40 thoughts on “Female Singers OSCAR Performances! | BY ARCHIE®

  1. Looooove the video! 🙂 Great job, just like always! 🙂 My faves are of course Witney and Mariah, Lady Gaga – Till it happens to you, Jennifer Hudson, all of Beyonce's performances, Shirley Bassey, Pink… If I continue, my comment will be too long, so I will stop here 🙂 Once again, great job! Looking forward to seeing your next video. 🙂

  2. This is not even a contest. Celine Dion wins hands down. Queen of Oscar movie themes. She's performed seven effin times during 6 effin different occasions, the most ever in Oscars history.

  3. Do you have a vid that has a list of singers who has oscars? if not can you please make one. thanks 🙂

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