German Actress Esther Schweins In Chandni Chowk l Delhi

German Actress Esther Schweins In Chandni Chowk l Delhi

I am in Delhi today on a special shoot with my German friend. I plan to show Delhi to her from my perspective. Lets see the video. She is the popular German actress Esther Schweins She has come to India to shoot for a documentary and I have promised to help her. Now we have reached Spice market in Chandni Chowk Oh sorry! Esther is a German actress who have come to see India. I will be with her today. Lets see how she feels in Chandni Chowk. Bye. I didn’t understand a word. Esther, we can stay here for 10 minutes. They have allowed it for 10 minutes. Ok We can just walk around. Those doors.. Are they all occupied? I am sure they are all occupied. So for me as a Western European woman.. This is the first time I am allowed to enter a mosque. I am very happy. Tell us something about the mosque. This was built by Shahjahan Fatehpuri was his daughter. Some people say she was his wife. He had four wives. The date is written here I like it a lot Nearly four hundred years old is this place Built in 1650 A.D. And I want to say something From the wife of that..(inaudible) If I understood it right.. Yes you are right. Me and Esther are inside the Fatehpuri mosque in Chandni Chowk When she heard the prayer she felt like going inside I said why not? If we get permission we will surely go inside. We are fortunate that the mosque administration has very graciously allowed us inside. She has entered the mosque for the first time ever She had never visited any mosque anywhere in the world before. Its because women are not allowed inside the mosque in many places. But the authorities here have allowed us. So we came inside and Esther is very happy. She has said many things on camera..But that’s in the German language. I hope to put some of it in this video. Let me ask Esther, how did she feel? I will ask it in English as she is doesn’t understand Hindi. You have to translate from Hindi to English. Yes I understood my name. And Did you say Habibi? No. I didn’t say that. I want to ask you how do you feel coming to a mosque? You told me that you have come here for the first time Or for that matter any mosque..You haven’t visited any mosque before. No..because I have never been allowed. I actually didn’t knew that there is any mosque existing where a woman can enter. If you mind we go along the water.. Yes. Sure. How was the whole experience? Very nice. Its so..nearly breathtaking that.. Here you find silence without all the noise. Yes. True. Thank you Are you tired? No Are you tired? No..Not at all. Right now I am in Khari Baoli area of Chandni Chowk. The German crew of Esther is shooting here and I am also with them. There are many things which I have never seen or felt despite having been here many times. Everytime when I come here with somebody I get to see it from a different viewpoint She is asking questions on things which we never even think of..It is very interesting. Today we visited Spice market, we went to a mosque Now we are exploring other markets in Chandni Chowk The shooting is about to end as the sun is about to set. Let us explore some more before calling it a day. We are about to leave from Chandni Chowk now Me and Esther will again go towards Red Fort Then we will proceed further. We really enjoyed in Chandni chowk. Time to leave. Here she is. Bye-Bye. It not easy to shoot in the streets of Chandni Chowk with a crew.. ..because it is very crowded. People on streets also get curious whenever someone shoots. That is why it becomes very difficult at times, especially the foreign crew who are not used to it. But I can say that they enjoy it immensely. Today I shot with Esther and the German crew and they enjoyed it. I was a bit sceptical initially. I thought they might not enjoy but they enjoyed every bit of it. It was a nice experience. It was a nice experience. I dont know what you said but it’s sounded very well. Look she understood Hindi and has translated it perfectly. I am saying that you got it right. You understand Hindi. You have started understanding Hindi. It’s more emotional thing you know. Well said It’s a matter of heart.When it comes out of the heart, it surely reaches others’ hearts. Esther’s experience of riding an e-rickshaw in India is also very interesting. She has never experienced this before. She is having fun. She is not complaining. We shot for quite long in Chandni Chowk. I have Roopa with me. She is a filmmaker. She is assisting the German crew. Today she is with us. Let me ask how did she feel and what is this project all about? Well..I am really tired. I am comfortable in English. We have been shooting in Chandni Chowk for almost four days so you can see my face This project is all about Yoga, Indian culture and heritage. It’s going to be for a German and French TV channel. Thanks very much Kaushal. It was such a fantastic experience. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk and discuss it with the German crew. It’s been my privilege. Roopa is responsible for it. So thanks very much. You are going to be the most prominent Indian TV presenter in German and French television. Thanks for this opportunity. If you like this video please subscribe to our channel. Please like and comment on our videos. Please press the bell icon to get notifications about our videos. Our channel is new. Please encourage us. Bye.

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  1. This video is special. I have been interviewed for the first time and that too for an international TV channel. The German crew co-ordinated and helped me to make this vlog. Thanks very much.

  2. भाई आप का ब्लू वाला शर्ट एकदम झकास लग रहा है सुपर सुपर भाई

  3. Bahut achcha video. German mehman Easther ka India me swagat hai.Easther se milvane ke liye Kaushal ji aapka bahut bahut dhanyabad.

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