15 thoughts on “Hollywood is Dying a Slow and Painful Death

  1. Hollywood seems to have reverted to exactly where they were when they tapped Lucas, Spielberg, and the rest. They were huge conglomerates who could buy a film studio but not know how to make movies people liked. Now everything is just recycled crap with name-recognition power and little else.

  2. They don't really believe in liberal politics, they're either faking or hypocrites fooling themselves. Actors are multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi millionaires while the producers are billionaires. There's no such thing as a rich liberal, a genuine liberal would give all their money away.

  3. Hollywood promoted sodomy, perversity, lies, killing and political correctness since the first day. Hollywood is evil deep state tool, meant to brainwash people with the false narrative, false history, false values and false democracy.

  4. We need big name movie studios on the East Coast…. where things are civilized and normal. Kevin Smith was right. People fail their way upwards in that state.

  5. I've pondered the question I have come to conclude that Hollywood was almost always poisoning its movies with propaganda all along it is just that some of us have become bait shy and learned to stop consuming it because the steadily increasing levels of poison in the bait has become unpalatable. Meanwhile the majority continue to gobble it down, are literally addicted to it and willing to spend over a thousand dollars per year on thinly veiled propaganda. How many concepts have we come to accept because it has been promoted and saturated in the media all around us our entire lives?

  6. Due to the liberal left pushing their many agendas with the help of Jewish financing through the various media outlets, many have become aware of the underlining indoctrination tactics and Jewish propaganda being promoted through various films, cable, print ads, social media etc. etc.. American Europeans in particular aren't buying their bullshit anymore and how can you blame them? Who would want to support or finance by buying tickets to these films that promote world hatred against their own race and culture? The Jewish Hollyweird producers/directors and executive producers are following a Jewish group agenda for a subtle silent genocide of the American European and Northern European people. 

    Blatant miscegenation propaganda targeted at young impressionable, normal and healthy American European girls and women. Homosexual, lesbian and transgender indoctrination pushed on naive and impressionable normal and healthy children. The promotion of current American Black culture being portrayed in nearly every film, and cable as victims. They portray the America Black male as some athletic, immaculate intellectual, while portraying the American European male as some skinny or over weight beta who's completely amenable to the idea of having his women of his own race and culture choose a mate of lower IQ and a conflicting antediluvian culture over him.

    It's complete and utter absurdity. BOYCOTT HOLLYWEIRD!

  7. Plus i wont patron a movie with someone who just preached to me about who i should vote for..they are hypocrites who have ruined a generation with their trash . Already pulled the plug on hollywood.they think they have such influence but only shallow people follow what they say or are influenced by them. Theres no good movies anymore. YouTube is the entertainment

  8. Ha ha ha, UR funny. Guess what, actors are also humans, citizens, and folks who are allowed to voice their opinions. Have you not seen Trump twitter? Dis-service? Then don't participate. Guess what, I shed a tear 4u. You really need Hollywood to make you feel better? Pull the plug dude! They're giving me what I want! And a lot of what my friend peers want!

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