Girls like cars! – Tesla Divas Europe – FPV | MaiOnHigh

Girls like cars! – Tesla Divas Europe – FPV | MaiOnHigh

guys it’s cold outside it’s like 1 degree
Celsius I don’t know how much it is in Fahrenheit but here is like a
information but yeah today I woke up in Belgium and you may ask why I was sleeping at the place of one of Tesla divas
Esther so thank you very much Esther for having me and we’re going today for
Tesla diva meeting and what does mean? that means 25 Tesla’s 25 badass
women who are in love with their cars so basically like 25 times me… kind of so that’s gonna be pretty, pretty exciting I’m excited and that’s the second Tesla Diva meeting in Europe and for me it’s my first one so I’m really, really
excited for doing this and yeah we’re gonna meet 25 really amazing women who
are badass yeah and of course there will be a lot of
drones too because you know we need to make footage so it’s really cold guys really cold but we have arrived to the Tesla Divas meeting and they actually have three
destination charges and a couple of people are already here
this event is taking place in a really amazing venue it’s a castle and it looks really pretty

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  1. Tesla Divas meeting?! Yes! A group of amazing women with incredible stories and their beloved cars is on!
    What do you think about such meetings?
    Do you meet with local people who own similar cars?

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