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  1. Update:
    I was informed about two things that I got wrong.
    1. Etika wasn't playing Splatoon the night of his death. It was mistake that, because he showed up on AlicePika's friends list first, it meant he was online recently. It just meant that he was the most recent friend she played with.
    2. Etika's brother didn't commit suicide, but instead he died due to an asthma attack while driving through a sandstorm in Ghana. I still believe this trauma affected him greatly, but this is an important distinction to make.

    Sorry for getting this stuff wrong, I'll make sure to dig deeper into these sort of things in the future. Love you guys. <3

  2. man this hit me really freakin hard. it's too real. great video though. excellent perspective and i think it needs to be seen by more people since mental health is very difficult to understand

  3. I only learned earlier today that Erika had passed away… I wasn't subbed but I liked the videos I'd seen from him. I'm shocked he was going through this…
    I'm very sad that happened… Pouplar, instantaneous, anonymous reactions can be destructive… Memes involving celebrities and/or random strangers' faces can break them.
    Good or bad, when it is too often used, it can be destructive.
    I'm talking about "good" because, I remember an interview where a journalist praised Keanu Reaves and mentioned the memes. His reaction stuck with me… When people say "stop", please stop. If not it IS bullying…

  4. I've never heard of Etika before, but I wish I did. By the clips I've seen of him he's so hilarious and immediately puts a smile on my face. Everytime I see a clip of him I just really want to fall through the screen and just hug him really tight. I know I don't know what he was truly going through in life, but it really gets to me knowing that similar pain too. I don't know what happens when we die but I truly do wish he's in peace.

  5. I don't agree with some things, but RIP Erika. Dude carried me through the wait for Sm4sh. I feel so fucking bad. Fuck. People joking can suck a stinky dongle dick

  6. When you're entitled to attention, you kill yourself when you don't get it. Etika the hero. Saved us 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% oxygen and electricity. Thx pussy.

  7. The more I think about Etika the more depressed I get. I liked him, I couldn't get into his content but as a person and as a influencer he was great. He was wholesome. I started to get worried when he started showing signs and to see it all come down to this honestly… really shocked me. It made me worried for my friends who are currently suffering mental illnesses and i had to make sure they were okay as well. it disgusts me to realize that the reason a lot of talk regarding mental health is occuring because someone took their life. This shouldn't happen… and here we are.

    I could never understand how anyone can feel about mental illnesses or anything close to that, but I always try to listen, I always try to be supportive. I never try to degrade anyone at all.

  8. There is a lot of misinformation here. Yes, psychiatric hospitals CAN keep you against your will if the psychiatrist deems you are a threat to yourself or others. I don’t know where you found the information that that was only in the “old days” and that they don’t do that anymore.

  9. I won't lie, every time I hear in videos the starting prologue about how mental heath is important and you matter, get help, people love you etc, the first instinct is to brace it and just wait for it to finish because it's so frustrating to hear all the time. Because you do hear it all the time – it's at the start of every video regarding mental health or every tiny mention of mental health, and it's almost the same words every single time and something about seeing it everywhere on everything – just these repeated phrases of sense and positivty amidst a sea of a social culture that ultimately does the exact opposite – it makes it feel so fucking hollow. You don't want to hear it because it doesn't feel like it rings true, because whilst you see it everywhere nowadays on social media, you rarely see it actually being practised. It's empty words that sound like a cursory call than something that means anything, and that is the nature of this toxic social culture that claims acceptance for the mentally ill and encourages them to speak out and call out for help, but then punishes them when they do.

    It's painfully refreshing to hear someone lay out exactly how this problem manifests, and how it so viciously aggravates mental illness for online personalities. The worst part is that it doesn't even have to be a famous online personality; everyone has one nowadays. We all have our avatar online in some way, and if you really don't, you're excluded from a MASSIVE part of modern social culture which can be detrimental to mental health. But being a part of it still puts you vulnerable to it, and the power of internet anonymity is far greater than the anonymous individual assumes.

    I have no idea what Mania must feel like; the experience is so far detached from my reality, so I can't relate whatsoever to his actions and behaviours and understand his thought processes, but I do know what it's like to feel completely helpless to these series of emotions, and like they will never end. Everyone has an off-day; everyone feels sadness and depression, and anxiety, anger and frustration. Everyone has moments they feel just so fucking awful, that logic and reason doesn't matter – only something stupid, selfish and self-destructive that will satiate whatever overwhelming feeling you're currently having. But it's when you take those moments and you stretch them out – they just don't stop. Maybe for days, weeks, even months. It doesn't matter how long for – just when it's long enough to start negatively impacting your every day life. That is mental illness. You cannot stop that whatever it is you're feeling, you know it's irrational, but it just doesn't fucking end. You can imagine how grouchy and irritable you are when in those deepest moments, and you don't want help. You're angry at yourself, angry at others, you want to let this emotion out in any way possible because it's overwhelming and reason doesn't matter. That's why it's so hard to reach out and get help, no matter how many times you're told it's OK. You're trapped in a sensation that makes you constantly want to do the opposite – do the worst possible fucking thing you could do instead, and you can't stop feeling like that. You have to go hard against everything that your mind and body is telling you to do as you're overwhelmed by this experience in order to make it end. It's not hard to see why it's so fucking destructive.

    This is why medication is a thing, and often an essential thing. Your brain is literally sick; there are biological components to certain mental illnesses, be it hormone inbalances or disrupted brain activity. It's an illness that feeds itself and needs intervention. That's why there are cries for help and cries for attention, because you're often utterly powerless to lessen what it is you're feeling and it just consumes your life. You shouldn't have to be at the breaking point for what you're going through to be taken seriously. It's hard to imagine why someone doesn't just stop behaving the way they do when you can see how obviously self-destructive it is. Because you know stopping that behaviour will lessen the issue, and they do as well. They're not doing it because they want to anymore than you can will a physical ailment away if you really try. There has to be effort in making yourself get better, yes. But the illness itself is the fact that brain is constantly creating you a reality in which the absolute opposite of that is possible. That's how it snowballs to something really dangerous. Mental institutions over the years have been horrific; our treatment of the mentally ill has been horrific. Involuntary institution has been abused for centuries and it still is today, but it often still is sometimes the only thing left.

    If we don't create a system in which it's more readily available to identify and seek help, and fucking stick to it, then people aren't going to reach out to it until they're often already far gone. We have this idea that mental illness has to be serious and life-threatening for it to be respected, so there are warning signs ignored and the illness when mild is allowed to fester and get worse. If you're not suicidal and constantly demanding attention online and positivty and help – well you're just an attention whore. There's people far worse than you, suffering far more and you're wasting time. That is what your illness tells you and that is what is reinforced on social media. So when you see the same phrase repeated over and over that it's actually ok to get help and you do matter, it's maddening because you don't believe it's true as no one has given you any reason to believe it's true. Most of the time anyway.

    This is a ridiculously long tangent I didn't mean to type, but I need to say how important it is the difference between saying and believing. It's not impossible to have a mature, rational discussion about it. This video has proven that at least. But it's the difference between being sick of empty, repeated words that you're constantly made to believe have no weight that you're constantly seeing as you browse social media – casually or otherwise. And sitting through a 30 minute video for them to only just finally fucking hit you and cry like you haven't before. Give it another day or so though of seeing the opposite online once again, and the impact lessens and you start believing in old lies again, and the problem just fucking fuels. Until the prevailing attitude and actions change, the same bullshit that your illness makes you believe will only continue to be reinforced. It's absolute incredible how far we've come in terms of discussing mental health and taking it seriously, but it's still a very toxic place and it's hard to imagine how it can improve. The understanding and the sentiment is there. It's just swamped by a mainstream culture that contradicts it. Not editing or proof-reading or I'll delete; I typed way too long.

  10. You worded this very well, it must’ve taken some strength to talk about something like this for so long.
    From my own personal experiences, I know it’s extremely easy to blame yourself, so I’m glad you repeated that part to really get it in peoples’ heads how important that is to know.

    I hope Desmond’s family in friends are coping ok and aren’t facing similar challenges that he did.

  11. The internet is one of humanity's greatest inventions and all, but I think it might be screwing us up really bad… Seriously I'm concerned about Gen Z

  12. Thank you for making this video. This is why I hate people. We know that there are a lot of problems in society that we need to solve like mental illness but we are too dumb to realize that we are causing those exact same problems as well. It's a fucking joke.

  13. Hold on, did his fans know his brother killed himself? If they did, how the fuck did they NOT believe he was mentally ill?!

  14. I still think that putting the blame on people for it is justified, like Keemstar for tossing a lit match onto the gasoline or Jaystation for being a tool, I think it kind of misses the point of the video.

    Etika did stupid things that everyone shrugged off and laughed at until we realized, all too late, that he needed serious mental help. Who's to say that the people like Jaystation aren't mentally unstable either? People do crazy shit online all the time that can be downright cruel and mocking, but the threshold from being just an asshole to someone who needs psychiatric help is a blurry one.

    I'm not trying to defend Jaystation or Keemstar for what they did, but there is a large chance that they are also going through mental scarring as well for knowingly having contributed and/or profited off someone's suicide. Trying to witch hunt other people or verbally torture them regardless of what they've done is what leads to unexpected deaths like this.

    The ridicule the people who made fun of Etika received may have been well-warranted, but calling all of them fucking scumbags is missing the entire point. They were just misled or naive.

    All the other points brought up do him great justice though, it just irks me when people shift the "bad guy" card onto others because heat of the moment.

  15. God, this still feel like a dream, i forgot about etika for about a week and that week he committed suicide, and it feels so unreal.

    Etika has always been a role model for me, because he was always happy and funny, when i learnt about his death, i felt major grief, which was weird for me because i wasnt a big fan of him, i didnt watch him on a daily basis, then i realized why, one of the most optimistic people on the internet and one of my role models had commited suicide, because of mental illness, which i suffer from it, but to a lesser extent, and i realized suicide would only caused suffering for me and everyone around me and myself, i learnt from etika that, (this is going to sound cheesy) suicide isnt the answer, it would only make everyone around me worse than they were before.

    I truly respect etika and i hope that etika is happy now and im sorry if anyone sees this and offended by this, but this is how i feel and sadly i cant change that.

    Why does the worse things have to have to happen to the best people

  16. I never watched his content, but it makes me upset that his fanbase was so mean to him, especially that it was so many people. Maybe I'm naive, but I truly can't grasp why dismissing someone being sad is considered so normal like this. It really shouldn't have gotten to this point if maybe people were nicer to him and weren't fighting about his mental health like it never mattered, and just cause it doesn't effect them.

    I know that people being mean over the internet affects so much more than just how content is made. My friends have RP blogs where they just have fun and enjoy themselves and get to interact with people, but there are people who go out of their way to make life awful for them. What is there to gain? Power? Reputation? Why? Thankfully we all were there for each other, but it's something that hurts to see. They were hurting so much, but nobody sees it because they don't see beyond their personas.

    And it's frustrating, cause y'know… They're just there for fun, my friends. And I can't compare it to the situation in the same way but… I wish cruel people wouldn't prey on people who are just trying to make it through or make fun of them for trying to make it through. It'd be nice if we lived in a world where discussions about these kinds of matters didn't end in arguments.

    Maybe they could end in meaningful conversations, that makes people feel better. Maybe if people were nicer this could've never happened, and I know that's kind of what you were saying already, Goose… But I wish it was a lesson people learned before it became too late for him, or for anybody else.

  17. Happy erika is dead to be honest. I use to donate to him saying he should kill himself . Glad he finally listened. Now ice poisiden turn

  18. 10:15 imagine having a username saying rip Etika and had a comment says he’s trolling

  19. thats why u always need friends when i feel down i will just chill out with them and i qill be fine again because even though i eont share problems i know i have them if i needed to

  20. People may hate Keemstar, but remember this: one guy is living life and the other guy’s ass is rotting in a grave right now.

  21. Both fame and the anonymity of the internet can turn people into monsters. Poor guy. People tore him apart when he needed help and support, and it killed him.

  22. Now we are starting to see the fallout of almost 15 years of social media and a generation of being online. The internet, like the rest of the entertainment industry, it's eating people alive.

  23. Im having de darkest suicidal thoughts right now, a week ago in my b day I open up to my family, they don't care, debt is consuming our peace a long time ago, my friends listened me too, they faced me asking me to stop being stupid, man up they say…. If someone so high profile like etika pass as invisible Suicidal, well, I guess I'm not even real at all. Today someone really stupid from the local government showed up at my college to have a talk about mental illness, at the end I approached in a discrete fashion to ask for a number o place to get help, dumb bitch turned around in front of every one, grabbed the mic and said "if someone has suicidal thoughts…
    " I never felt so bad, had to flee, take a bus and laugh like a maniac in my way home… This life is not worth at all. People don't care, even those who are supposed to. I wish etika was here, looks like someone who not necessary could care but could understand. End of the communication.


  25. Just as a person without diagnoses can have problems, a person with diagnoses can have no problems. I embody the latter. Etika sadly had the former. God bless.

  26. Tri force explains how he wasn’t really unstable and it’s really good you should watch it https://youtu.be/GFKhdftzeH0 etika also killed himself the 22nd só it wasn’t the 19th when he did it

  27. Never… NEVER… Underestimate the manipulativeness of the Mental Ill.
    Long story short, I attempted suicide, got forcefully pulled into a mental facility the same day and walked out like it's been mistake not one workday after. AFTER ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Like legit 47 of (luckily the wrong) sleep pills. I walked out, fooling the psych wards, and psych majors… PROFESSIONALS. I had a psychological screening and all that.
    So if I could fool them there SOMEHOW, I dunno how exactly I did it… Put in your Skyrim Speech 100 memes to lighten the mood because this is tough for me to write…
    Then it's no wonder Etika could talk his way out of his situation in that psych. ward.

    That ofc. goes beyond that. At any point most psychologically of this caliber are MASTERS at hiding emotion and intent. Deceptive and manipulative in a way. You can feel like dying on the inside but turn up with a smile at ANY POINT to ANYONE, especially when you consider that not doing so might be considered weakness in that situation by some stereotypical image.
    So after all this it's not hard to see why Etika went the route he went. I was left completely alone a couple weeks after my incident, no social media, no pressure, nothing. Just time to contemplate my life and I am very happy that I found the strength to pull that through. If I was in that same situation with all that shit pulling right out of the gates of a psychiatric ward? Even if I tried to play hard and brush it off, as nothing, like Etika did? On the inside, I dunno if I would've made it either.

    Watch for your close ones! One may joke about suicide one or two times. But if it's a pattern there's something more to it, no matter the origin. They may feel left alone, not get enough special treatments, or whatever. And you might feel like this guy/girl is just acting up, being all bitchy and stuff… Think about the future, when it will eventually lead to his/her death… Would you be sad? If you said yes… ACT UP NOW. Forget your own pride and swallow that shit because someone definitely needs your help RIGHT NOW! Or at some point it might be too late.

    If you said no, you might wanna visit a psychiatrist. Because you got a small case of Keemstaritis aka. sociopathy….

  28. Jesus Christ… I feel for etika. I was never a fan, and this video made realize what happend. I know vastly about mental health, people need to stop treating youtubers like mascots. They are people. A person I know who is a smaller youtuber is going through a similar situation and I tried to help… But it back fired due to the same rreasons.

  29. It didn't go "unchecked" his friends and famiyl kept relentlessly trying to help him, he constantly left the hospital they'd send him to for mental help.

  30. I'm hearing you say "but because he wasn't in a straight jacket…" And while I know what you're trying to say, if he got arrested over that then he most likely got a 5150 and was put in the psyche ward for 72 hours. Isn't that enough of a wake up call for people even though he's "not in a straight jacket"? This is just the way I feel about it, no criticism towards you it's moreso to the alleged fans that ignored it if I'm getting what happened to him correctly. I don't know what this guy dealt with but mania is a very real thing- people with bipolar go through bouts of mania for long periods of time- maybe days, weeks, and then they can hit manic depression for days, weeks. Which is why people with psychiatric conditions typically need antipsychotics and or mood stabilizers to even them out. I think you are SO true about people not understanding mental/psychiatric conditions. People DO only selfishly think about themselves.

  31. Whoever disliked this is an absolute clown. Why would you dislike a video about seeking help?

    Edit:Congrats keemstar, you got what You wanted. Happy?

  32. Great video my dude. Thank you for this. I wish Etika was still here to see something like this. RIP to him.

  33. Dude he has the sickest most BADASS looking hair ever and yet…..he dies because he can't take it from society and his mental illness grow worst and worst and yes you should be loved and this is one of the reasons why I wanna learned about mental health illness to guide them a better place.

  34. Your video title is literally false. He went to the mental ward multiple times and got diagnosed with "agitation". How do people not see this?

  35. "The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most ~ xxxtentacion"

  36. Heh… I can't believe he just died,
    My life got really more depressed. When he was still alive He helped me forget that I got bullied & Abused. right now I feel really lonely without him

    Rest In Peace Etika Thank you for everything I hope you have a good day in heaven

  37. wanted views and subs? did you see how many people were in his live? i would be on cloud 9 if i had that much attention. lol.

  38. I'm rewatching this after a few months, I wasn't like a huge fan of etika but I did enjoy his content and when I watched him I never got the feeling of his fans hating him I thought people loved him.

  39. I like this video. The details and information about Etika kinda relates with me.

    I like to make friends, I tried to make people get my attention, I'm so talented and sort of popular towards my "friends" and companions by entertaining them and I always go crazily angry. However, those things (except my anger) were rejected and thrown away by those I tried to get attention with. I keep admitting towards my friends that I have mental illness, but they think I don't.

    To me, I think I'm mentally ill, because I'm dealing with frustrating and big things that make me feel more angry and more out of control. Heck, right now, I'm trying to get a few people to voice act for my characters in my new game, but none of them dont want to. I asked a girl who I really like and really trust and she ultimately rejects my fucking request. It just made me more frustrated and more angry, that I want to break something valuable of mine. But right now, as a freshman, I'm calming myself down because of Health Class.

  40. I never understood why Etica was being harassed so much~ even if he was lying for entertainment that's what we watch YouTube for~ nobody got mad at mcjuggernugget for the entire time he took us for a ride on YouTube about his insane family I will never understand why we lost such a great and entertaining man named ETIKA……. Rest in peace my boi…….

  41. Was there a follow-up video with a mental health professional? I would be nice to see this actually address from that point as well.

  42. Truth be told, that some may hate. And one that many don't care for fate. No matter how much the emotion may be repressed, some will still say "You don't look depressed"…

  43. I miss him I’ve been watching for so long I was just hoping he would show up again after being missing like he has other times I was looking through twitter when they announced that it was his body it hurt to see.

  44. There's so much humanity can do together

    That there had to be balance through humanity doing quite the worst of s**t united.
    I'm not trying to say humanity is garbage, but the group of people egging Etika to die just for the sake of being on a one way hype train…
    Those observers are completely, and utterly useless.

  45. i wonder how those people that thought calling etika a troll and an attention seeker feel right now, they're killers in my eyes and you have to live with that fact till you just like etika, die.

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