Holocaust survivor interview, 2017

Holocaust survivor interview, 2017

This is a photo of me in my first year of
school. There are about 38 children in this class
and, of whom, six survived. My name is Lydia Tischler. I’m 88-years-old. From September ‘42 until May ‘45, I was
in various concentration camps. Auschwitz was hell. Auschwitz really was hell. We were on the last but one transport to Auschwitz.
The last transport were all the prominents in Terezin who went straight into the gas
chamber. There were about 50 of us in a cattle truck
with a bucket. That was it. We arrived in the middle of the night and in Auschwitz you
could smell the fear. You really could smell the fear. And we had to go through selection which – we
didn’t know it was selection but that’s what it was. Mengele, of whom you may have heard, was standing
there and he looked at you and then sent you to the left or to the right. The left was the side for living and the right
was the side for gas. I knew that our mother… because she didn’t
come to the left she went to the right. But after the war I sort of hoped that maybe
she was in some displaced persons’ camp. You know, that she wasn’t dead. That somehow,
by a miracle, she escaped. We were herded into a huge hall and told to
undress. And then somebody came and shaved all our
hair. And then we were herded into another room where we were sat on benches like in
a theatre, stacked. And, by then, people who had been there for some time told us, you
know, you will go to the gas chambers and so we sat there and, I must say, I sat there
and didn’t know whether it would be water or gas. It was water. I remember when I came to Auschwitz in this
room that they took everything away from us, there was a wooden board with the nationalities
of all the nationalities that were in camp. And I think on top, I don’t think there
were any English people, French. And the bottom two were the Gypsies and the Jews. And I remember,
I have to remember this. For some reason it seemed to me important where they are putting
us. Day to day life someone – one just took every
day as it came. I worked in the market gardens. We were able
to smuggle sometimes some of the fruit. For instance, cucumbers, if they were nicely bent,
you could stick it into your bra and bring it into the camp. And, luckily, nobody was
taking our clothes off to see what we had hidden. Potatoes you could put in your stockings.
Tomatoes were not safe because they could squash and that was it. Paradoxically, I got acquainted with cultural
life in Terezin. You know, music, there were of course all of the well-known actors, musicians,
writers, professors were also in camp. So there was a rich cultural and intellectual
life, as far as it was possible. I heard Verdi’s Requiem for the first time
in my life in Terezin. I would not have heard it if I had been at home at the age of 12
in Ostrava. Life, for people like me, wasn’t the worst.
It was much worse for older people who felt the hunger and felt, you know, they had already
had a life that they were deprived of. Usually, when people have to deny something,
it’s because they have to deny something because he’s a nasty man and he doesn’t
want to feel nasty so he has to deny that anybody – you know, he perhaps would have
like to do it himself. This is how I understand, when people have
to deny the horrors. In fact, when I came to England and I managed to find a school
and went to Brondesbury and Kilburn high school for girls. And when the girls heard where
I came from, and they asked me questions, I thought, “How can they ask me these questions?
They’ve seen the films.” But, when I studied psychology, I understood
that, when things are so outside human experience, you really can’t believe it. We managed, I discovered late-on when I studied
psychology and psychoanalysis, how useful defences are. You know, you could believe
it and not believe it. You kind of told yourself, “No, they made a mistake. It can’t be
true.” So people just went to Auschwitz and very few survived. I think one person escaped from Auschwitz,
a Czech man who escaped and nobody believed him, what he told them. The best way to remember it would be if people
could learn from this experience so that it’s not repeated. And, in fact, it’s something
that I’ve never felt that I needed to revenge myself. I also haven’t felt a victim. They
didn’t succeed in making me a victim. I’m a survivor which is something very different. We thought of them as inhuman but, I think,
they never made me feel that I’m less than human. I could, you know, I had to put up
with what they did to me. You know, when they told me to undress, if I said “I’m not
undressing” they’d have shot me or, I don’t know what they would have done. And, although the Germans were able to take
away all my physical – almost everything, except my life, they left me alive. But, you
know, whatever could be removed from my body, they removed from my body – they couldn’t
remove my soul. My soul, they couldn’t remove my integrity, my inner-self. That I managed
to maintain. All of us have, you know, all of us have the
capacity to be sadistic and horrible to other people. We manage to not do it, you know,
but the potential for destructiveness is in all of us. I actually believe that people are born – well,
they’re born neither good nor bad and that the badness is something that is the way someone
is treated as a child. That, if you’re treated well as a child, you can’t become a Hitler.

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  1. A fantastic lady, with much grace and humility and with no revenge in her heart. Which is more than can be said for some of the immature idiots on this page.
    You go girl. Fair play to you that you have never been a victim of the vile Nazis. 
    God Bless you!

  2. is it just me or if I'm a little German I have to say sorry even if I didn't do it (I'm sorry to all the Jew) (I'm 3 quarters German)

  3. People say it's not true because they don't like the Jews. They will go through alot but they are God's people and they will get through it all. Make me so sad what they went through. Many atrocities happened in the war yet some cant beleive what happened to the Jews. What a remarkable lady that in her words wont be a victim and still has her Soul. She is so right we all have it in us to be cruel. I think during that time we saw that.

  4. I admire you. You are extremely understanding and most importantly, brave. Please continue to speak on this subject, our world should never forget. 💜❤️

  5. There is a deep desire by many to make sure people don't forget this ghastly chapter of History. One mistake they make, especially with the young, is not giving them a sense of time the young usually don't have. In school, the wartime footage with all its attendant limitations was so poor (and black and white), it seemed insanely old. Happily, modern technology has cleaned-up a lot of this and, "World at War" has never looked better.
    However, if I was teaching a class on this subject, the first thing I would show the class would be clips of The Wizard of Oz. It is clean, bright, colorful, and made about the time Hitler moved on Poland. It would make the creaky footage of the war that would follow much more immediate.
    This is only one strategy, but the young don't have a perspective of time until later in life…which means you have to find creative ways of introducing them to the concept: "This isn't as ancient as you think it is!"

  6. To all of you saying that the Holocaust was fake, y’all are stupid. To disrespect the victims of this horrid event like that, is just evil. These people have lost their families, their friends, their homes, and so much more. Y’all should be ashamed of yourself for even THINKING that this is fake and supporting anti-semitism. Your comments are shameful and disgusting. Stop living off of YouTube and negativity because it’s killing your very minimal brain cells. Instead of wasting your pitiful time leaving OFFENSIVE comments on videos of Holocaust survivors, I suggest you to please go drink some damn milk and do your chores.

  7. 15 million Jews before the war and around 15 million Jews after the war from the world almanac .. Jews must been fucking a lot lol 😂


  9. I love this,woman and her testimony. I wish and really pray God would help me be put in a position to help my Jewish brother and sister

  10. This holocaust survivors are biggest criminals of holocaust, since they had sold their relatives and other people to the nazis for gold. That is why every single holocaust survivor is millionaire and their kids, and grand children are part of all the globalist elite, media and banks right now. Jews have no shame to lie and always pretend to be a victims!

  11. Can u even believe how people could do this? And it really wasn’t that long ago either. u r amazing beautiful and an inspiration. Truly a disgusting thing that happened. Everyone who sees this comment no matter ur skin color, race, gender, religion etc u r beautiful strong smart and unique. Be ur self and don’t let anyone stop u from doing that

  12. This is so heartbreaking 🙁
    To think that it could've been my family because we're gypsies from slovakia and my grama and grampa were born just at the ending of the war. So close….. This is just unhuman what they have done, and should never be forgiven or forgotten.

    My heart goes to every single person that was there and went through the worst imaginable

  13. There's channels out there which call Jews the synagogue of Satan, look at this guy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yH2oDCRxNDWUcUkbUGqZQ

  14. Bro how could you be making videos at a time like this, Linkara shot someone and you're making these videos about nothing, stop ignoring the issues of today and get with it. BRIANS DEAD AND LINKARA SHOT SOMEONE PLEASE DUDE

  15. Sorry for all the pains but when a people feel invaded. They do some awful things. Even with another's person life. The German/Poland came in to many at a time and the monster at that time said destroy them. I dint know of the gas. I knew of the furnace and I'm first hearing of the water chambers. What a horrible time.

  16. This is so sad but would you believe this still happens in countries today eg China are holding Muslims in concentration camps innocent people children women and men get beaten up and brainwashed and forced to eat pork and drink alcohol which are forbidden in Islamic strip away their beliefs and identities and then they kill them yet everyone acts like nothing happens and then speaks about it afterwards we need to learn to stick up for what’s right it’s being repeated right not

  17. The only reason why trump can’t do the same thing is because things are not like back in the day but if he could he would do this same thing with the camps for the undocumented

  18. I think she read "Man's Search for Meaning" of Viktor Frankl. What she states is almost exactly what the book says.

  19. I cry with you my dear Jewish friends.
    Greetings from Armenia.
    I also am so proud of your achievements.
    G-d bless Israel.

  20. "The sport of Judo teaches one how to use an adversary's own weight and strength against him. There is as much of a philosophical component to the sport as there is an athletic. The Judo response is to give way, to not meet force head-on, but to use the enemy's force in your favor for the purpose of beating him.

    As it is in Judo, so it when debating liars. Whenever you can utilize a deceitful opponent's own concessions to build your case and throw it right back at him; it deals a devastating blow from which he cannot recover. The harder he attacks, the stronger YOU become."


    You got that right Mike!

  21. Aye Tony, why is not fully believing in or questioning this event illegal in 17 countries? The International Red Cross says 270,000 but everyone is blocked from investigating anything.

  22. They made you get naked and they shaved your hair off wow that is just cold. Oh my god thanks for the likes I only had 5 noe I have. 25

  23. Its so sad because she might of saw the sign on the Aushcwitz gates “ work will set you free “ this is so sad bless her!!😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  24. China has 3 million muslims slayen and tortured in their concentration camps and no one is talking about it!! This is a 2nd holocaust and inhumane 😤

  25. I don’t cry a lot but these stories touch me in ways i didn’t know I could be touched . I just wanna hug her you can see she still has a very vibrant heart and beautiful soul, I’m so glad I get to even hear her speak honestly grateful ☹️❤️

  26. The word Nazi is banded around so much these days in the west that it actually insults the likes of this extraordinary woman.
    I cannot begin to imagine the horror she saw and endured but the way she comes across is unbelievable! No one would ever guess what she lived through…..😣❤️🙏🏼✨

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