Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “PIANO*GIRL” (Romaji/English Subs)

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “PIANO*GIRL” (Romaji/English Subs)

As if it’s pouring from my fingertips The overflowing melody makes my heart dance It’ll be the tension, if it’s the dress code too If the ad-lib works, wouldn’t it be okay? What is it that these 88 pastel crayons draw? Filled with bright colors like a butterfly It flutters in the sky Tonight’s lesson is my most skillful scale But I stumble a bit, so I end up on a blue note “Have you been properly practicing?”, you scold me Broken my heart, I feel a little down Invention or Czerny I’m not picky about what I play If I don’t give up on what’s important, I’ll play beautifully The orchestra that’s all my own, please follow along I entrust my dreams to his magic little box And wave my baton If I fill these 88 pastel crayons with infinite love There’d be nothing I can’t draw Because I believe With these 88 pastel crayons, what shall we draw tonight? If we just let our bodies follow the colorfully flowing harmony Over the chromatic scale my heart plays in triplets I entrust my dreams to this magic little box I’m a piano girl!!

14 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “PIANO*GIRL” (Romaji/English Subs)

  1. OSTER Project sure makes quite a lot of music for the Hatsune Miku Project series. I thought "OSTER Project" (which for some reason I keep saying it as "OYSTER Project" lol) was a band of some sort until I realised that OSTER Project is actually a female producer.

  2. I'm french and… I don't know what to do…'^^
    I'll translate the French words of pv into English:
    0:09 "Life is full of chances!"
    0:15 "Music Smile Happy"
    0:18 (In green) "Music is a common language for humanity"
    (In brown) "Listen to music!"
    0:30 (From left to right)
    "Secret garden" "garden flowers tree seed fertilizer"
    0:37 (From left to right) "Women dress for them"
    "Croque in the mouth" ("Croque en bouche" is a french expression)
    0:46 "The beautiful diva"

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