32 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead- The Loss

  1. God dammit the internet is fucking stupid, it won't show me what album this song is in. What album is this song in. .__.

  2. Why is everyone whining about Deuce being gone? You can't complain until they make a new album, because as of right now, losing Deuce doesn't change them at all. Their songs still all sound the same, you have to wait until the new songs come out to actually compare them. Just because they lose a member they don't automatically change.

  3. also is this not proof that duece is needed in HU.
    HU gonna suck now. 😐

    they all got cool names, and now theres this guy called Danny.?

  4. they say weed is what i need
    i think drugs are fo thugs
    lets have a smoke lets go get coke
    thought i found a exit gosh lets end dis
    i am good mhm drink lets not think
    …go ahead kick my ass i wont pass
    this is all i can beSee More

  5. just wondering, I bought this CD last December and this song was listed as Pain?

    Now there's a different song called Pain and this one is called The Loss? or is that an error?

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