes remake works so well largely because these movies and trailers themselves be haunted with subtle visual details that are easy to overlook but then when you spot them you'll wet yourself all over again so I'm gonna break down this trailer shot-for-shot for everything that you might have missed and what to expect in this movie now I will elude the sum of what happens in the second half of Stephen King's novel because folks it's been out for 33 years but I guess I'll avoid the big twist just in case some of you haven't read the book but just to be safe spoiler warning if you haven't read it let's get started yeah I used to live here is it like you remember cleaner well you feel free to look around while I get the water boil in okay this trailer opens with adult Beverly Marsh visiting her old home Bev is now a fashion designer in Chicago she's played by Jessica Chastain and this is really a dream cast shortly after the first movie came out they asked the kids which actors they wanted to play their older selves and young Beth Sophia Lilith actually named Chastain as her ideal choice same goes for Richie Tozier the jokester now a disc jockey in LA played by Bill Hader whom actor Finn wolfhard named as his dream choice rounding out the rest of the club Mike Hanlon is now a librarian the only one of the losers Club to remain in derry nice played by Isaiah Mustafa the hunky Old Spice guy billed n bro is now a successful horror writer living in England played by James McAvoy one of the many examples of Stephen King writing a version of himself into his stories then there's the anxious asthmatic Eddie Cass Brack he now runs a limo rental company in New York played by James ransom and then there's Ben hence come who's now been handsome he grew up to be an architect and Nebraska he's played by Jay Ryan and Stanley URIs is now an accountant in Atlanta played by Andy Beene we'll see if the movie ends up keeping all these careers and locations the same now chapter two is set 27 years later with the kids as adults returning to Derry to Rican front it and reface the trauma that they all buried as kids it returns to Derry every 27 years to feed thus the generational horrific incidents that plagued dairies past but anyway back to this scene with the elderly mrs. Kirsch it's one of the most terrifying scenes from a novel notice that the door plaque still reads March subversion this in the 90s miniseries wind bed looks back down at it it changes to Kersh but this is all an illusion by Pennywise because this home is actually abandoned the marshes were the last residents of it the wonderful bill skarsgård returns as Pennywise in this movie and if you listen closely missus Kirsch's voice here is actually his voice on the door first opens as she brings bed into this home it's filled with creepy old photographs which I stared at for way too long it's interesting that Bev calls this home cleaner because look in some of the other shots mrs. Kirsch is clearly a bit of a hoarder but Bev says this because the last time she was in this place the bathroom was soaked wall to wall and ceiling with blood that blood still stains the postcard that she digs out of the hole in the wall this is the same postcard that Ben gave her in part one with his secret admirer poem your hair is winter fire January embers my heart burns there too winter fire and January embers are oxymoronic images that been used to reflect Bev's warmth and strength in this darkness that they all face but let's move on to some more scary stuff okay in case elderly strangers don't frighten you enough not because of any ages reasons but all strangers are just a bit strange strange mrs. Kirsch does this wacky walk out of frame in the background he right but it's a dead giveaway that this is actually penny wise who often moved in the same inhuman way the director machete is famous for this freaky movement effect which she perfected in his film on mama mrs. Kirsch puts on this old record and it took me forever but I figured out that this song is a 1943 Danish song called forgive my pronunciation even though I'm like 50% Danish and I really should be able to get this day a day Scoon sa a vote again sorry but it translates roughly to it is the most beautiful thing I know by max Hansen now I have no idea what these lyrics mean so my Danish cousins watching this please help me out but I will say that this orchestration reminds me a lot of midnight to the stars and you the now creepy famous 1934 song that played at the end of the shining there's just something about old orchestra music that really puts the Haunted housewives on Bev notices these flies on the window suggesting something is dead or rotten in its place really should be her first red flag to bounce followed shortly after I miss curse saying the word die as much as possible what are you still doing here babe but notice how Bev gags a little when she sits the tea book readers know what this water turns into but for the rest of you just know it's a it's pretty gross and on to more Christmas no one who dies here ever really dies but tell me how is it being back in dari huh I gotta hand it to this actress for nailing the delivery on this frozen smile and her just shift back in a chitchat like nothing happened but to make it even more unnerving notice her eyes there's a very subtle effect here you might be just looking and looking at this and still not even see it but each eye is slightly focused in a different direction her right eye is on Bev but her left eye bulged out a little wider is on us this is another Pennywise clue remember the opening scene of part 1 when penny wise was in the sewer talking to Georgie Bill skarsgård used this same kind of trick with his eyes that he can actually do though and that's scene it was a lot more pronounced anyway on to the next clip hi my father came to this country with 14 dollars in his pocket what did he do mrs. Kirsch my father joined the circus okay here a brief flash shows us that mrs. Curtis flash is actually rotting under her clothes and then she hurries off to the kitchen to take cookies out of the oven which hints at another detail for the book penny wise is of course a shape-shifter the embodiment of fear itself and it often takes forms of childhood things that the kids feared the most like for Richie it's an old school clown but also a werewolf and for Ben it's a money the 2017 movie didn't include the werewolf or mummy scenes just little nods when Pennywise briefly shape-shifts into them late in the movie but in the book Beth in addition to her deep trauma of her father's abuse fears the witch from the Hansel and Gretel story so in this scene mrs. Kirsch briefly turns into that witch her teeth turn into fangs her cookies contain body parts but then her transformation gets way darker related to Bev's father which i think will actually be the direction that this movie goes instead of the witch here mrs. Kirsch talks about how her father came to this country with 14 dollars in his pocket maybe I'm just reading too much into it but the number 14 could be significant think about at 7 and 7 7 kids to kill in chapter 1 7 adults to kill in chapter 2 and then she says he joined the circus bringing us to this creepy history in the next clip okay for me the creepiest shot of this entire trailer is mrs. Kirsh silently peeking around the corner at Bev no audio sting to call attention to it just add a focus in the background haunting us forever it actually reminds me a lot of what I thought the creepiest shot was in the first film that old lady in the library deep background out of focus behind been turning to smile at him and never really addressed by anyone I'm actually wondering that Pennywise used these same mrs. Kirsch form in that scene Bev looks at this old photo of mrs. Kirsch as a girl and her father the original penny wise the dancing clown now in the book this man is Bob gray Robert or Bob gray was an early pseudonym for penny wise and the name Bob gray showed up as an easter egg in the first movie on that bottle of alcohol but this movie isn't like revising penny wises history he's still an ancient evil entity the history we're being presented here is just another detail from the book it's a false narrative that penny wise tells Beverly in order to mess with her head and bring up this father-daughter connection in order to trigger her memories of her own father actually looking closely at this photo in addition to the man's face may distorted to look like Bill skarsgård as penny wise the daughter kind of shares some features with the face of Beth's father Alvin Marsh played by Stephen boggarts in the last movie the nose is different but the eyes the mouth are kind of the same I don't know maybe the little girl's back in the past just looks like adult men and then of course there's mrs. Kirsch weird little dance across the kitchen floor yes her nudity is extremely unnerving here but it's really all about Bev's sexual abuse from her father penny wise is deliberately triggering Bev's trauma and her nightmares of her dad in order to get in her head but on to the next clip I was always daddy's little girl what about you are you still his little girl Beverly are you okay Kirsch rushes at Bev and the only thing I want to note here is that the framing deliberately does not show mrs. Kirsch is face suggesting that the scariest element of this scene still left a mystery will probably be pretty shocking when we see the movie moving on I was gonna do this but you have to stick together okay this last section of the trailer teases the rest of the film there's a shot of the adult cast seeing their reflected past selves as children when they return to Derry they passed the Barrens which is of course the town's sewer drains that lead to its underground lair you can also see shots of various missing-persons fliers reflecting its return 27 years later now feasting on the next generation of Derry residents the losers Club meets in this Chinese restaurant which is another well-known scene from the novel it ended in a pretty shocking way bills seized the hands of his brother Georgie with his paper boat beckoning him to come down to the sewer and then Mike Hanlon leads them down the sewer pipes and then there's a shot of Bill Hader as Ritchie in the dairy town square reacting to Pennywise floating overhead but notice behind him here the townspeople are weirdly frozen the cheerleaders pom-poms are unmoving this is the same location that Richie and the others talked about it as kids in the first movie and Richie revealed that clowns were his fear and then he looked behind him at the stage there was a cloud at gesturing toward him and I think in that one shot that clown was swapped in with Bill skarsgård wearing a different costume so now Richie is reliving that memory of his first Pennywise sighting the production on a stage behind him is the story of Paul Bunyan just like the big statue that Richie's facing that statue is a nod by Stephen King to the real-life 31 foot tall statue of Paul Bunyan in Bangor Maine Bangor claims to be Paul Bunyan's birthplace and statues just a bit creepy on to the last clip hello ok here you can see the adult Mike with a slingshot which is a weapon that the characters use against it in the book actually if you watch the show stranger things which also starts spin wolfhard the character lucas uses a slingshot against the demagogue on which is one of the many stephen king nods in that series there's also this shot of like hundreds of red balloons floating out from under the bridge with a carnival in the background this location is also pretty significant from the book there is one dairy resident named Adrian melon who's a gay man who gets beaten up by some homophobic kids and thrown off a bridge on the way home from the carnival below this bridge Pennywise finds him in mutilates his body which the gang and Adrian's boyfriend witness but this clown sighting was covered up by the prosecutors in the trial another shot shows Mike looking up at Pennywise jumping up from a vent on the wall doing a little dance this building appears to be burned ruins suggesting that this could be the black spot the black dance club in Derry that was burned down by racists the kids actually past the black spot in the first movie and Mike in particular has this childhood trauma of fire for this parents dying in a fire then there's this shot of a man in Pennywise Sal clown makeup but I don't think this is penny wise rather this could be Henry Bowers the sadistic bully kid from the first movie whom penny wise hypnotized remember Mike pushed him down a well in the movie but in the book Henry Bowers goes on to take the fall for all of penny wisest murders and as an adult it continues to puppet powers against the losers Club in part two but the insanity of the shot is hard to look at I love the detail the paint smeared onto the fingers which is a similar makeup choice to what we saw Heath Ledger do is the Joker in the Dark Knight he was also a sadistic killer who would have applied his own makeup so they made sure to have paint caked on his fingers in his fingernails there's more shots of the loser's exploring its underground lair and a don't Bev in a blood as one does and then there's this shot of them joining hands similar to the final scene in part one Stephen King who has admitted to using a lot of cocaine when writing his books in the 80s goes to some really weird places in part two of the book a lots of dealing with them cosmic rituals and giant turtles I will be really interested to see if Chapter two even tries to adapt that stuff but right at the end of this trailer there is this tiny light which Pennywise comes with his hands as a young girl is drawn in this same light appeared in first movie there three of them deep inside penny wisest mouth they're called the dead lights in Kings novels a mere glance at a dead light is supposed to cause death or permanent insanity but when Bev looked at them in the first movie she was just merely hypnotized started floating then had to kiss her to break her out of her trance but the dead lights are the very essence and true form of it they are actually how the monster consumes people's souls so by showing us the dead light here in the trailer it looks like this to become a major plot point in part two comment down below with what the scariest moment of this trailer was for you follow me on instagram and on twitter at EI vos it subscribe to new rockstars here on YouTube for more breakdowns of everything that you love thank you for watching by

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  1. So I was watching this and then my grandma called me and I'm like "to" instead of "co" and to in my language means "it" and "co" means what just in case you are wondering

  2. Also you can hear 'Mrs. Kersh' say father 'fadder', another Pennywise on purpose mis pronouncement which is a nod to the book

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