IDOL Drama Operation Team | 아이돌 드라마 공작단 Ep.2 [ENG/CHN/2017.06.25]

(7 Princesses get working on their script) (But they can’t give up) (Mind going blank) (Do I give up?) (Only…) (Screaming) (The result is their minds going blank) (Finally time to check the script…) (Is it going to make you cringe?) (Leader Moonbyul is determined) (The members are dedicated) (But their acting isn’t good enough…) (Their souls escape) (No more) (Unexpected difficulties have arisen…) (A few days later) (The staff prepared a gift for them!) (Who is the savior that gets a standing welcome?) (If you’re curious, hold on) (The members make time to work on the script) Hello. Right now… We have a gig coming up in Gwangju. So we’re taking the KTX to Gwangju. (Yeri of Red Velvet) Hi. I brought my notes. We have around 2 hours. So I’m trying to get something done but I can’t think of anything. This is too hard! I was just sitting here… Actually, I was sleeping. Then I got inspired. So I woke up and now I can’t remember a thing. 7 Princesses… (Why is she listing the colors of the rainbow?) Oh! We have to shoot commercials for rainbow colored umbrellas and rainbow rice cakes. Ah! Okay, okay, okay. Will it be okay? I’m really trying hard. But this isn’t easy. Not anyone can be a screenwriter. (Sigh…) This is Somi working hard during my gig. Hello, everyone. This is my home. I’ll show you my house. My home is filled with gifts from fans. Frames from fans… Calendars… And this sign always makes me feel better. “Don’t lose sight of your main goal.” It’s my motto. And Squirtle looks really cute. And this is a bit embarrassing to show. My bedroom. Ta-da. Those dolls above my bed are all from fans. This Stitch doll is as big as I am. Heave-ho. I have to write the script. Let me go. Here… Now that I’m about to write the script… I’m a screenwriter! Right now, I’m screenwriter Kim Sohee. Hello, I’m screenwriter Yu Sia. Is it okay for me to do this? Can I really be a screenwriter? I hope I can be a good one. I feel like the other girls will be better at this. Why am I so nervous? Hello, I’m Sujeong of Lovelyz. It makes me cringe that I have to write this! I can do this. I’ve been thinking a lot about the script before I started filming myself like this. In addition to being nervous and excited… My mind’s gone blank. I have no idea what to do and how to start. I’ll just work on writing for now. (Sigh…) How am I supposed to do this? This is my first time writing a script. I don’t know what to write. (Thinking) (Flipping through) Wow, this won’t work… (D.ana is in trouble) (Mind blank) (Has a sip of coffee to focus again) (D.ana suddenly bursts into laughter) (She focuses again) 7 of us… (D.ana seems a bit strange) (D.ana is usually quiet and introverted) You aren’t really the dramatic type. Yes, but my body can’t handle caffeine. If I have caffeine I become a bit dramatic. Oh, really? My group members know when I’ve had caffeine. I get really pumped up. (Drinking caffeine to write the script?) (The caffeine starts to hit her…) No, no, this isn’t it. (She’s drinking too much) Hell… Welcome to hell. Hell. Again and again… Yeah. (1st level, concern) This is all the first scene! (2nd level, breakdown) (3rd level, caffeine hit) How I feel now. (4th level, her second identity comes out) Dummy… (The caffeine wears off and she’s back to normal) I don’t know how to start. Something that I come up with on the spot. “Should we all go out?” “Someone hears this.” “Huh? Me too.” (Moonbyul acts cute for the script) “I want to go too.” Like that. This is like… Hello, everyone! (The script writing isn’t easy for anyone) (They need a solution to proceed with this script!) Hello! I’m Sujeong. I’m at a music show now. Since all my group members are here, I’m going to ask them. Who should I ask? ♪ Put your hands up ♪ Introduce yourself. Hello! I’m Jin of the Lovelyz. And I’m Jisoo. The Jin-Ji sisters. Girl group stories about struggling… Not being able to eat. Not being able to eat? (Laughter) Lovelyz doesn’t get to eat, right? – Now… / – It’s heartbreaking… (She’s been caught at the scene of the crime) No… To explain ourselves… We’re allowed to eat… We all want to lose weight… Jiae, what am I to you? The best? Kei, what am I to you? To me you’re like food. Wow! Awesome! That’s the best compliment. Like vitamin. Someone that’s always needed. She always has to be by our side. High-five! (She goes back home after her gigs) (She’s way into her smartphone) This is nuts. (Contacting Moonbyul) What’s this? (Cute) (Tries to get the best angle) Moonbyul, what are you up to? So it sends right away. (Kitty Seulgi) (Amazed) (She forgot about the script while texting Moonbyul) Hi, Seulgi. (I miss you) Moonbyul, how’s the script going? (I can’t think of anything) (Worried) How far did you get? (Ah) I’m still at the beginning. (Thinks about the script and gets serious again) (Positioning herself) Cherry blossoms… Cherry blossoms… (Bear Seulgi looks so cute) Let’s go. (Everyone, work hard on the script!) Let’s go. We’ll hear about being in a girl group now. – Hello. / – Hello. Hyojung, I’m writing a script. I’m writing a part about love. (Love?) So you like a trainee. But you’re both trying to debut so that love can’t come true. Love that can’t come true. Right, I think that would be good. Or just something improbable. Being a trainee for 10 years. (Nice) For 10 years! He’s the legendary trainee. So you meet and he’s so dreamy. Everyone falls for him? All the girls are so into him which is why his debut keeps getting pushed back. He keeps getting caught by the agency. I’m not supposed to eat in the practice studio. But the manager isn’t here today. So I’m eating this. (Knock, knock. knock) Hello! What’s up? I’m shooting. Surprised? I need some help. You’re so pretty. You don’t usually say stuff like that off camera. No, you’re my friend but you’re so pretty. I’m impressed. You’re all talk. I’m all talk? I am not! Not at all. I speak the truth. Hey, the manager isn’t here today. (Happily obliges) See? She’s not here. This is our unique relationship. Nice job. Yum! Delicious! This is probably her first meal because she’s dieting. Yes… Dieting… That piece of instant noodles was her first meal. This is how hard it is for us. I feel like I’m going to cry. But it’s delicious. That’s what’s sadder. It’s delicious. Hey, when did great and angelic Sohee seem to struggle the most? Bring up those emotions. I always think this. After the monthly review. You suddenly got really serious. You’re always trying to do well. You always seem to struggle and blame yourself afterward. So this is what the other trainees think. I’m so good to them. What about myself should I fix? You keep touching me. Where do I touch you? I do? Are you calling me a pervert? I’m no pervert. How do I touch you? That’s all I’ll be saying. This is a bit… Adults only. (The truth is still out there…) Hello, I’m screenwriter Seulgi. (Featuring Wendy) Current time is 3:31 p.m. I have to write but I don’t know where to start. This is so difficult. So… (Seulgi found a solution?) (Curls her hair to transform into a screenwriter) (Seulgi can do anything on stage) (Now she’s become a frumpy screenwriter) The sound of typing makes you look like a writer. I’ve been typing in English. A lot of things come to mind these days. Because of this. Seulgi doesn’t sleep these days. I’m going nuts. She falls asleep after thinking too much. She falls asleep on her stomach. She falls asleep on the sofa. She falls asleep on her bed. – I just slept from being sleepy. / – Really? But she seems to toss and turn. And I don’t sleep well because of her. I’ll try my best to write this. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Somi is stuck on the script too) Since I can’t think of anything I’ll contact some of my friends to ask a few questions. (Who does Somi ask for help?) Chaeyoung. (Chaeyoung of TWICE is her good friend) Looks like she’s busy. Who do I call? (Who does she call next?) The number you have dialed no longer exists. (Even Xiyeon of PRISTIN) She changed her number. I’d better ask. That was embarrassing. Sumin. – Yeah? / – Say hello. I’m shooting Idol Drama Operation Team. Hello, this is Lee Sumin. Sumin, I have a question. How are you envious of girl groups? What would be the best part of being in one? They wear such flashy outfits. Right. The outfits are flashy. When I see them dancing in flashy outfits, it feels like it’d be lots of fun. And since you have a team that you live with… Then when do you think it’s toughest for girl groups? You have to do music shows early in the morning. The endless practicing… True. I feel so bad when I hear stories like that. Right… – People just see the glamorous side… / – Yes! So maybe show the struggles behind the scenes. Alright. My youngest helper… Introducing screenwriter Evelyn. Hello. I’m Jeon Somi’s younger sister. My name is Jeon Evelyn. When do you think I struggle the most? You practice all the time and you do difficult work. Even she knows practicing is hard. I have questions for my mom too. I’ll tell you the situation. Give me an idea, mom. Yooa is like a high-maintenance princess. She thinks she’s the prettiest and she’s the best. Then let’s say she’s in dance practice. Then she totally falls for the reflection of her dancing in the mirror. (Yooa is having fun filming herself) I don’t know what to do! Gosh… (Always practicing her pretty faces) (That’s how she gets these goddess-like shots) I’m still thinking. I don’t have anything that I’m sure on yet. So I want to introduce my group members. Mimi! Mimi! We are… Hello! So pretty! Mimi gave me an idea about the legendary trainee. (Serious) Isn’t it like a school drama? The male lead is the legendary trainee. (Embarrassed, cringing) It already makes you cringe. Gosh… We need another girl. Who should it be? I say… This high-maintenance princess. (I will punish you!) You said that on purpose. There’s a reason. You want me to say cheesy lines. You act like a princess because your family is rich or your dad owns the agency. Being luxurious. But you’re also lonely. And you have a lot of scars. Then how about Sohee? Sohee the quirky girl. No, no. For the quirky girl… Should be really cool about dating. How about the high-strung spaz D.ana? No, no. How about Sujeong the adorable klutz? No, no. It’s a bit… (You need more tough love, Mimi!) You’re doing this on purpose! No, no! (No progress is made on the script) The night air sure is nice, everyone. (Welcome, I’ve been waiting) Gosh, what an awkward entrance. It feels so staged. Very nice. Currently it’s 10:30 p.m. I should write all this. After finishing work for the day, I’m back as a writer. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? (Moonbyul gets cute when she’s concerned) I’ll watch TV. So I’ll be back after watching some TV. (They finally write about their dreams) To hopefully find a story for the script… I brought my diary from when I was young. This is my diary from 2013 before I debuted. When I first came out in the SM Rookies. I decorated it too. Like this. I wrote my feelings from when I was in SM Rookies. I even wrote about when we first got our song and when we recorded it. I guess it was a lot of fun. And always… What this is… It’s just a doodle. But I had a lot of concerns about sound. I drew how the sound should travel through your head. I think this is when I was really sensitive and concerned about that. That’s why it was so hard just to sing one song. (Excited and afraid to debut back then) (Now she can think back and smile) I didn’t prepare for that long. You’re an ancestor. Compared to ancestor Seulgi, my trainee period was short. That was hard for me. – Keeping up. / – From the difference in practice. I saw the difference in skill. The members had to all help me and that made me feel bad too. That was tough for me. Keeping up because my trainee period was short. Even as it went on you all helped me. You taught me things I didn’t know. Without you guys helping I might not still be here now. It would’ve been tough if it was someone else. But you were very eager from the start. So it was nice for me. (The members are like my family) (What is Sohee doing instead of writing?) This is how I spend my time at home. I’m lonely. I’ve been practicing singing since high school. I always film myself. I still have to improve. But this is really a big win for me. I’ve been practicing and trying so hard. You’ll be surprised if you see old clips of me singing. I’m trying my best now, but I practiced like crazy back when I was in high school. (She’s practiced diligently this entire time) Now that I see myself changing… I’m proud of myself. That’s why I should get to writing… Oh! I always keep a practice log. (So many) My practice logs… This is my practice log from last year. This character looks like me. Last April after “Produce 101” ended, I was really busy. These are all my gigs from April and May. I really worked a lot. And in between I got time to practice. I wrote something for the month review. “It was the worst review. I’m so afraid to sing in front of agency employees that I get even more nervous. But I won’t become weak. I have to realize how weak I am mentally from being afraid of singing in front of them. There needs to be a change.” Here’s a painful entry. January 12. “I have no confidence or pride. I feel depressed all day. I don’t even like my writing.” Gosh! I even wrote that I don’t like my face. I don’t like my skills. “These negative thoughts prevent me from focusing.” (Being a trainee is physically and emotionally tiring) I guess things were really tough for me. I practiced endlessly and that was even harder. Now I love being busy even though it’s tiring. I have to keep making appearances… My fans put together this book for me. This was so moving that I cried. These are all letters from my fans. My goofy photos! I was so touched. They even wrote poems about me. It was so touching. They even made a magazine for me. And as soon as I open it… “Is Kim Sohee Sexy? She is. She is not. Kim Sohee is sexy. Why? Look at the photos. She’s really showing her sexiness. She Isn’t Sexy. Your arguments are invalid. Sohee is the epitome of cuteness. She’s our girl.” Should I show you whether I’m sexy or not? 1, 2, 3. (Ooh) (Hmm…) 1, 2, 3. (Ah) 1, 2, 3. Oh, I don’t know! I am not sexy. Anyway, I spend every day happily thanks to my loving fans. Hello. This is my home outfit. This is my picture diary. Some people may know about this… Guess what this day means. Can you tell? It was so hot this day. The sun was so bright I felt like melting. I had a dance lesson… And if you look here… My insides were queasy. A lot of factors made this a bad day. It was a really tough day. Gosh, if you look here… As you can see it says 5:30 salon. I wrote names of sad songs since I was struggling. Gosh… I found a happy entry. It says “fan meetup.” It was a fanmeeting day. I was so happy to see my family. This was a happy day. It says “family tree” here. They offered consolation. Oh! This is a fun story. I was really struggling here but I saw my family. If you look here… It’s full of laughing. You can tell how excited I was. I didn’t notice time fly by. Time flew. Love. I should write about my family. Nice! When I write in my diary, I tend to write hopeful plans. Here’s an entry. “Thoughts I need. If I don’t see my family, don’t rest and practice that’ll be good for me and make me stronger. And try to love the precious people that are nearby you might forget about.” This one is so sad. “I miss my family so much. My warm mom, my dad who’s my fan, my adorable older sister… I miss them all so much. Severely. I want to visit home so badly too. At home…” Oh, gosh… (Emotions well up as she thinks back) I really wanted to go home this day. “When will I be home with my family? 5 years later? Or 7 years?” Looks like I haven’t seen my parents in a while here. “My parents have really aged since I last saw them. My dad will forever be 37 to me and my mom will forever be 34 yet time continues to go by. My dad wears glasses when he eats now. I noticed wrinkles on my mom’s hand when I held it and my dad has more wrinkles by his eyes. I guess it’s asking too much for my family to never age so we can always be together. Mom and dad, I’ll become successful and treat you. I love you lots.” (The loneliness she felt at such a young age…) (She got through it thanks to her family) And my older sister doesn’t get to see me often so she wrote me a birthday letter. She made the letter into a book for me. This is my older sister. My sister, me. She put family photos in here. In case I’d miss them. How she wanted me to dress. She cut out the photos herself. My sister did all this for me. It was one of the reasons how I was able to endure the tough times. (Because of my loving family) My personal walk of life… I’ll try writing that. (Getting into it) (Moonbyul really looks like a writer) It’s almost time before this is due, so I have to write fast. (This member is hard at work too) I’ve written this much. That’s pretty good. Well-organized, right? You’re really good at organizing. There’s too much! So this is why writers always write in comfy clothes. (Sigh…) I don’t think I’m meant to be a writer. (Somi still works seriously) (Argh) This is bad. (It couldn’t be?) (Argh!) I wrote everything… But it wasn’t saved. (Argh!) My mom and dad have started to help me out of pity. I’m faster at typing than someone that types 64 words per minute. (She’s almost done thanks to her mom) (Somi’s mom is pretty just like her) Please edit that out. It’s finally done. Now I’ll send the completed script. (Good work, Somi) (Time to send the script!) I sent it! So it’s over. (They finish their first drafts!) (KBS Art Hall) (IDOT 2nd meeting) – It’s been a week. / – For real. It’s been exactly a week. Did you all do well on your scripts? This is bad… It makes you really cringe. Mine is like a documentary. Mine seems like a comedic soap opera. And I lost the entire script once. After writing how much? Around half of it. I typed it up because I was going to email it. And then I lost the entire file. (Somi got a bitter taste of the writer’s life) So I worked on a different computer. I had my comeback this week. So I didn’t have time to write. I didn’t sleep for around 5 days. My throat is still hurting… I had to go to Japan, so I really rushed on mine. I couldn’t think of anything, so I did all the dances for you guys. (Wow) Looking forward to it. It’s nothing to look forward to. – It’s in the video? / – Yes. ♪ So, so, so, so, so ♪ ♪ So, so, so Great, baby! ♪ (Laughs) D.ana? It was so hard to come up with something at first. But then it all just started coming to me. It came to you. So I thought it was strange and I looked back and saw I kept writing the same thing. (The repeating script) – The lines started disappearing. / – Right. It’s really hard. You have to think of stuff to write. What they’re doing and when. It’s really hard. (They worked on the script on top of their gigs) (Their script is completed after 4 weeks of work) – Everyone take one. / – I can’t look. This looks good. I didn’t write it like this. I’m most curious about Yooa’s. – No! / – Me too! Is it really strange? For mine the main character is Seulgi. “Hey, ugly. Pay attention.” Stop it, Somi! Please! Or I’m going home! You’re still here? (The youngest is on top) (Embarrassed) This looks good. It’s the LT. It’s not a cuss word. It’s Legendary Trainee. And he’s a mysterious guy. (Yooa is quite the quirky girl too) We haven’t decided the male lead for this part. So I wrote it thinking of Yang Sehyeong. All the girls like the Legendary Trainee… Should we do this? I’ll read as the Legendary Trainee. “Seulgi counts down. Undone shoelaces and worn out shoes. She doesn’t like her reflection in the mirror and looks sadly in the mirror. Just then! The homme fatale Legendary Trainee comes in.” “Hey, ugly. Pay attention.” “My goodness! You haven’t left yet?” (Cringing) (This is a tough job) This is… “What nutbag would practice with her shoes untied? Do you want to break your ankle before debuting?” (Getting into it) Please act. “When did this come undone?” “Let’s see. Looks like someone’s thinking of you at this hour.” (Shocked) It’s like that? “You dummy.” (She loves it) “You’re pretty when you smile. So smile as you perform the music you love.” “Thank you.” (So cringe-inducing) That was good. I’m very satisfied. D.ana wrote hers really well too. Should we read it? Then D.ana, you read this. I did web dramas. I played the lead in both. That’s why we have to hustle when the bell rings! Your intonation seems a bit rigid. Your breathing is accenting every syllable. (How about this time?) “The four schoolmates arrive and weigh themselves after saying hello.” “Hello.” “Hello.” “Hello.” (Laughs) (Better do well this time) “How long do we have to be like this?” “I heard they were getting ready to debut us. I never thought we’d be resting for so long.” “All they make is do is diet and practice. I’m getting sick of it.” “Gosh… So…” (Laughs) (So funny) Do it like that. (Acting is hard) (So cute) “So… I bought some makeup on the subway. It makes your skin really fair. Doesn’t my skin look better now that I put it on?” “Quiet down. You’re tiring me out.” No, you’re tiring us out more. (Was that directed at me?) I was writing the script… I’m from Busan. So I wrote a little dialect. To seem a bit country. It’s Somi now. I don’t have a script. I just wrote some stories. This is so funny! “Her voice goes hoarse from screaming in anger and she ends up having to rap.” (Ow!) (Loving this) I could’ve never thought of this. (Praise Somi) She wrote Sujeong and myself as slightly dumb characters. “Sohee makes excuses and distracts people.” I’m a total train wreck? (Why are you doing this to me?) It says D.ana is a psycho. Moonbyul has rage issues. (Somi was fair with everyone) Let’s look at Seulgi’s. I’m really depressed. The agency director has the most lines. “You girls will never be able to debut working like this!” He gets angry. Then he sends us home to to think of what we really want. It looks like they say the same things at every agency. There must be a school for it. That’s how you get to work at an agency. This is cute. All the scripts show our personalities. There are a lot of funny parts. Serious parts too. What if our drama gets 1st in ratings? Do we get anything if we’re 1st? We have our copyright. So… Once you start writing the drama, you could infringe copyrights by mistake so we have an expert to prevent that. Hello. Hello. Please be good to us. I work fork for the Korea Copyright Commission. My name is Han Ho. – Nice to meet you. / – Hello. We’re the 7 Princesses. 2, 3! Don’t hesitate! – Nice to meet you. / – Any questions? Some basics to know when writing a drama? First, when you use someone else’s writing, you need to get permission. And if you use without asking, that could be copyright infringement. Is there a time period you get those rights. For when you get protection. It’s not 70 years after creating something. It’s 70 years after the creator dies. (Wow) So you’re doing some amazing work. Do we register separately? You have to prove that it’s been made. So to prove who holds the rights in a dispute or to fight against an infringer, we have a copyright registration system. Once it’s been registered, if there’s an infringement you can get paid as the right holder. So it’s good to register it ahead of time. Do we have the faces of successful screenwriters? (What’s her deal?) Since you’ve done this work a long time. Yes… Well… I’m sure you’ll do fine. Who among us looks like the best one? She really does distract you. (I don’t know why I’m like this either) Pick just one among us. Then I have to pick you, right? Congratulations. (I’m still happy!) So the first draft of the script is done. – Gosh! / – Goodness! – I’m excited. / – Wow, this is huge. Thank you. It’s so different. So neat. So neat. Scene 1. (They endlessly work on the script) This is so tiring. What are you thinking of? (Dazed) (Super focused) All done. I can see now. Done. All done! Good work. It’s so different. So neat. So neat. So different. The font looks different. He sends us home to think about it. Really? And he made us work as waitresses there. If you didn’t make the weight you could really get cut. (All their stories are put in the script) (The script has stories of their trainee days) (It’s all in the past but it’s all clear in their heads) Gosh… I see. Okay. I felt a little choked up seeing the story of my position being changed. I get a little choked up thinking that I have to go back to those situations. For me, since Seulgi’s character works so hard I wanted to give her a love interest. But I’ll be satisfied with your cheesy comments. (She’s so mean) Half of my lines are about pork hocks. You talk about pork hocks a lot. I plead you guys to get pork hocks. There’s a rapper here too. “What the.” This person keeps saying that. “What the, what the.” Kind of like Joon Park. “What the, what the.” Baam! Stuff like that. Baam, baam. My story about friends leaving. I mentioned that it was hardest for me watching my friends leave or get cut. That was the hardest. I was surprised to see that here. Right. I brought that up and I ended up leaving. I had to leave two teams. Going through those hardships again. Being eliminated on “Sixteen.” And then I.O.I disbanding. Both times are here. Which really brings up a lot of emotions. I have a lot of stories about being cut like Somi. So I feel like I can really get into character. This is sad. I get cut here too. I did a function once. I heard it would be a performance hall big enough for 300. I was happy to get a big gig so soon into our debut. Only 18 people came. The seats were right in front of the speakers. They were leaning on the speakers like this. (Goodness) I was really sad then… After debuting… This is such a sad script. Why are all my lines about food and pork hocks? I’m always looking for pork hocks. “Order pork hocks!” Pork hocks, pork hocks. We should come up with a title. What would be good? Something really serious might be fun. Or something extremely cringy. – I want something childish. / – Childish. “Spread Your Wings.” – “Fly High.” / – “Fly High.” “You Can Do It! Look at Us.” (I like it) “What’s Your Dream?” “My Dream is You.” I like that. “My Dream is… You.” Or “Will You Listen To Me?” (I like that) I like it. Since it’s what we’re saying. “Will You Listen To Me?” That’s good. “Will You Be Mine?” I like it. (Suggestions on the IDOT viewer message board) (The viewers sent in many suggestions) (Most of them about flower roads) (“Let’s Only Walk The Flower Road” is the title) Is there something we can practice? Here. Page 15. Scene 21. “Seulgi practices dancing alone in the studio. She turns at the sound of the door opening to see a smiling Yooa.” “That’s cheap. You’re practicing alone. I have to achieve your level of practice.” “Seulgi and Yooa competitively dance.” (Dancing competitively?) “They’re drenched in sweat. Then they plop down together and lie down on the studio floor.” (Ah) It’s like a youth drama. Lying down face to face. This is tough. “You’re tired over just this?” “Not because of practice.” “Then what?” “My future.” (Tries not to laugh) (These girls…) “Seulgi, do you know what my dream is?” “Beats me. Debuting?” I can’t do this! Start. “My dream is… You.” (Badump, badump) How do we shoot this? I feel like my face is getting red. They used our stories to make this script. It’s relatable because we’ve experienced this stuff. This could be a good chance for us to tell our own stories ourselves. That’s not something that comes by easily. So let’s try to make it really good. It’ll be funnier if we act seriously. Acting! Oh, no! This is nuts… Great work today. Good work. See you all next week. (They finish their script) (KBS Art Hall) (They’re back together after the 2nd meeting) (Super tired) (Why are we all here?) Somi. Somi got a haircut. (She doesn’t like her bangs) Are you supposed to be Chucky? It looks cute. (They talk about how their weeks went) (But there’s an extra seat?) (Just then! A man shows up) (Eyes, nose and mouth open wide from surprise) (Who is it?) Hello! (He shows up with the aura of an actor) Nice to meet you. (Actor Jang Wonyeong) (An actor of 26 years!) (He makes great facial expressions) (Skilled at delivering precise emotions) (Jang Wonyeong can play any character) (He’s an actor of many faces) (But why is he on our show?) (Because of them…) (The girls have to write the script and act) (But they all bombed their auditions) No! Not like that. (That’s not how you act) (Wonyeong will teach them acting for the day) (They all welcome the actor) When I first got the call that I had to teach acting… On one hand, it’s so easy. (Really?) If you just know the principal, that’s all you need. It’s a scientific principal. If I hit you… It hurts, right? If it hurts, it hurts. It’s to react to every situation. Something natural and not made up. That principal. If you just remember that principal you’ll be capable of playing any role. And you can be a bit cocky. (Like this?) Nice job. (She copies) What’s this? (A new expression of arrogance?) This isn’t being cocky. It’s like, “Scalpel.” I’d rather play games than teach a class. First we’ll do 1-minute speeches. Just say whatever you want without any pretense. – We’ll start with Moonbyul. / – Me first? My heart is racing. I’ll make a little gesture when you’re at 50 seconds for you to wrap it up. Start. My dream wasn’t to become someone who talks in front of many people. Yet I’m so happy to be here with these great people. I want to have a lot of conversations… I want to be someone like that. Someone’s stomach just growled. (Growl) (Seulgi’s stomach is self-assertive) I’m also very hungry. I’m so happy to meet these 6 girls. I’ll also continue to work hard in MAMAMOO and work hard to become a better person. (Big claps out of embarrassment) – Very nice job. / – What did I even say? Nice job. Who should go next, Moonbyul? ♪ Guitar ♪ Rocker Seulgi. I want Seulgi to go next. My stomach growled earlier. I don’t know if I’m hungry or it’s a stomachache, but I’ll try hard for today’s shoot. It’s been my dream to be a singer since I was a kid. I debuted after being a trainee for 7 years. I’m so happy to have debuted with the members in Red Velvet. And I’m so happy to meet a new group of girls from being on this show. I’ll work hard to show you the best of myself. Thank you. (The hungry rocker’s speech is pretty simple) Good job. So… Who should go next? (As long as it isn’t me, avoiding eye contact) Somi. My pants make me a mermaid today. I like these pants. I’m so happy to see you all after a week. And it’s great to meet you too, sir. I’m still not good at acting but I’ll practice hard to make nice memories. (Somi’s randomness will continue) Pick the next person. I pick D.ana. Alright. Start. My biggest concern is being on this show. I never imagined I’d have to be on a variety show where I had to talk. (She doesn’t talk much…) So when I first started this, I’d be exhausted when I got home. I’d take headache medicine… (How terrible) This shoot makes me so nervous. That’s why I can’t sleep the day before this shoot. But I still eat just fine. (She’s getting funnier) And the group members here are so… Time’s up. (He cuts her off at the exact time) I had a lot more to say. (Upset) There are rules to this game. Next… I say Sujeong. I met eyes with her! Ready… Start. It’s been 2.5 years since I debuted. I’ve wanted to do a drama and a variety show and it’s such an honor I get to do both here. I’ve always wanted to take acting classes and I want to learn a lot from you. These days I’m crossing things off my bucket list which I find to be amazing. Please be good to me. I’ll do my best. (I should’ve talked like that too) (Next is Yooa) Next… Acting Is another way of expressing yourself so I’m so happy to be doing something totally new. And I’m really craving pork belly these days. I haven’t had it for a week which makes me sad. I came here hoping we’d all get pork belly when we go out to eat. But it’s a salad buffet again… Which makes me so sad. I’ll try my best here. Thank you. So cute. (Giggling) So you’re the last one? (Quick Sohee is up!) I was born in Busan. I still speak in dialect at times. I use hard consonants at times and mispronounce words. Like the days of the week. So I’m trying my best to fix it. I was in a ridiculous group called C.I.V.A. I’ve been through all sorts of hardships. (Just then) (Wonyeong puts his hand up) Okay, thank you. I meant you had 10 seconds left. (We’ll hear about her hardships next time…) I wanted to hear more but you said thank you. – I thought it was over. / – Yes… So if you want to act, your lines are important as well as acting it out with another person. But the biggest help will be your 5 senses. (5 senses?) (Touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight?) (A special acting solution for the girls) (Improve teamwork with the 5 senses game) Get into pairs and threes and hold hands. Like this? (Their expressiveness goes up thanks to this game!) They can’t do it. (This is like slapstick comedy) (So funny) They can’t do it. Come in this way. (They enjoy the game like they’re kids) (Their teamwork and chemistry improves!) So shall we do it all together? It’ll be a lot harder all together. Let’s get closer. Should we do this? We all stand at the count of 3. 1, 2, 3. (Crash) – This doesn’t work. / – Yeah. – This doesn’t work. / – It won’t work. We’ll grab our necks. Should we put our arms around our shoulders? Like this. How do we do this? (Flustered) Hold hands across from each other… (Yooa comes up with a solution to hold hands) I’ve never thought of this method before either. Like this. Hold hands of the person across from you. (They finally all hold hands) Like this? 1, 2, 3. (Will their teamwork finally succeed?) 1, 2, 3. (Wow, we did it!) (A historical moment when the 7 becomes 1) It was Yooa’s idea. (They became one thanks to Yooa’s idea) I’ll give you blindfolds now. Do not take these off. Just hold hands with your partner. (Can they find their partners with just their hands?) (Flailing) (Where is she?) (So pleased when they find each other) (They get back feelings they forgot about) (The girls have become closer now) Now one person will wear the blindfold. And one of us will put a hand up to that person’s nose. Remember that person’s scent and try to find that person. – Do you understand? / – Yes. Who wants to go first? – I’ll put this on first. / – Alright. I like this courage. Who wants to be the scent? Alright. Now just remember this scent. Just the smell. 3, 4, 5 seconds. Now find that scent. Is it this hand? (Will Moonbyul guess right?) No. (She’s good at this) (They try to get her to guess wrong) No. No. No. (Now it’s Sujeong!) (Will Moonbyul guess right?) (Excited) (Hmm) No. (Fooled her) (They all check Sujeong’s scent) Where’s the hand? (Sniffing) I don’t think so. – Where is it? / – Here it is. Hold on. (Will she guess right this time?) One more time. (Sniffing) It doesn’t seem like the one but it kind of does. Next. What now? You missed it a few times. Oh, my God. Oh, hold on. (No, Moonbyul) (Will she say it?) I think it’s her. (Moonbyul fails!) – Can I take this off? / – Sure. (Too bad) Ta-da. (That was close) – It wasn’t her. / – It wasn’t me. Goodness! (We fooled Moonbyul) (She failed at finding Sujeong’s scent) You missed her 3 times. (This smelling test is pretty hard) I thought these games would help open up your 5 senses. I had some much fun because you were all trying so hard. Great job. – Shall we all have a seat now? / – Yes. This next game is introductions through paper. You can make changes to the paper or even draw on it. That paper should represent you. People should see your current self. So I’d like you all to work on that. (A game to see the inner thoughts of the girls) (They get to work on their paper introductions!) (Some of them draw their thoughts) (Sujeong is folding the paper) (Express your thoughts or yourself through paper!) (Fast and quick) (Seulgi tries her best at everything!) (How is Yooa’s art?) (How did the girls express themselves?) Let’s hear from each person. Could you go first? I drew what I think about the most these days. I’m not very good at drawing. It says “Dazed” here. That’s D.ana. I tend to space out often. It’s because when I think, I tend to think of things negatively. I try to tell myself not to think those thoughts, but I don’t think of good thoughts. I end up spacing out. When I’m about to think deeply, I just space out. Every time I try to think deeply. I feel like I just space out all day. (She spaces out so she doesn’t have bad thoughts) (I hope my future is brighter) These are my concerns these days. I want to dance and sing. I also want to be good at languages. I want to do well but it’s not so easy so I’m always concerned about that. And it’s hard to talk to people. I might be laughing and smiling but it’s hard to find a deep connection. That’s why I feel lonely. I expressed myself and my many thoughts. Good job. Do I pick someone? Sohee. I’m a bit embarrassed… I didn’t write my thoughts. The only thing that came to mind was a frog. My fans call me a frog because I have big eyes. Sometimes they call me Quick Frog. So I made a frog. It actually moves. It’s not really working. (Huh?) (What is that?) Hmm… So your true self is a frog? Yes, I’m like a frog. (Quick frog) (So funny) I didn’t know we were supposed to say our thoughts. That was good. Next. I sensed that sharp things aren’t always the best. For human relations and my future. I’ve hurt a lot of people from being too sharp. So I want to be round like the moon. I think I disregarded everyone. I thought I was above it all. But now I think that I should become round like the moon. (The members start to say their inner thoughts) I folded a heart. It’s to love others and have good human relations. And I want to love my work as much as I intended. So I want to continue to live a life filled with love. That’s why I folded this heart. This is what I drew. I really like butterflies. I want to be free like a butterfly. They’re pretty too. When they fly around I feel like they’re spreading cheer. I expressed my desire to become like that through this drawing. (It’s so Yooa) I expressed my realistic concern which are my bangs. (She looks the same) I folded the paper and used some imagination to make my bangs like this. Since I’m biracial, my dream and goal is to raise awareness about Korea. It’s my hope that in my mid 30s I’ll be raising awareness about Korea through acting abroad. So, I love you, teacher. Huh? She gets to the point. (More of Somi’s randomness) An actor has to be totally honest without pretense. But if we’re too honest in life, we could get hurt. So we hide and don’t use those emotions. But you all did so well. So this might be a bit of pressure but we’ll try some improv. So this is how it goes. (An improv game for the girls) (1. Only two people will act at a time) (2. One must get the other to stand from her chair) (However, you’re not allowed to use strength) (3. The act can be about anything) Who’s brave enough to volunteer first? Should I go? Great. I’ll go too. Will you stay seated or stand? I’ll sit. Alright then. (Excited at this rare sight) (The improv starts! It’s a salon) I think your hair is cut nicely right here. Right? Can you not touch me there? It’s a sensitive area. Where would you like me to cut it? I want to trim my bangs. Didn’t you hear me before? No… The back… What’s with this place? I’m leaving! (Moonbyul just stands from her seat?) (Wonyeong isn’t acting and he’s really flustered) (That’s not how the game goes) No, that was good. But for this game… Yes… The seated person is supposed to stay seated. Okay. – Are you ready? / – Yes. (What’s the situation this time?) Excuse me… 2-3… This is my seat. Pardon? 2-3 is my seat. This is 3-3. Look. It’s 2-3. – It says 3-3. / – No, it’s 2-3. Oh, you didn’t wear your glasses. Me? I think you should get your glasses. It says 3-3. Cut! We’ll end here. Good job. So the situation can be whatever you want. Now you should act with each other. I’ll sit. I’ll attack. Attack Somi. (Somi and Sohee start their improv!) Somi, poop! There’s poop under you! No, there isn’t. There’s poop! It really stinks! You must be smelling me. – Did you poop in your pants? / – No, I didn’t. I see the stain… I mean… It’s all over your pants. No, no… Stain? (Sohee gives up) (She couldn’t bring herself to say it properly) You two were very witty. Nice job. Talking about poop… Shall we see the next team? I’ll sit. I’ll stand. I don’t know what to do. Yooa! Our shoot ended early today. This is great. What are you going to do now? I’m just going to sit here. (Flustered) There’s a new spicy rice cake shop. Want to go get spicy rice cakes? I’ve started dieting again. You’re dieting? Meat is okay. Want to go get pork belly? Let’s go get pork belly, Yooa! – Sujeong! Sujeong! / – I know a great place. We need image training. Have a seat. Sit for now. Close your eyes. You can smell it. No, I want to chew it. Sujeong, pretend there’s pork belly right here. No! Let’s hurry and go! Sujeong, let’s go tomorrow. I have to sit here all day today. (She’s good) No, no. (Yooa wins with her funny acting) Nice job. Last one. I’ll stand. I’m excited to see Seulgi. I feel like I won’t be able to defend. Just space out. – Just let her talk. / – Oh… (Let’s try to get some screen time here) (Seulgi isn’t fazed at all) Hey, D.ana. What are you doing here? It’s time to shoot. (A very realistic attack) What are you doing? The director is waiting. It’s your turn to shoot. I don’t want to shoot today. I’m just going to rest here. Your CEO is here too. I heard your CEO is looking for you. You have to go. Don’t just sit here. Let’s hurry. You have to go now! Are you going to miss your shoot? No. You want to miss your shoot? Then we’re finished! We’re all going to get yelled at! Come on! Can’t I just sit here for a bit longer? A bit… Can I go after sitting a bit longer? (Looks like Seulgi is going for it) No, what are you saying? What are you saying? Come on. All the staff members are waiting. If you’re late, it should be okay. Come on. They’re all waiting. We’re really late! We have to hurry! Hurry! What are you doing? I couldn’t say anything more. Nice job. Yes, everyone. We did some simple improv through some basic games. Now I’d like to hear all of your thoughts. This was so new and fun for me. I had some fears about acting but after moving around, laughing and talking through the games, acting became easier to approach. All thanks to you. For me, I attend school. I don’t get to go often because of gigs so I always have to rush to catch up in class. I’m always trying to play catch-up. So I had aspirations to act but I lost a lot of interest. After hearing we’d have acting class today, I was a bit scared. I felt like I’d have to play catch-up. But the class wasn’t what I imagined. So I had fun and regained my interest in acting a bit more. I’ve always thought this about acting. Reading the script and acting. It felt like I was acting as someone else and not me. But that is myself. Everything I do can be used in acting. Gestures I use when I talk, or even Sujeong sitting like that can be used in acting. Today’s class has shattered my prejudices. So I’d like to thank you for this truly precious time. Sure. (This is nice and warm) It was a short time and this wasn’t really acting, but it’s not much different from the real shoots. If you go at it with youth and spirit like today, I don’t think you have to be so afraid of acting. Thank you. (We thank acting Jang Wonyeong for his teachings) Good work. ♪ I’ll make it so we only walk flowery paths ♪ I’m really acting now? Ah-huh! – Right! / – Time to practice. I don’t know what to do. No! Let’s go, IDOT! We’ll read this. I’m nervous. I read this 7 times. This makes me sad. I think we’ll do well. “Let’s be mannered now. I’m older…”

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