17 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD HISTORY 101 PART 2 (The Big Picture)

  1. There actually was already a whole teensploitation genre of films in the 1950s, but they were low budget, mostly poor quality fare that most people our age have only seen as MST3K fodder. But yes, Hollywood was seen as hopelessly unhip by young adults in the 1960s. You saw residue of this in early Saturday night live and other 70s comedy, where performers and writers were noticeably hostile toward Golden Age icons.

  2. Teenagers also didn't really exist until relatively recently, you were either a child or an adult, the concept of some sort of in between thing like we have now simply wasn't around, I don't know the exact date, having heard this story from a gloriously bearded gentleman, but if you thought the world was unaccomodating to teenagers now, well you'd be right, but it used to be much worse.

  3. Jeez.. It's really strange how things like 3-D, big screens, and big budgets make a comeback around the same time civil rights, feminism, and gay rights come back as well.
    History really does repeat itself.

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