Idina Menzel Feels “Pride” In Playing Elsa at 2020 Oscars | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

Idina Menzel Feels “Pride” In Playing Elsa at 2020 Oscars | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-I’m here with beautiful Idina Menzel
and her husband, Aaron Lohr. Hello, you two.
-Hi. -Looking beautiful this evening. Gorgeous couple here.
-Thank you. -So good to see you. You are performing the nominated song
“Into the Unknown” from “Frozen II.” Before we get into your performance tonight, I got to ask
you, I mean, what an institution this movie has become. What does it feel like to really live in the hearts
of so many people all around the world? -Um, that’s hard to put into words. It’s something that I feel a lot of pride about. Um, I feel a tremendous responsibility to sort of — to relate to all the young girls and boys
who are singing the music and maybe taking the message in about their own self-esteem
and empowerment. And tonight we’re celebrating the global impact
of this song. I’m having 10 other Elsas from around the world that voice
the character in their language join me tonight onstage. -That’s so wonderful. And speaking of joining onstage, you two performed recently
together at Carnegie Hall. Can you tell me a little bit about that? -We did. I had such an amazing time. We recorded “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” for her Christmas
album, and then she asked me to perform at Carnegie Hall. -Yeah, and we learned to salsa dance together,
so we had an only-dancing number in my show. -Ooh. -Then we almost divorced because we started fighting
with the teacher. -Just a few arguments. -That’s what I was gonna say, working with one another,
you know, what was that like? -Oh, you know, just the man always leading is not the way
I’m accustomed to it being. -But in the recording studio, I totally took your direction.
-Yes, he did. -I followed your lead.
-He kissed my ass. [ Laughter ] -I love it. Before I let you go, you look stunning
this evening. -Thank you. -I know there’s a story behind the beautiful diamonds.
Tell me — -I’m drenched in diamonds, and it’s too much. If I say it, I feel like I’ll just spontaneously combust
how much they are. And there’s probably some man’s lurking to make sure,
you know, nothing happens to me. And this is J Mendel. He’s dressing me for both today and the performance later. -Well, you look gorgeous.
It’s funny. Right before we went live, you said,
“[Sighs] I’m ready to get inside and perform.” Are you almost more relaxed onstage? I mean, you seem great right now, but you said,
like, “I just want to –” Which it’s funny.
A lot of people would think the opposite. -Yeah, this is a lot of pressure, you know, like having this
guy standing right here. -Don’t mind me, don’t mind me. -And, uh, and feeling like you want to look pretty and all
that and everything’s in its right place. And then getting onstage has its other set of nerves, so,
you know, Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio will be right there. I’d like to hit all the notes properly. Not that they matter, honey. -Not that they matter, honey.
You know. I’m sure you will.
You are always so fabulous. Thank you so much, Idina.
We love talking to you. Aaron, so nice to see you. Thank you.
-Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Idina Menzel Feels “Pride” In Playing Elsa at 2020 Oscars | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

  1. I saw Idina and Aaron together even before they were married in the Off Broadway Musical SEE WHAT I WANNA SEE when I was 13. Of course, I've been an Idina fan since WICKED came out. Aaron is truly the most underrated actor out there….. He's also a Disney veteran. Aaron played "Mush" in the original 1992 film version of NEWSIES, "Dean Porton" in THE MIGHTY DUCKS films, and the singing voice of "Max" in A GOOFY MOVIE. He met Idina originally in 2005 on the set of the film version of RENT which Aaron played Life Support member "Steve" and Idina of course reprised her role of Maureen.

    And I actually was at that Carnegie Hall concert back in December!!! Idina and Aaron are truly the ultimate TRUE couple right now. Sorry Taye!!!

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