GMA3’s Keke Palmer & Sara Haines Play Hilarious Round Of Celebrity Guessing Game

GMA3’s Keke Palmer & Sara Haines Play Hilarious Round Of Celebrity Guessing Game

We’re gonna play like a Round Robin of Guess our Guests. We’re gonna play a game of Celebrity, right? Where you make each other guess. I love that game.
Turn and look at the screen first. Okay.
Right? And I’m gonna describe a person and we, as a team, have to get six answers correct and what the,
We can do it. What all of these celebrities have in common are they’ve done both of our shows. Okay.
Okay, I’m ready for this. If we epically fail at this, it’s all a big rouse to give the entire audience a $100 gift card to Mustang Harry’s. Ooooh.
(audience applause) Now, Mustang Harry’s is an Irish Gastro Pub. It’s literally right around the corner on 7th Avenue and Midtown. Her real neighbor. So you guys can literally leave here and go spend $100 at a Gastro Pub, in which case you’re gonna have to roll yourselves home. (upbeat music)
(audience applause) All right, let’s go over here. Let’s go! All right, you girls get on the sofa. All right. We have 60 seconds on the clock, This is so fun! to get six right and let’s just do this because we can.
Come on, now. They know we’re gonna give ’em the thing. (laughter) All right, put 60 seconds on the clock. Okay.
Put up the first person. (upbeat music) Don’t look over this way. Oh, from the block, you just made a movie with her, Kiki. Jennifer Lopez!
J-Lo! Yes.
(bell dings) (yelling)
One of you get up! Oh we go? Oh, he’s the guy, he sings really well. He was in that movie. Harry Connick, Jr! He’s got claws for hands. Oh, Hugh Jackman! Yes!
(bell dings) Wolverine!
(laughter) Just say Wolverine! Oh my God, oh my God! Country star, American Idol, female. Carrie Underwood!
(bell dings) (audience applause)
You go, you go. Oh, he was on, he was on that show with the guy and the girl, the guy, they live in a house. It’s not Three’s Company. It’s new age and they dated. You know the show! It’s the girl with the red hair. She’s at the movie where she went to the wedding. She went to the wedding. American Pie.
No. That girl! No, it’s that girl!
You know! Debra Messing? Yeah! Now the show she was on. Oh Will and Grace! But one of the guys. Not the one she dated. Will! Not the guy she dated. Grace! Sean Hayes. Sean Hayes.
(bell dings) (audience applause) Oh, um, the star of Wicked. An amazing… (buzzer rings) Kristin Chenoweth! They got it.
(audience applause) I love that game! We said it though.
We did. Whatever.
I went Idina. Goldie says that was five. (tongue spewing) I said Kristin Chenoweth. Yeah and she said Kristin Chenoweth. Kristin Chenoweth! Did that not count? Ew!
That’s still only five? That game was actually Five in 60 seconds and everybody wins! (audience cheers) (bells chiming)

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  1. Love you Keke, you know your my girl always. Love your movies, music, fashion, and your Awsome personality…….

  2. Keke and Sarah together are errthang. I love you my man Michael… but Sarah and keke together are just personality on top of personality 😩

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