IDOL Drama Operation Team | 아이돌 드라마 공작단 Ep.3 [ENG/CHN/2017.07.02]

(The script is finally finished!) My name is on the script! (Endless acting practice) I think I can do a great job. (This isn’t easy) (They can’t give up!) (They get a song for the drama) (The nerve-racking recording starts) (What’s the song that will surprise everyone?) (Swag, swag) (The members show their colors for this drama) (The last script reading before the drama shoot) Let’s read through this. (A teacher) (A famous actor comes to be in the drama) (Squirming) (The last script reading! Will they do a good job?) (The script for drama is finished!) (“Let’s Only Walk The Flower Road”) (Knock, knock) What’s this? Awesome! This is the script? “Let’s Only Walk The Flower Road.” It’s pink! Hey! My name is on the script! Kim Sohee! This is so cool! Wow… (Ta-da) – Hello. / – Hello. We’re Oh My Girl’s Mimi… And Seunghee! – Hi! / – Hi! (Seunghee and Mimi) Yooa doesn’t know the script is out. We’re going to surprise her. We called her here. She’s coming up now. What’s up? What’re you up to? We have something to tell you. I head there was special news. Very special. For IDOT… (Ta-da! The script) (Surprised) (Congrats on debuting as a screenwriter) I’m so proud. This is the script we wrote. – I took a look… / – All our stories combined. I bet you’re all curious. This is how amazing I am, guys. It looks real. I’m a screenwriter. I have something for you. What is it? Our script? Awesome. Can you see? Jeon Somi! I made it. This’ll be a precious memory. Anyway, thank you. 7 Princesses! Don’t hesitate! I’ve been filming. For real? – This is filming? / – No, it’s off now. Hey, I think it’s filming. It is filming. Let’s go, Seulgi! Huh? So I haven’t been filming this entire time. Dummy! Let’s go, Seulgi. I thought I was filming! Let’s go, Seulgi! Let’s go, Seulgi! Let’s go, IDOT! Let’s go, Seulgi! Let’s go, IDOT! Let’s only walk the flower road, Seulgi. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Bye. / – bye. Do a good job. I’m out. Bye. Hello, I’m Sujeong. (Ta-da, she surprises herself) The script fell from the sky. I only got leftover scripts from my agency but I get my own script now. This is our own script which is amazing. Produced by KBS. Korean Broadcasting System. Moonbyul. (Huh? What is it?) Why are you here with a camera? So random. – Your script is here. / – Wow. Right, I should’ve written something in here… Here it is. This makes me kind of sad though. This situation… Remembering it makes me sad. But it’s in the past. I’m here at the practice studio because I heard our script is here. I’m excited. I’m excited now. This is our script. Da-da, da-da… I’m so happy. (Screams) (She starts spazzing out from happiness?) (D.ana’s mood has gone up 10 points) (It shakes up my heart) (Shock) (So happy) I’ll take a look inside. We saw the first draft. But this is the first time looking at the final draft. There are a ton of scenes. Look at this. (64 scenes in this spectacle of a script) Looks like there are 60 scenes. I’m curious who will play Mr. Jang. “What are you doing? You’re still asleep when today’s the performance?” Someone with a cold, low and objective voice. (Then…) (Is it?) (The king of Korea Zo Insung?) Will it be him? Or not? Will it be him? Or not? (Just picturing it makes her happy) “The manager of SHINHWA is seen at the green room.” I thought SHINHWA would play a cameo in our drama. (Is this dream team possible?) I can’t believe I’m in such a big drama. Trembling… (She scans quickly feeling nervous) (Quick) Hey… This is a scene where I argue with Seulgi. “Why bring that up? You didn’t mean it. You’re the most popular for being in SM Rookies. Your debut is guaranteed.” Did I sound too disrespectful there? “Sohee, that was kind of harsh.” “What? I didn’t say anything wrong!” (Embarrassed, cringing) Hold on. What’s this? “A girl in her 20s sees the clip of Sohee saying she was born in early 1995 and writes a negative comment.” “She’ll be cut soon. She isn’t Quick Sohee. She’s Kick Sohee. Go back to being a trainee…” Gosh, this is so sad! “The negative comments increase over time.” This is so sad. (Many negative comments for “Produce 101”) (Her positivity made her the Quick Sohee of now) Since this is my real story… I think… I think I can totally nail this. Really get into it. I really, really like it. Hello, everyone. It’s Somi. I just got home. I’ll read the script, wash up and go to bed. It’s 2 a.m. now. (I’ll still work hard at 2 a.m.) Now that I have my script it feels so different. This really feels like my work now. People call their work their baby in interviews. Now I know what that means. So I’m very happy. So I’m calling my actress friend Saeron. I’m calling actress Kim Saeron. (She can’t get in touch) Since she isn’t picking up, I’ll call Sohye. (Please pick up) – Sohye. / – Yeah! I’m shooting IDOT now. Oh, really? Hello. Hello. My face now… This is actress Sohye. Oh, come on… From I.O.I to actress. It’s Sohye. I’m a screenwriter. I’ll show you. Jeon So… See it? Screenwriter Jeon Somi. (Acting coy) In this scene Seulgi is waking me because I’m late. You say, “Somi, wake up. It’s late.” “Somi, wake up. It’s late.” “Oh, my God! Alright, alright. I’m up now. Let me just wash my face. Oh, no!” That’s my role. How was that? Good? Good. It suits you. That was good? Okay. So you wrote your own script and you’ll act it out. We all… What the… Want to say hi to Evelyn? – Yeah. / – Evelyn, it’s Sohye. Sohye. Hi! I made a firework today. It’s Chinese. A Chinese firework. That’s very nice. It looks pretty. You’re so good with your hands, Evelyn. Next… Not that… (Ta-da) This is nice. High quality. Good job making that. Turn the light off please. I tripped while acting. – Huijun… / – Right. She’s so adorable. Turn the light off please. Hey, come on. Thanks. Isn’t she cute? Yeah. I find it so adorable too. There’s a boy she likes in class. Evelyn? She ran out laughing after talking about him. Oh, so that’s what it was? Anyway, do you think I’ll be able to act well? Yeah, you’ll do a good job. Let’s go! I saw the script. There are emotional scenes… Scenes of me liking another trainee… (Worried) My biggest concern is that I’ll practice but I won’t be able to bring it for the actual shoot. I hope I’ll be able to focus and do well then. Seulgi, don’t worry. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. I finished reading the script. Half of my lines are… “Let’s get pork hocks! Let’s order pork hocks! Pork hocks, Pork hocks.” Lines like that. “I haven’t had a single bite of pork hocks. We practiced all day and now we have to work out. I feel like dying. Yeah, let’s order pork hocks. Who’s down?” Gosh! (Is she excited about the scene or pork hocks?) (She studies the script the next morning?) “Oh, right! My pork hocks! I thought I’d die last night from not eating any.” I think… I’ll have to buy pork hocks and actually eat some. Shouldn’t I have some pork hocks so that I’ll get cravings for pork hocks? (Pork hocks) (Sujeong thought of pork hocks all day) If there’s a character I’m envious of… One I’d want to play… I think Moonbyul’s character is hilarious! I love the type of jokes that Moonbyul cracks in real life. One of her lines is, “Old geezer.” I know she’s going to nail that line. “That old geezer!” She’s a girl crush. (Moonbyul has swag during practice) Hello. I’m Solar. That’s Solar on the camera. “Jealous?” “No… I was just looking.” “Let’s go in.” Gosh! Why are you being so sleazy? “Let’s go in.” I’m a rapper so I speak with a drawl. “Right. Let’s order some pork hocks. Agreed?” “Yup! Agreed, agreed!” Yup. Agreed, agreed… This is.. Did you write that line yourself, Moonbyul? You say it once. “Yup! Agreed, agreed.” – Very nice. / – Yes. “So what are you going to do?” “Don’t worry. I have a plan.” Why’d you say that with your eyes closed? I was feeling the line. How should I play this? My character is a high-maintenance princess. She’s kind of… She’s just high-maintenance. That’s my character in a nutshell. Kind of like this. “Yooa, you can do this. Let’s do this and let’s not cry.” (Perfect) (I’m a beautiful girl that everyone will fall for) (Cringing) That was good. (We’re looking forward to Yooa’s acting) And there’s a part where I really struggle. My character seems very jealous of Seulgi. I came in as a trainee with her, but she’s super duper talented and even tries hard so I can’t keep up. “I don’t know when this started but I’m afraid of singing in front of people now.” “Come on… That sounds weird coming from you.” “So much pressure to be good every day. I put pressure on myself and exhaust myself.” (Dancing so it’s not as much pressure) “What if I start hating it? This is so hard. This is so hard.” Cut. “Seulgi and Yooa start dancing competitively.” (Yooa, you’re supposed to be high-maintenance…) “They lie down together on the studio floor.” I dance… I dance like this… “Seulgi, that’s cheap. Practicing on your own.” Then I say, “What the… You’re still here?” We start talking. In this scene, I say I’m having trouble about singing. I’m afraid of singing in front of people now.” “So much pressure to be good every day. I put pressure on myself and exhaust myself.” This is what I actually told my group members. I almost started crying reading this. I have to say these lines. It almost made me cry… I had to be strong and keep practicing which is how I debuted. That was the most precious time for me. If it wasn’t for that time… I practiced here a lot as a trainee and ended up debuting. (Seulgi starts to analyze the script) (Thorough) This is tough. (Seulgi never gives up) (She’s simple like a bear) (Seulgi dreams a another happy dream) We’ll be acting out old stories we heard, old situations that happened and situations in the future. So it’s going to be a lot of fun. I don’t know how I should act. I’m worried. We’ll do the script reading… Gosh, what if I’m the worst one there? (Wait, drama! Here comes IDOT!) (Where do the girls go a few days later?) How strange. (One man waits for them) (Hello) (Amazed) (Who is this guy that’s got them so excited?) (It is) (The lead vocalist of popular idol group B1A4) (The main producer of many B1A4 hit songs) (He made girlish girl group songs) (He’s even done movie and drama soundtracks) (Leading idol composer, Jinyoung of B1A4) (He’ll be producing the soundtrack for IDOT) This seems very unique. Us? It is very new. We had to write as screenwriters and be in a drama. You’re more of a veteran at acting than us. (Embarrassed) (He was in “Love in the Moonlight”) (Jinyoung played a man that loved just one woman) (It was a difficult role and his acting was praised) Can you give us advice as an actor? And you know… There are many factors in acting. Like your tone. (Agrees) That’s really hard. This is how you should think. Just don’t think of it as acting. The moment you think that you’re acting, you’ll speak in that acting tone. It’ll be a bit better if you keep thinking that you are in that reality. You won’t get it right away. It’s not easy. You have to start off understanding the entire script so you don’t bring up strange emotions later. That’s what I think. Jinyoung… Will you be… (I have a bad feeling…) In our drama? (What is she saying?) (Please be in it) The writer asked you to do this. Anyway, that’d be nice. So be on it. (Keep quiet, you’re in my agency) The LT. The Legendary Trainee. He’s a mysterious guy. We haven’t decided the male lead. We’d like to cast you for the drama, since it’s so nice that we all met like this. I’ll try if I get the chance. Should we listen to the song from start to finish? Yes. This doesn’t have the rap part yet. (Who is this?) It’s Seunghee. (Oh) (It’s me, girls) (The girls start head banging) (Moonbyul taps with her foot) (Jinyoung’s song controls the girls) Wow. That’s how it goes. I love it. – Really? / – It’s great. – Very catchy. / – I think it’s catchy too. (Heh heh) The lyrics are on the seductive side. (Giggles) So that’s how you should sing it. This could come off as a deep and heavy song but I want it to sound bubbly. Bubbly. Since you’re all so bubbly. (Laughter) Don’t become deep like the song. It’ll make the song… Too heavy. It’ll become too heavy. So I think you should try to sound bubbly. Take a good look at the lyrics. I could lower the key while we sing this. I could make adjustments… You got so happy when I said I’d lower the key. I think we should all give verse 1 a try. One at a time. Who wants to go first? The leader? I wrote a rap verse… Should we play rock, paper, scissors? Make it fun when you decide. (Hmm…) It could be better to go first. (Not me, right?) Raise your hand. Hurry. Raise your hand. Hurry. – Me! / – Nice. Everyone wanted this. (Out of it) Where do I go? – Let’s go. / – I’m nervous now. Let’s go! (Sujeong walks in laughing despite being nervous) Sujeong’s voice is so… So pretty. (They managed to avoid going first) (Sujeong goes in the booth and warms up) (Feels like it won’t go well because she’s nervous) (Do your best, Sujeong!) (I bet she’s nervous) (Can Sujeong sound bubbly for the song?) (Jinyoung sees that Sujeong is nervous) Should we try? This is… Sing it like that. (Jinyoung calms her down with some coaching) Oh, good. (So this is how I should sing it) – Oh, that’s good. Let’s do this. / – Okay. (Wow, it sounds great) (Hmm… Pretty good) Such a nice voice. ♪ What do you think of when you see me? ♪ (Her singing is so refreshing) (That’s it) I’m so proud our team has this voice. ♪ With you ♪ Very nice. You can come out now. Okay, thank you. (Sujeong finishes singing and comes out) Sujeong, you were amazing. You have such a nice voice. (Satisfied) Do I go next? Didn’t you already go? Not yet. You didn’t go yet? How about the person Jinyoung designates? Gosh… Pass on responsibility. (Why are you doing this to me?) (Embarrassing me) (Embarrassing me again) (Embarrassing me more!) (Hey) I’ll be back! (Bye) Wow. This is my first time doing it like this. They’re all such great singers. I’m worried. (Warms up) Ah, ah. (Exhale) Ah, ah… My heart is pounding. (Pounding heart) (Flustered) I’m going to act like that too. Don’t, Somi. You say, “My heart is pounding!” My heart is racing! Racing… Racing… Forget about all the pressure and relax when you sing. Okay. – I feel like my heart will burst! / – I like that one. Pop. (Yooa seems nervous in the booth) (Can she get over her nerves and be bubbly?) (Very nice) (Yooa brings out her bubbly side) Very nice. You can come out. Thank you. (Embarrassed) This has been Oh My Girl. It’s like they’re here. Who’s next? Next. (Avoids eye contact) (Moonbyul quietly scopes out her prey) (Moonbyul’s next target is Seulgi) Go ahead. (I’m serious) (At Moonbyul’s behest, Seulgi goes third) Can I hit the notes? (Finally) (One of the top SM vocalists) (Her singing was amazing on another show) (Seulgi is great at both dancing and singing) (She warms up and gets everyone excited!) (They’re all getting more excited) (How will her version of “Deep Blue Eyes” sound?) Okay, shall we do this? Yes. My heart is still pounding. ♪ Deep blue eyes ♪ (Yes! This is it!) Seulgi has such a nice voice. So pretty. (Trying hard) ♪ I feel like it’ll melt ♪ (Her singing is melting everyone’s hearts) (We can’t even talk right now) (Seulgi tries her best to the end) Very nice. You can come out. (Somi walks in confidently after Seulgi finishes) I think it’s better to go first. Yeah? Oh, my God. (The audition show winner Somi) (She makes sure she looks nice before singing) Shall we do this? Yes. (Somi is the definition of bubbly and she sings) (Nice) (Confident) (Tapping along) (Nice, nice) ♪ I feel like I’ll melt ♪ (Rhythm) (Her bubbliness fills the booth) (Even Sohee taps her feet at Somi’s bubbly singing) (Somi stays bubbly until the end) Okay. Come on out. Okay. Somi’s done. (The last vocalist left is Sohee) Me? Let’s go! Let’s go! It’s so cold. It’s so cold. – Isn’t it cold? / – I was shivering. I could feel myself shivering. (Shivering) Everyone’s saying it’s cold. It’s cold. Cold. It’s so cold. It’s really cold in here. (What if…) (A ghost for good luck in the studio?) (Looks like it’ll be a hit) (They feel the chill in the studio) It’s so cold here. They’re all saying that. Let’s start. Okay. (Sohee sings the song in the lucky cold) ♪ After looking at only you ♪ (What a cute voice) (Rhythm) ♪ Catch my mind, oh, catch my mind ♪ (Focusing) (This is great) (Rhythm) (The little giant Sohee has a refreshing voice) Very nice. – Thank you. / – Come on out. (Sohee finishes and returns) Nice job! You all have such pretty voices. That’s my first time hearing Sohee sing. Really? (So pleased) Did you write a rap verse? Yes, I did. So I was thinking it should have feeling at first and then get exciting at the end. Hear me out first before you decide. Go on in so I can hear you. Let’s go! My throat is so hoarse. My body is asleep. I’m waking my body up to wake up my voice. – We woke up too early. / – Yeah. Let me know when you’re ready. Yes, I hear you. ♪ Right here, right here, you got to put me on ♪ ♪ Keep your shadow quiet too ♪ (Time for Moonbyul to rap) ♪ Right here, right here, you got to put me on ♪ (Wow, awesome) (So into it) (Nice) (This is great) She’s awesome. Such a girl crush. ♪ That’s the vibe, like that ♪ Wow! Swag, swag! Vroom, vroom! – That’s our leader. / – Vroom, vroom. Very nice. It’s vroom! Vroom. I bet D.ana is nervous now. That was great. What am I going to do now? Change. Oh, no… I’ll be by your side. Mine is so different. I’m worried. (Moonbyul’s furious rapping got her worried) Should I play Moonbyul’s rap so you can go after? – Oh, sure. / – Okay. (She’s just excited) I’m sorry! (Spaced out) (Worried) (Hang in there, D.ana!) (It’s okay) (Moonbyul’s rapping really has D.ana shook) (Now it’s her second try) (D.ana starts rapping to make up for her mistake) (This is exciting) ♪ Maybe I fell for you at first sight ♪ ♪ I get shy when I see you ♪ This is totally unexpected from her. ♪ I say stop but I miss you every day ♪ That was great. (They have different styles) – We’re so skilled. / – Yeah! We have skills. I love this. That was great. I love this group. I’m part of two groups now. – The Unnies… / – That won’t do. Everything is flowing so smoothly. It’s amazing. Which group do you like better? (You’d better say it) I really love this. (Laughs) (I love IDOT) (The rappers come in after Somi’s confession) That was great! I like that. So I heard you all. You’re all so good at singing. You’re like the Avengers. (Thank you) Should we change our team name? The Avengers. The Girlvengers. The Girlvengers. Don’t hesitate. (They’re so funny) (The all-star girl group, the Girlvengers) We’re just starting now so we’ll try our best. Please be good to us. Please be good to us! (The girls get back together a bit later to record) Producer Jinyoung! Say hello to the camera! She wanted to film you. Hello. Hello. Somi and Sohee went to buy snacks. So I’m here alone filming this. (Bobbing) What are you filming now? Should we eat this or not? No. But… (You have some too) (Nom) We can’t eat stuff like that before recording. We’re done recording. I guess it’s just me then. (Acting cute) (Look forward to “Deep Blue Eyes”) (“Deep Blue Eyes” will be revealed in the drama!) (Why are they here without Somi and Sohee?) It’s a dance practice room. This is an unfamiliar room. Should I close this? Let’s lock it. Our very own space. So nobody can interfere. D.ana, did you play soccer today? It looks good on you. – It looks so comfortable. / – It really is. Should we watch the video clip? The clip… It starts like that? Start memorizing. We have to memorize this. (It’s their first time seeing this clip) (They’re excited at the cute dance) (A dark presence approaches) (The members seem excited) Gosh… Hello! (Bae Yunjeong “Produce 101” dance trainer) Show me the intro choreography. The intro? We just watched the clip. Oh, really? Learn it now. (Frustrated) (Yunjeong is dissatisfied with the current situation) I thought you’d all have it memorized before coming. Center, get in position. So Seulgi, Yooa, D.ana, Sujeong, Moonbyul. Okay. This is confusing. When are we going to get through all this? 1, 2, turn, turn… – Inside. / – Right. You go the opposite direction as Moonbyul. (Sujeong can’t get used to the dance) Like this. 1, 2, 3, 4. Twice. twice. Good. Then she goes the other way. Outside first. (She still has trouble…) Geez… (This won’t do) Can we switch Seulgi and her? – Seulgi can do it. / – I’m so bad at this… Seulgi, do it the other way. Stand up front. – What’s your name again? / – Sujeong. Let’s have Sujeong and Seulgi switch places. Outside first. 1, 2… (I’m so sorry) Turn and turn. Again… Bam, bam, bam. Freeze. D.ana. Don’t spread your hands out. Keep them together. 1, 2, 3, 4. (The improve thanks to Yunjeong’s coaching) That’s it! Memorize it. 1, 2, 3, 4. 2, 2, 3, 4. That’s it! Yes. This move too. Neck… 1, 2, 3, 4. Just relax for this. You girls aren’t getting the feeling of it. 1… 2… 1, 2… Slightly bob your shoulders. (Trying hard) Next is acting. Look at your watch… For this… Do you go up with your legs apart? At the same time. At the same time, at the same time. Then Seulgi does something by herself. – Go, Seulgi. / – Something weird… Hold on. Memorize up to there. Right hand goes right side then up, down. Start! Up down, 3, 4, up, down, 3, 4. Okay? Next is this. I’ll let you rest a bit before I work you really hard. Dancing is tough… (This is tiring) (Seulgi doesn’t stop practicing during break time) (Seulgi practices endlessly) (A practicing machine) Gently. Good, good. (They’re on point with the choreography now) (Trying hard) That’s it. (Impressive, Seulgi) (Sujeong is pretty good too) (Sujeong made constant mistakes earlier) Please just memorize it. I wish you’d really nail this part. It’s to the right, Sujeong. (Practicing) (Sujeong’s dancing has really improved) (Huh? Yooa too?) (Yooa made a lot of mistakes earlier as well) (Tight) (Practicing her hardest) (Yooa has the dance moves down now) Nice, nice, nice, nice. (Their efforts get Yunjeong excited) (Passionate and serious) (They learn the choreography in an hour) (Excited) (The final dance practice) 1, 2, 3, 4. That’s it. (Seulgi is super confident) (Totally in-synch) (They’ve totally changed since the beginning) (So confident) Act gangster! Harder! (Bobbing) (Getting into it) (Pretty good) (On point with the up and down move) (They unite through the choreography) (They master the choreography in just an hour) (The spectacular finish) Good work! Wow! – Good work! / – Great job. (They go through everything step by step) Practice over! (They finish the dance practice) (Now the girls will focus on acting practice) (Groan) This is my first time acting. (Sigh…) Tremble… What should I do? I took a bunch of notes and I’m practicing. Maybe it’ll take some pressure off me. I have no idea what I’m saying. Yes… I’ll give it a shot. Hi, everyone! I finished all my work and I’m at the practice room to practice. These are all from practice yesterday. I’ve been trying very hard, everyone! It’s very different to practice alone compared to having someone read with you. So I’m going to ask someone. Excuse me. Why is it so quiet at my agency today? What’s this? Nobody’s here. I can’t do this by myself. (Troubled) Oh, my God. What do I do? What do I do about this? Yikes… My group won’t be here until the dance lesson. Is there anyone I can read with? Excuse me! (Anyone there?) I have nobody to read lines with. Who wants to play the other girls? I’m looking for someone. Won’t someone show up? Hello, Sohee. (They talk about their practice on social media) She says stop trying to act cute. (Cute face) How’s practice going, Sohee? Bang! (Relieving stress by talking to Sohee) Not good. It’s hard. Sohee, let’s hang in there. Acting’s so hard. Anyway, what I want to say is, let’s act well. 7 Princesses, don’t hesitate. Let’s go! See you at the next shoot. I love you. (Today she’s on the phone) “You don’t see my mistakes and you only see me overacting?” “Somi, what’s your problem?” “What?” “Somi, you should just leave. You think you’re so great? Because of you…” We’re acting… I called Chungha. Chungha. Yes. Hello. This is being filmed, Chungha. “Come on, Somi. Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s try again.” “Mistakes? This is enough already. How many times has this been?” Why are you getting mad at me? Then you look at me with disbelief. “That’s a bit harsh.” “You’re the same. You’ll never debut at this rate.” (Spirited despite her busy schedule) “You should get out!” I’m going to write down the faces I should make and how I should express myself depending on the lines and situation. Thank you. (D.ana practices her tone) Thank you. Hello. (Is this right?) Honestly, the tone of my voice isn’t that high… It’s not that cute… I don’t really know. How do I usually talk? (I’ll show you my second identity) Excitement. I’m excited now. I’m so happy. (Natural shouting) (Where is the real me?) My character is a bit of a spaz. She’s always pumped up. Like that. Or like that. Yikes! No! I’ll be like that. I’ll shout out whatever comes to mind then. Here’s a fun scene. I take a pork hock out of the box by the bed and put it up to Sujeong’s nose to wake her. “Sujeong, wake up! We’re late!” I wake her. “You said a bite of pork hock first. Go ahead. We’re performing today.” That’s what I say. Is this how to shoot it? What should I do? She’s finally here. (Sujeong will read lines with Yein) I’ve been filming by myself. What’s your role? I’m always asking to eat pork hocks. So I want you to see if my pork hock lines seem sincere. Alright. I’ll see if you really want some or not. That’s what I’ll check. Wake me up. “Sujeong, Sujeong! Wake up! You’re late!” “What is it?” (Pork hocks) “It’s already morning?” “You said a bite of pork hocks first. Go ahead.” “Oh, right! My pork hocks! It was so hard to go to bed without eating any. Just one bite! How about we get a late night snack? How about pork hocks? Let’s get pork hocks!” “Don’t you get sick of pork hocks? Yeah, enough with the pork hocks. Look at this chubby cheek!” What a great scene! “Look at this chubby cheek!” So cute. So cute! Gosh! So cute! (Full cheeks) (Let’s get pork hocks) (Her cheeks really sell the pork hocks character) I’m really cringing. Gosh, what do I do? It’s okay. It’s cute. It’s good you have a set character. Right? My character is very defined. I should underline these parts. Yeah. These are my cringe-inducing lines. Yeah. This is what I say to Seulgi. “You’re my dream.” Geez… “You’re my dream.” (Heart racing) That’s right, people. (Cringing) “What if I end up hating singing? This is so hard.” “Seulgi! Do you know what my dream is?” “Beats me. Debuting?” Hold on… Her acting’s so robotic. “My dream is… You.” (Screams) What if you added a gesture? “My dream is… You.” Don’t add the pause. It’s so cheesy. “Do you know what my dream is?” “Beats me. Debuting?” “My dream is… You, Seulgi.” – Not bad. / – That sounded better. Alright. Time to edit this and try again. Seulgi, I really like you! (Will Yooa be able to nail this line?) I brought another script for you to read with me. “I’ll talk to the CEO again so don’t worry too much.” “What’s the point? You don’t mean that.” “What do you mean?” “It’s true! You’re the most popular for being in SM Rookies. Your debut is guaranteed.” “Sohee, that was a bit harsh.” I have to look at you as I say it. But I was looking elsewhere! Oh, yeah? “I’ll talk to the CEO again…” (Laughs) Oh, no… This is so stressful. (I can do this, I can do this…) “I’ll talk to the CEO again so don’t worry too much.” “What’s the point?” (Now they laugh when they just look at each other) Oh, no! I’ll try again. (Get into character, deep breaths…) (Ta-da) (Just looking at each other is too much) Get it together. This is nuts! “I’ll talk to the CEO again so don’t worry too much.” (Here it is) I’m sorry! Oh, no… This is bad… I’ll try this scene. I have a scene where I get angry at Moonbyul. Should I do this one first? – What page is it? / – Page 29. You have to read for the other members. Okay. The emotional scenes are hard for us. That’s where we seem to struggle the most. I’ll try. “Everyone’s still so depressed here. Is this how it’s going to be? The rest of us remaining should do well.” “The rest of us remaining should do well? Should you be saying that now?” “What are you trying to tell me?” “Moonbyul… What did you talk about in private with the CEO? Didn’t he try to convince you to be a rapper and tell you you’d debut that way?” “It’s not like that.” “Then what is it? Tell me.” (Serious) “Why’d I change my part? Is that it? What do you guys know?” (Seulgi hits a wall too) I can’t do this. It’s even worse trying to do this alone. “I’m really tired. Can we get some food first?” “Let’s eat like we usually do. We’ll eat this.” “What’s the point? You don’t mean it.” “Come on. That sounds weird coming from you. All they did was compliment you today.” (They’re done getting ready to act) (The day of the script reading) (The staff called the members in for better chemistry) (Screenwriter Somi is the first to arrive) (Somi’s so serious) (Sohee and D.ana arrive) Welcome. D.ana, this is your seat. Sohee, you’re… (Already losing her sight at 17) Over there. (She’s playing a role) Is that right? You can just listen to me today. I don’t think so. I’m in the CEO’s seat. (She’s a few cards short of a full deck…) (She goes back to checking the script) So you checked the script. I’m doing it now. I should too. I haven’t done any of that. Look at me. I came prepared. Before… You know those people… The ones that just underline everything. Just messing the pages up. Like you tried really hard. (The time for the script reading approaches) Seulgi, your seat is here. Kang Seulgi’s role. (Moonbyul arrives too) I see you stuck a bunch of stuff on there. You’re right. You’re right… I’m sorry. You’re here, Yooa. I came running. Did you come after rehearsing? – You have to go back? / – Yes. – After finishing this. / – Right. (Sujeong comes after her gig) (And sits down!) (Head director, main writer, drama writer) (All the staff members for the drama are here) Did you read the script? How was it? Sad. Really sad. It made me really think about my past. Then I fell asleep. You really fell asleep? Sure it wasn’t because it was boring? It’s so much fun. Everything we talked about is in here. It’s amazing how all the stories are put together. We’re going to bring in two other cast members besides you guys. (Who will be the special cast members?) Who is it? Who is it? (The special actors come in) Oh, teacher! (Who?) Our teacher! Teacher! (An enthusiastic standing ovation) (The acting coach of IDOT) (Acclaimed character actor, Jang Wonyeong) (A week before the script reading) (Wonyeong became their acting mentor) (He was really helpful to the members) (He taught them acting through games) (He drew out their characters through improv) (Wonyeong is the big picture actor) (The girls were totally satisfied with the class) I love you, teacher. (Random Somi confessed her love!) (And) (Moonbyul asked him to be in the drama) (He seemed troubled by the request at first) (And now he’s here to be in the drama) (And) (Another special cast member surprises the girls) (Unbelievable! It’s Chungha) (The charming member of the popular girl group I.O.I) (She’s known for her cuteness) (The first I.O.I member to debut as a solo artist) (Her song “Week” has captured the hearts of men) (Welcome to IDOT) (He’s the agency manager and she’s playing herself) How have you been? (They’re happy to see the special cast members) Mr. Jang. We’re just going to read through the script today. Okay. I’m nervous. (Twiddling and spacing out) (They’re nervous about their first script reading…) We’ll start from the beginning. “Early morning at the housing. Seulgi’s sleeping face is shown and then the loud alarm goes off.” “Sujeong, wake up! We’re late.” “Late for what?” (She acts out her part in the script) “It’s morning already. “You said a bite of pork hock first. Go ahead.” “Oh, right! My pork hocks! I thought I’d die last night from not eating any. Just a bite…” “Yooa, wake up. We’re late.” “What time is it?” “Somi, wake up. We’re late.” “Oh, my God! Alright, Seulgi. Let me wash my face.” (Pleased) “Sohee is still asleep. And above sleeping Sohee… The voice of Mr. Jang can be heard.” “What’re you doing? I asked what you’re doing. Today’s the performance and you’re still sleeping?” (Chills…) “You’ll never win first at this rate. You girls have no discipline! What are you doing? Girls’ Generation is at the salon at this hour!” (They can’t help but be impressed) (Respect for Wonyeong) On the way to “Music Bank.” The “Music Bank” director will be played by actor Shin Hyunjoon. (Another big actor to play a cameo in their drama) “Girls Next Door are amazed to see EXO in the green room next door. They silently enjoy themselves in front of the door. They see the door of the next green room. And it says Jeon Somin.” “You think she’s back in her green room? Her rehearsal must be over by now.” “Should we try knocking?” “Who’s talking outside? It’s so noisy. Oh, Girls Next Door? That’s why you’re in front of my door? Right, you guys are up to win first, right?” “We’ll try hard for our performance today and we hope to become great actresses like you. It should be hard though.” “Sure, it’s hard. It came easy for me though. But with your faces, effort won’t be enough.” “Right. We can’t do anything about our faces. We really envy and respect you. We’ll keep working harder.” “The girls leave Jeon Somin.” “Will we act that way to our juniors?” “Man, it was really hard to hold my tongue.” “Me too. That old geezer.” Sound more harsh. “Me too. That old geezer.” (Moonbyul’s so good at this) When the other members act all cute your role is to even that out, Moonbyul. Yes, sounds good. “Turn the monitor on, miss A is on stage.” “Gosh, Suzy sure is pretty.” “Why’d my mom make me look like this? I still get negative online comments. Asking if I’m a celebrity. And saying I’m chubby.” The fans called me chubby after I debuted. I didn’t know if they were badmouthing me. We thought it meant something bad but now it’s like a pet name. Like being called pleasantly plump. (The fans gave her the pet name Chubby) “I still get negative online comments. Asking if I’m a celebrity. And saying I’m chubby.” (So cute) “Do I just need to lose weight? They say a fat girl is an unscratched lottery ticket.” Now you think of the past… “This is so annoying. We’re not rabbits. I can’t eat this anymore. Let’s order food.” “Yeah. Let’s order pork hocks!” “Pork hocks? Sounds good.” “What about our manager though?” “Don’t worry. I have a plan.” “Mr. Jang sees everything and gets angry.” “What on earth are you all doing now? Even if you give it all you have, it’s not guaranteed. What is this? You call this dancing?” “Moonbyul puts her hands on her face and sits.” “What are you doing, Moonbyul?” “Maybe I’m gassy…” “Geez… Give me a freaking break.” (She loves it) (Even Chungha laughs) “You said that last time. Hold on. I’ll get you medicine for your gas. Is this a gas factory? You should be ashamed of yourself!” “They spread out the pork hocks and right when they’re about to take their first bite…” “What are you all doing? Can’t you see the CEO is here?” CEO Kwon will be played by actor Im Wonhui. (They cast him right after he finished a drama) (They get excited when they hear about the cast) “So you ordered pork hocks? If you’re over 50kg for the monthly review you’re out of the group.” I have a weight quota for the day. A certain amount you have to lose? I had to burn that weight off to go home. And if you couldn’t? If you don’t make weight, you get cut. “If you’re over 50kg for the monthly review you’re out of the group. What? Don’t want to be cut? Then don’t eat. How will you perform right if you eat fatty foods like pork hocks, pizza and fried chicken? That’s not what a celebrity does. Don’t make it harder for us and just quit.” “The members are all running on treadmills.” “Moonbyul, I’m really tired now. Can we eat something?” “Are you serious?” “Yeah.” “Yup… Of course you’re serious.” Say that like you think she’s pathetic. Sujeong goes, “Yeah.” Then you’re like, “Yup… Of course you’re serious.” (I got it now) “With a happy face you get a burger at the register.” “I’ll just eat half. Only half.” “As soon as she bites into the burger, she sees the silhouette of Mr. Jang out the window.” So scary! It’s always like that. – It’s a drama. / – What is this? (This story sounds familiar) “W-What should we do? He wouldn’t come in here, would he?” They just make you diet. One day I was really craving a hamburger. I got one and looked down from the window. An agency employee was crossing the street. That’s happened to me a lot. I was so scared. I had the burger. I ended up eating in the bathroom stall. (The script is just as Writer Yooa said) “How long do we have to stay in here?” “How long do we have to stay in here?” (What did she say?) (No need to be that quiet for the reading…) (She got too into her role) (They laugh at Sujeong’s cuteness) We can use this situation. “How long do we have to stay in here?” That’s when Moonbyul says… “It’s just us two here so speak up.” (I like it) “Mr. Jang opens the bathroom door and comes in.” “The CEO was furious.” “Why?” “They were caught ordering pork hocks in secret.” “What were you doing while they were eating?” “One member pretended to be sick and sent me out. It was so obvious, but I left.” “Why?” (We had no idea…) “I didn’t become a manager yesterday. Wonder Girls, 2NE1… They keep themselves in check. But our girls? They all misbehave.” (Oh, so that’s why…) “The two members hiding in the bathroom…” “But I really want to eat this. I guess I’m hopeless.” (Laughs) That was so… – I’m so hopeless. / – Gosh… (How will it be in the actual drama?) “Seulgi nervously sings for the monthly review.” “Looks like your time with SM Rookies helped. Yooa, you started at the same time as Seulgi. So what’s your excuse? Is it lack of practice or lack of talent?” “Yooa decides to stay and practice dancing instead of going home.” “That’s cheap. Practicing on your own.” “What the… I thought you left.” “I can’t leave when you’re here practicing.” “Gosh, this is tough.” “You’re tired over doing this?” “Not practice.” “Then what?” “So much pressure to be good every day. I put pressure on myself and exhaust myself.” “Seulgi, do you know what my dream is?” (Laughs) “Beats me. Debuting?” “My dream is…” (When they first got their script) “Seulgi, do you know what my dream is?” “Debuting?” I can’t do this! (This line was really embarrassing for her to say) “My dream is… You.” (It makes your toes curl) (But it must be said!) This is my cheesy line. “My dream is you.” “My dream is… You.” (This line will make you embarrassed for 10 years) (It even makes people watching cringe) “Seulgi, do you know what my dream is?” “Beats me. Debuting?” “My dream is… You, Seulgi.” (Huh?) (A perfect edit for this line surprising everyone) “My wish is to be told I did better than you just once. Being around you makes me so angry and jealous. But I just can’t hate you. Because you’re my dream. That’s why you can’t get tired and struggle! Never act weak in front of me again.” (Yooa really practiced a lot) “With Chungha’s recommendation Somi gets into the agency.” “Why are we going first? You all better get your acts together.” “Don’t be like that, Somi. Everyone makes mistakes. Let’s try again.” “Mistakes? This is enough already. How many times has this been? You too, Chungha. You’ll never debut at this rate.” “Hey, Somi. Just leave then.” “What? Telling me to leave over that?” “I’ve had enough of this. Just leave.” “The new members come in during this.” “I’ll talk to the CEO tomorrow so don’t worry too much.” “What’s the point? You’re the most popular for being in SM Rookies. Your debut is guaranteed.” “Sohee, apologize to Seulgi now.” “For what? We’re all competing.” “At the live broadcast of The Five.” Jeon Hyunmoo will play the host. (Jeon Hyunmoo joins the cast) This is amazing. “Who has something to say before performing?” (Raises her hand!) “I’ll be rapping starting today.” “The members stare in shock. D.ana and Sohee are in the green room.” “Sohee, don’t be pressured and do well. Let’s go!” “Sohee? I didn’t mention this… But my birthday is early…” (She’s actually born in early 1995) (D.ana was born later in 1995) (This is an actual conversation they had) Is my role supposed to be mean? No, no. It’s not a mean role. She’s desperate. She’s really desperate? (The remaining 5 members go to Hangang) “Everyone’s still so depressed here. Is this how it’s going to be? The rest of us remaining should do well.” “The rest of us remaining should do well? Should you be saying that now?” The emotional scenes are hard for us. “The rest of us remaining should do well? Should you be saying that now?” (Was that weird?) (Seulgi is going crazy) (Cries) “So what then? Should we leave? Leave? Leave? What do you know to tell me what to do?” (She’s had trouble too…) “The rest of us remaining should do well.” “The rest of us remaining should do well? Should you be saying that now?” “So what then? Should we leave?” “That’s not what I meant. Moonbyul… What did you talk about in private with the CEO?” “What?” “Didn’t he try to convince you to be a rapper and tell you you’d debut that way?” “I can’t believe this…” (Moonbyul and Seulgi totally sell the scene) (Gets into character again) “Tell me. Why’d you switch parts?” “Why’d I change my part? Is that it? What do you guys know?” “Flashback to a few days back of Moonbyul talking to the CEO.” “Why do I have to rap?” “So you don’t want to? Just quit then.” “That’s not fair telling me to give up on vocals.” “You’re not as good as Seulgi or Sujeong. You know we have too many main vocalists.” “But Mr. CEO…” “Do whatever you want. Stay as a rapper or leave.” I was originally a vocalist. Really? They told me I should rap. So I practiced… That’s what really made me not want to work. “Moonbyul is trained by a rapper.” Who’s playing the rapper? Gaeko will be playing the rapping trainer. (Featuring Gaeko!) That’s amazing. “The Five members are gathered around the CEO.” “The positions have been decided. Now we need a team name. How about SONAMOO for pine tree?” (Laughs) “SONAMOO? Why not Pine Cone Sisters?” “That’s not bad. The path of a successful celebrity. Red Velvet.” “That sounds like a good one.” “That sounds good? What’s good about red cloth? Are we curtains?” (Dissing her own group name) “How about Oh My Girl?” “Childish.” “How about Lovelyz?” “It sounds too girlish.” “This is a great one. MAMAMOO.” “Oh, my God! What the… MAMAMOO?” (She’s overflowing with swag) “Girls, this is the last one. How about Girls Next Door?” “Girls Next Door? That sounds so lame!” “It’s great. It’s got feeling. Don’t you think, Mr. Jang?” “Of course, Mr. CEO. Come on, girls. You are now Girls Next Door.” (We’ll stop the reading here so we don’t spoil it) Chungha, how was the script? It really reminded me of being a trainee. I once got caught eating a burger too… (She’s the same) And I got yelled at. So I could really get into it. Mr. Jang, what did you think? It was a lot of fun to read. All your stories are in this. It’s an entertaining piece of work. For real. Am I the only one that comes off as a bad guy? (Wonyeong is great) Now we don’t have any more shoots as a group. Now you’ll all meet at the set of the drama. I hope to see you all healthy on that day. Good work! (The girls met up) (They told their stories when they first met) I don’t know what to say. This is so awkward. (Now the girls have come together) Should we pick a leader? Here I go. You look like you’ve done that before. I ask why she’s crying. “I’ve been cut.” If you don’t make weight, you get cut. It was really tough. I don’t know when I’ll debut. I feel like all my fans will leave me. (They all have pasts) (They’re still too young to stop) (They write their stories themselves) “IDOT. Let’s Only Walk The Flower Road.” Kang Seulgi. (Their friendship and their dreams…) But this makes me sad. Let’s go, Idol Drama Operation Team!

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