How Game of Thrones Actress Nathalie Emmanuel Learned to Love Her Hair | InStyle

Let’s begin. There are many occasions where
there were people in my life that told me I couldn’t do certain things because I was a girl. When people say I can’t do things, I’m like, “well I’m gonna do it!” Here’s a story for you. To be a woman today, it means not being afraid to say what you think. To go for the things that you want. To step outside of the expectations
that people put on you. And sometimes you have to just
look in the mirror and be like, “you are a badass.” It’s just who I am. When I first sort of started out in acting, I was sort of told, “you didn’t go to drama school. So therefore, you can’t be an actor.” Don’t even think about it. I was like, I’m not having anybody put me in a box, like, in any shape or form. And, so then, I was an actor (laughs). Yeah, growing up I definitely didn’t really appreciate my hair for what it was. It was different from all my friends. I never saw myself, like, represented. It took for me to go to the Caribbean, where my family are from, and just realizing that my hair is part of my heritage. It’s part of who I am. I take real pride in the fact that I get to wear my hair naturally in a lot of the roles that I play and I often insist on it. I’m really grateful to my mum for giving me this hair, so… My mum taught me that you deserve everything. No one should ever stop you. She has just shown so much drive and determination. And she has turned her life around in a way that is so inspiring to me. Yeah she is a super woman. Every time I do anything it’s just like, “aw babe, I’m so proud of you.” That’s why I do it. Like just to hear those words. I have had a love affair with yoga for about, a decade now. I love it so much. It’s been a real gift to my life. It just makes you think about the body. Makes you think about the mind, your motions. it’s sort of just like this perfect little package. And I really wanted to learn more about it so, I trained to become a yoga teacher. Coming up onto the fingertips or to a block, you can bring the floor closer to you. Making sure the knee is over the ankle. There’s always such great energy in the room. And people are so like open, and compassionate, and willing. Like, we’re all there together on
this journey and shared space. And it’s just like sharing this energy and just showing yourself kindness, and compassion, and truthfulness. By the end of it I’m just so proud of everybody. (sings yoga hymn). Namaste everyone. And that’s all I can say.

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