100 thoughts on “How To Become A K-Pop Idol: Life As A Foreign Trainee

  1. Suddenly i remembered NCT Dream. I can't imagine how hard their training must be since training under big agency like SM must be much more harder in term of standard level and competition yet they still able to passed through it and debuted in such a young age (14-17 y.o). Especially for Chenle, he does entered SM because his great singing skill but NCT is more dance-based group, he basically must learn dance more harder than other members who already trained much longer than him, and NCT Dream choreos is hard and intense, sometimes even looks crazy but Chenle able to follow it. I seriously wonder what kind of training SM give to these kids everytime i see their performance.

    And there's Hansol, the only SMRookies members who didn't make it to debut with NCT. Being annonced as SMRookies basically means they're top trainees in SM and Hansol also really known for his dance skill but it's still not even guarateed him for debut. On the other side, Chenle and Renjun from NCT Dream never being part of SMRookies but they still debuted.

    What i mean is, to be able to debut as idol in korea, there's crazy path they must follow through. And even after debuted, it just a new stage to even more greater difficulity. Being idol really required strong physic and mental, plus luck. It seriously not a job for everyone.


  3. This is terrible. I know that not all kpop industries do this but this industry especially is doing something wrong. People don’t get better by being oppressed and like yelled at they get better by being given tips. I know places like bighit and JYP and some other ones don’t treat their trainees like this but a lot of smaller companies and YG and SM do this and that’s so bad. I feel like there should be stuff against this. But don’t get me wrong, like not all kpop industries do this. Many of them don’t treat their trainees and idols like this and this video is probably for the star entertainment company but like star entertainment is giving kpop a bad name and they should treat people like this.

  4. 😱Wow! Expecting girls to weigh less than 110 pounds… 🤤I'm guessing they also expect girls to stand less than 5'4" (let alone below 5'3").

  5. Can they just give atleast 1 Positive feedback to each one of them so it will be balanced. and make them feel more strong and you know self encourage ;-;

  6. Some of the bigger companies are nowadays being more lenient with weight, freedom and they get paid on time etc as they've gone through some nasty scandals in the past (abuse, idols not getting paid etc). But smaller companies tend to enforce more strict regulation against their trainees (and tend to exploit their idols more).

  7. It's a battlefield once you debut. Have you seen any army training operated kindly? Nope, the trainers are simply plucking the ones who aren't mentally prepared to be idols. Any competitive industry would look like this. Idol industry isn't any different.
    Once more thing, that entertainment they interviewed is notorious among Koreans for their ill-treatment with their idols. Don't go there.

  8. Think about it again. Every time you support your K-Pop Artists you also support this industry and its cruelties. Is it really worth doing all this to become just another K-Pop Idol? All these fake standards by people. Someday there will be someone who will make it famous for who they are and not because they are good-looking or under 50 kgs. That would be the day when this industry will change for good.

  9. These girls didn’t actually look skinny, remember that they are a different build to most Westerners, they are petite with small bone structure. I agree though that eating 300 calories daily long term is not good, especially as they’re using up a lot of energy dancing.

  10. Everyone just know it’s Star Road that does this to their trainees. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ DONT GO TO STAR ROAD!

  11. I feel like this every day also… As a mother on my own, managing all, giving all my best at university, work, family, friends, child and anywhere there is myself having freedom and peace… At sleep… I have a lot of respect of this when someone is going on his limits for his dreams, showing all a smiling face while crying at night cause of the hard work, but in the end you reach your goal and went more further than all the others sitting there and doing less for their life, their goals, their dreams, their future.

  12. I used to want to be an idol, but then being an idol means there will be hate and pressure onto you too so I was like “nvm”

  13. The taller you are you will have more weight for your body if your under 50kg it will be bad if your very tall

  14. This is how idol industry works. Those who criticize the way they "train" the trainees doesn't know shit yet still continues to believe in delusional "warm and happy trainee life". I mean, who the hell would go casually step in a crab-fishing boat having no clue how dangerous and cruel the voyage would be? WITH GREAT SUCCESS COMES GREAT RISKS.

  15. Even if you make it into the industry you’ll have to live up to the expectations and criticisms of Knets RIP Sulli

  16. . you had to be ashamed to expose it. The girl is clearly sick. don't eat enough and always have to train and listen to rude things. these company had to be sued for abuse

  17. I have never saw something like that.
    It's so damn sad and just slavery.
    These are also just humans like me and you. Just sad.

  18. i remember passing the audition for yg and spending 3 years of suffering just to hear that my dancing and vocals are good, but there was no emotion in my vocal and too much emotion in my dancing.

  19. Companies are controlling their life, they can't eat well, they can't date or finish school.. After all of that, they are not paying them good money.. I'm wondering how can people (fans) support kpop music after that.

  20. This woman is so mean, if I wanted to be famous I would work hard but that woman was just mean, I think that's crossing a line I would say to her fuck you and then cry at home lol

  21. Yeah this video show us how hard to be a kpop idol. But actually in my opinion NO PAIN NO GAIN nothing is easy in the real life nothing is easy to earn. Not just kpop idol if you really wanna purchase your dream you gotta be way more hardworkng than your thought plz wake up kid, this is what real life looks like. FAIRY TALE WORLD isnt exist

  22. Or don’t be a kpop idol and try something else with your dance and vocal talents. Those entertainments are all trash (Come hate me but you know I am right)

  23. That’s so sad. Yet it’s the hard truth… it better for her to not go down this path. It’s not always glorious

  24. You should be ashamed Hyejin! If they made you do that,what you gonna do?! Seriously,why did Star Road hire you if you're only gonna hurt trainees!

  25. The bottom line is… nobody is forced to become a trainee… And those who join the companies then nag and complain are either idiots or opportunists who are trying to gain sympathy… Also, the trainees that stay for years waiting for their opportunity to debut; you can't seriously expect to debut as long as there is still someone better than you….
    People are attacking the kpop industry alot these days. But if becoming a trainee and an idol is this bad just don't do it!!!! And for those who say this is slavery; it's really not if you're willing!! People keep complaining but still flock to audition for these companies. If trainees had nothing to gain for their "suffering" they wouldn't do it, plain and simple.

  26. Stuff like this is what scares me.
    I have a very strong mindset on doing something k-pop related. Knowing this kind of stuff is something I might have to go through makes me second guess everything. It's really not okay on any level! No one should have to go through this just to pursue in a career they love

  27. The parents need to learn to say no to their kids
    Who in their right mind would allow their child or themselves to be subjected to this kind of humiliation and abuse
    The statistics speak for themselves you have more chance of being rejected than being accepted
    The agency's only care about the potential money to be made
    Hours training and starving yourself to be told your not good enough
    Psychiatrists and Psychologists would be trying to fix these kids after their self-esteem and self worth has been shot to pieces
    This whole business makes me so sad

  28. Why are people so rude to her, people need to stop bullying. This is gone way to far. She didn’t deserve this, she didn’t deserve the pain.

  29. These people are so mean. Specially, this lady how could be so mean to young pity girls. Kpop industry is sad and full of torture.

  30. It’s just so unbelievably idiotic how they do this to such innocent people that just wanna have a good life and show everybody that their worthy and have many amazing talents..

  31. I was watching this video like “ohh ima bout to be a fan about this new kpop group” until the girl didn’t make it in.

  32. i really wanted to be a k pop too. but i dont think ill make it there because im not pretty,my elbow and knees so dark, and i have bruises 🙁

  33. Whats wrong with korea music industry just make trainee people feel down ! This dance structure here you are such nothing .

  34. Being PULLED out of the splits after never having done them before hurts, because I taught myself how to do splits and that hurts like heck

  35. Is this the life you really want? The fame & glory of being an idol? But at what cost? You lost your self esteem, you lost your confidence, they make you feel that you are good for nothing. Wake up kids. Go and study, do something that will make you shine, and your life worthwhile. The training alone is gonna kill you, you can not do what you like, you can't eat , sleep, properly. You still have to train even if you're not feeling well. Just live a normal life and be happy.

  36. Well first thing I want to say is that this video gave me chills and had made me emotional. This is truly showing the reality of a K-Pop trainee. The way the video started with Mizuho screaming was really painful for me to watch. They were forcing her into doing a split which she was having trouble doing. Then, with the extreme beauty standards, they have to look a certain way. Mizuho came all the way from Japan to make her dream come true and here she was eating nothing but a salad in the afternoon. This is extremely unhealthy and could’ve took a toll on her health, especially when the choreography is hard. The fact that they celebrated loosing 50KG or less is just sad. I am pretty sure they are all underweight. This is what people need to realize when they see their favorite K-Pop idol as it is probably something that they also went through. They need to stop needing their idols to be completely perfect as the fans would want to copy them to be cool and put their life at risk as well. And there are some that does not even debut even after all these harsh training.

  37. Why did people forced her in to doing a middle spit???At least let her have some time to warm up her muscle.You could become a hip

  38. Star Road Entertainment really is evil.
    That's never crushed my dreams so much. I really want to become a star for anything, even though I'm only half Chinese.
    I can sing horribly, and my dancing is awful. I don't think I'll make it if this is how it is.

  39. 😶😞 I watch in a video that sometimes k trainee takes a long time to debut them is because they also test thier personality and attitude too😶😶.

  40. as much as I love K pop I would never ever consider becoming one especially when you are being treated like this. it's not even about just talent but they also rate you on your visuals and make you loose weight. I still love K pop but if this is what the industry looks like no thanks (but I know there are nice agencies out there this one was just one of the worst)

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